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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Fake Double Eviction

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It’s just another regular day in the BB Canada house…until it’s not. The fakeout of the season is coming. When big brother closes one door, he opens another and tonight an unlikely path will lead to an uncertain fate. Its time for the fake double eviction.


Arisa welcomes us to a fake double eviction. It’s just like a regular double eviction with one major difference. After both evictions happen, the two evictees will battle head-to-head in a do or die competition. The loser goes to jury and the winner re-enters the game.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on day 52. Beth is laughing in the DR and she says this is insane. She doesn’t know what’s going on in the game now but she doesn’t care. She’s going to the final five. She doesn’t know what everyone is thinking. Jed says this is a risky move, but it’s a huge move and big for his game. Breydon is acting for a lifetime and he’s trying to stay calm. He heads outside and can’t believe one of the biggest targets in the house didn’t use veto on himself. He says if this pays off he will do backflips.


Tera knows this move is crazy. She knows she’s risking Breydon’s life but if Jedson goes, she’s in a good spot. If he stays, she might be right after Breydon. She’s talking to Breydon and they can’t believe Jed did that. Tera says if they keep him, then she will riot. Breydon is shook.


Tychon says everyone is celebrating for different reasons. Beth is celebrating because she’s not on the block. Kiefer is celebrating because his plan worked. Ty is celebrating because he’s not on the block. Jed is celebrating because he thinks he made a huge game move and Ty says Jed might have to go home.


Jed, Ty, and Kiefer are talking and Jed says they all played their parts because Tera truly believes Kiefer and Ty hate Beth. Jed says he just hopes they vote his way and Kiefer laughs and Ty says of course!


Breydon is talking to Beth and she tells him that Jed wasn’t in charge of that move. She says Jed thinks it’s his big move, but it’s not. Breydon says Beth’s weak spot is that in her mind no one sees her as making any moves. So he’s going to nurture that and says people will see it as Jed saving Beth again. Breydon says if Jed used the veto on her and then she voted him out, that would be huge!


Jed and Ty are talking and Jed says he can see Kiefer getting spooked and team up with Tera and he’s sketch. Ty says he hasn’t heard Breydon’s pitch yet, but he’s been playing the game since day one with Jed. Jed just made a move that showed huge loyalty and Ty doesn’t know if he can cut him. He made that move to save their alliance. Jed says he put his life on the line to keep them together and Jed says he always says it was him and Ty. Jed says he has Ty and Ty says he has Jed too.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time to head back inside for some wild game play. Breydon asks Ty how it feels to be on the up and Ty is confused. Beth says they are in an interesting position because they can keep the Sauce together or there could be a flip. She’s feeling a little weird. She needs to get in Ty’s head because if a flip happens she needs to be a part of it.


Beth wants to know what Ty has been talking about with Kiefer and Breydon. Beth says if Jed survives this week, then neither of them are winning. Ty says if he wins the next HOH and they can’t get Jed out, then he can’t play the following week and whoever remains has to beat him. Ty says he didn’t come here to make friends. Beth says doesn’t it break your heart at all? Beth says it’s coming close to impossible to separate her emotions from the game and she doesn’t want Jed to be blindsided because she has a connection with him.


Beth asks Jed if he’s talked to Ty and Jed tells her their conversation. Beth says Ty is lying to him. She tells him that Ty said even if he won every HOH, he wouldn’t be able to beat Jed. Jed is freaking out and wants to talk to Ty and Beth tells him not to. Jed says this is what loyalty gets you and Beth says it’s just them.


Jed says it sounds like his alliance is turning on him. He won the veto and didn’t use it on himself and now he’s thinking it’s a stupid move. He has to figure out a way to get out of this. Jed goes to talk to Ty and he says maybe he’s getting block paranoia. He says he’s worried about Kiefer because of last week and maybe Beth wants to cut her. Ty told him he used veto on Beth to save the Sauce and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Ty says they have three Sunsetters voting and Jed made the move for them. Jed says he needs them. He wants them to be the final three. Ty says he has him. Ty says he’s telling Jed what he wants to hear and it’s not realistic to keep him in the game anymore. They are at the endgame and it’s the right thing for him to do.


Beth feels the flip against Jed is inevitable and he’ll be going to jury and she never thought she’d love someone in the house. She is talking to Jed and she says she doesn’t know if they’ll tell her. Jed says it’s fine. Beth says this is heartbreaking. Jed says he appreciates her so much in this game. He wouldn’t be here without her and if he stays this week, he’ll be here because of her again. He’ll never forget everything she did for him. Jed leaves the room and Beth starts crying into her hands.


Arisa welcomes us back. She says two weeks ago we shook things up with a double eviction. Tonight, they’ll have a fake one and the two evictees will get a chance to compete to get back in the game. But first let’s check out the jury house!


Victoria says the jury house has been very relaxing. She’s been doing a lot of reading and reflecting on the bullcrap that went down in the house. As much as she’s sad her alliance got rid of her, it was the right move. Rohan wished he’d had more time to get a third vote to stay but he did what he could to stay around for as long as possible.


Vic says she had no idea it was a double eviction and she wanted Rohan to win and it was devastating to see him. Vic says Rohan being evicted means Beth, Jed, and Ty are gaining power and will have a clear path to finale. Living with Rohan is amazing! She gets breakfast made for her everyday. Vic says Rohan is the perfect guy to live with!


