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America's Got Talent Season 16-Auditions 4

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The judges make their entrance and the first act of the night is dance team called Shuffolution. They take the stage and begin their routine and the audience is loud and the judges are dancing along in their seats. Heidi says she loved it. Howie says they took what is on a trend and put more energy into it and more moves and that was amazing. Sofia says they haven’t had this kind of energy this season. She loved it. The outfits, the music, the diversity of the group. Simon says that was almost like next generation. They get a yes from all four judges!


Next we meet Pam and she’s an office manager in California. She dreamed of Broadway but then she met Casper, a dog. Before Casper she was afraid she’d get stage fright but thank goodness she found him. Their big dream is to get to perform in Vegas. She takes the stage with her Chihuahua. She begins singing All By Myself and Casper comes in and “sings” at the chorus. Simon is laughing and all the judges are amused.


Pam and Casper get a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience. Sofia thought it was adorable. Howie says it was so surprising and the last note Casper hit was moving and emotional. Heidi says Casper really knows how to sing. Simon is laughing so hard he can’t talk. He says Pam wasn’t great but Casper was. He says that was unbelievable. All four judges give a yes.


We meet Brooke Simpson and she’s from South Carolina and a small indigenous community. She’s a singer and she wants to be the first major indigenous pop star. She sets up and she sings Cuz I Love You by Lizzo. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Sofia says she has to figure out a way to do this the rest of her life. She loved that. Howie says she was a powerhouse. Heidi says she has an amazing gift and she’s the whole package to be a real star. Simon says that reminded him of Idol and she has an amazing voice and it was a fantastic audition. She gets a yes from all four judges.


The next act is Roman Kricheli and he is from Israel. He has a yoga show. Simon doesn’t want to ask any more questions and wishes him luck. Roman sits on the floor and does a little contortion act. Simon hits his X. He stands and Heidi says is he done? His assistant brings out a box and Roman is going to climb into the box. He successfully gets into the box and the door is closed. The assistant then opens the adore and the lid of the box and Roman emerges from the box.


Roman brings his daughter on stage and she says his biggest dream was to perform on AGT. Simon says he may have buzzed too early and he takes his X back. Howie loved it and says it was so different and original. Heidi says he is incredible and she thanks him for coming all this way to show his art. Sofia says she didn’t want to watch. She wanted to cry and pull her hair out but she loved it. He gets a yes from all four judges.


Next we have JW’s Inspirational Singers of NYC. They take the stage and they perform Stand Up by Cynthia Erivo. Howie says they are more than just a choir, they are an event. Heidi says there was so much going on and she felt them. Sofia says that gave her goosebumps and that was spectacular. She says that was something special for them. Simon says that was a moment. He says that was really amazing. They get a yes from all four judges.


We meet Amazing Shoji and he’s 9 years old and his favorite magicians is Shin Lim and Eric Jones. They ask what he would do with a million dollars and he says buy some tacos and a dog. He wants to come down to the judges table and he greets them. He begins my making a quarter disappear and reappear. He then pulls out a deck of cards and he does a trick with Howie and Howie gives an ovation.


Simon says Shoji is a wizard. Heidi says he will give Shin Lim a run for his money. Howie says he’s as good as some of the older magicians. Simon says he’s so cute and charming and he believes in magic. Simon says he’s sort of like Harry Potter and has magic powers. He gets a yes from all four judges.      


We have five guys take the stage and they are The Other Direction. They are the world’s gayest boy band. They met at a show choir camp. They say this is their destiny and they have an original song called Girl, You’re the Best. The judges are very amused and they are laughing.


The Other Direction gets an ovation from three of the judges and the audience. Heidi wants to hear it again. Howie says it was so funny and they are really talented and he can’t wait to hear another song. Sofia can’t wait to hear them again. She thought it was all fantastic. Simon says they are very clever and it was a well written song. They get a yes from all four judges.


Next we have an accountant named Charley Loffredo and he’s a singer. He would love to sing full time. He’s a ventriloquist and he greets the judges and introduces them to Holly Parton. They begin with a few jokes and they don’t go over well. They then start singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. Simon hits his X and Howie does as well. Heidi and Sofia each hit their X’s and Simon says he could be the worst ventriloquist they’ve ever had. Sofia says it’s a nice hobby but not for this.


We then have Josh Blue and he’s from Denver. He has cerebral palsy and he wants to tell them that up front. He does stand-up comedy. He is on the show because after the year they had he thinks the world needs some laughter. He tells them to buckle up. He starts his set. Simon says they needed him. Heidi says she loves him a lot and he had her laughing. Howie says he is like a super hero. They needed to smile and he brought the best medicine. Sofia says he was amazing and he made something so good out of what has happened to him. Simon says sometimes they have funny people with bad material but he was funny with great material. He gets a yes from all four judges.


Next up we have Michael Spencer and he’s a singer. He performs Hopelessly Devoted to You from Grease and Simon hits his X. Simon says he likes him, but he was horrible.


Next we have Fallyn and she’s 17. She sings and Simon thinks she’s talented but he thinks she should come back for next year.


Next we have Jimmie Herrod and he’s from Portland, OR. He teaches kids music online. He performs Tomorrow from Annie. Simon says that is his worst song in the world and he suggests performing another song and Jimmie doesn’t have another. Simon says good luck. He gets an ovation from three of the judges and the audience and Simon is one of the judges.


Simon tells Jimmie that’s not his worst song anymore. He says unbelievable. Sofia didn’t like it that much and the crowd boos and then she says she loved it! She hits her golden buzzer.


The next act is Danila Bim and she’s a dancer. She has a hook on her hair and some assistants hook her up and she begins her act. She is lifted into the air by her hair and she’s dancing in air and then she’s lowered again. She’s an aerial dance act. She gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience. Simon says he wasn’t expecting that. Sofia says she’s never seen that in her life and she didn’t know that could be done. She thought it was spectacular. Heidi loved it too. Howie says his wife goes out with a tight pony tail and complains about a headache. Simon says he thinks the ending could have been quicker and he needs to see her step up as she advances. She gets a yes from all four judges.


Our final act of the night is Ryan Stock and Amerlynn and they are a comedy danger act. This is their third time back and Simon introduces them to Sofia. They were from season 11. They have a crossbow act they are going to do. Simon says they are one of the nuttiest acts they’ve ever had. Amerlynn has a balloon in her mouth and Ryan is going to aim the crossbow backwards over his shoulder and use the reflection in his knife to shoot. Then he has a balloon and she’s going to blindfold herself and shoot only using her hearing and she’s successful.


Ryan and Amerlynn aren’t done. They ask Sofia and Simon to join them on stage. Simon is going to have an arrow fired at him. Ryan asks for silence because Sofia is going to fire the cross bow. Amerlynn loads the crossbow and Simon looks terrified. Sofia is getting blindfolded and they are setting things up with Simon to make it look like she shot him in the chest. There is no arrow in the crossbow. Simon lays on the ground with the fake arrow in his chest and they countdown for Sofia to fire. Terry says omg, no! They need a medic and Sofia is freaking out. She says what is going on. Simon has something to say…He says Sofia, I got ya! Sofia looks annoyed and Simon is laughing and says sorry. Sofia apologizes for pushing Amerlynn. Simon promises he will be ok

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