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Big Brother Canada 9 - Battleback and HOH Competition - April 26, 2021

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Previously on Big Brother Canada, at an emotional eviction ceremony, Jedson’s three closest allies sentenced him to exile, but his life in the game wasn’t over, and the fake-out was on.  Next Ty outmaneuvered the others for the phony HOH crown and the bishop put Tera in check and turned his back on Beth.  Then at a high-strung veto comp, Breydon grabbed and stashed the veto, and in a 2-0 vote, they thought they had snuffed out Tera’s fire, but hope still flickered as she joined Jed for a last shot at revival.  Tonight, the season’s most shocking twist spawns a battle-back for the ages.  Jedson vs. Tera.  Everything is on the line.  It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up after the second eviction of the fake double.  Tera dons her mask as she leaves the house, and then Beth gathers the guys together to declare final four.  Beth tells us “Yes, I’m safe!  I’m in final four!  I’ve survived another double eviction!  All this work this season and I’m finally here!!”  She tells us that saying goodbye to Jed was one of the hardest things she has had to do, but watching Tera walk out instead of Beth, right after Jed, was extremely fulfilling.


Ty tells us that last week was one of the hardest weeks in the house. Emotions were high, tempers were flaring, but the big move to get Jed out paid off.  Ty tells us that he won his first HOH comp, Breydon wins the veto and doesn’t use it, and now Tera is gone too!  Tera’s resume was getting too big, so she had to go!


We flashback to just before the veto ceremony.  Ty calls Breydon into the OLG room.  They agree to keep the noms the same and then talk about who they want gone.  Ty asks Breydon to be real.  Breydon points out he can beat Tera in a comp, but not Beth.  As Kiefer joins them, Ty is telling Breydon they can beat Beth.  Breydon is unsure.


In the LR, Tera whispers to Beth that if they take her off the block, she will vote out Kiefer (who would necessarily be the replacement nom).  Tera asks Beth to do the same if she is voted off.  Beth tells Tera that she just made the biggest move in the game. Tera tells her it was Kiefer’s idea.  Beth tells us that she knew about the plan to get Jed out all week, but to find out that Kiefer was the mastermind behind it??  She is not surprised, but she’s still shocked. She believes Tera, but there is about a 95% chance Tera is going home and Tera has nothing to lose right now.


Breydon, Ty and Kiefer talk in the OLG room.  Ty is convinced that Tera’s resume is stacked right now.  Kiefer tells us that if he had his way he would take the shot at Beth and left Tera in the game.  But it’s Ty’s HOH, he doesn’t want to rock the boat.  If Ty wants Tera gone, that’s how it’s going to be.


We see Breydon giving his decision not the use the Power of Veto.  Breydon tells us that not using the veto that ultimately sent Tera packing was an important move that helped to solidify his relationship with Ty.  Their relationship has grown tremendously in the past two weeks and Breydon wants to sit next to Ty at the end.


Beth celebrates final four in the kitchen, but meanwhile, Jedson is in the HOHR and Tera is on her way to join him.  Tera tells us that this is the craziest day every.  She just got evicted but her game might not actually be over.  She walks into the HOHR and sees Jed.  Jed wants to know what’s going on.  Tera tells us that she just did him dirty, but Jed is consoling her.   She’s amazed.  They are both wearing headphones and a TV screen comes on telling them that the other HGs can’t know they are still in the house…


They are riveted as they watch the screen, which tells them that the other HGs think they are both on their way to jury.  Tera is praying that they are about to learn they are both safe as they learn that the other HGs are DEAD WRONG.  Jed and Tera learn they are about to face off in a high-stakes competition and that whoever wins will re-enter the house and be given a new life in this game.  Whoever loses will be sent to jury.  Jed:  “Oh my God.  This is nuts.”  


