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The Voice Season 20-Top 9 performances


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Carson greets us and the coaches. Nick has some cracked ribs from an accident on a bike. Blake says he’s trying to get sympathy votes. Each artist will be singing twice tonight. They’ll sing solo and in trios to music from the 1970s. There will be five artists in the finale.


Victor Solomon from Team John is up first. He has chosen to perform I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe. John says Victor deserves to be in the finale because he’s been consistently himself. Victor takes the stage for his performance. Kelly says if he ever starts a church she’d like to know the location. She thinks he’s so moving and inspiring.


Nick tells Victor that one of his first concerts was MercyMe and Victor has blown him away. He says that was a special moment for him. John says he loves that Victor has shown so much versatility and he has it in him to be a minister. John says it’s good they get to have him on the show ministering to the country.


Next up is Team Blake’s Jordan Matthew Young and he’s going to sing Rose Colored Glasses by John Conlee. Kelly loved that song and she thought it was a perfect song and it was a cool moment for him. She says he reminds her of Travis Tritt. Blake says Kelly is right and he nailed that performance and he couldn’t be happier for him.


It’s time for our first trio of Cam Anthony from Team Blake, and Kenzie Wheeler and Corey Ward from Team Kelly to perform. They are going to sing Fooled Around and Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop.


Pia Renee from Team John is up next and she’s chosen the song Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Kelly says Pia looks like a star and it’s crazy how she’s just now being discovered. She loved all of that. Nick says he agrees with Kelly. He says Pia should be winning every award right now. John says he couldn’t stop smiling. He’s so proud of Pia and he loves seeing her in her full glory and full power and she delivered that song in such a perfect way.


Last season’s finalist from Team Blake Ian Flanigan is back to debut his single Grow Up featuring Blake Shelton.


Rachel Mac from Team Nick will be next to perform and she is going to perform Human by Christina Perri. John says that was a revelatory performance and they got to see a lot of her finesse and sweet bravado and so much power. That was very beautiful and heart felt. Kelly says she had so much angst and that was a powerful performance and it showed a different side of her. Nick says he’s so proud of her for digging deep and being vulnerable with everyone. Nick says to open up and share like she did was so brave and she nailed the vocal performance.


The next artist is the wildcard artist from Team Kelly, Corey Ward, and he’s going to sing Arcade by Duncan Laurence. Blake says Corey really is making some headway and he is so authentic and his singing is incredible and he has a good shot. That was incredible. Kelly says that was so great and he took them on a beautiful roller coaster. She thought the vocal execution was perfect and so well done.


The next trio is Dana Monique from Team Nick, and Pia Renee and Victor Solomon from Team John and they are performing Shining Star by Earth, Wind, & Fire.


Gihanna Zoe from Team Kelly is up and she has chosen the song Reflection (from “Mulan”) by Christina Aguilera. Nick says she is an absolute star. He thinks this was a real moment for her in the show and she really brought it. He was blown away by the vocal control. John says he’s been a fan of hers for a long time and when she hits the big notes it was just stunning. Kelly says she delivered. Kelly says she did such a great job and she can’t believe how technically perfect. She is so proud to be her coach.


Our final trio of the night is Rachel Mac from Team Nick, Jordan Matthew Young from Team Blake, and Gihanna Zoe from Team Kelly and they are going to perform Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac.


Dana Monique from Team Nick is up next and she is going to perform Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars, Anderson, .Paak, and Silk Sonic. John says Dana has been giving finale worthy performances the entire season and she is so gifted and there’s nothing she cannot do vocally. Nick says after last week’s performance he didn’t think it could be topped but she did it. He’s so honored to be coach and watch her be brilliant every time she steps on stage.


Team Blake’s Cam Anthony is next and he has chosen the song It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men. John says before he was born, this was the song everyone wanted to sing at talent shows, and he keeps nailing these iconic songs. He is so impressed with him. Kelly says that was incredible and brilliant. He keeps upping his game. Blake says he told Cam that if he does what he did in the rehearsals it would be good, and he did that and more and he killed it. He says that was beautiful and this guy is a superstar.


Closing out the show from Team Kelly is Kenzie Wheeler and has chosen to perform He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones. Nick says Kenzie has a wonderful, classic voice and this journey has been fun to watch. Kelly says she loves him and he’s so gifted and his tone is incredible. He’s one of her favorite country singers.

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