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The Voice Season 20-Top 5 performances


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Carson greets the coaches and it’s time for the final live performances. Each artist will sing twice, one a dedication to someone important in their life and an uptempo song.


We’re going to kick the night off with Team Kelly’s Kenzie Wheeler. Kenzie says he didn’t expect to make it this far and he’s thankful to Kelly. Kelly says she thought it would feel good but she apologizes to him because he’s such a fan of Blake. Kelly says he has a similar tone to George Strait. Kelly advises for this performance she wants everyone to feel like they went to a honky-tonk.


Kenzie takes the stage to perform Heartland by George Strait. Blake thought that was really good and the modulation was pretty cool. Kelly says that was amazing and that felt like a live show and she wants to go to a bar. She thinks he’s so fantastic and she loves his voice.


Victor Solomon from Team John is next and his dedication is to Ciarra and the love they have. He takes the stage and sings I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt.


Nick says Victor’s dedication was beautiful. He says Victor is so creative vocally and it sets him apart. He says that was a phenomenal performance. John loved how much personality and soul and his own artistry he put on the timeless song. He loves the passion and he loves that he’s shown America so many sides of him. He says Victor is incredible.


Team Blake’s Jordan Matthew Young is next. Blake says Jordan got his attention because of his song choice in the audition. Jordan talks about how personal the Black Crowes song was for him. Blake says Jordan has slapped America on both sides of the face.


Jordan takes the stage and performs Key to the Highway by B.B. King and Eric Clapton. John says he loves what Jordan does and there is no one like him on the show and that’s great for America. He says he’s the best dressed man on this season of The Voice. Blake says thank you for rocking. He says how much do we need this guy? He says he destroyed the slide guitar. Come on America! This calls for a drink!


Rachel Mac from Team Nick is dedicating her song to her nephew Ezra. Rachel is has chosen the song I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack.


Kelly says the sweetness in Rachel’s voice is so captivating and Angelic. She says job well done and she looks beautiful. Nick says Rachel is 16 and the only female and a one chair turn and she just got up and gave one of her best performances. She has so much depth as an artist and Nick is so proud to be her coach and watch her grow into a superstar.


Blake Shelton performs his new single Minimum Wage.


Team Blake’s Cam Anthony’s dedication is to all people to accomplish a life that is balanced and equal for everyone. Cam has chosen to sing Stand Up by Cynthia Erivo.


John says Cam is so ready for this stage and it’s incredible watching him. He says he has so much God given talent and he has all the things he needs to be a superstar artist. He says that was a beautiful performance. Blake says God put this young man in his life that may change everything for this show. The only thing bigger than Cam’s talent is his heart and his mind.


Team Kelly’s Kenzie is up with his dedication to Dover, Florida and talks about some of his personal memories of growing up in his small town. Kenzie has chosen the song Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd.


Nick says Kenzie has been so fun to watch grow as a vocalist. He says getting to hear Kenzie’s story speaks to everything he brings to the stage and he thinks he’s made a lot of people proud and he should be proud of his entire journey. Kelly says she hasn’t ever worked with anyone who has no clue how gifted they are and she says he’s one of those people. She says Kenzie is so effortless and she’s so blessed she got to work with him.


Team Nick’s Rachel Mac is up next. She was a one chair turn and the only female finalist. Rachel made a presentation about her coach Nick and she considers herself a Jonas sister. Rachel says her breakout moment was performing Jewel in the Knockouts. Nick advises Rachel to have as much fun as possible in her final performance.


Rachel takes the stage to perform The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. John says that was so fun to watch. He loved her energy and how she wanted to rock out. He says her voice was strong and powerful and that was a great song choice. She nailed it. Nick says he feels like they are the luckiest people in the world to see all of these great artists and she added another layer to a dynamic set of performances.


Jordan from Team Blake is dedicating his song to his grandmothers, Betty and Joy, and has chosen to perform Stay by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko.


Nick says Jordan is so good and he has a cool voice and he’s so excited to buy his record. He says Jordan has a lot of depth and soul to share and he can’t wait to hear his songs. He says that performance was top notch. Blake says he gets the first free copy of his album. Blake says now Jordan has palmed America in the forehead because he just showed everyone a different layer of Jordan.


Next up is Cam Anthony from Team Blake and they are discussing his journey. Blake says he new in the blind audition that Cam would be in the finale. Cam’s Dan+Shay was one of his favorite performances. Blake says Cam is ready right now. Blake says the song Cam chose is a shocker to him.  


Cam has chosen the song Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. Kelly says she was surprised by his song choice and he nailed that song. She thinks he’s a unique talent that could conquer, not just the music industry, but any type of art he wants. She says great job. Blake says there are people who are born with talent and then there are people who are born with whatever it is Cam was born with. He says congratulations. He’s a star.


Team John’s Victor Solomon is closing out the night and they sit down to look at his journey. They laugh over Blake not knowing that Victor’s audition song was John’s song. They talk about Smokey Robinson tweeting about his My Girl performance.


Victor has chosen to finish with Freedom by Beyonce feat. Kendrick Lamar. Kelly says that was awesome and amazing and she wants to know when his tour begins. John says that was the best performance he’s seen on the stage and that was incredible and he is so proud of him.

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