Jed tells us “Oh my gosh, Big Brother.  You always have a trick up your sleeve.”  Jed tells us he is extremely excited to have an opportunity to fight his way back into this house. Tera tells us that she needs to tell Jed everything, because if she doesn’t get back into the house, he needs to go back with fire.  In the HOHR, Tera tells him they were all against him.  It had a name: “The Trap Door.”  Tera tells us Jed needs to know who planned this “Trap Door,” who was in on it, and who turned the fastest.  She is leaving nothing from Jed.  In the HOHR, she tells him that it was Kiefer’s idea to get Jed to use the veto on Beth.  Ty is a good liar, It only took Beth three hours to turn on him.  Breydon is slimy too. 


Jed tells us that hearing all this information about his alliance pisses him off.  He wants to get back in the house and show them that he isn’t someone to be pushed around.  In the HOHR, they talk about how they all used Tera to get Jed out.  In the Kitchen, the final four talk about no one having a deal with Tera.  Tera warns Jed that if he gets back in the house, none of them are loyal to him and he will have to keep wining.  He needs to get them out.


We flash back to Arisa calling the (fake) final four into the LR to learn about the face-off between Jedson and Tera, and that one of them will be coming back into the house.  Beth is screaming and running around the LR.  Ty joins her while Kiefer laughs.  Beth says Tera hates her.  They just celebrated final four…she can’t have Tera back. 


Beth leaves the LR and Ty is telling Kiefer and Breydon that he is SO irritated.  They did all that work.  Perfectly executed.  Breydon regrets that they didn’t get out Beth, but Ty thinks Jed would still come back angry.  Kiefer asks if either of them told Beth anything.  They think Tera might have exposed everything.  Beth returns and says at least they know Tera didn’t have any deals with anyone.  If she comes back, she’s clean slate.


The competitions starts.  Arisa tells Jedson and Tera that they have been given a second chance and can win their way back into the house. The loser will be off to jury and out of the game for good.  The game is called “Heads will Roll.”  They will each have three balls and must roll them one at a time up the ramp and land them on the ledge.  The first to get all three balls onto the ledge will re-enter the game and have another shot at winning Big Brother Canada!


Tera tells us “Yes!”  She is down.  Yes, she feels like garbage but she has been through some of the worst things in life and has survived.  This is David vs. Goliath and she will fight to the end.


Jed and Tera begin throwing their balls up the ramp as the other HGS watch on the LR TV.  Beth comments that this is very hard.  Tera tells us that the hardest part is finding a rhythm.  There is a fine line between pushing your ball too hard and too soft.   Jed tells us that it doesn’t seem like a smart idea to roll the balls straight up the ramp.  His strategy is to roll them so they bang off the side bumpers.  Jed gets the first ball onto the ledge.  The HGS watch tensely.


Beth tells us that watching Jed and Tera compete, the two people who have been going at it this whole game, is INSANE.  She really wants Jed to walk back into this house.  She does NOT want Tera back in!  Come on Jed!  Jed gets a second ball onto the ledge.  Beth shouts “shut up!” and is beside herself, pacing.


The competition continues.  Kiefer comments that Jed has this for sure.  Jed tells us that he is on his last ball and he can taste victory.  Seeing the look on everyone’s faces is motivating him to keep going.  He came to be a comp beast and that’s what he is going to be at the end of this game.  As Jed tries for his third ball on the ledge, he knocks off one of the two balls that were already up.  He is back to one ball on the ledge.  Tera now has two balls on the ledge.  Then Jed gets a second ball on again. 


Jed and Beth are both working on the third ball.  Tera knocks her second ball off, but then gets another on the ledge.  They both have two balls on the ledge.  It’s a tense battle.  Tera lands her third ball on the ledge and WINS HER BACK INTO THE HOUSE!!!!!!


Tera tells us that she can’t even believe this!!! She just walked out the door and she is about to walk back in!!  And who got her there?  She did!  She would like to thank “me” for all her hard work and for getting Jedson out, not once, but now twice.  And she would like to thank “me” for saving her game in this house.  Thank you Tera!  Thank you very much!!


Tera goes over to Jed and gives him a HUGE hug.  She tells him she’s so sorry and that he has the biggest heart in this game.  Jedson tells us sadly that Tera beat him fair and square and he knows his time in the BBCAN house has come to an end.  He made it this far by playing true to himself and never wavering from that.  He thinks that to get to the end ultimately you have to be cutthroat, betray people, lie and deceive, and those are things he finds hard to do.  He looks downcast.


