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America's Got Talent Season 16-Auditions 2

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Tonight, we have the second round of auditions for America’s Got Talent! Terry Crews takes the stage and introduces the judges.


We kick the night of with 7 young girls from Texas and they are a dance group called Beyond Belief Dance. They begin their routine, and they look like they’re having fun. They get an ovation from all four judges. Simon thought the act was sensational and he really loves them. Sofia thought it was out of this world and she couldn’t get enough of them. Howie says they were fierce, especially the little one. Heidi says they were incredible and couldn’t have done it better. Heidi gives the first yes. Howie gives the second yes. Sofia gives the third yes. Simon says now they have four yeses.


The next act out brought unicycles and they are called UniCircle Flow. There are four on stage, but they represent a group of 12 people. They begin their routine which includes them “dancing” in pairs while riding on the unicycles, a jump on the unicycle, riding backwards, and other tricks. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Sofia says this was amazing. The energy, the music, it all worked together and it was so exciting. Howie says usually it’s a clown or a juggler on a unicycle and they brought a dance. Heidi loved it and they were so in sync and so fast and it was incredible. Simon says it was amazing with four and he can only imagine what it will look like with twelve. He says he was blown away by this. It was sensational. Simon gives a 100% yes, Heidi gives a yes, Howie gives a yes, and Sofia gives the fourth yes.


We have two boy bands up next. The first is called Korean Soul, and the second is called Larger Than Life. Korean Soul has a teacher, a painter, a convenience store worker, and a military officer. Larger Than Life talks about their fans and how loyal they are and they wear shirts with their faces and get tattoos.


Larger Than Life takes the stage first and they are going to do a mash up of Larger Than Life and Tearin’ Up My Heart by The Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync respectively. They begin and Simon doesn’t look impressed and he hits his X. Heidi also hits her X. Howie hits his X. The audience doesn’t respond well to their finish. Heidi says they were all rooting for them, but it didn’t sound so great. Sofia says it felt forced. Simon tells them to stop right now, it’s hard enough when you’re good, but when you’re terrible? He advises them to just give it up. Howie gives a no and Heidi gives a no. Sofia says she wouldn’t tell them to stop if they’re having fun, but it’s a no for AGT. Simon says no.   


Korean Soul is up next on stage and Simon greets them. They perform All My Life by K-CI and JoJo. The audience seems to be enjoying them and Sofia and Heid have smiles on their faces. Howie says they checked all the boxes. Heidi says they were silky and smooth and she loved the arrangement. Sofia says they make a great group and she thinks it’s perfect. She thought it was spectacular. Simon says that could be one of the best auditions they had today. The song choice was great, the harmonies were great. Howie gives a yes. Heidi also gives a yes. Sofia gives a yes. Simon gives a yes and a thumbs up.


The next act is Matt Johnson and he’s an escape artist. He’s in front of a contraption that looks to include weights and saws. He had an accident the year prior but he’s here to face his fears and the act he’s performing he’s never done before and he’s only rehearsed it twice. He gets strapped into a straight jacket and then get strapped onto a board by his ankles and turned upside down while saws are running. He’ll have to escape the jacket first to continue to free himself from other bindings before the saw falls. Howie says this is crazy. He has two lines marked on a container that will be filled with water and Howie asks which line and he doesn’t know because he hasn’t rehearsed it enough. Everything is now going. Howie notes the water is going up fast. Sofia turns around. The water is almost to the first line and Sofia is screaming hurry up. Matt looks to be almost out of the straight jacket. The water has reached the first line and the jacket just gets released. He flips himself up just in time as the saw falls.


Matt is emotional and the judges give an ovation. Simon says anyone who puts themselves in this position is crazy because that could have been catastrophic but it was brilliant. Sofia says her stomach still hurts because she was so nervous for him. Heidi that was crazy and he should listen to his wife more often. Howie says he was so scared and it was just crazy. Howie starts the voting with a yes. Heidi gives a yes. Sofia says yes. Simon says his wife will hate him but he wants to see Matt again. He has the fourth yes.


