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Big Brother Canada 9 - Nominations - April 19, 2021

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Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Tera scored a veto win, The Sauce set their sights on their own ally (Kiefer) and the loyal Sunsetter walked straight into the firing range.  Things were looking like Kiefer’s sun had set, but the mullet man stepped out of the grave, found his spark again, then fanned the flames of mistrust, and “The Grim Kiefer” rose from the dead and resurrected his game.  But when Jed shared the news, Beth felt betrayed by the boys.  Despite the divide, on eviction night, a 3-1 vote sent Tina to jury and Kiefer’s game-saving miracle was complete.  At an HOH comp for the books, the odds looked good for the Sunsetters, but in a complete head-turner, the thorn in the Sunsetters’ side came out of nowhere and snatched the HOH crown, and the “Reign of Tera” officially began.  Tonight, with a Tera-fying HOH behind the wheel, who’s taking a trip to the block?  Has The Sauce finally hit the skids?  How many Sunsetters CAN fit under a bus? Uncharted territory ahead on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up at the eviction ceremony as Tina leaves the house.  Kiefer tells us that he just survived the craziest week of his life in this game.  He’s been working with the Sunsetters forever, but Jedson put him up on the block.  He was definitely going up on the block until he convinced them to keep him here.  They aren’t going to take him, and Kiefer knows that now.  They kept Kiefer in the game and that could be their biggest mistake.  If this David vs Goliath, he’s down to battle with the Davids.


Beth tells us that they saved Kiefer this week.  It was the best move for them.  They have the numbers with four Sunsetters and Breydon on their side.  All they have to do is win this HOH and it’s free rolling from here. 


Tera tells us that Tina just left and she is choked.  Tina was Tera’s best friend in the house, and although she’s built other relationships, she can’t trust anyone at this point.  The power trio has been running the house and have sent home all her friends.  There is an HOH up for grabs and she needs to win it to secure her safety.


We flash back to the conclusion of the HOH competition to see Tera declared the new HOH.  We see the celebrations and hugs as Ty tells us that this is the worst case scenario for The Sauce.  We put her on the block the last two weeks and just sent her best friend home.  He thinks they’re in big trouble and Ty is hella worried right now. 


Jedson puts Tera on the spot… as new HOH she has to name have-nots for the week.  She laughs and tells them they already know who it’s going to be:  Jedson, Ty and Beth.  She’s sorry.


The HGs head back into the house.  Kiefer whispers to Tera in the kitchen.  Kiefer tells us that this morning he talked to Tera and told her that he and Breydon are with her.  They have her back.  If she goes against the big three, she’s not going it alone.  Kiefer tells Tera that the trio is shook.  Tera points out that she needs to do this in a way that she doesn’t get immediately booted next week.  Kiefer tells her that he is going to win next week.  This is a war and Tera is the general.


Breydon, Kiefer and Ty celebrate with lots of jumping around and little sound in the storage room.  Tera wants to make the trio sweat all week.  Kiefer wants to take this to the end after the Trio tossed him to the trash.  Breydon is just so happy they finally won one.  Tera says it’s an important one too.  Kief tells Tera that she is great in the second half.


Ty and Beth in the Defender BR.  Ty is upset that they weren’t even close.  Beth feels sick that she didn’t see that coming.  If she gets sent home by Tera this week, she’s going to snap.  Jed joins them and comments that it’s worst-case scenario.  Beth says they can make it through, but she isn’t sure about Kief.  Jed and Beth are talking how they are going to pitch to Tera.  Ty tells us that he doesn’t know what these two are thinking, but they should be very worried right now.


The Trio are in the kitchen cooking and talking about scenarios.  Jed tells us that he, Beth and Tychon have not touched the block yet.  They have been playing a pretty perfect game, but are at risk this week.  Their best-case scenario is that Tera only puts one of them up.  Then the other two control the vote and they can survive the week. 


Jed and Beth are talking themselves up.  Tera is sitting nearby….from the DR she tells us that she doesn’t know, or if they just don’t care, that she can hear part of what they are saying.  In the Kitchen, the trio are eating and talking about laying things out for Tera and joking and laughing about how much control they have in the game.  Tera tells us that it’s really cute that they are laughing now, but she will have the last laugh when TWO of them are sitting on the block.


