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Big Brother Season 9-Finale!

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The time has come to write the end of the story, but it could still all fall apart. Three different origin stories, it’s been two years in the making. One hero will finally rise. The saga is almost complete but to understand the ending we have to go back…to the beginning. On day one, 14 crusading Canadians assembled to reignite the BB Canada flame. And it quickly dawned on them that big brother has zero chill. It was team destiny versus team defender. The rosters were set but six intrepid HG wanted to chart their own course.


The Sunsetters set sail with a crew that included loyal and true Tychon, a chiseled charmer that was all smiles. Floating along on the other side of the house was social butterfly Breydon and as they always say it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about. But quiet wasn’t always an option for fiery Tera. Mama T wisely hid her inner spark while more obvious targets attracted the house’s attention. But Tychon smartly let his partner Jedson take center stage and with their Sunsetter alliance on the back burner, the boys and Beth cooked up a saucy threesome.


And as the animosity grew in the house, the venom was toxic! And one by one, the snakes slithered home. Still, beyond the ruthless side of the game all the HG found comfort in a safe haven away from the hardships of the pandemic. No matter how heavy things got, this diverse group of Canadians always found joy in the house reminding us at home of a life without distance. And how good it will be when we are all fully reunited with the ones we love.


But the game was also about saying goodbye and when Brey-bay lost his bestie, he was forced to leave the cocoon and learn to fly on his own and his social game took off. Open hearted, yet tight lipped, while the rest of the house couldn’t keep their trap shut. Tera struggled to find her calling. But for Ty, everything was coming up Sauce. And when Mama T found herself in the trio’s crosshairs, she finally caught fire and though the trio burned her number one, her blaze could not be extinguished and as Tera started to move on the trio, the bishop realized it was time to play for the end game. Then his loyalty to the sauce was done in by a final touch of Beth and when his ride or die walked straight into a trap, the bishop showed no mercy.


With checkmate in sight, it was no more Mr. Nice Ty and he took the chance to take out Tera. But in the fakeout of the season, Jed and Tera went toe to toe for a chance to re-enter the house and Tera proved that you never underestimate an underdog. Meanwhile, Ty and Brey cultivated a fresh partnership. For ty it was all business, and he capitalized on his crush catching feels when Brey caught fire in competitions. Then Breydon flexed some serious game and obliterated Beth.


With the final four at the precipice, the bishop put everyone in check and earned his spot in the final three. With her life on the line once again, Tera broke through to secure her place among the giants. But that was the easy part and the sun set on captain Kief’s game. And then there were three. Tonight, a final showdown nobody could have predicted. It’s Ty from charmer to chestmaster versus Breydon from social butterfly to social prodigy versus Tera, from underdog to comeback queen. Only one will re-write history and only one will be victorious.


Arisa greets us and she says this was an incredible season with so much drama. In the next two hours, we’ll reunite with all 14 HG and the jury will choose the champion. Everything tonight will have major consequences. Let’s get into it. The final HOH is the biggest of the season and it’s a three part comp. Here’s part one!


The future is now! It’s time for part one! Each HG will have a lane with a hoverboard. They have to push their board down the lane and get up to five disks and stack them on a peg and push the board back down the lane. The goal is to stack 60 disks and the competition timer has four hours on it. First to complete will move on to part three.


Tera says she has awakened a warrior. She didn’t know if she was too old to be here and if a mom could keep up with these kids, but she’s a beast and she wants to show us what a real winner is made of. The four hour countdown has begun. Ty says winning this HOH comp gives him a good chance at winning the game and he wants to make sure there is no doubt in the jury’s mind that he deserves to win.


Brey says this is definitely one of the hardest comps they’ve had all season and he wants this so bad. He represents the black community and the queer community and he wants to represent them well because representation matters. A lot is riding on this competition. Tera says stacking the disks is the hardest part of the competition. The higher the stack gets, the more they teeter and it’s hard to get back to the safe zone without them falling.


Brey has a science degree so he’s thinking things in motion stay in motion so he’s trying to be careful when he stops. Ty says he’s a huge guy and if he makes one misstep everything will go flying. We see all three drop their stacks several times. Tera is at 50 of 60 and she drops.


Brey says four hours seems like a ton of time but they have to go so slow. Tera drops again and then Ty drops one of his stacks. Breydon drops and all HG are frustrated and there is now one hour left. Ty loses both stacks and curses. Tera says they’ve all been so close but she can feel it in her bones that she will win this. Tera is at 55 of 60 and she’s moving very slowly and drops both stacks.


Breydon has 10 disks and Tera doesn’t know if she can continue. They get a ten minute warning. The HG are still working and stacking. The time is up and now they have to compete in sudden death. Ty says he hates losing but someone has to win this one way or another. The disks count has been lowered that they need and they can take ten at a time now. First to get 40 on their board will win.


