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Big Brother Canada 9 - Final 4 HOH Competition, BBCAN Awards, Nominations

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Previously on Big Brother Canada, in the fake double eviction Tera and the boys took out Jed.  Then the boys promptly turned on Tera.  But when the underdog hit the winning three, Mama T completed her comeback and the final five braced for battle.  With their eyes on the end game, Ty and Brey firmed up their final two.  Then, Breydon strung together back-to-back wins and the late-bloomer locked his target on Beth.  Restless on the block beside Beth, Mama T managed to avoid any drama, but Alberta Beth started her stampede, and when Beth tried to trample Ty’s reputation, the Bishop countered her every move, and on eviction night Ty got his wish, and the once-mighty Queen Bee was off to jury.  Tonight, in a photo-finish HOH comp, who will sprint their way to the finale?  Which two HGs will be stuck on the block?  And who will steal the spotlight at the BBCAN Awards.  Roll out the red carpet…it’s Big Brother Canada!


We pick up at the Live Eviction and we see Beth say her goodbyes to the HGs.  She tells them she loves them all and to keep fighting.  Beth loves BB and the HGs all deserve to be here.  Ty and Kiefer celebrate as Tera and Breydon hug.  Tera tells us that Beth just walked the door…Yes!  She’s safe.  She survived and re-wrote history.  She’s still in this game!!  Beth may have made it to the fake final four, but it’s Tera in the REAL final four!


Tychon tells us that he is the last member of The Sauce standing.  He was in a bromance with Jed, but Jed and Beth became a power couple and Ty became their third wheel.  Now they are in jury and Ty is final four.  That says it all.  Ty says he is in a good spot, but before she left Beth tried to throw a wrench in his game with Breydon. We see a clip of Beth calling Ty out in front of Breydon that Breydon has been expendable to Ty the entire game.  Ty tells us that what Beth did pissed him off because he spent a lot of time building his relationship with Breydon and now he has to do major damage control.   


We see Tychon talking to Brey in the HOHR and denying that he is using Brey.  He explains to Brey that he wanted to have a working relationship with Breydon, but draws the line at using and manipulative.  Ty tells us that he thinks he managed the situation.  It’s been handled.


Kiefer, and Breydon imagine Beth going into jury and Jed expecting Kiefer sent her out…but no, it was Breydon.  Breydon tells us that a week ago he had nothing on his resume besides that he likes to talk a lot.  Now he has three comp wins under his belt, he’s been playing a great social game.  His resume is looking pretty stacked.  He’s in final four, and he genuinely thinks he can win this game!


Kiefer tells us he is one step closer to finale, but he’s feeling like a huge target left in this game, and maybe the last big move for someone to get out.  This final four week is about comp wins. He has a chance at an HOH and a PoV.  A win in either one of those can secure his spot in the final three and the chance to play for the final HOH.  He has his game face on, and he’s ready to go.  He came to win.  Nothing else.


We return to the OLG room where the HOH comp is taking place.  Tychon, Tera and Keifer are all at podiums facing away from each other, as Breydon looks on.  Arisa explains the competition is called Buzzer Beater.  In front of each competitor is a monitor where pictures of HGs will appear one by one.  Their job is to remember which veto competition those HGs played in together.  Once they know, they have to ring in and name the HG who was evicted after that veto.  The first person to buzz in and correctly state the name of the HG evicted will win a point.  The HG with the most points after 7 questions will be the new HOH!


Tychon tells us that pressure in this competition is like he’s never seen before.  Staying off the block is one of the biggest things on his resume, and winning this HOH can keep him off of it.  This is the biggest HOH he’s had to play in, and this is a must-win for him.


Arisa announces the first set of cards…each card comes up one at a time…Beth…Breydon…Rohan.  Tychon buzzes in and says Rohan.  He’s correct!  Tychon has earned a point.  The next set of cards comes up… Kiefer, Tychon, … Tera buzzes in and says “Jedson,” but she’s wrong.  Kiefer buzzes in and says “LaToya” and he is right.  Kiefer has earned a point.


Kiefer tells us that his heart is pounding out of his chest.  He feels like he might pass out.  He has to win this HOH to secure his spot in the final three.  He’s been saying all season he is going to win this HOH, and now it’s his time to do so.


The next set of cards..Rohan, Victoria.  Tera buzzes in and answers “Austin.”  She’s right.  Tera has earned a point and it’s a three-way tie.


