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The Voice Season 20-Knockout Rounds 1


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The coaches are ready for the Knockout rounds and the mega mentor is Snoop Dogg! Blake says Snoop knows so much about all genres of music and John says he’s a great collaborator.


Snoop gives Kelly a jacket and they are ready for her first pairing. Kelly has paired Ryleigh Modig vs Corey Ward. Ryleigh is up first and she is going to sing Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Snoop thinks Ryleigh is dynamic and he didn’t expect that from her. Corey has chosen the song Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Snoop says Corey put a chill on his arm. Snoop says Corey made the songwriter cry and that speaks volumes.


Corey steps up first to perform Already Gone and then Ryleigh steps up to sing Use Somebody. Blake says they both did incredible. Blake would go with Corey. Nick says what a way to kick off the knockouts. Nick says Corey inspires him and Ryleigh found a way to make the song her own. He says he doesn’t know what he would do. John says Ryleigh has a special way of making them feel her presence and Corey made the song his own. He’d go with Corey.


Kelly says Ryleigh has a really cool vibe. She then says Corey made her experience the coolest thing a songwriter can experience. She says this is hard but she’s hoping no one is going home. She’s stressed. She says literally just for today she has to go with her gut decision and the winner of this knockout is…Corey!


Ryliegh tells Kelly thank you and John and Nick immediately hit their buttons. Blake decides to go in for Ryleigh too. John would love to work with her and help her navigate through the live shows. Nick says he has navigated a lot of things as a young person and he thinks that would be helpful. Blake says Ryleigh has the entire interstate on his team. He’d like to see her win the show.


Ryleigh gets to pick her new coach. She says she has to go with…John!


Snoop now joins Blake for his first battle pairing of Ethan Lively vs Jordan Matthew Young. Ethan is going to perform Help Me Hold On by Travis Tritt. Snoop says Ethan is what country music should be. Blake says he needs to settle down and stay in the pocket. Jordan steps up and has chosen the song She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes. Blake says Jordan has the range and gravely voice for this song.


Jordan is first with She Talks to Angels. Ethan then steps up with Help Me Hold On. Nick says Jordan was awesome and soulful and Ethan was strong and surprised him. John thinks Ethan’s voice is so cool and he enjoys watching him perform and Jordan was in the zone and it was passionate and energetic and the more compelling performance. Kelly says Ethan is very special and she thinks Jordan showcased the rock and roll side of him.


Blake says Ethan’s voice is so crazy and cool and there’s not anything out there like him. Blake says Jordan has a cool voice and he’s jealous of the raspy voice. Blake is going to go with who he thinks is ready right now and the winner is…Jordan!


Snoop is now with John to meet his first Knockout pairing of Ciana Pelekai vs Pia Renee. Pia has chosen the song What the World Needs Now is Love by Jackie DeShannon. Snoop says he’s holding a tear back and John loved the ending. Ciana is going to sing Cuz I Love You by Lizzo. Snoop says the rap part needs to be a little bit stronger and John says it needs to be more rhythmic.


Ciana is up first performing Cuz I Love You. Pia then steps up to perform What the World Needs Now is Love. Kelly says Pia sounded like she loved being the vessel for that message and Ciana hit the notes but a couple of parts were pitchy. She felt Pia’s was really authentic. Blake loved Ciana’s determination and Pia did that too but it was calm and she was in complete control and she won. Nick says Ciana came out swinging and Pia was exceptional.


John says Ciana did a fantastic job. She came with her A game and she should be incredibly proud. John says Pia lost her mother recently and she managed to flawlessly deliver the song and that was remarkable. The winner of this knockout is…Pia!


Nick’s first battle pairing is Keegan Ferrell vs Dana Monique. Keegan is going to perform Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) by The Temptations and Snoop says Keegan needs to SANG and not just sing. Dana is going to perform Nutbush City Limits by Ike & Tina Turner. Nick advises her to scale back on certain parts so she’s not at an 11 the entire song.


Dana is up first to sing Nutbush City Limits. Keegan is up net to perform Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me). John loved the tone of Keegan’s voice and Dana nailed that song. Kelly says she loved Keegan’s sweet tone, but Dana sung the heck out of that song. Blake says Keegan seemed happier singing that song, and Dana has a lot of talent.


Nick says Keegan surprises him every time and Dana trusting him means a lot and he’s grateful to have worked with both of them. The winner of this knockout is…Dana!


Snoop is back with John for his next Knockout pairing of Victor Solomon vs Gean Garcia. Victor is going to perform My Girl by The Temptations. Snoop says he heard that song like he never heard it before. Gean is next and he has chosen the song Afterglow by Ed Sheeran. John tells him to enunciate the words as well as he can and Snoop tells him not to be nervous and he needs the song to be more climactic.


Victor is up first with My Girl. Gean steps up next and performs Afterglow. Kelly says she loves where Victor went vocally, and Gean has a really cool, magical tone. She has to go with Gean. Blake says there was something about Gean’s performance he was drawn to, and Victor’s singing was incredible and he’d go with Victor. Nick says he thought Gean killed it but Victor made it feel like it was his song and he would go with Victor.


John says he is so happy things came together with Gean and Victor made the song his own and Snoop was so excited. John says he loved both of these performances and this isn’t easy, but the winner of this Knockout is…Victor!


The final knockout pairing of the night is from Team Blake and he’s sitting with Snoop waiting for Andrew Marshall vs Pete Mroz. Andrew has chosen the song I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. Snoop advises Andrew to become the lyrics so they can feel it. He says the song has to be part of him. Pete has chosen to perform Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi. Snoop advises on the spoken part and he says this battle will depend on whose confidence is right and who use the information given.


Andrew is up first with I Won’t Give Up. Pete is up next with Before You Go. Nick says he likes to watch Pete and Andrew gave a performance that was solid. He’d have to go with Andrew. John says Pete was more compelling on the lower ends of the song, but then when Andrew got to the higher parts it was good. He says it was even. Kelly says there’s something special about Pete and it’s effortless and Andrew’s falsetto was magical. She’d lean towards Pete because she gravitates towards his voice.


Blake says this is tough. He thinks Pete figured out the rap and stepped up to the plate and Andrew found his footing and they both had great moments. The winner of this Knockout is…Pete!


Andrew is up for grabs and before he can say anything to Blake Nick hits his button to steal Andrew back!

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