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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Veto April 21

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after the reign of Tera swept through the house, the plug got pulled on the Sunsetters and with Tear dead set on throwing out the Sauce, a new trio started to form. Then they got to work luring Ty away from the triangle.


Meanwhile, Beth dreamed up a perplexing plan to shield her showmance, but Breydon and his buds weren’t swallowing her half fake scheme. Tera wasn’t biting either and she broke the bad news to Beth and the queen bee was dumbfounded that her plan turned out a dud and at the nomination ceremony Tera ended the duos hot streak and forced Beth and her beaux to the block. Will the showmances pride lead to their fall? Can Tera pull off one of the biggest moves of the season? Will anyone win a ticket to safety tower? It’s a one way trip to good times on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 49. Tera has just put Jedson and Beth on the block and Jedson needs to make sure one of them doesn’t go home. Tychon says he sees Beth’s true colors because they tried to get him put up as nominee. Beth believed Tera when she said she was her only chance at final two, but as of now…that’s done.


Beth and Jedson head upstairs and they are in bed making out and Jed says block party. She’d rather be sitting next ot anyone else. Jed says this was the biggest mistake Tera ever made and when they stay, she’s done.


Tera and Tychon are talking and Ty says Tera has offered him a chance to build trust and they are starting to build that. He says Tera and he are on the game page and she’s good with him. Tera says the trust tree has been extended and she says please don’t screw me over and Ty says I got you mama.


Jed goes to the HOH to talk to Tera and he thanks her for not tearing him apart. Tera says she wouldn’t do that. Tera says she’d like noms to stay the same and Jed to go home, but if he stays she has to make sure things are ok. Tera says he isn’t necessarily her target but he has a good chance of winning POV and she didn’t want him to save someone and force her to get more blood on her hands.


Beth is talking to Ty while Ty is cleaning the toilet. Beth says she hopes things are good with them. Ty says knowing Beth tried to get him on the block sours their relationship and he’s done with her. Beth is teasing Ty about their triangle and she says she has these Toronto men wrapped around her Alberta beef finger. She leaves and he rolls his eyes and says he can’t wait to send her home.


Tera says Beth told her she lost her only ally in the house so she knows Beth isn’t happy being on the block. Tera doesn’t want Beth to go home though and she needs to do damage control. Tera tells Beth she isn’t the target and she says she needs to gun for POV and Beth says oh I am. Tera says if she wins and Jed goes home then Beth will have a cheerleader in jury and that puts her in a good position. Tera leaves and Beth rolls her eyes and says she can’t stand her.


Ty is in the HOH doing push-ups and Tera asks if he’s ready and says so ready. Breydon says he’s waiting to get bombarded by people. Ty says they’ve been on a honeymoon for two weeks and that has to end. Kiefer says they just have to win veto and Ty says they will. He will.


Jed is called to the Expedia lounge and he has a video wishing him luck and he’s in Banff, Alberta and it’s the veto comp and the winner gets a trip for two. He says he knows he’s Tera’s target and he has to win and take himself down. He is given clues and he has to find two specific suitcases. He says it’s not easy because there are a lot of suitcases that are only slightly different and there are only a couple of clues.


After Jed finds the two suitcases he then has a slide puzzle he has to solve to push a car through the middle. He says he is doing well and he isn’t going anywhere. In the third round he has to use the puzzle pieces inside the luggage to put together a map of Canada and label all of the major cities. Jed has been studying the map in the Expedia room every day so he was ready for this competition. He locks in his answer and hopes it’s good enough to win.


Beth is next and she has her video from her sister. Breydon’s video is from his mom and Kiefer’s is from his sister. Breydon says his mom is his ride or die. Beth is stoked she gets to do a comp with her sister. Breydon wants to prove he deserves to be in the top six. We see Beth, Breydon, and Kiefer working through Round 1. We then see the same three working through round 2 and Beth says there’s a lot of pressure. Kiefer is working quickly and he thinks he has figured out the slide puzzle. Breydon gets his puzzle complete and Beth is struggling and trying not to panic.


Beth is still working on her slide puzzle and she finally completes it and she moves on to the third round. Breydon and Kiefer are also working on their puzzles. Kiefer says Jed attempted to get him out via backdoor and if he can pay him back then he’ll do it. Breydon is working on the cities and he’s wrong. Kiefer does his and he’s wrong. Beth says she’s seen this map a million times but she hasn’t memorized it. Kiefer has no clue what cities he has mixed up. Kiefer rings in after changing a few and he’s done. Beth and Breydon are also finished.


It’s now Tychon’s turn and it’s his aunt. He wants to win and keep noms the same and he thinks it would be a good resume move for him. He’s starting to work on the first round and finds his luggage. He then moves on to the slide puzzle and he feels like he has a good idea how the puzzle works and he competes round 2. He starts his puzzle but he’s struggling a bit and he’s getting frustrated. He’s hoping he hasn’t wasted too much time and he finally gets the map together and starts labeling the cities and he rings in and he’s correct.