Tera tells us that she wants to win this HOH and take herself to the final three.  She is not the type of woman who wants to be taken ANYWHERE by a man.  She wants to secure her own spot in the end. 


Arisa announces the next set of cards…Tera, Tychon…Kiefer buzzes in but guesses wrong.  Tychon buzzes in and guess Tina…he is right.  Tychon is in the lead with 2 points. Breydon tells us that he is rooting for Ty to win this HOH because Ty is Brey’s best chance of not touching the block this week.  He thinks sitting next to Ty at final two is his best shot at winning $100,000


The fifth set of cards is Rohan…Tera buzzes in and guesses “Kyle”…the correct answer!  Tera earns another point.  Tera and Ty have 2 points and Kiefer has 1 point.


The next set of cards is Victoria… Kiefer and Tychon both try to buzz in but Kiefer gets it and correctly names Josh.  Kiefer earns another point and all three competitors have 2 points.  The final question is the deciding question.


Kiefer tells us “all tied up”  These guys would be nuts to take him to final three.  The next question wins the HOH and solidifies themselves in the final three.  He NEEDS this answer. 


The final set of cards begins with Tina…Tychon buzzes in and answers “umm…Victoria, Victoria Victoria!”  Arisa says “congratulations Tychon, you are the new HOH”.  Tychon is elated!!  He tells us “yessss!!”  He wins when he needs to, and he needed to win that.  He’s in the final three, baby.  All game he waited for this moment!


Tera tells us “shoot me now!” and laughs. She knows…she can guess who’s going on the block for the fifth time!  Her! 


In the Kitchen, Tera talks to Kiefer about how close it was.  Kiefer is down, saying he never wanted to win anything so badly in his life.  He didn’t have a good feeling today and he thinks his good feelings are gone.  Kiefer tells us he’s not gonna lie.  He’s feeling pretty defeated that he lost this comp.  If he was any of the other HGs, he would not be bringing him to the final.  He wouldn’t let him get to final three because then he would win it.  Kiefer tells Tera that he or Tera need to win the veto or else one of them will be gone.


Tera tells us that she is so frustrated.  Last week was so crazy for her and now Ty wins.  He hasn’t had to sweat this entire season and he’s just going to put his feet up and once again Tera will have to fight tooth and nail for her place in this game. 


Tychon and Breydon chat in the WA.  Ty tells Breydon that he still needs Breydon to gun for the veto.  He won’t put Breydon on the block.  Tychon tells us the goal of his HOH this week is to take out Kiefer because he thinks he has a better shot at beating Breydon or Tera. Ultimately he wants to keep Breydon safe this week.  If Breydon wins the final three comp, Ty thinks Breydon would take him to final 2.  Ty tells Breydon he was terrified on that last answer.  Brey is happy for him.


Tychon calls the HGs to see his HOH room and they all run up and make lots of noise looking at Tychon’s pictures.  Tychon reads his letter from best friend Abby.  “Hey TT, you won HOH!  FINALLY! LOL Long enough.  Everyone is so so proud of you!  We watch non-stop and are rooting for you and are so happy to see you get another W.  It feels like you have been gone for an eternity.  I love and miss you very much.  You are the first person I think of when I wake up and before I slept.  I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true.  Keep doing your best and playing your game.  You got this!  Love and miss you more than you can imagine.  Abby.”


Ty tells us that he has barely seen his people this whole game so getting a letter from his best friend and seeing pictures of his parents and grandparents means the world to him.  Ty tells the others that “this one hits.”  Now he knows what they all feel.  Wow.


Ty and Kiefer chat in the kitchen.  Tychon tells Kiefer he wants it so bad and he has been so underestimated in this game.  Kiefer tells us that he never stops working in this game.  Ty winning HOH is fine.  Even if Kiefer is on the block, it doesn’t matter.  It all comes down to the veto.  Only one person gets to vote this week and that person gets to decide who goes home.  If Ty wins the veto, Kiefer needs Ty to pick someone who will keep Kiefer. 


In the kitchen, Kiefer tells Ty that Ty winning is worst case scenario for him.  They talk resumes and who can beat who.  Ty says he has a damn good resume.  Kiefer points out that if Breydon or Tera won, they couldn’t beat Ty at the end.  Ty points out that as final four HOH he doesn’t get to make the final decision. 


