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The Voice Season 20-Live Results 17 down to 9


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Tonight, we go from 17 artists all the way down to 9. The top vote getter from America will move on and then each coach will select one from their team to move on. Finally, one artist from each team will compete in a live playoff for an instant save.


Let’s get right to some results. We’re going to start with Team Blake and we bring out Anna Grace, Cam Anthony, Jordan Matthew Young, and Pete Mroz. Anna is very grateful to have made it this far and Jordan would like to keep bringing instrumentation and he wants to bring bluegrass. He loves all kinds of music and wants to do his thing.


The artist that is save by America is…Cam Anthony!


Time for Blake to save an artist. He says they all did a great job and this is a terrible choice he has to make. He has a special place in his heart for Pete and he’s very excited about Jordan, and Anna is so talented and he was blown away by what she did last night. He is going to save…Jordan Matthew Young!


Team Nick is next and we bring out Rachel Mac, Jose Figueroa Jr., Dana Monique, Andrew Marshall, and Devan Blake Jones. Dana was thrilled to perform such a powerful song from a girl group.


The artist from Team Nick that America has saved is…Rachel Mac!


Nick says he’s been on a journey with Andrew and each of these artists are talented and they shined on their own and brought amazing performances to the world. It’s been fun to work with Devon and Dana is amazing. Jose is a star and he’s loved working with him. He has to make a tough choice and his choice is…Dana Monique!


We’re moving to Team John and we bring out Ryleigh Modig, Pia Renee, Victor Solomon, and Zania Alake. Ryleigh will take away from this experience that John says her bravado was captivating. Pia wants her kids to be affirmed what they already know and that their passions and talents are not by coincidence.


The artist from Team John that America has saved is…Victor Solomon!


John loves all three of his remaining artists. They are so wonderful and fantastic talents and they are so professional and classy. He says Zania is so gifted and connects with every song she sings. Ryleigh’s bravado really is captivating and it’s magical. Pia brought so much heart and soul to every performance. John is going to save…Pia Renee!


It’s time to learn Team Kelly’s results and we bring out Corey Ward, Gihanna Zoe, Zae Romeo, and Kenzie Wheeler. Corey is hoping to continue to do his best and make people proud. Zae wants people to know that when it gets hard and dark, keep going. Because it’s always going to get better.


The artist from Team Kelly that America saved is…Kenzie Wheeler!


Kelly says this is hard to choose between four different artists. She loves Zae’s rough edge, and Gihanna showed a different side to her voice. Kelly says Corey’s ache breaks her heart in the best way possible and it’s a beautiful gift. Kelly says she has thought so hard about this and she is basing this decision on last night’s performance only and she’s saving…Gihanna!


We’ll focus on one team at a time. The artist with the most votes from last night will sing in the Instant Save and the other will be leaving. We start with Team Blake and the artist who is going to perform is…Pete Mroz!


Team Nick’s remaining artist’s return to the stage and the artist who will be performing is…Jose Figueroa Jr.!


Team John’s remaining artist’s return and the artist who will be performing is…Ryleigh Modig!


Team Kelly’s remaining artist’s return and the artist who will be performing tonight is…Corey Ward!


Pete Mroz is going to perform Speechless by Dan+Shay. Blake says Pete is an incredible singer and he wants people to get behind Pete.


Jose Figueroa Jr. has chosen to sing Superstitious by Steve Wonder. Nick says he did his thing with that song. He says America has to vote for Jose because there is no one left in the competition who is as dedicated and focused on his craft. He says well done.


Corey Ward is singing Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez. Kelly says she is floored. Kelly hadn’t heard him sing or rehearse that, but he is an incredible vocalist. There was pain and purity in his tone and it was incredible.


Ryleigh Modig is performing It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. John says Ryleigh has so much artistry and fire inside of her and so much passion and such a magical, beautiful gift of a voice and he wants America to give them a chance to work together some more.


To complete the top 9, the wildcard artist that America instantly saved is…Corey Ward!  

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