Tera comes out of the DR shouting “who wants to see my HOH room” She leads the way and everyone comes in to check out her pictures and her basket.  Tera is excited for her letter.  It’s from her dad and mom.  Tera tells us that she is so close to her parents and has been dying to hear what they think about this whole experience.  She begins reading “My dearest Tera, I have always known you have incredible talent to achieve whatever you set your mind to do in life, my one and only daughter.  Your kids are doing great.  P.S. I miss you xo You got this Tiger Tera”


Jed and Beth chat in the OLG room.  Beth wonders how they should act, and is most concerned about Jed.  Beth tells us that she needs Tera to think that Beth will turn on Jed or Ty and backdoor them, but really it’s an effort to save both of them so that The Sauce can go into next week as a trio. 


Beth finds Tera in the Expedia room. She starts by telling Tera that the things they say stay between them.  Tera says she doesn’t know what to do.  Beth tells her she has options and they have to set it up so that Tera goes to final four with the trio.  Tera says she can’t see why it would be beneficial to go to final four with the two boys.  Beth says that as close as she is with them, the move is to go against them.  Tera wants to know who Beth prefers to go.  Beth says she doesn’t care.  She isn’t here for a boyfriend and whatever Tera needs done this week, Beth can help her.  Tera says she just needs to make sure that her shot hits.


Kiefer is waiting for Tera in HOHR.  She walks in and tells Kiefer she needs to know that Kiefer is not going back on her.  Kiefer says he is all in.  All they needed was Breydon and Breydon is ready to go. Breydon joins them and they talk about the trio not surviving.  They plan to work on Ty.  He has no end game with the trio.  They talk about Beth being sneaky and Tera relays how she listened to the trio talking in the kitchen.  Tera wants to make sure none of them use the veto so Breydon and Kiefer are not vulnerable.  Breydon wonders about the alliance name, and Kiefer tells them both about the Sunsetters.  Kiefer doesn’t realize the trio has their own alliance name.


Kiefer tells Ty that he doesn’t need the four anymore and there’s nothing he won’t do now.  Ty says he wasn’t sure.  Kiefer advises Ty that the only way to win is to cut ties.  Kiefer tells us that this week is pivotal in shifting the power of the house away from the Sunsetters and over to a cast of unruly underdogs.  Tychon is a huge piece they need to bring to their side, and he thinks they can do it.


Tychon and Kiefer talk about scenarios.  Kiefer makes it clear that his loyalty to himself and that he thinks Ty’s best bet is Breydon and Kiefer. He tells Ty not to burn bridges with him, because he’s going to win the next HOH.  Kiefer drives home that there is no way Ty can win with Jed and Beth. 


Ty tells us that Kiefer is making some strong points, but the thought of turning on his alliance…he’s not sure he can do it.  However, we are getting near the end and he has to start playing for himself at some point, and this might be his chance to make that move.


Right now, Ty’s looking at the game like a game of chess.  The queen is the most dangerous piece and that’s Jed.  The king would be Beth, because Jed will protect her at all costs. But she doesn’t seem to want to protect anyone.  Tera’s the rook.  The rook moves in straight lines.  In this game, Tera is straight shooter.  The knight is tricky and difficult to read and you don’t know what moves they are going to make.  The knight is Kiefer.  Breydon is the pawn.  In this game, Breydon hasn’t made any big moves and has been seen as expendable. Himself?  Ty is the Bishop.  The bishop needs to work with others to take out the king and/or the queen.  The goal of chess is to hit checkmate, and all he’s thinking right now is…he has to make all the right moves in this game to hit checkmate.


In the Defender BR, Beth is telling herself she is a genius letting Jedson thinking this is his move, but it’s her move.  Jedson comes in and Beth tells him she needs to go to Tera and suggest that they backdoor one of the boys. They talk options and agree that the story should be that the plan is to backdoor Jed.  Beth goes to Ty and explains to him that she is going to go to Breydon today and have him fully convinced they are going to backdoor either Jed and Ty. 


Beth tells us that she absolutely needs Ty to feel comfortable with this plan.  If he goes up on the block against Breydon, Ty will be fine because they have the numbers to save him.  She just needs him to be comfortable being on the block.  Ty is skeptical of her plan.  For one thing, Breydon isn’t going to sit on the block voluntarily.  How does that work for Ty?


