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American Idol Season 19 - The Top 16 Are Revealed


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Last week, they survived their guiling auditions, Hollywood Week and Showstoppers, but can they survive your vote? The power is in your hands. You voted - who did you choose? Tonight, 24 becomes 16. This is American Idol!

The live audience is masked up in the house in their quarantined pods, ready for a night of wall-to-wall music and heartbreak as we say goodbye to 8 talented artists. Also waiting to see what America decided are 3 superstar judges: Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Ritchie. After 48 live performances last week, you chose the top 8 idols from each night. We will reveal the results 8 per show, then you will vote again tonight for your Top 12 from the Top 16.

No time to waste, let's kick it off with your results now. America voted, and after the nationwide vote, in no particular order, the first persom to make it into the Top 16 and taking the stage tonight is...   Alyssa Wray!

Singing Killing Me Softly With His Song (Roberta Flack), Alyssa Wray has her own style and vocal beauty as she reintroduces this classic song to a new audience, elegant, laid back and jazzy, she transitions into more attitude and vocal acrobatics but it may be her deep base that is the most attention-grabbing. Katy says she told you to be more real and vibe, and that was totally real, and when you went into that run, you were an artist in my eyes. Luke says Katy took the words out of my mouth - great song choice, you started classic then you made it your own, modern. Lionel said you showed pacing, hold the guns on the first shot then give it to us.

More results - after the nationwide vote, soaring into the Top 16...   Graham DeFranco! 

Singing That's Life (Frank Sinatra) with a jazzy beatnic vibe, Graham DeFranco delivers a youthful, contemporary vocal with fun, go-with-the-flow voice. Not much of a performer on stage, but his facial expressions compliment the feeling of the song, and his smile is infectious. Luke says he is the guy who can't believe he's here and people pull for that, delivering in your timeless voice every time. Lionel says the crowd feeds off the fact that you're having fun, and you had the swag and attitude of really enjoying the ride. Katy says you picked the best song for your voice, so cool and comfortable, inviting us in. Next time, take the mic off the stand and walk around - go to the next level.

Alyssa and Graham have made it into your Top 16 and we have six more to fill from the first night. After the nationwide vote, the next person voted into the Top 16 is...   Grace Kinstler!

Singing Elastic Heart (Sia), Grace Kinstler offers a picturesque vocal, strong and sincere, controlled and passionate. She also does not move much beyond hands and expression, but her voice travels enough distance to make you feel like you've taken a journey. Lionel is standing and says you are a forced to be reckoned with - laer sharp, into your performance and drawing us into your performance, a fabulous presentation. You are applying the notes we gave you, Katy says, slow and steady, and at the end spring. You gave us intrigue all the way through and at the end filled us up, and that is your ace. That was a perfect example of the arc of storytelling. Luke says you have so much promise, that was a race car performance.

Let's get to more results. After the nationwide vote, the next contestant in the Top 16 is...   Alanis Sphia! 

Singing The Story (Brandi Carlile), Alanis Sophia's voice is soft and gentle introducing this ballad, simple and raw, then drawing from an inner power to deliver an emotional and explosive vocal performance, mixed to perfection with her background vocals during the chorus, pulling it back into a climactic falsetto. Katy says great song choice, showing off your serious singer/songwriter side; your so young and keeping it together. Luke says make sure on that lower end stuff to get your breath - your high end is so amazing, it surprises us every time. Lionel says did we just witness an explosion? You were down in the mudd then exploded. There's a big state here - don't get lost in the song that you don't work the stage.

More results right now. The next person to make it into the Top 16 is...   Willie Spence!

Singing Set Fire To The Rain (Adele), his big voice rings out with an honest, confident and solid vocal that builds into a quiet fake-out, that builds into a powerhouse climax. Thoroughly entertaining and master class. Luke says I could only imagine you owning your moment with confidence and now I've seen it. Instead of going high right away you sucked us in and that's how you do it. Lionel says the only explanation is God took control of you, because you could not have come up with a Don Hathaway, Luther Vandross, Willie moment yourself. You grabbed it, knocked it down, then stepped on us. A brilliant performance. Katy says every note was thoughtful, when you looked at the camera, when you stepped away from the mic, you were possessed in a Godly way, and it was beautiful to see you step into your power and that 3-piece suit.