Vic says someone new is going to be coming to the jury and she’s nervous but excited. Tina says she feels like a weight has been lifted and she’s ready for the jury experience. Vic says she was kind of floater so she can join them. Tina says Kiefer was supposed to leave at the beginning of the week but it changed. They agree Kiefer is playing the best game and has the resume. Vic says Beth is playing the next best game. Rohan says she’s uncomfortable to be around and annoying but she’s using the boys.


Rohan wants to see Breydon make a flashy move. Tina wants to see Jed come through the door and Rohan says if his head will fit through the door. We go back to Arisa and she sends it back inside.


Jed is talking to Ty and he says he thought they should battle. Kiefer says in 16 days he’s going to be on plane home to his family. If he gets first place, his life will change a lot more than Jed’s. Jed says he literally put his life on the line for them. Jed says this is how you repay me? All for some money. Kiefer says the loyalty ended when he put him on the block. He can never go back. Ty says it’s like being cheated on and he never thought it would come to this. Jed says it’s scary how well they lied and manipulated him. It’s personal and terrifying. If that’s how they want to play and they can sleep at night, that’s dark. Jed says he always puts people ahead himself and he wasn’t going to stop. Jed leaves and Beth and Ty hug and she says she’s sorry.


It’s time for the eviction! Breydon says he won the experience of a lifetime and he won’t forget the moments they spent together. He hopes they seize the moment and play the game. Jed says he came in saying he’d be true to himself, loyal, and trustworthy and he’s done that. He’s been a fighter his whole life and he’s going to fight with no regrets but he loves them all.


It’s time to vote!

Kiefer votes to evict Jedson.

Ty votes to evict Jed.

Beth hesitates and is emotional and says she can’t. She votes to evict Jedson.

By a unanimous vote, Jedson has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! Beth and Ty are crying and Jed gives hugs and heads upstairs with Beth. Beth whispers she loves him so much and she’s so sorry baby. Jed heads out and sees a sign that says shhhh, you’re still in the game. He’s re-routed to the HOH room and there’s a baggy with some headphones to put on and some instructions. Arisa says he has no idea what’s going on or what’s coming. Let’s tell the others about the double eviction.


Arisa calls the HG to the LR and she has some news and it’s major! Tonight is another double eviction. But for right now she needs them to head to the BY to get ready for the next HOH challenge.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time for the next HOH! This competition is called Say What Now? They’ll be shown clips from events that happened and they’ll have voice dubbing. They’ll have to figure out which day the clip took place.


We see Julie being evicted. Everyone answers 6 and they are all correct on the day.


We see Tina’s eviction speech. Kiefer answers 49 and Ty, Beth, and Breydon say 48 and the answer is 48.Ty, Beth, and Breydon have 2 points and Kiefer has 1 point.


We see Austin’s nomination speech. We see day 7 and they are all correct. Ty, Beth, and Breydon have 3 points and Kiefer has 2 points.


Next we see one of Rohan’s veto speeches. Ty and Beth answer 38 and the Kiefer and Brey answer 37 and the answer is 38.Ty and Beth have 4 points, Brey has 3 points, and Kiefer has 2 points.


We see everyone in the ball pit for the first time. Ty, Kiefer, and Brey answer 9 and Beth answers 22. The correct answer is 9. Ty is in the lead with 5 points. Beth and Brey have 4 points. Kiefer has 3 points.


The final clip is Tina eating the peppers. Everyone answers 46 and they are all correct. Ty has 6 points. Beth and Brey have 5 points. Kiefer has 4 points. Ty has won the HOH!


Arisa sends them back inside. Ty must now make his nominations. Ty’s first nominee is…Tera. Ty’s second nominee is…Beth.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time for the veto competition. There are hair curlers with “hair” tangled. They have to uncoil their rope and once they think they have enough slack, they have to crawl through their hair curler and hit their button.


Arisa gives the go and Beth is working quickly. Breyodn is flying and he crawls through quickly and he just beats Beth. Arisa sends them all back to the living room.


We get straight to the veto ceremony. Breydon does not use the power of veto.


Tera says she kept certain people safe during her HOH and her words match her actions. Beth says not to throw Tera under the bus, but she swore on her kids and went against her word. She’s better for their game and they should keep her.


It’s time to vote!

Kiefer says he hates this game. He votes to evict Tera.

Breydon sadly votes to evict Tera.

Tera is the second evictee of the night! Beth heads upstairs and doesn’t say a word. Tera sees the sign and she gets emotional and she heads around to the HOH room where Jed is waiting. She says she has so much to tell Jed right now.


Beth is celebrating and yelling she’s final four. Tera is crying and she says she’s so sorry to Jed. Jed says it’s ok, they are still here.


It’s time to fill the remaining HG in on what’s really going on. She tells them she has even more news. Tonight’s double eviction was fake. Here’s what that means and we see Jed and Tera preparing to compete. The competition is called Heads will Roll. Whoever wins will be coming back into the house tonight with a vengeance. The HG get up and run around screaming.


Tune in Monday to find out who will be heading back into the house and who will be heading to the jury house. Feeds will be down until Monday!

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