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America's Got Talent Season 16-Auditions 1

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Season 16 of America’s Got Talent is about to begin. Host Terry Crews welcomes our four judges: Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel. The judges all say it’s nice to be back.


Our first audition is up and we have dogs as the host and the judges. We then have a guy coming out carrying a dog and he starts dancing to Low by Flo Rida and the dog judges give him an X and they all say no. We then have a girl come out with her dog and they do some tricks. The Simon dog judge didn’t really like it that much, he actually loved it. Sofia thought it was out of this world. The Heidi dog judge hits the golden buzzer. They get a standing ovation from the real judges and Simon says it’s genius.


They are called The Canine Stars and they travel around and teach people how to have good relationships with their dogs. We have Simon Howl and Bow Wowie Mandel. Howie says it’s the best animal act he’s ever seen on the show. Heidi thought the concept was genius and there were so many great bits. Sofia says there is nothing bad to say about it and it was creative and so much fun. Howie votes yes. Heidi says yes. Sofia says super yes. Simon says they got all four barks and they are moving on!


Our next act is Peter Rosalita and he’s 10 years old and he’s from the Philippines. He’s nervous but he’s ready to sing for them. He performs All By Myself by Celine Dion. The crowd loved it and all four judges give an ovation. Sofia says he’s so adorable. Howie says he’s amazing and he’s so cute. Heidi wants to know what his neighbors say when he rehearses. Simon says that was incredible and part of it gave him goosebumps. He has an amazing voice, an amazing personality, and amazing energy.


They are going to vote and they think the world will love Peter. Simon says yes. Sofia says it’s a yes from her. Heidi gives a yes and Howie gives the fourth yes.


Next we meet Brian Pankey and he juggles tires and a ball on an umbrella and Simon gives him an X. Simon says it just wasn’t good enough and he says no. Heidi says it was a little amateur. Sofia thinks he deserves an opportunity o prove them wrong.


We then have three men come in with silver paint and safety jackets. Theya re the Elektro Botz. Simon gives an X. Sofia says it was kind of fun. Howie says it seemed like a high school talent show. Heidi says it’s not like they were professional dancers and they say they are. They all say no.


We then meet Aidan Bryant and he’s an aerial artist and he’s self-taught by watching P!nk concerts on YouTube. He performs to Shout by Tears for Fears. Terry says his mom has to be so proud. All four judges give a standing ovation. Heidi says he has so much grace and elegance. Sofia says she’s shocked, it looks like he’s done it for generations and not just two years. Howie says he should be very proud of himself. Simon says that was a ridiculously good audition and exactly what they are looking four. All four judges give him a yes and he moves on.


Next we have Mr. Cherry and Chikki and they are from Japan. Mr. Cherry is a record breaker. He was raised by very strict parents and they don’t like what he does. He wants to break the record for breaking the most walnuts on his butt. The record is currently 71 in 30 seconds. They have to get more walnuts. There are 80 walnuts and he needs to crush 72 to get the world record. They put 30 seconds on the clock and he starts. He gets 79 walnuts crushed in 30 seconds.


Sofia asks if that is really hard and Heidi tells her she needs to try and crush one with her butt. She tries but it hurt and she says it really hurts. Heidi says she’s sorry she suggested it. Sofia says it’s impossible and she bruised herself. Simon gives Mr. Cherry a yes. Howie says congratulations for breaking the record but for him it’s no. Sofia says she thought it wasn’t much, but after trying it and still in pain she says yes. Heidi says she liked it, but she didn’t like it that much and since she’s seen it, she doesn’t need to see it again and she says no.


Next we have the Northwell Health Nurse Choir. They discuss their struggles through the COVID pandemic and music has brought them light and hope. They take the stage and greet the judges. They’re just hoping to shoot out some joy and love and hope others find their resilience as well. They perform a medley of Lean on Me by Bill Withers and Stand by Me by Ben E. King.


Northwell Health Nurse Choir gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Simon says they need them. The world needs them. He says it will touch a lot of people. Amazing. Sofia says it was beautiful, heartfelt, and it was dynamic. It was perfection. Heidi says she has chills and it was so beautiful to watch. Howie says one word comes to mind and it’s heroes and they stand by people they don’t know and they watch horror and strength. Howie just wants to stand by them and he wants to stand for them. Howie hits his golden buzzer!


 Our next act is Keith Apicary and he’s a dancer. He feels he has something different to show. He knows this is the opportunity of a lifetime and he doesn’t want to blow it. He tells the judges he’s not a dancer, he just likes to dance. He begins his dance movements which some would call spastic but the judges and crowd seem to love it. Towards the end he falls off stage and everyone stops and he stands up and bows. He gets an ovation from all four judges.


Simon says he thought Keith would be awful, but he loved every second of it. He thought he was amazing. He’d rather watch him than the ballet. Sofia says it was so unexpected and that’s what she loves about the show. Heidi says he did the worm and some she didn’t even know what it was. Howie says he was a surprise. Keith is emotional and says he feels really good right now. Simon gives him a yes. Sofia says she loves him yes. Heidi gives the third yes. Howie gives the fourth yes and Keith celebrates with another dance.