In the LR, the HGs are speculating about who won.  They did not see the end of the competition!  They think there’s no way it’s not Jedson.  Kiefer says he hates this game.  Kiefer is sure it’s Jedson.  We see Tera standing outside the house ready to re-enter as Kiefer tells us that his heart is pounding through his chest.  If Jed walks through these doors right now, he is coming back with a vengeance!  The door to the BY starts to raise, and the HGs in the LR jump to attention.


They are screaming as Tera re-enters.  She jokes with them “are you guys happy to see me?   Breydon tells us that immediately he feels ill because they all did Tera so dirty.  Ty tells us that he guesses it’s better to have Tera in the house than Jed, but his whole HOH feels like a waste.  He went from final four back to final five.  The HGs are so shocked to see Tera and ask her what happened.  She tells them it took her TWO tries to get him out.


Ty and Breydon are running around in reaction to Tera’s declaration “he is NOT coming back on my HOH!”  Beth is quiet on the couch.  Tera tells them it (sketch) of them to vote her out.  They reply that it was only because she got Jed out.  


Beth is distraught as she tells us that this day is…blech.  She doesn’t want Tera back in here.  It’s literally a stab and twist to the stomach.  She needs to lay down.  In the OLG room Beth is making retching noises and moaning about how fake everyone is.  She actually wants to barf.  Beth says she can’t be fake. Sorry.  She’s pissed. 


In the Destiny BR, Tera is celebrating alone.  She is exhilarated by winning.  She speaks to the camera.  They are all going to be coming for her.  How is she going to play this?  By playing all of them.  She lets them know NOTHING.  She leaves the BR and gets hugs from Kiefer and Breydon. 


Tera tells us that everyone’s all excited that she’s back.  They were all terrified of Jedson.  She is laughing with them but she is not forgetting they all just did her dirty.  Kiefer says she’s going to win the game and he will help her.  She points out they just voted her out!  Tera tells us that these guys have some explaining to do as to why they voted her out, but she still needs to play nice.  


Beth calls Ty on his comments about Jed being the biggest guy next to tiny Tera.  They wonder if Jed knows what happened.  Tera tells them she didn’t know where Jed was but she was in like a telephone booth with headphones.  Tera tells us that the other HGs don’t need to know that she told Jed EVERYTHING.  That’s HER little secret that she’s keeping in her pocket.


Ty, Kiefer and Breydon keep speculating about what Jed knows and Tera changes the subject to ask them what they would have done if Jed came back.  They say they would have lost the game.  Tera says she can’t be mad because she’s back, but Kiefer calls her on it, saying that nah, she’s pissed.  She says she’s pissed, but she’s happy.  They have to talk though.  Kiefer shouts with laughter.  Beth is sitting back and is clearly not happy.


Ty goes into the storage room and Breydon joins him.  They talk about the result…they decide it’s the best case scenario in a bad situation.  It would have been worse if Jed had come back with a vengeance.  Tera joins them and asks them what happened.  Why did they vote her out.  Ty tells her she’s the best player in the game.  She asks if they are just going to vote her out next week.  Ty owns up that it was his direction, even though they all share in responsibility.  She tells them she isn’t sure what to do now.  If they were coming after her because she is a strong player, what should she do, since she just took him out again.  They laugh and Breydon rushes over to hug her.  Tera asks if she can have a week and could they please get Beth out this week?  They say, yeah, Beth knows. We see Beth laying on the couch looking super sad.


The conversation in the storage room continues.  Tera doesn’t want to come back to just go out again.  Ty says she deserves that.  Kiefer is laughing at Beth being all sombre.  Beth calls out to Ty and he goes out to her.  She asks him if everyone in the pantry is being fake.  She says she can’t.  She’s out of energy.  Ty moans about his HOH being pointless.  He says if he can’t play, it’s up to the rest.  Ty thinks if Tera wins HOH, he will probably go up on the block.  Beth says she would have loved to see Jed’s face.


Beth goes to the Expedia room and is talking to Jed.  It’s too much, she says.  She misses him.  This place is so hard.  She dissolves into tears, covering her face.  Tears are streaming down the side of her face. 


