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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Eighth eviction and HOH

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, in a hot tempered HOH competition, Tera and Kiefer squared off and when Jedson scored the ballsy win, the triangle rounded the corner toward another week in control. Stone cold Beth knew exactly who she wanted to target next and her man Jed left all options on the table when he nominated T and T as pawns.


At the veto competition, Tera took home a timely win. Bracing for the blindside Breydon felt his number was up. But the power couple were priming to detonate on their own alliance member and the steadfast Sunsetter didn’t see it coming until it was too late. Then at the veto ceremony Jedson shoved the knife all the way in when he nominated captain Kief as the target. Tonight will the triangle actually have the heart to ditch their own ally. Can the hero catch his own hail Mary and who will become the next HOH. Hot stuff coming through on Big Brother Canada!


Arisa welcomes us to BB Canada where we witnessed another shocking week in the house. We pick up after the veto ceremony and Kiefer says he was the biggest threat left. He got caught playing the middle of the house. Tina says it’s a challenge this week because she’s next to Kiefer who she adores. Jedson says look at who is left, Kiefer is the strongest player and he’s got a resume from taking out big players and he can’t risk keeping him at this point. Jedson is emotional and Kiefer comforts him and says he had to do it. He says he was going to win.


Tychon is talking to Breydon and he says it’s about time that people who look like them deserve to see people like them. Breydon says representation does matter. Tychon says it’s powerful to see people who look like you on TV and it’s so impactful. For any young black kid seeing them can open their eyes to another world. They talk about George Floyd and Breydon thinks that unfortunate situation opened people’s eyes. Tychon says what happened with George Floyd was impactful for everyone and it explains what systematic racism is.


Beth is telling Tychon good night and he heads to the ballpit to go to bed. Kiefer is in bed and he’s awake and thinking and Breydon is talking to Kiefer. Breydon says Kiefer has been a very fatherly figure and he doesn’t have that in his life and he likes that. Kiefer says that means a lot to him. Kiefer says Jedson sobbed after he put him up and that was telling that he was going home. Kiefer wants Breydon to go far and he says he’s been working with them since day 2. Breydon asks what the name is and Kiefer tells him. Kiefer says they also have a symbol and Breydon wants to see. Breydon says Kiefer is spilling everything and he’s shocked. He’s not sure Kiefer going is in his best interest. Kiefer says he’s honestly devastated.


Arisa welcomes us back and we head back inside. Ty goes into the SR and there are numbers set out and some peppers. Jed says he’s the worst with spice. Ty reads a card and says the peppers are all ranked 1-7 with 7 the hottest. They will have to decide who can handle the peppers and if they eat them all they will get a reward.


Tera says she’s not big on spicy food but she’s always up for task. Tera has peppercini. Tina has Anaheim. She hates peppers. Kiefer has Poblano. Jedson has Jalapeno. He hates spice and his mouth is on fire. He says his lips are on fire. Beth has Hungarian. Breydon has a Thai Chili. Ty is last and he has the hottest pepper which is Havanero which is 275,000 Scoville units. He loves spicy but he’s never had anything like this. They are eating ice cream and Ty runs for the sink and drinks water from the faucet. He’s not sure if it was worth it. Ty says the reward is Big Brother is treating them to a spicy soiree later tonight.


Kiefer says he may look like a dead man walking but he’s not in the ground yet. He’s not leaving this house with giving every ounce he has and he’s ready to fight. He goes to talk to Jed and Kiefer says he feels broken. He says he did everything he could to keep them safe and the first chance they get they take him out. Jed says Tina and Tera both told him Kiefer was his number one. Kiefer says this could be a $100,000 mistake. He promises to be loyal to four until the end and he feels like he is Jed’s best shot to get to the end and keeping him would be a big move. He needs three votes to stay and Jed would have to break the tie. Kiefer swears on his family and his kids that he’d take Jed to the F2. Jed says initially he thought Kiefer would be a great game move but now he’s rethinking things.


Tina doesn’t want to campaign against Kiefer. She doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus because that’s not her style, but she does want to stay in the game. She goes to talk to Jed and Beth and asks how his conversation with Kiefer went and Jed says he just said he was upset. Beth says it’s scary because it’s coming down to fewer and fewer people and she would never touch Tera. Tina says she’s here to win a game so never say never. Tina says she’s good at reading people’s vibes and after this conversation she feels uneasy.


Arisa welcomes us back again and we head back inside again. Kiefer is talking to Ty. Kiefer says he always felt loyal to the four and he feels betrayed by the people he liked the most. Kiefer wants to know why they don’t duke it out at the four. Ty says Kiefer is in a great position in the game and if he’s in F2 he will win. Ty asks Kiefer how he feels about Beth. Kiefer says he think leaving would be best for Beth’s game and he thinks Beth would cut Jed, but Jed wouldn’t cut her. Kiefer says keeping him would be good for the guys games and he holds hope they could be the greatest alliance of all time.