We are deep into your results from the first night last week. After the nationwide vote, the next person to sing tonight is... Deshawn Goncalves!

Singing Feeling Good (Nina Simone), Deshawn Goncalves is sitting at the piano and opens A Capella with a beautiful, hopefull and optimistic vocal. Demonstrating some mastery of the keys, his performance is laid back yet full and energizing. He takes the mic, steps out and raises the performance up a notch, delivering a set of huge, euphoric notes at the end. Lionel says the hardest thing is a cold start, and you had such control, like a pro, then walking away from the piano made it clear you owned the piano both behind and in front. Katy says something happened since last week, you have confidence matching your talent, now you need to bring out your personality. Luke says this was your best performance and watching your growth is so inspiring, you put it all together, a great thing.

The next person with a one-way ticket into the Top 16 is...   Wyatt Pike! 

Singing Use Somebody (Kings of Leon), Wyatt Park brings an energetic, acoustic sound to the Idol stage, with a classic, edgy male vocal, emotional, angry, a bit dirty but oh so delicious, all the way down to the open cotton button-down over the white blue-collar t-shirt. He had the girls in the audience dancing. Katy says you looked so nervous, you are such a good guy wanting everyone to win, but you are an authentic singer/songwriter. Next time bring us to tears with something small and vulnerable, but you're it. Luke says you are going to be able to do music for the rest of your life. Lionel says you have a style onstage we like to watch, you made that your song, you're on the way to something big.

There is one spot left in the first 8 of the Top 16, and 5 nervous idols hoping to hear their name called. Good luck to all of you. The 8th constant claiming the final spot in the first 8 of the Top 16 is...   Cassandra Coleman!

That means we say goodbye to Alana, Anilee List, Andrea Vailes and Cecil Ray. 

Singing Wicked Game (Chris Isaak), Cassandra Coleman opens with a soft but clear vocal, thoughtful with strong notes. Then she shifts into a more up-tempo performance, her voice trembling with passion and casual lament. It was like watching someone spiral into despair and it was terrific. Luke says your verses were absolutely incredible, think about that confidence going forward. Lionel say don't put your mind before your voice; step into your voice and enjoy your voice. Katy says I would love to see you on tour - there's life after AI and you're going to ace both of them.

We move onto last week's Monday night night twelve, with the first of the next 8 in your Top 16. Got all that? After the nationwide vote, the next person to make it into the Top 16, in no particular order, is...  Caleb Kennedy!

Singing Midnight Train to Memphis (Chris Stapleton), Caleb Kennedy rocks the acoustic guitar and delivers a high energy country performance, his gravely voice keeping up with the blues vibe of the band, bringing the house down with his hard core, entertaining performance. Lionel says this brother has ice water in his veins, stone cold, you sang the hell out of that song, no reaction. The band is killing it, stone cold. That was brilliant. Katy says I want to know more, I see the grit, country in your eyes, you are becoming the outlaw. Luke says to be able to stick to who you are at age 16 speaks that you have a course you are following and you're driving a big-ol' truck down the path.

Jumping back into results, after the nationwide vote and continuing on in the competition is...   Colin Jamieson!

Singing Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears), Colin Jamieson delivers a breathless focal, slowing it down a bit and getting the audience clapping with his passionate, heart-felt vocal. He is smiling, working the stage, letting the backup singers and audience fill in a few lyrics. Entertaining but it felt like breath control was an issue. Katy said surprise, surprise, who know you had those vocals inside, a whole new side of you. Loved you playing to the camera; I was emo for you. Luke says you were working the camera and singing your butt off, we talked you out of your breathiness and you surprised us with the next level. It's called show business and you played to the camera but you were also comfortable and having the time of your life, and that is a winning combination.

We have selected 10 of your Top 16 but have six spots remaining. After the nationwide vote, the next idol to make it into your Top 16 is...   Casey Bishop!

Singing Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden), Casey Bishop offers an airy vocal, light and floating, carrying the audience with her, then goes minor with a dramatic, patient chorus. She returns back to the passion-infused verse and drops back into the minor power vocals with huge, sustained notes, stomping slowly, deliberately across the stage for emphasis. Luke says so many amazing notes in what you just did, rock is your thing and you can sing. Lionel says you start as this fairy princes then turn into Joplin with an extra pair of lungs; phenomenal how you hold those nights. Katy says your best performance, vocally and technically A-Level and precise, you're dangerous and I like it.