Ty tells us that he is entertaining what Kiefer is saying, but honestly, Kiefer is the strongest player left in the game, and if Ty went final two with Kiefer, Ty won’t win. 


In the HOHR, we see Breydon and Ty discussing who can win against who.  They think their best case is against Tera.  They think if Kiefer is at the end he will win.  He never stopped playing and is loved by everyone.  They would not have a chance against Kiefer.


HGs hear Victoria’s voice calling them to the living room.  In the LR, they see the jury members on the big screen…Jed, Tina, Victoria, Rohan.  Rohan tells them it’s time for the annual BBCAN awards.  They would like to see them in person, but…they were voted out!  The jury is hosting as they honour the greatest of BBCAN EVER.  Victoria adds that before the big show, they have to head to the HOHR and get glammed up for the BBCAN BALL!!  The final four go wild and run to the HOHR to find their wardrobe.


Ty comes out first.  Ty tells us he can rock anything he wears.  He’s wearing a crown, and stars…he looks out of this world.  He’s feeling himself. 


Breydon comes out in a pink suit with butterfly wings.  Brey tells us he’s serving us pretty in pink, pastel princess, a monochromatic moment.  And did he mention?  He’s LITERALLY a butterfly!


Tera comes out rocking a pink and white tulle dress with a top hat fascinator.  Tera tells us that she is serving tulle princess.  Her daughter would go crazy for this outfit.  Problem is…how is she gonna sit?


Kiefer comes out looking sharp in a black suit with a silver hummingbird across the front, a feather top hat and silver light-up shoes.  Kiefer tells us that he’s loving it… the outfit is tight.  He loves the hat, the coat, the bird, the suit and of course…the SHOES. Yo!  This is SICK!


The HGS parade down the stairs one at a time, each making an entrance.  Beth comes on the screen asking if they miss her yet. Beth instructs them to head to the ball pit, where they see pool swans in front of tables.  Kiefer steps in and sinks…they all follow and find their seats around the tables, surrounded by balls. They pour champagne and toast to final four.


The jurors come on the screen and Victoria welcomes them to the BBCAN Ball. She tells them they all look amazing and spicey.  Jed tells them they are in for one hell of a show.  Tina says there is no time to waste so sit back and relax.  Rohan says without further ado, let’s get to our first category.


Jed introduces the first category.  In the BBCAN house they have a lot of time on their hands that lead to some crazy discussions, differences of opinions and some really dumb conversations.  The nominess for most discombobulated debate are “Reindeer games” and “The chicken or the egg”.  We see recaps of the conversations in question.  The winner is: Reindeer games!  Ty still thinks reindeer are not real, but Rohan comes on and says for the record that they are.


Rohan introduces the next category.  We all know that things can get a little heated in the house.  Victoria shouts from the sidelines that this was supposed to be her category.  The nominees for favourite face-off are “Kyle and Rohan vs. Kiefer and Latoya” and “Tera versus the Ball Pit Blitz”  We see the conversation in the storage room where Kiefer tells Kyle he is aggressive.  Latoya weighs in, attacking Kyle.  The second nominee is Tera calling the Sauce out for working together against her.  And the winner is: Tera vs. Ball Pit Blitz.  Tera laughs…”I won a  BBCAN Award!”


Breydon tells us they are having the best night.  It’s nice to leave the game behind and just enjoy the awards.  Victoria introduces the next category.  We all know the saying “dance like nobody’s watching” but in the BBCAN house, you forget that the whole country is watching.  The nominees for Best Dance Moves are “HOH Room Solos” and “Victoria cuts loose”>  We see Breydon and Beth doing their own HOHR solos.Victoria’s segment is in the LR with all the HGS around.  The award goes to “Victoria cuts loooose!”


Rohan tells the final four that Big Brother likes to take them WAYYYY out of their comfort zones.  Nominees for Most Entertaining House Mission are “Spice it Up” and “B.I.N.G.O.”  We see clips of the chili pepper challenge and the bingo game where they Beth can’t do a backwards alphabet, Breydon has to take a dip in the hot tub and Kiefer sits in a tub of ice cream.   And the winner is:  B.I.N.G.O.!!!  They predicted it.


After the awards, they see clips of themselves coming into the house and all the HGs toasting.  They see various clips of touching moments and fun times in the house.  Seeing themselves brings out a lot of emotion…joy and tears, especially seeing hugs.  Tera comments about real things in the fakest place in the world.  Kiefer is emotional.  He tells us that if we told him day one that he would be at the BBCAN awards on day 62, he would have told us we were crazy.  To watch these memories is something very special. 