Ty tells us that Beth is implying that he should take one for the team and go on the block.  That’s not happening.  That means he’s expendable.  “Why don’t YOU go on the block, BETH?”  In the BR, Beth asks Ty what he’s thinking and comments he seems off today.  She affirms they can get through as a trio and then tells him she should go talk to Breydon.  Ty is not happy.


Kiefer tells us that Beth is on fire this morning. She’s in full scramble mode and he’s gotten wind of the bizarre schemes she’s cooking.  In the kitchen, Kiefer gives Breydon the heads-up on Beth’s plan to get Breydon to volunteer to go on the block.  Beth grabs Breydon and asks to talk in the Expedia room.  She suggests this is the week to do something crazy…to backdoor Jed.  He’s the biggest threat.  Breydon plays along.  Beth tells Breydon that Tera isn’t sure about putting up both Jed and Ty and pissing them both off.  In that situation, Breydon could go up as a pawn.  Breydon says okay.  Beth is encouraged and says they should all go to Tera with the exact same plan.


Breydon tells us he can’t believe this is what the pitch is.  It’s gotten to the point where people are delusional.  She thinks that Breydon will volunteer to go on the block?? He’s gooped.  His jaw is on the floor.  In the Expedia room, Beth continues her pitch saying that they would put it on their resume that they got Jed out.  It wouldn’t go on Tera’s resume at all.


Beth tells us that she spoke to Breydon about the plan to “backdoor Jed,” but she really needs to get in Tera’s head and start planting some seeds to really get Breydon up there and keep The Sauce up there for one more week.  This is a brilliant plan, and they CAN do it.


Beth and Tera talk in the OLG room.  Tera tells Beth she really wants to avoid putting Beth on the block, but there is a visible trio that has to be split up.  Beth tells Tera that she wants that and asks what the scenarios are.  Breydon won’t touch the block?  Beth relays what she told Breydon about the plan to “backdoor Jed” and tells Tera Breydon told her that he expects to go on the block.  Jed and Ty think that Beth would vote Breydon off for them, which is perfect.  Beth tells Tera that she wants Tera in final four, and she weirdly trusts Tera the most.  


Kiefer and Tera talk in the OLG room, their usual spot.  They are laughing at how Beth and Jed are throwing Ty under the bus hard and how they don’t want Jed to touch the block.  It’s crazy.  Beth is doing way too much.  Beth is fighting harder than he ever anticipated.  The trio is done.  Kiefer relays, incredulously, that Beth went to Ty to get Ty to volunteer to go on the block. Tera is shocked and mystified.  Jed has to go up and she is NOT using Breydon as a pawn.  She doesn’t trust the trio not to vote out Kiefer.  Tera says she doesn’t know who to put up next to Jed.


Tera tells us that she is taking Ty to Wendy’s because Ty is in the power trio she is trying to dismantle.  She needs to see where his head is at in this game.  They go to the HOHR and check out the Wendy’s menu.  Tera goes to the storage room to get their order, and more importantly, her video.  It’s from her husband and kids, and the kids chime in unison “who wants to see my HOH room?”  Her husband congratulates her on winning HOH.  He isn’t at all surprised.  The kids tell her they love and miss her.


Tera tells us that seeing their faces and remembering why she is here…she is doing this for them…she will not give up now!  On the video, her family shouts encouragement to “go get ‘em, Babe!  We love you!”  Tera is grinning ear-to-ear as she picks up their order.  “That was awesome!”


Tera brings the food back to Ty in the HOHR and they set up their feast.  Tera asks Ty how he is feeling…she wants to pick his brain.  Ty explains that if he is going to win this game, or get close to winning, there are certain people he can’t be standing next to.  Tera asks what is more dangerous to her…a showmance or a bromance.  Ty talks about how he is grouped into the trio but he has no real decision-making power.  He’s a third wheel in a showmance.  He doesn’t believe Jed or Beth will turn on each other, no matter what they say.  Tera relays what Beth told her.  Ty says it would be terrible for his game to use the veto if she put up Jed and Beth.  Having them both in the game is scary for him. How does he win?


Ty goes to the OLG room, where Kiefer and Breydon are talking.  Tychon tells us that he’s been riding with Jed and Beth throughout the whole game and now that their backs are against the wall, it seems that Beth wants to throw Ty under the bus.  He’s not down for that.  In the OLG room, they talk about the gall and the nerve they have to suggest they volunteer.  Jed and Beth must think they are idiots.  Kiefer says that there’s no such thing as a back door when everyone plays in the veto.  Breydon says “it’s a screen door.”  They marvel that Beth tells people different stories and then expects no one will talk with one another.