In fifth place with a time of 39:18 is Breydon. In fourth place with a time of 31:09 is Beth. In third place with a time of 27:06 is Kiefer. It all comes down to Tychon and Jedson. With a time of 22:10, the winner is…Jedson and he has won the POV! Jed feels amazing. He knew he had to save himself and ensure his safety and he did it. He told Tera not to put him on the block and now look at what happened. Tera can’t play next week and he’ll be here next week and she’s in trouble.


Ty tells Tera he thought he won and Tera says it’s ok. He’s going to be hard to get out and they can still get Beth. Ty says he knows Tera is thinking him as the replacement. Tera says they’ll talk. Kiefer says he wanted Jed out this week but now it’s not an option. He wants to check in and pretend he’s happy and see where Jed is at. Jed says they need to work to get Breydon up. Kiefer says the only play is to convince Tera that Beth has been trying to backdoor them. Kiefer says they only have each other.


Kiefer then goes to talk to Tera and he says stuff is about to get crazy and Tera needs to stay calm. He says they are going to pitch Breydon hard and Tera says what do I do. Kiefer says she has to do Tychon. Tera doesn’t want Ty to be mad and Kiefer says he knew he had to win. Kiefer says Breydon is ruthless and they have to take one of the big three out. Kiefer says they have to go down with a bang.


Breydon calls the HG to the LR. Ty is saved by Canada from slop and he gets to place an order from Skip the Dishes. He says he loves Canada.


Kiefer goes to talk to Tera and he says they thought of something crazy last night. They have a pitch to get Jedson to use the veto on Beth. Ty says they have to use Jed’s ego to get him to beat himself. Kiefer says it’s worth a shot. Tera says what if Jed doesn’t do it, Kiefer says then they just vote out Beth. Kiefer says tell Jed the only way she’ll put up Breydon is if Beth is the one to come down. Kiefer says it’s worth a shot. Tera says it’s a crazy plan, but maybe it will work. She’ll have to get in Beth’s ear to make this happen.


Tera goes to talk to Beth and she asks Beth if she could convince Jed to use veto on her and Beth says she wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. Tera says if Breydon sits next to Beth, then Beth goes, but if Breydon sits next to Jed, then Breydon goes. Beth says she can try and Tera says it’s a worth a shot. Tera leaves and Beth says she genuinely wants me to stay. She will try and convince Jed, but she doesn’t think he’ll fall for it. But she’ll say and do anything.


Beth goes to talk to Jed and tells him what Tera pitched. She makes the pitch and Jed isn’t sure and Tera comes out and joins them. Tera says it’s not a good look for her if Beth goes home on her HOH. Tera says either she could put Ty next to Beth and that burns a bridge with Ty, but if Jed gives his word, then she’ll put up Breydon. Tera says Ty told her he wouldn’t keep Beth and the boys are more loyal to Jed than Beth. Jed says he knows Ty better than Tera because he’s been with him since day one. Tera says Ty told her he wouldn’t keep Beth. Jed says he doesn’t know what Tera’s word means because she gave her word she wouldn’t put Beth on the block. Tera leaves and Jed says interesting. Jed says if he took Beth off, that would be fire.


Ty says the plan is in play and he has to do his best acting performance and get Jed to use veto on Beth. Ty heads out to Beth and Jed and they fill him in. Ty says he’s never acted in his life but under pressure, he knows how to get things done. Kiefer joins them and they fill him in on Tera’s plan. Kiefer says Beth, this is such a good plan. He wishes he’d thought of it. Wait…he did. Jed says the thing is that leaves him on the block and that could be the worst move in history. Ty says worst case scenario he would volunteer to go up and go home.


Tera is starting to think this could actually work. But to get Jed to commit she’ll do what she has to do. She says she talked to Ty and she didn’t get good vibes. Jed says Breydon is not good for her game. Jed says do you swear on your kids that you’ll put up Breydon if he takes Beth down and she says yes. She tells Kiefer she thinks Jed will do it. Breydon joins the HOH with Kiefer and Tera and she tells him she thinks Jed is going to do it but Brey will have to go on the block and he says he trusts them.


Jed is talking to himself and says this could be a goat move. If he won veto and stayed on the block and then stayed in the game, that would be legendary. That might have to happen.


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Beth says all that she asks is for Jed to trust his gut and play smart because that’s how they’ve made it this far together. Jed has decided to use the power of veto…on Beth! He says he would make moves that have never been made before. His entire life has been built on trust and loyal. He likes doing a lot of things with Beth, but sitting on the block just isn’t one of them.


Tera must now name a replacement nominee. She says although it pains me to do this because he is one of the most wonderful people in this house, Breydon please take a seat. The veto ceremony is now complete!


Jed and Brey hug and Brey says he took the bait and bit hook, line, and sinker. He could obviously go home, but they’d be morons and idiots to send him home and keep Jed. Tera says this plan is awesome and this should work otherwise Kiefer and Ty don’t really want to win. Beth says did this just happen? Did Tera just put Breydon on the block next to Jed? Did veto just get used on her? This game!

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