Ty and Beth chat in the Expedia room.  She asks Ty what happened.  Beth tells us that now that Jed isn’t in the house, she is feeling alone.  She isn’t sure where she stands with Ty and needs to make things completely right between them.  Ty tells Beth that he and Jed had a final two from the start.  As things developed with Jed and Beth, he felt that Jed would choose his girlfriend over his bromance.  Then when Beth tried to get Ty to go up on the block, he felt he must have “idiot” written on his forehead and he felt expendable.  When you feel expendable to someone, then they are expendable to you. 


Beth asks Ty if he knew that he and Kiefer would vote out Jed when she was taken off the block.  Ty says no.  He says they had to do it.  He knew he would be the swing vote.  Beth asks how they stand with Kiefer and Ty says he never fully knows.


In the Destiny BR, Tera lays on the bed pondering.  Tera tells us that walking back into the house, she had SO much adrenaline and was on a high. Now she feels defeated.  Like she’s always fighting to prove her worth in this house and she has another uphill battle ahead of her.  Kiefer joins her and asks “what’s going on Trick Shot”  Tera says she is thinking about her demise.  He sympathizes, saying she’s been through it today.  She apologizes for being emotional and he says she’s entitled considering what’s happened. 


Tera tells Kiefer she’s trying to play it cool but she’s worried she looks bad.  We flash back to Beth’s eviction speech saying that Tera has never kept her word.  She’s worried how her kids will see her.  Kiefer says they will think she’s a super hero.  She just beat Jedson.  Twice.  Tera is cheered up and starts laughing about the David and Goliath size difference.  She tells Kiefer she still wants to work with him and that he’s the only person she trusts.  She hopes she can survive one more week.


In the Kitchen, Ty is pouring tea and telling Breydon that he doesn’t think he’s really lied to people.  Not really.  Breydon suggests that Ty is just vague.  Breydon tells us that he and Ty have been getting a lot closer and chatting a lot more, and Ty is someone he can 100% trust in this game. 


They speculate on what the HOH comp will be.  Ty tells us that since Austin left he has been spending a lot of time with Breydon, fostering this relationship. He knows Breydon likes him  Since Ty can’t play in the HOH comp this week, he really hopes his investment in Breydon pays off.  If Breydon can win HOH and keep TY safe this week, that would be HUGE.  They talk about the HOH and Veto that they won being fake, but Breydon says...no, the COMP wins were real!


Breydon tells us that he feels like he needs to win this HOH.  It’s his to win, and he needs to prove to everyone that he is a competitor.  He knows he won a “fake” veto, but he WILL win a REAL HOH.


It’s time for the HOH competition.  Ty is hosting and everyone is dressed up!  The competitors are isolated in their own booths in front of a colourful “Big Brother Trivia” wheel (looks like a Wheel of Fortune wheel).  The competition is called “All in to Win”  At the start of each round, Ty will spin the wheel to determine the category.  Before he asks the question, they will be able to place a bet based on their knowledge of that category.  Each competitor has a stack of poker chips.  If they answer the question correctly, they earn their chips back, plus the amount they bet  If incorrect, they lose their bet.  They can bet up to five chips per question, until the final question, where they can choose to go all in.  The HG with the most poker chips after seven questions will be the new HOH.


Tera reminds us that these people just voted her out.  She needs to win HOH to ensure her safety or they will just do it again.  Beth tells us that Tera can NOT win this HOH comp.  She has the best resume in the house for getting Jed out.  Twice!  Beth says that Tera’s not happy….she’s seeing red and no one knows what Tera will do.


Ty spins the wheel and the category is “Good Times.”  Kiefer tells us that they all start with ten chips and they can wager up to five chips at a time.  He’s a gambling man.  He likes to gamble and he’s feeling lucky.  The HGs place their bets and Ty asks the question.  On day 35 when BB surprised them with videos from home, whose loved one appeared 4th?  Was it A. Tina or B. Victoria?  The HGs place a card in a slot to choose A or B.  Tera tells us she is so paranoid in her head. She is second-guessing her intuition.  The correct answer is A.  Breydon and Beth are correct.  Tera tells us she loses five chips.  She doesn’t know what other people gambled, but she really needs to start being smarter than this. 