Beth checks in with Tera in the HOHR. Tera tells Beth that she is a straight shooter and then tells Beth that she will go up next to Jed.  That’s only because she has much assurance that Beth will not go even if Jed comes down.  As much as Tera thinks that Beth will cut Jed, she isn’t sure that Beth will do it now.  Beth is angry and Tera points out that Beth and Jed have both put Tera up.  Tera says she doesn’t see a scenario where Beth goes home. Beth can’t believe that Tera trusts Ty more than her, and that Kiefer is not on her radar.  She wishes Tera was not burning bridges and tells Tera that Kiefer was sending Tera home this week.  Beth goes on to throw Breydon under the bus as well and gives Tera the gears…she claims Tera promised on her kids that she wouldn’t put Beth on the block.  Beth claims she threw the POV to Tera and points out that she has been talking to Tera a long time, and the guys are only talking to her now and telling her what she wants to hear.  Tera walks away and tells Beth to come back to her.        


Beth tells us that she is extremely shocked.  If Tera believes that Jed is going home this week, Ty clearly didn’t do his part in the plan.  “Are you kidding me, Ty?  Come ON”  In the Kitchen, Beth tells Jed that she doesn’t know what Ty said in there, but he screwed them over.  Then she says that Ty said he would vote Jed out no matter what.  Ty comes in and they ask him what he said to Tera.  Beth says that Tera told her that Ty would stay in every scenario and that Tera is hearing from everyone that Beth will not cut Jed right now.   Ty clarifies that he only spoke about veto and not about vote, but he doesn’t know what Kiefer is saying.  He only told Tera that he doesn’t trust Jed and Beth not to cut him, which is what he was supposed to say.  He says it’s not worst-case, but Beth says it is.  The whole point is that they don’t have two of them on the block this week.  Ty points out (again) that it’s unrealistic to think that could happen.  Beth tells them she drove it home hard to Tera that Kiefer is lying to Tera’s face.


 Jed asks Beth if she brought up the idea of putting Breydon up and Beth nods.  Ty asks Beth why Tera would put Breydon up. He knows she doesn’t want to.  Beth declares that Tera might put Breydon up now because she was so convincing.  Ty asks if Beth believes that.  Beth leaves in a huff and Jed says Tera might put Breydon up.  Ty asks “for what reason?” 


In the HOHR, Kiefer asks Tera if she needs a break from game talk. Tera says no and relays Beth’s reaction to the news about Jed and Beth going up.  Tera is hesitating because of Beth’s wrath.  Beth expects Breydon to put up Breydon because he’s skated by.  Kiefer lists Breydon’s resume.  Kiefer reminds Tera she can’t please everybody.


It’s time for nominations.  The lights go down and the house glows red as Tera comes from the HOHR and descends the stairs.  Tera tells us the trio has been sitting pretty this entire game and now is the perfect time to take a shot at one of them.  While making a big move is imperative, she also has to worry about her safety next week.  She has to make sure that when she takes her shot, she doesn’t miss. 


Tera stands before the HGs in the living room and reminds the HGs that as HOH she has the duty of nominated two HGs for eviction.  Her first nominee is Jedson.  Jedson takes his seat.  Tera states that her second nominee is Beth and Beth joins Jed.  Tera explains her nominations.  Jedson because he has proven to be a very powerful and influential play in this game, not to mention that last week he sent her #1 packing.  Tera nominated Beth because as much as she would love to trust Beth, she knows that Beth is equally powerful as Jedson.  When both were in a position of power, they put her game in jeopardy, and she is simply returning the favour.  There is a crucial power of veto up for grabs and she wishes them the best of luck in fighting for it for themselves.  This nomination ceremony is complete.


Jed tells us “Tera girl, you really messed up with this one.  We’re gonna stay this week and you can’t play next week.  You’ll be going home.  I’m sorry.  Your fifteen minutes of fame are about to come to an end.  Beth tells us “I just hit the block on day 49. They finally got me.  Oh Tera.  You just blew your only relationship in the house.”


Who will win the Power of Veto?  Will Jedson or Beth fight their way off the block?  Find out Wednesday night, 7pm Eastern.

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