Brey says they are in overtime and his strategy is to book it. He knows he can do this easily as long as he’s quick and patient and he gets a good stack. Tychon is moving quickly. Breydon has 20 of 40 and so does Tychon. Tera now has 20 of 40. Brey and Ty are neck and neck and Tera is a bit behind. Tychon drops his stack and has to restart. Brey is in the lead with Tera not far behind.


Brey has his 40 and he just has to make it back and he makes it to the end. Breydon has won part 1 of the final HOH and he will go to part 3! He says we made it and we did the damn thing. Ty is devastated that he lost that and that means it comes down to the next comp for him. Tera is so disappointed in herself. She doesn’t want to picture her kids looking sad on finale night. She has to reignite the fire.


It’s time for part 2 of the HOH! This challenge takes place in a gigantic triangle. On the exterior of the triangle are questions about the season and they have to knock numbers off until only the correct answers remain. When they think they are correct they ring in and if they are correct the question will light up and they will move to the next question. Whoever completes this in the fastest time will win part two and go against Breydon in part 3.


Tera says she can’t leave the fate of her game in Ty and Brey’s hands so she has to win this to compete live on finale night. Tera has the first question and she thinks the answer is 10. She has to find the number of HG who played in Senior Discount. Tera says her aim is not that great and she struggles a bit. She rings in and she’s correct.


We see her moving through several questions and she says it feels great. Her studying has paid off. She has to come up with the number of balls landed in Mole in One and she knows five played in the veto but she doesn’t know how many balls were landed. She can’t remember which numbers she’s tried and which she hasn’t because she’s frustrated and panicking. We see her ring in several times and she finally gets it and she’s frustrated.


Tera moves on to the net question and she’s got it right and she has completed the competition. She says no way is that good enough. She let that one question trip her up so badly.


Ty is up and he needs to win this to win the game. He says having two black men standing side by side would mean a lot for Canada. Ty begins and he answers 11 on the first question and he’s wrong. He has to do it again. He says he played basketball not baseball and he sometimes hits the wrong numbers. He’s not off to the greatest start.


Ty moves on and he starts moving quickly. He says things are going smooth and he knows all the answers. He’s prepared himself. He’s breezing through this challenge. He gets to days the eviction vote was not unanimous and he’s thinking. He’s thrown off by thinking about what was unanimous and what was not and it’s messing with him. He’s struggling and knocks off a wrong block and he finally gets it. He says he spent so much time on that question and he’s worried he’s getting behind. He finishes to lock in his time.


Brey congratulates the HG. The winner with a time of 11:41 and the person moving on to part three of the HOH is Tychon! He hugs Tera and he celebrates. He says all the studying paid off. He’s almost there. Tera has a time of 49:11. She tells them she’s so proud of them. Arisa tells us the third part is coming up. Breydon will take on Tychon and one of them will be guaranteed a spot in the final two. The first six jurors sat down with Anthony Douglas to talk about the huge choice ahead of them.


Rohan, Tina, Victoria, Jedson, and Beth are talking about how crazy it is to be back and Anthony joins them and they freak out. Anthony says this season has been epic. They’ve put on a wonderful show. Anthony says he doesn’t know what it’s like to be in jury and Victoria says the best part has been learning the truth. Beth says she shouldn’t be in the jury house. Anthony asks who they want to see and Victoria says Kiefer if anyone else wants to win. Beth wants to see Ty and Tina doesn’t want to see Tera. Kiefer joins the group.


Kiefer fills them in on what happened. Tina says a lot has changed seeing Kiefer here. Anthony asks how they’d describe Tychon’s game play and Beth says floater. Rohan says he didn’t win a lot of comps but he didn’t have to. His flashy move was to vote out Jed and Jed says Kiefer fed that to him though. Beth says Ty really did play a good game.


Tina is proud of Tera. She’s pumping out the wins when she needs them and Anthony asks if her being evicted impacts their thoughts and Vic says in a positive way. Because it couldn’t’ be easy to go back in. Jed says he’d vote for her if she was in final two. They think Brey has a great social game and he won when he needed to win. Kiefer says Brey was cutthroat. Beth was his number one and he put her up without blinking an eye. Victoria says Brey played an amazing game and he has her vote so far.


Anthony says they have three people left. Kiefer respects all of them and it comes down to the final comp and who takes who. Anthony tells them to make a smart decision. Arisa says coming up with Brey vs Ty and the winner is guaranteed a spot in the final two.