Ty spins for the next category: “Comp Beast”  The HGs place their bets and Ty asks “in minutes, how long did Victoria hold her bucket in “Drop in the Bucket”  Is it A. 77 minutes or B. 88 minutes.  They lock their answer…the correct answer is B and Breydon gets it right.  Breydon tells us that his strategy is to bet three each time.  One or two doesn’t do anything.  Three will get him a return without risking that much.


The next category is “Spilling Tea.”  Bets are placed.  Tera tells us that she needs to hold onto whatever chips she has and hope that other people will lose theirs.  She can’t be completely out of this comp.  Ty asks who said “if you did hear your name, you should have heard your name, because we’re here to play Big Brother.”  Was it A. Latoya or B. Julie.  The answer is A and they all get it right. 


Beth tells us this competition is pretty tough.  All she can see is what’s in front of her with her own chips.  She has no clue what’s gping on with anyone else’s.  You are really just banking on yourself at this point.  Ty announces the next category: “Wild Card”  and asks “how many days in total did the house spend divided into the Destiny and Defender teams?  Was it A. 13 days or B. 15 days?  The answer is A and all get it right.


Ty spins again and the category is “Comp Beasts.”  In minutes, how long did Austin hold up her bow in “Arch Rival.” Was it A. 60 minutes or B. 68 minutes.  The answer is A and they all get it wrong, losing their bets. 


Ty announces that the category is “Sad Nots.”  Kiefer tells us he is down to three chips.  Regardless of the category, he knows he has to bet all three because he needs to catch up.  Time is running out.  Ty asks how many HGs were never a have-not?  Was it A. 2 or B. 3?  The answer is B.  Breydon, Kiefer and Beth are correct.  Kiefer tells us that he gets it right.  His wager has paid off and he feels like he might still have a chance in this competition. 


 They are down to the seventh and final question.  Ty reminds them they can go all in.  The category is “Good Times.”  We see Breydon has collected quite a stack of chips and he tells us that everyone in the house thinks he is an air head, but he has been observing things all season and he needs to secure his spot in the final four.  Let’s stack them on there, and let’s roll!


Beth is cringing as she prepares to pick up her entire stack of chips.  She tells us that we’re in final five and you gotta put all your eggs in the basket at this point.  She thinks she’s willing to do this.  She’ll either win or lose.  Let’s roll!  She goes all in. 


 Ty asks the final question.  On what day did the haves serve dinner to the have-nots?  Was it A. 30 or B. 31?  The correct answer is B and they are all correct.  Ty tells them to pay themselves out.  Beth is elated that she bet everything she had and it paid off!  She has 28 chips, baby!  Let’s go!  She has this in the bag!  Ty announces that they have a tie between Breydon and Beth.  Beth tells us “come on! I mean to a T?  28 chips?  She went all in and she deserves this!


Ty asks Breydon and Beth to get out their chalkboards for the tie-breaker question. At the end of “Don’t Upset the Apple Cart” how many apples were stacked on all five players’ wheelbarrows? Breydon and Beth do some quick calculating and give their answers.  Breydon wrote 122, Beth wrote 113.  Answers are locked. Ty tells them it was 122 apples.  Breydon won HOH!!!!


Breydon tells us excitedly that he just won his first HOH!!! What a great feeling!  Breydon has to pick two people as have-nots for the week.  Beth and Kiefer volunteer.  Tera is impressed …that’s so nice that they volunteered.  As the HGs go back inside, Breydon is celebrating that he has an HOH just like everyone else!  Thank God!


 Breydon tells us that now he can literally say that he made the top four of season 9 of Big Brother Canada!  Who would have thought?  Beth tells us she’s very disappointed.  She really wanted to win this HOH.  Coming close in a competition doesn’t matter in the Big Brother house.  You either win and secure your safety, or you have to fight for it all week long.


Who will Breydon send to the block?  And who will win the Power of Veto?  Find out Wednesday, 7pm Eastern!

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