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The Voice Season 20-LIve Results 9 down to 5


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Tonight, our top 9 will become the 5 finalists. Carson greets the coaches and Jake Hoot will be performing tonight. Each team will be brought up one at a time and the top vote getter is a finalist, and the rest will compete live for the Instant Save.


First we bring up Team Kelly’s Corey Ward, Gihanna Zoe, and Kenzie Wheeler. Corey thanks Kelly for believing in him and helping him be himself. Gihanna says the show has given her more confidence in who she is as an artist and to be her authentic self.


Carson is going to reveal which artist got the most votes. The artist from Team Kelly that America saved is…Kenzie Wheeler!


We bring out Team John’s Pia Renee and Victor Solomon. Pia thanks her mom for teaching her to stand up for herself. Victor says last night wasn’t about competition, but the message of ministering to souls and he wants everyone to think about their own relationship with God.


The artist from Team John that America has advanced as a finalist is…Victor Solomon!


The winner of season 17 Jake Hoots is performing I Would’ve Loved You with Kelly Clarkson.


Time for more results! We bring out Team Nick’s Dana Monique and Rachel Mac. Rachel wants young people to know that no matter what they are going through, their emotions are valid, but they can get through it. Dana wants America to know everything she does is coming from her heart. She’s a mother and a dreamer and anything you put your mind to you can do it.


The artist from Team Nick that America saved is…Rachel Mac!


Next we have Australian rapper Masked Wolf who’s joining remotely and performing Astronaut in the Ocean.


We bring up Team Blake’s, Jordan Matthew Young and Cam Anthony to find out the fourth finalist. America has saved…Cam Anthony!


Pia Renee is up first and she performs Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish. John loves that he showcased a different part of her artistry and she has showed America who she is to her core. He loves her rich bravado, it’s so gorgeous and heartfelt and soulful. He’s so lucky he’s gotten to hang out with her, spend time with her, and coach her.


Corey Ward is up and he performs Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. Kelly says he picks great songs and he wears his heart on his sleep. She almost heard some Counting Crows and she loves how powerful and strong he has and it’s a magical gift.


Dana Monique is performing Caught Up In the Rapture by Anita Baker. Nick says Dana is so brilliant. She has showed up every performance and brought her A game. He’s pleading with America to keep her because he thinks she’s one of the best vocalists he’s ever heard on the show.


Jordan Matthew Young has chosen the song Drift Away by Dobie Gray. Blake says ever since Jordan audition he felt like he was born in the wrong decade and he brings that into his artistry and sound. He thinks Jordan is so refreshing.


The last performance is Gihanna Zoe performing Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi. Kelly thought that was amazing and she’s so intriguing vocally and it’s an incredible talent she has. She says it’s crazy that she’s 17 and already this incredibly gifted.


It’s time to find out who America Instantly Saved to move on as the fifth finalist! America has saved…Jordan Matthew Young from Team Blake!

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