Arisa welcomes us back. Now it’s time for Brey and Ty to face off in part three. Before we start Arisa checks in with three final HG. She asks what emotions Tera are feeling and she says she’s feeling all the feels and she hopes she made mom’s proud. Brey says he gets to represent people he looks like and he loves and he’s grateful to be part of a diverse cast. Ty says the last parts of the HOH were the toughest things he’s done. He says they were definitely hard.


Brey and Ty are moments away from competing for a spot in the final two. This is their final showdown. They wish each other luck as things are getting set up. Arisa will read questions about the members of the jury. Whoever has the most points after 7 questions will win.


In the OLG HOH competition Dream Big who was the first juror eliminated. Was it A.Tina or B Beth. Brey answers B and Ty answers B. The answer is B and they both get a point.


How many jurors were evicted the first time they were nominated. A 2 or B 3. Brey answers A and Ty answers B. The answer is B. Ty has 2 points and Brey has 1.


How many jurors sat next to Tera on the nomination block? A 4 or B 5. Brey answers B and Ty answers A. The answer is B and Brey gets a point. We are now tied at 2 points each.


True or False: In the HOH competition senior discount Beth scored the same numbers of points as Rohan. A true or b false. They both answer A and both get a point.


How many eviction votes have members of the jury cast this season? A 36 or B 38. Both Brey and Ty answer A they both are right. We are tied at 4 points.


Over the course of the season how many times was the POV used on a member of the jury? A 3 or B 4. Both answer B and they are both correct. We are tied at 5 points with one question left.


How any jurors competed in the POV competition directly before their eviction? A 5 or B 4. Brey answers B and Ty answers A. The correct answer is A. Ty wins HOH!


It’s time for Ty to decide who to evict. Ty says this season is all about inclusion and he wants to make history and a black man to win Big Brother. He chooses to evict Tera! She hugs them and she says the tiniest tiger’s always make the loudest roars.


Tera joins Arisa on stage. Arisa says Tera was so close, what is going through her mind? Tera says she wouldn’t change a thing. She says it was a big choice to take Kiefer or Breydon but she’s team Breydon. Arisa says Tera has one of the most incredible comeback stories. Is she proud? Tera says she wanted to win for her kids and the moms, but she’s so proud of herself. She had every odd stacked against her and she never gave up. That’s what she tells her kids. To finish what they start and to go out with their head held high. Arisa says Tera made everyone proud.


Arisa welcomes us back again and we bring in the jury. Victoria, Rohan, Tina, Jedson, Beth, and Kiefer are on the stage waiting to see who will join them. Arisa fills them in on the final HOH. Before they cast their vote they can ask a question.


Victoria says she heard that Ty thinks he “has” her. Why would he think that when he did her dirty? Ty says he never thought he had her in his pocket. He played hard, he was honest, and he was loyal. Burning her in the end just happened.


Rohan asks Breydon if Ty utilized him to get further in the game. Brey doesn’t feel that way. He says as soon as Austin left he had to make sure his back was covered and to move forward and it happened that Ty helped shield him. Ty didn’t use him but it could be worked backwards.


Tina asks Ty when he was with the Sunsetters, what moves did HE make that weren’t orchestrated by Jed or Beth. Was he a third wheeler? Ty says absolutely not. He knew Beth and Jed were loud personalities but they talked every move together. He heavily influenced Kiefer getting out Kyle and after Tina left, he had to get Jed because he knew that Jed and Beth would turn on him eventually. He made moves on his own. He had big targets in front of him and he never touched the block because of that.


Jed asks Breydon why he didn’t make the move of the season by evicting Kiefer over Beth. Brey says by getting rid of Beth he showed she never had him in his pocket. He was only being used as a vote and he wanted to show he wasn’t controlled by anyone else in the game and getting rid of Kiefer wouldn’t have set him up for final two.


Beth says Ty told her jury management wasn’t important and he lost her vote. She asks Ty how he is going to get her jury vote back? Ty says jury management is important, but it’s about how you play the game and treat people. He treated her well throughout the game and he never threw her under the bus. He always had her back. When her and Jed turned on him, he couldn’t have her back he just had to let it happen. They studied together, but he knew Beth and Jed were taking each other and that never left room for him. He played the game with her until she turned on him and he had to let her go.


Kiefer asks Brey why he deserves to win the game more than Ty. Brey says he deserves to win the game because he’s had to struggle and had his back against the wall. He was last picked for teams and he had to crawl and scrape to stay safe each week and that shows what a personal struggle is and how working hard can get you to final two.


Tera says from underdog to underdog and someone who knows what it’s like to be underestimated, she asks Brey to tell everyone the moment he proved he was a force to be reckoned with. Brey says when he won the veto in the fake double. No one thought he was playing and they all thought he was floating and he was waiting silently to strike. He knew that veto would make everyone know he was a competitor.