In this mellow moment after seeing all these meaningful clips of time in the house, Tera tells the others that she complains the most but it’s been so wonderful.  In the DR, Tera tells us she has been on a JOURNEY.  Highs and lows.  This game is the most crazy beautiful thing she’s ever done.  She truly feels that no matter what happens she is proud of herself and so proud of the people she is with at the end.  The final four raise their glasses.  “Cheers!”  “Final Four!”  Tera: “Best day ever!”  Ty: “100%!”


Ty takes Breydon for Wendy’s.  Tera plays the mom, telling Ty to have Brey home by 8 and advising Brey not to pay for the date.  They choose their meals and Ty goes down to pick it up.  He has a wide grin as he sees a video from his mom.  She tells him that she loves him and is proud of him.  He is such a winner.  She speaks in French.  Words can’t say how much she loves him.  She shouts “go get it, because you’re in it to win it baby!”  As he leaves the storage room, Tychon says this is the best week ever.


Ty brings the food in and Brey asks who the video was from. Ty tells him it was his mom and she looks so good!  They dig in to their meal. 


Breydon talks to Tera in the Destiny BR. Tera tells us that she is feeling out Breydon because she doesn’t know the depth of Brey’s relationship with Ty.  If she wins the veto, she needs to know that taking Brey to the end is the right choice for her game.  They both think Kiefer would be the bigger move.  Brey points out that Kiefer has been playing all game.  People think that he and Tera have only been playing the second half.  Brey tells Tera what she wants to hear.  If she doesn’t win, she wants Brey to win. Tera asks about what Beth said to Ty.  Tera doesn’t think Ty would overtly say what Beth claims Ty said. 


Tera asks Brey if he and Ty have feelings for each other.  Breydon tells us that in this game he 100% knows that he and Ty are on the same page, but when it comes down to a personal relationship, that might be another story.  Ty is a flirty guy.  Breydon knows he catches feelings easily…it’s one of his fatal flaws. 


Kiefer tells us that the nominations are upon us.  It has been a long hard journey to get to final four.  Being in this house wears you down.  It’s hard work.  He’s so close to the end of the game.  He just has to get there.  We see Kiefer talking to the cameras in the Expedia room.  The only thing he has left to do in this game is win.  Can he do it?  Maybe?  He’s so close.  Keep fighting.  He’s not counting himself out.  He wants the other HGS to think that. 


Kiefer’s tears stream down his face in DR.  It really gets hard when you miss home.  He hasn’t been home in a long time.  He just wants to see his family and his community.  His tears are not of sorrow, but of joy for the opportunity he has had to represent them.  He’s fighting FOR them.  In the Expedia room, Kiefer sings a traditional song.  In the DR, he notes there are thousands of kids on the Rez who have wanted to give in.  He has wanted to give up. But you got to keep pushing.  He’s got this.  He believes. 


Once more, the house lights go down and red lights glow in the LR.  A spotlight follows Ty as he leaves the HOHR and joins the other HGs in the LR. Ty tells us that the most important thing about his HOH this week is that he has secured his spot in the final three AND he has not touched the block all season.  They all know this week is about the veto, because it will ultimately determine who Ty is competing with in the final leg of this game.


Ty faces Breydon, Kiefer, and Tera and states his purpose.  As HOH, it’s his duty to nominate two HGs for eviction.  His first nominee is Tera.  Tera takes her place on the block.  Ty’s second nominee is Kiefer.  Kiefer joins Tera.  Ty tells Tera she is nominated because she is a strong player and has made some big moves.  Numbers are low right now and he has run out of options.  Ty tells Kiefer he has been nominated because he played a great game.  They are at the point where this is just something Ty has to do.  They have both played this game with loyalty, honesty and respect, which says a lot about their characters.  They know this week comes down to the veto.  Good luck to both.  This nomination ceremony is now complete.


Kiefer tells us that this feels way different from any other time he’s been on the block. He almost feels safe.  All he has to do is win the veto to get to that finish line.  Tera tells us “you’re right Ty.  I AM a strong player, and I will take all my mom strength to this power of veto competition.” She came here to win this game.


Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Kiefer or Tera fight their way off the block?  Find out Wednesday night.  7pm Eastern.


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