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The Voice Season 20-Final Battle Rounds


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The coaches take their chairs and Blake has his steal left and Usher has his save. It’s time to meet Team John’s first pairing of the night. He has paired Deion Warren vs Victor Solomon and gave them the song You Got It Bad by Usher and they are excited to see Brandy as John’s advisor. Brandy says Victor has conviction in his voice and you can tell he’s singing from his core. John says Deion’s voice has elasticity to it and you can tell he loves music and singing.


Deion and Victor step into the ring for their battle round. Blake says as much as he enjoyed watching Deion’s performance, there were some pitch things he didn’t hear from Victor. Blake would go with Victor based on vocals. Nick says he turned for both of them and they are both unbelievable. He would not make a recommendation and he feels bad for John. Kelsea says she feels like she just went to a show and she’s not going to pick one either.


John says when they were rehearsing, he was more confident that Deion would give a physical performance, but Victor went beyond his expectations and that was so great in rehearsal, and the performance wasn’t expected. The winner of this battle is…Victor!


Deion says this opportunity was amazing and a huge blessing and he doesn’t take it lightly and he thanks them.


Team Kelly’s advisor is Luis Fonsi and her first pairing of the night is Ainae vs Anna Grace and she gave them the song You’re No Good by Amy Winehouse. Luis says Anna has control and runs and her style is so incredible and Ainae owned the song and he loves her voice. Luis tells them not to hold back emotion and just let go.


Ainae and Anna Grace take the stage for their battle. Blake says it feels like Ainae might be restricting herself and she felt like there’s no holding back Anna and he’d go with Anna. Nick says he feels a slight edge towards Ainae because some of that felt fresh and he loved this battle. John says they are both so engaging and he’d go with Ainae because of her tone and flow and how she pronounces things.


Kelsea says Ainae and Anna are taken care of. Kelsea says she can relate to some of Ainae’s story and she can tell them both of them they could have an aha moment. She knows Kelly loves both of them and she thinks they are so different and this is a difficult choice. The winner of this battle is…Anna Grace!


Ainae says she’s so grateful to be here and hopefully they’ll be seeing her soon!


Nick’s advisor is Darren Criss and they are ready to meet Nick’s net pairing of Raine Stern vs Andrew Marshall and they were given the song Adore You by Harry Styles. Nick says Raine’s voice is so cool and Andrew has a warm tone and great range. Darren says Raine has a confidence and conviction that intrigued him.


Raine and Andrew take the stage for their performance. John says Andrew did a better job on this performance. He sounded in his pocket. Kelsea says she was more drawn to Andrew vocally, but performance wise she was more drawn to Raine. Blake says Raine is very popular, but in this moment Andrew had the stronger performance.


Nick says this one is really tough. He agrees with the coaches. He says Andrew nailed this and there’s a magic around Raine. He says this is the strangest and toughest choice he’s had to make yet. The winner of this battle is…Raine!


Andrew says he’s a different vocalist and performer than he was from the blinds. Blake hits his button and he has used his steal on Andrew. Andrew will now join Team Blake!


We have Blake’s final pairing of the battle rounds and Savanna Chestnut vs Pete Mroz come in and they meet Dan+Shay. Blake has given them the song Have a Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt. Dan+Shay say Savanna has an amazing voice and it’s so vulnerable. Blake says this battle will come down to whichever artist sinks their teeth into this thing.


Pete and Savanna step into the ring for their battle. Nick says Savanna gave a thoughtful performance and he thinks Pete has a cool vibe. John says Savanna is a wonderful singer but he missed a sense of urgency. Kelsea says Savanna’s bravado was so good and she just loved watching Pete.


Blake says Savanna is keeping everything in his head instead of letting them all in and Pete is a great singer and he did a killer job. The winner of this battle is…Pete!


Blake’s team going into the Knockout round will be: Connor Christian, Ethan Lively, Cam Anthony, Jordan Matthew Young, Pete Mroz, and his steal from Team Nick, Andrew Marshall. His save Emma Caroline will be competing in the four way knockout that America will vote on for the live shows.


Team Kelly’s final battle pairing is JD Casper vs Kenzie Wheeler and she gave them the song Fishing in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They step up for their performance. Blake says he listened to that song driving into work and it stands the test of time. He says Kenzie was blocked from being on his team and JD was cool, but he doesn’t know how much he helped him in this situation and he would go with Kenzie. Nick says Kenzie may have hopped out of a time machine and there’s an authenticity to his whole thing but JD did an amazing job of showing them who he was and he’s a wonderful artist. John feels like both were really well executed performances and this is just a matter of preference.


Kelsea says she really enjoyed that. She says the song choice might have favored Kenzie a bit more but he did a million things and it was good. Kelsea says Kenzie doesn’t seem to know how good he is. The winner of this battle is…Kenzie!


Team Kelly’s team going into the knock out rounds is: Ryleigh Modig, Gihanna Zoe, Corey Ward, Anna Grace, Kenzie Wheeler, and the artist she stole from Team Blake, Avery Johnson. Her save, Savanna Woods will be competing in the four-way knockout.  


Nick’s final battle pairing is Bradley Sinclair vs Rachel Mac. He has given them the song Your Song by Elton John. Nick says he loves Rachel’s ability to control her bravado and Bradly has a rich baritone and he has a rasp that’s cool. Darren says this is a conversational song and he thinks space will be Rachel’s friend in the song. Nick doesn’t feel like they are both having enough fun.


Bradley and Rachel are up for their battle. John says that was beautiful and Kelsea wishes Kelly had been here and she says Bradley is in Nashville and that’s a great place for him. Blake says both are very talented and he’d probably go with Rachel.


Nick says they both did a great job. Nick says Bradley has confidence for days and it sets him apart. He says they are both amazing and they both deserve to be in this competition. But the winner of this battle is…Rachel!


Bradley thanks Nick for the opportunity and al the coaches for their kind words.


Team Nick’s team going into the knockout rounds is: Dana Monique, Jose Figueroa Jr, Zae Romeo, Raine Stern, Rachel Mac, and his steal from Team Blake, Keegan Ferrell. His save of Devan Blake Jones will compete in the four-way knockout.


The final pairing of the battle rounds is from Team John and he has paired Carolina Rial vs Rio Doyle and he has given them the song Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye featuring Kimbra. Brandy says these two are stars and they are singing from their soul. Brandy says not everyone sings from their soul and they moved her. She’s proud of both of them.


Carolina and Rio step into the ring for final battle round of this season. Kelsea says they are both incredible and their stamina was impressive, but she’d lean towards Carolina. Blake says he thinks Rio is an incredible vocalist, but he almost can’t understand the lyrics and he was actually able to hear Carolina. He thinks Rio has a bigger voice, but in this moment he’d probably go with Carolina. Nick says the power in Rio’s voice is impressive and Carolina has a Christina Aguilera vibe, but he’d pick Rio.


John says he loves how confident and composed Carolina and Rio were. He says Carolina’s range is stupid incredible and Rio has power in her voice and a unique tone. John says this is a tough decision for him. The winner of this battle…Rio!


Carolina thanks John for everything and she feels so blessed. She thanks him so much and as she’s walking off John slaps his button and he saves Carolina! Carolina will be competing in the four-way knockout.


Team John’s team going into the knockout round is: Pia Renee, Zania Alake, Ciana Pelekai, Victor Solomon, Rio Doyle, and his steal from Team Kelly, Gean Garcia. John’s save of Carolina Rial will compete in the four way knockout.


We get a sneak peek at the mega mentor this weekend. He’s a legend and an icon. We get a look and it’s Snoop Dogg!

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