It’s time for their final pitches. Tychon says he’s grateful for being on one of the most inclusive and diverse casts in the season. He says Tina picking him first put a target on his back but being part of the Sunsetters and the Sauce helped him. He had shields and he never threw them under the bus. He built relationships. Austin wasn’t coming for Kiefer and neither was Kyle or Rohan, but he convinced Kiefer otherwise. He cut his alliance when he needed to and he had to make those moves.


Brey says his strategy was to be underestimated, dynamic, and well liked. He built great relationships and he threw HOH competitions to stay under the radar. He says when Austin left he didn’t have a shield and he had to pivot and secure his safety. He was on the block five times and three of them were for crazy evictions and he survived them all. He never received a vote against him the entire season and he was apart of the backdoor.


It’s time to vote!

Victoria says this has been the most spicy season ever.

Rohan says it’s an extremely tough decision. No one puts a show on like the Ro show but they did a good job.

Tina says congratulations. Is she voting for an Oddball or a Sunsetter?

Jed is voting for the person he thinks was loyal to the soil and kept it as real as a reindeer.

Beth congratulates them and then yodels and laughs.

Kiefer says he hates this game but he loves it.

Tera says to the boy who defeated all the odds. She loves them both.


Arisa welcomes us back and now we’re going to catch up with all of the HG. We say hello to Julie, Josh, Latoya, Kyle, and Austin who are at home. Arisa asks Julie about the reaction she gets. Julie says Canada was very supportive and she’s available for all-stars.


Arisa asks Josh if there was enough chaos after he left. Josh says he started the game day three and they all sweated after he left. Arisa asks Latoya what it was like to see the Sunsetters implode. Latoya says no one enjoyed seeing the showmance between Jed and Beth and she was disappointed in Jed and Ty turning on Kiefer.


Arisa asks Kyle about his feelings for Austin and he says she’s a great girl and they talk all the time and they hope to get together soon. Arisa asks Austin if her being evicted was good for Brey’s game and she says it did help his game and she’s proud how he reinvented himself and she’s so proud of him.


We see clips of some of the blowups and fights in the house. We see Tera and Victoria fighting and then Beth arguing with Ty and Jed. We see Austin and Jed arguing and then Latoya and Rohan. We see Kyle confronting Kiefer and then Julia talking about Josh. We see Beth telling Ty that he said Brey was in his back pocket. We see Victoria and Latoya arguing.


Arisa asks Tera about being feisty. Tera says she’s definitely feisty but the house brought out a little more fire than usual. Arisa asks Victoria if all the bad blood evaporates. Victoria says she felt awful about her fight with Tera.


We see the cast talking about the diversity of the cast. Ty says he was shocked to see how many black HG they had this season. They talk about representation matters and it’s important to see people that look like you.


Kiefer says he knew he’d be representing indigenous people and that was special for him. We see Kiefer speaking his language and he says he’s just a kid from the rez.


We see Latoya talking about being bisexual and Brey talks about the LGBT representation. He says there were five openly queer people and that can change lives for viewers. We see Julie talking about when she came out and when she learned about transgender.


Rohan talks about how grateful he was and humbled to be part of this cast. Ty says he had a lot of help with his hair and they kept him looking fresh. Arisa asks Kiefer if he felt a lot of pressure and Kiefer says he was nervous and when he seen the diverse cast he knew he had to be himself and he hopes they are proud. He says it’s a huge honor to represent his community.


Arisa says the house can get wild. He says there were backdoors and trap doors and the HG sometimes got messy. We see the spaghetti sauce fight. Tera says she has never lived with a filthier group of people. We see Latoya talking about the flip with other HG and them not having numbers.


We see HG throwing out names of who has to go and then we see HG saying they never said anyone’s name. Tera says if you were going to get done in this house you were going to get done dirty. We see Victoria telling people she was the invisible HOH after saying she wasn’t going to tell anyone.


Arisa asks who had the messiest game and most jurors point to Beth. Up next will be the results and we’ll find out who voted for Canada’s favorite HG.


It’s time to get to the final results!

Victoria has voted for Tychon.

Rohan has voted for Tychon.

Tina has voted for Tychon.

Jedson has voted for Tychon.

Tychon has won Big Brother Canada Season 9!


Arisa says they can make their way out of the house. Brey and Ty head upstairs and take one last look at the house and head out. We see the jurors giving Ty and Brey hugs. Arisa asks Ty how he’s feeling and he can’t put it into words. He says everyone had his back and he doesn’t know what to say. He never imagined even standing there today.


Arisa thanks them all gain. Two other votes for Ty and one more for Brey from Tera. Arisa congratulates Breydon as well. He gets $20,000. Arisa says there is one more piece of business to get to. For the first time ever Canada voted for their favorite player. Congratulations Kiefer! He has won $10,000!

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