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America's Got Talent Season 16-Auditions 3

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Terry takes the stage and brings in the judges and we kick the night off immediately with our first auditions. We meet CZN and they are from Toronto and they want to share their music with the world. They sing a capella and Simon thought it was a really good audition. We then meet Liam, Brendan, and Jim and they are T3 from New York City.


We see Simon tell CZN they have a fourth yes and T3 takes the stage and they have been together a year and this is their first performance in front of a large audience. They sing Into the Unknown by Panic! At The Disco from Frozen 2. Heidi asks if they seen her sing that in the shower with her husband. She says it was a lot of fun. Sofia says it was so unexpected and she loves the three of them. Howie says their joy is infectious and they enjoyed the group. Simon says great, great, great auditions. They get a yes from all four judges.


Next we have Kabir Singh and he’s from California and he’s a stand-up comedian. His father passed away and he’s been supporting his mom through comedy, but the last year was a struggle because of COVID. He takes the stage and he’s greeted by Sofia. He does his set and he gets a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges. Sofia says it was a great surprise. Simon says he went from serial killing to paying a phone bill and it’s impressive. He says it was a great audition. Heidi says she wondered if she was allowed to laugh at the jokes. Howie says he’s relatable and magnetic and he thinks he’ll do great in this competition. All four judges give a yes and he will move on.


Mama Char is next and she’s a danger and she’s almost 78. Sofia greets her and wishes her luck. She starts dancing to Straight Up by Paula Abdul. Simon hits his X. Heidi wants to know when it will get exciting. She finishes and Sofia asks if she’s done and Heidi was waiting for her to start. Sofia thinks the only one who really enjoyed it was Mama Char. Simon says he likes her but not the dance. They all give her a no.


Next we have Storm Large and she’s 51 and she’s been a musician for 30 years. Heidi wishes her luck and she sings I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra. She gets an ovation from the audience and all of the judges. Heidi says that was insane, she was possessed. It was incredible. Howie says she made that song her own and she made it rock n roll. Well done. Sofia says she was mesmerized. She says it was sexy and powerful. Simon says she has an amazing voice, an amazing personality, and an amazing energy. She gets a yes from all four of the judges.


Klek Entos is the next act and he’s a magician from Paris and he says he is the sum of all their fears. He comes out dragging an axe. He brings out a cassette tape and Howie says so scary. He heads down to the judges table as the tape plays. He wants Heidi to take the paper from the box he carried and hand it to him. He wants Sofia to put 5 ink drops on the sheet of paper randomly. Terry is going to join them to assist. Klek lights a candle and he presses the sheet with ink on it and it looks like a Rorschach test. He asks Terry what he sees and he says a spider. Klek says what if the box could make it a reality. He opens the box an there’s a tarantula inside and the judges are freaking out. Klek takes the spider out of the box and holds it between his hands and smoke appears and the spider is gone. He then leaves and returns to the stage.


Heidi says that was crazy and insane and eerie and scary but she loves him and gives a yes. Howie says it’s like a horror film and he will never say no to him. Sofia says it was so scary and super fantastic and she’ll give him a yes if the spider isn’t around her. She won’t say no either. Simon says he never knew Howie had a twin so he’s going to say yes.


Next we have The Misfit and she’s from New York City. Her production is a musical freakshow. She takes the stage and she’s greeted by Simon. She starts singing Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Heidi hits her X. She gets lifted and stands on someone’s hands while singing. Simon tells Sofia this is terrible. Simon hits his X. She does a flip down and she’s doing some choreography while singing. Sofia looks confused. She finishes and it’s very silent.


Howie is looking down at Simon. Simon thanks Misfit and Heidi says she was not loving it. She loved the outfits and she thinks they looked incredible but it didn’t sound so great. Howie asks if she’s a rockstar or an aerialist and she says she’s everything. Howie says for this show it wouldn’t get her that far. Sofia says the voice was like what is going on. Simon says this is difficult but it sounded like she was being tortured. She gets a no from all of the judges and Simon thanks her for coming.


The final act of the night is World Taekwondo Demonstration Team from Seoul, South Korea and America. They were invited to perform at the Olympics but couldn’t because of COVID. They take the stage for their performance. The judges are shocked and Heidi says she has goosebumps. Terry looks excited too and he says he’s never seen anything like that in his life. Howie says this is so exciting! They get an ovation from everyone.


Simon says it was alright. Heidi says they are insane and the strength and power was amazing. Howie says he’s never seen anything like this. The discipline that’s involved is amazing. Sofia says it’s a big show and she knows what it takes to achieve this and it was perfection. Simon says that was one of the most extraordinary things he’s seen in all the years he’s ever seen. He says time to vote and Terry says no they don’t. Terry says he’s never seen anything like this in his life. This isn’t about fighting, it’s about courage and confidence and respect. He respects what they did out here today and they weren’t able to make it to the Olympics and get a gold medal, but he’s going to give them something gold right now and he hits the golden buzzer.  

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