Next we have Gerald Kelly who is a comedian and his son Hunter Kelly who is also a comedian. Hunter says he’s going to do a better job than his dad. Gerald says when it comes to competing against his son, there’s no competition. Hunter says he has better jokes than his dad. Gerald begins his set. Sofia says she enjoyed the set. Howie says he had good stage presence but he didn’t love the material. Heidi liked the material and she knows what he’s talking about. Simon says he didn’t have a dynamic end but he was laughing. He thinks the audience at home will like Gerald. Sofia thinks he’s adorable and she gives him a yes. Howie gives a yes. Heidi gives him a yes. Simon says a million percent yes.


Hunter is ready and he steps out on to the stage. Sofia asks if his dad is Gerald and he says yes. She asks if he wants to a comedian because of his dad and he says yes. He says he’s way better than his dad. Sofia says he’s adorable. Hunter begins his set. He has a moment where he seems like he forgot his next joke but he recovers pretty well. Sofia says his comedic timing is unbelievable. Howie says he goes blank all the time but he handled it like someone who has done this for 30 years. Heidi can’t wait for him to be in this competition. Simon says he was really taken aback because he’s the same age as his own son. Howie says definitely yes. Heidi gives a yes. Sofia gives a yes. Simon says he has about 4000 yeses.


We meet 1achord and they are a trio who met a month and a half ago and they attend the same college. Heidi wishes them luck. They perform Fix You by Coldplay. They get an ovation from all four judges. Heidi thinks this is the beginning of an amazing journey for them. Howie says he feels like he was just taken to church. Sofia says imagine when they have worked together for longer than a month and a half. Simon says he felt like he was walking into heaven for a moment. Simon says everything about that audition was pretty much perfect. He says obviously it’s a yes. Sofia says it’s a super yes from her. A big yes from Heidi and Howie gives the fourth yes.


Our next act is Dustin Tavella and he’s a magician. He is going to have Terry assist with his act. He has sent pictures in an email and he has Terry confirm he received the email but not look at the pictures. Heidi has some flashcards with all different kids toys and he asks her to shuffle the cards and he asks her to cut to a random card and hold it to her chest. Sofia has a calendar from February 2020 and he asks her to mark a random day, any day she wants. Howie gives a random last name and he says smith and Dustin asks him to write the name on a piece of paper. He asks Simon to write down a time and make sure Dustin doesn’t see it. He then asks Terry for an inspiring word and he says power.


Dustin says he has his wife and his son Xander with them. They adopted him at 2-months old and Dustin is getting emotional. He was in a rough situation and his birth mom asked if they would raise him and there was a long legal process and the judge announce them as a part of his family and he gave him a stuff animal. He asks Heidi to look at the card she cut to and it’s the stuffed animal he has. He asks Terry to open the email and there’s a picture of a cardboard box and he asks Terry to read outloud what’s on the box. On February 21, 2020, Judge Smith made Dustin and Kari mommy and daddy. That’s the name Howie thought of and the date Sofia circled. Dustin refers to the clock that captured the time of the clock and he asks Simon to show what time he wrote down and Simon wrote 07:04, and the clock in the picture says 7:04.


Dustin says he wants to end with real magic. He says he and his wife aren’t heroes, but the woman who made the choice to do what was best for her child is the hero. Her name is Zoe and Dustin asks Terry to scroll down to the last picture and it’s a picture of Zoe holding a sign with the word Power on it, the same word Terry gave for an inspiring word. Dustin gets a standing ovation from everyone. Howie says that was amazing, he checked every box. Heidi says she’s gobsmacked, she’s speechless. She loved it. Sofia says it was mesmerizing and he deserves to be here more than anyone. Simon says that anyone who says they don’t believe in magic, come on! Everything about it was perfection and magical and his mind is slightly blown right now. Howie gives a yes. Heidi says it’s a definite yes. Sofia can’t wait to see more of him, it’s a yes. Simon says he has four yeses.


The final act of the night is Sethward and he’s a performer. This is his fourth time being back at AGT. He was a caterpillar, and a giraffe, and a walrus on his previous experiences. Sethward is a peacock this time and he’s lowering from the rafters. Sofia says she can make that noise and she does. Simon hits his X and Sofia says he hasn’t even started and Simon says that’s enough. Sethward, the peacock, starts flirting with Sofia and he asks if she wants this and she says no. He starts dancing and strutting I’m Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO. Heidi hits her X. Sethward shows his full peacock tail. Sethward then is trying to fly up to a rock and he says he can fly and the judges say no. He says he’s a real peacock and says this is his dream. Howie says it’s not worth it and Sethward says it is. He jumps to fly and he lands awkwardly but he seems to be ok.


Sethward’s tail is off and he’s mooning the judges and the audience and then he moons Terry and he moons the judges again and falls over. Terry comes to help him up. Heidi says it was a hot mess and Sethward says but the good kind? Howie gives a yes. Sofia says yes. Heidi says with this one she’ll ask the audience and they cheer and Heidi gives the yes. Simon says he doesn’t think he can do this anymore. Sethward says is that a yes? Simon says yes whatever.

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