Patrick Kun is our next act and it’s always been his dream to be a magician in Las Vegas. His parents didn’t like his goals so he’d order something and have it delivered to a friends house and practice with his door locked. He takes the stage for his performance. Patrick joins the judges at the table and he has Simon open the brand new deck of cards. He gives each of the judges an ace and asks them to sign the cards. He then collects them and does a couple of tricks with them. He then finishes his act and he gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience and a fist bump from Simon.


Heidi says Patrick was incredible and she wants to know how on earth he did this. Sofia says it was mind blowing because it was right in front of them. He’s amazing. Simon does believe in magic and he liked his whole presentation and it was a really good audition. Howie says he hopes Patrick wins. Heidi gives a yes. Sofia gives a yes. Simon says he has his third yes. Fourth yes from Howie.


Next up is Johnny Showcase and he is an entertainer and he has his singers with him. He also has his spiritual advisor with him. Heidi greets him and things are awkward during their interview and Simon looks amused when Johnny starts talking about him liking music. Simon looks skeptical. Heidi wishes him good luck. Simon is cringing before the music starts. Johnny starts singing and Simon looks surprised. He sings his own song that has everyone laughing. The song may be called We’ve Got to Be Sensual, because I’m Married. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Simon says he was so annoying and then the act started and it was brilliant. One of his favorite acts. Sofia enjoyed it and they were all surprised. She loved it. Howie says there aren’t even words. Howie says he’s funny and it makes them smile and he loved it. Heidi loved it. Heidi kicks it off with a big fat yes. Howie says yes. Sofia says yes. Simon says ginormous yes.


The next act is The Curtis Family C-Notes and they are fa mily band dressed in a 70s style. One of the members asks Simon to name their guitar and Simon named it Moon. Simon tells them to have fun and they get set up for their performance. They perform I Was Made to Love Her by Stevie Wonder. Howie says they are a beautiful family and he thinks they are superstars. Heidi says they sounded as good as they looked. Sofia says everything was perfect and she thinks they are on the right track. Simon says everyone of them looked like they were having a great time. Howie gives a yes and Heidi says of course she’s going to give them a yes. Sofia gives them a yes also and Simon gives them the fourth yes.


Next we have Danny Dechi comes out with a violin case. He sharpens a pencil and drums it against his cheek. Sofia and Simon hit their X’s quickly and then Howie and Heidi quickly follow. Sofia thanks him for coming.


We move on to Les Beaux Freres and they meet the judges and then leave for a moment. They come back apparently naked with towels and dance and do a comedy routine. The judges are laughing and the audience seems to enjoy the routine and it ends with one of the guys stealing the other guy’s towel and leaving him naked. There is a washcloth left and he moves over to it awkwardly and picks it up to cover himself. They get an ovation from all four judges. They are back in robes. Howie says he loved this, it was funny. Heidi says that was her cup of tea. Sofia thought it was fantastic. Simon says that was very, very funny. He doesn’t know where they go next but it was hilarious. All four judges give a yes and they move on.


The next act is Gina Brillon and she’s a stand-up comedian. She did whatever she could to work and help earn money for her family. She’s here to show her son you can live your dreams. The judges and audience seem to be enjoying her set. She gets an ovation from all four judges. Simon gives her a thumbs up and Sofia says she laughed at every single joke. She says she looks amazing and she was so funny. Simon says it felt like she was having a conversation, not a routine. Heidi wishes her husband was here because she was hilarious. Howie says she’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s natural and she checked every box a comedian can check. What a great addition to the sixteenth season of AGT. Sofia gives the first yes. Simon says number two. Heidi gives number three. Howie says number four!


Our final act is Nightbirde and she’s a singer. She’s 30 and she’s from Ohio and she’s going to sing an original song called “It’s Ok”. She’s asked what she does for a living and she says she hasn’t worked in a few years because she’s been dealing with cancer. She is set up for her performance and she begins to sing. She finishes and the crowd erupts. Howie says singers come on but that felt like the most authentic thing he’s heard. Sofia says it was powerful and heartfelt and amazing. Heidi says it was amazing. Simon says her voice is stunning and he agrees with what Howie said. Simon looks to be a bit emotional and his voice is a bit shaky and he takes a drink. He says there have been some great singers this year and he’s not going to give her a yes. He’s going to give her something else and hits his golden buzzer!

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