Ty joins Jed and Beth and they discuss Kiefer’s pitch. Ty can see keeping Kiefer and Jed says on an emotional level he wants to keep Kiefer but he did snake them. Jed says there are only so many moves left that can help them be better than Kiefer. Ty says they were originally concerned about there being three on the other side, but breaking up a duo and a trio? That’s a big move and Tina has never done anything for them.


We’re at the spicy reward dinner and Jed and Ty and Kief are at the table and they step away to talk. Jed says they chatted after Kief made his pitches and they never really wanted him to go home. He says he and Ty talked and they don’t think this is the move. Ty says bro, you’re family. They hug and celebrate and Jed says he just can’t take him out. Kief says he can’t believe this. He’s going to stay in this house and continue to play his game. The grim reaper baby. Let’s go!


Jed and Beth are in the HOH bed and hugging. Jed tells Beth he and Ty told Kief they were keeping him. Beth says she’s upset they told him. She says they are getting messy. She wants to know what they said and Jed recaps. Beth says she didn’t tell them that was cool to do. She says it’s another Jed and Ty move. Beth says she’s not going to win the game because she’s not going to get credit. She says she coaches them through game moves and then he and Ty go off and do things on their own. She says she would never have done that on her HOH to them.


Jed goes and calls Ty up and he tells Ty that Beth is upset. Beth says she’s super mad. She says they stole her vote and she would never have done that to them. Ty says they still have room to make any decision they want. She says they told Kief without her and she’s pissed. She says she hasn’t talked to Kiefer and they told Kief was safe and that was a boys move. Beth says this is what she’s been talking about and maybe she should keep Tina. And she just might.


Arisa welcomes us back again and it’s time for the live vote! Tina says HG, this has been an incredible journey and she’s totally thrilled to share it with them. Now is the time to change the game. What you do in this house is not what you are outside of the house. She loves Kief and Tera and the friendships she takes will mean more to her than they will no. Kief says he’s just a kid from the res and he’s been knocked down 100 times and he gets up stronger. He’s played the game the right way and if he’s good for their game keep him and let’s play.


It’s time to vote!

Breydon votes to evict Tina.

Tera is not saying her girl’s name. She votes to evict Kiefer.

Tychon votes to evict Tina.

Beth votes to evict Tina.

By a vote of 3-1, Tina has been evicted from the Big Brother house and will be the third member of the jury. Tina gives hugs and heads upstairs.


Tina joins Arisa and Arisa asks what happened? Tina says the initial plan was probably to keep Kiefer anyway and they figured if they got rid of Tina, Kief would be loyal to the boys and leave Tera alone. Arisa asks what happens now? Tina says Brey and Tera and Kief need to band together and make a power move to change the trajectory of the game.



It’s time for the HOH competition! The former HG bend the ear of the current HG. The HG are called to the LR. The evicted HG of season 9 have come together and have rewritten history. Julie says she was keeping a secret. She wanted to share a bed with Jed but she gave it up to Brey. Breydon says he thinks they are going to have to remember these. Latoya says she was actually a police officer and Ty says he knew it! Tera says an HOH win is crucial at this point in the game.


Now we head to the backyard! Arisa will read excerpts from the book and they have to tell her which HG is being quoted. If they are correct, then they get a point. Whoever has the most point after all quotes have been read will become the new HOH!


Quote 1-who said I may never have won a HOH but if they had, everyone would have been in big, big trouble? Answers are locked. Kyle said it and everyone gets a point except Kiefer.


Quote 2-who said the thing they miss most about the BB Can house is stressing them out by merely existing. They felt powerful. They all answer Josh and are all correct. Beth, Ty, Tera, Brey have 2 points and Kiefer has 1 point.


Quote 3-who said if you sit still you aren’t sitting pretty. It’s season 9, don’t be afraid to make big moves. The answer is Julie and they are all correct except Beth. Ty, Tera, and Brey all have 3 points. Beth and Kiefer have 2 points.


Quote 4-who said when they first stepped into the bb can house they wanted to show Canada you don’t have to be defined by just one thing. They all answer and the answer is Latoya and Tera and Kief get a point. Tera is in the lead with 4 points. Ty, Brey, and Kief have 3 points. Beth has 2 points.


Quote 5-who said the piece of advice I have for hg still in the game is don’t trust anyone. Follow your gut. They all answer Victoria and everyone scores a point except Ty. Tera has 5 points. Brey and Kief have 4 points. Ty and Beth have 3 points.


Quote 6-who said they may never have won a HOH but if they had they would have nominated two big targets. Answers are locked and the answer is Josh and they are all incorrect. Tera is still in the lead with 5 points. If she gets the next one right she will HOH.


Quote 7-who said stir the pot and cause some drama. They all answer and the answer is Rohan and congratulations Tera, she is the new HOH!


You cannot miss next Thursday. They are doing a fake double eviction. Two HG will be evicted. But the two evicted will compete against each other and one will re-enter the game and the other will go to jury.

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