We are moving closer to rounding out your Top 16. Only 5 spots remain and the next name is...   Madison Watkins!

Singing Gravity (Sara Bareilles), Madison Watkins is a vision of elegance matching her voice, confidently telling her story, emotionally dynamic with the sad melody. This was a performance that was not trying to earn your vote but to thank you, bringing tears to her eyes and yours at the end. Lionel says there are very few voices that are expressive and can tell a story, and your style and technique were perfect presentation, that was very special. Katy says you surprised me, I was locked from the first couple notes, you are not lacking of personality but you were a serious artist and vocalist and it was full package stardom. Luke says you showed you can hang with all the singers, that was a flawless vocal.

We keep the musical freight training rolling, with the next idol in your Top 16...   Beane!

Singing Searching For A Feeling (Thirdstory), Beane has ditched the cardigan for an open-neck silk print shirt, and his voice matches with smooth, emotional and believable gravitas. His vocal and stage presence is honest and embraceable, and then he switches into a more celebratory vibe simply by how he moves on stage. Fun to watch, easy on the ears. Katy says another side, it's awesome to see all the shades of Beane as you take these risks. Luke says America wants to be entertained and be engaged and you deliver and back it up with amazing vocals. Lionel says you are a lesson in growth and understanding that falling in love with you is the game; you want them to know  you and have you smile at them.

Thirteen down, three to go. After the nationwide vote, the next person to make it into the Top 16 is...   Hunter Metts!

Singing Skinny Love (Bon Iver), Hunter Metts's voice rings out over his light acoustic fingering, echoing on stage with a gritty, honest and bare vocal, engaging and magnetic. His performance is big and dynamic despite his stationary status, and you just can't turn away. Luke says we finally got some angst from your music, you dug in and no one sounds like you in the world. Lionel says instant identity, I can close my eyes and know it's you singing. Katy says you gave us growl and that's another level of who you are, the wind beneath your wings.

Another person making it to the next round, after the nationwide vote, she may be 15 but she's in your Top 16...   Ava August!

Singing  2002 (Anne-Marie), Ava August stands in front of a keyboard and her light touch complements her light, raspy vocal, the focus of your attention. She steps out and continues her emotion-drenched performance with a voice exploring her dynamic range and acrobatics, including a beautifully delivered high note at the end. Lionel says you are 15 and dangerous, very proud you have broken through like this. Katy says last week was more elegant like Audry Hepburn, but this week you like popular, fun, cute songs. But classic always trumps cool and you're classic. Luke says you can sing music that says your age and look but doesn't leave us wanting more elegance and grace.

There is one spot remaining in your Top 16, and five idols wonder if they can only come so close to making it. And that contestant is...   We'll find out right after the break. 🙂

Alyssa, Graham, Grace, Alanis, Willie, Deshawn, Wyatt, Cassandra, Caleb, Colin< Casey, Madison, Beane, Hunter and Ava have claimed 15 spots in your Top 16, performing for your Top 12 votes. It's time to find out who is the last idol moving forward. 

Only one can move on, After the nationwide vote, the final contestant in your Top 16 is...   Chayce Beckham!

That means we say goodbye to Hannah Everhart, Mary Jo Young, Jason Warrior and Liahona Olayan.

Singing Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley & The Wailers), Chayse Beckham delivers a scaled back, rough-shod vocal that screams honesty and raw, stripped down emotion. Playing the acoustic, he counts down the chorus and provides a dramatic, intense and sincere performance. Katy says you check all the boxes, more stage presence, strumming your triple strum, that gritty growly voice, you are an authentic artist and your life has begun. Luke asks him to email him on how to be cool, there is a song in your future that will speak to guys like you and girls who want to marry guys like you, that's the magic song path you are on. Lionel says if you can start out real, your career will last longer. Find a fan base that connects to the real you and you can go far.

Voting is now open until 6AM ET Monday morning for your Top 12. You will select the Top 10 and the judges will select the final 2. Will you vote for Alyssa Wray, Graham DeFranco, Grace Kinstler, Alanis Sophia, Willie Spence, Deshawn Goncalves, Wyatt Pike, Cassandra Coleman, Caleb Kennedy, Colin Jamieson, 
Casey Bishop, Madison Watkins, Beane, Hunter Metts, Ava August, or Chayce Beckham?

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