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American Idol Season 19 - Solos & Duets #2


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They survived grueling auditions, Hollywood Week and Show Stoppers, but can they survive Solos & Duets and you? This is American Idol!

Welcome to the show with the second half of our Top 24, our socially separated live audience and our judges: Luke Bryan, Lionel Ritchie and Katy Perry! Like last night, each idol will perform a solo song that they selected to represent themselves artistically, and then they will perform a duet with a celebrity singer. Voting is open now and your Top 16 will be revealed next Sunday.

Let's start with 25yr old  Jason Warrior, singing Call Out My Name (The Weeknd). His vocal is soulful, dynamic, powerful and enticing, drawing you in as he drops to his knees in emotion. For his duet with PJ Morton, they are singing How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees). With PJ on the keyboards, Jason is vocal in motion, dancing and singing and having a good ol' time. Maybe not the most melodic or in sync version of the song but very current. Katy says the best solo and duet together so far, but wants to see more risky artistic presentation with your outfit, put on a real show. Luke says you leave it out there every time, good old fashioned getting dirty entertainment. Lionel says it doesn't get any better than that, old school, new school, your school.

Next up is 26yr old Madison Watkins, singing Holly (Justin Bieber). Light and breezy on stage, her vocal is deceptively strong and dimensional. For her duet with Tori Kelly, they are singing Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Stevie Wonder). With two breathy singers, the vocal is light with a lot of vocal movement and runs, but I think Madison was upstaged by Tori's power and presence instead of being showcased by it. Luke says you are such a natural, entertaining personality that we sometimes lose how well you showcase your voice. Lionel says you reacted to what Tori did, you were present and engaged in your duet. Katy says you guys took that song up twice, no 3 times, vocal Olympics - keep bringing those standout moments.

We continue with 23yr old Beane, singing Don't Start Now (Dua Lipa). With a boy band casual vocal, he quickly makes a personal connection but the good vibes don't last as the chorus sounds pitchy and the song isn't long enough to recover. For his duet, he is singing Angels (Robbie Williams) with Josh Groban. Switching out She for He, Bean's vocal is soft and honest next to Groban's regal and full voice, and I think he actually outshone Groban when they were singing together. But someone needs to buy him some real pants - Plaid after Easter? Lionel says he turned around on every note. Katy says she would sign him - he has incredible artistic vision, the solo was really thoughtful and he did some pro runs against Josh in the duet. Luke says you're growing with every phase, you slayed me in the duet, held your head high and held your own.

Next is 17yr old Hannah Everhart, singing I Was Wrong (Chris Stapleton). With her thick country vocal, her performance stands out with intensity and strength, but her vocal was horribly off key. For her duet with Jason Aldean, they are singing She's Country. This was a more comfortable performance for her, melding twang with Jason, thankfully in tune and in the foot-stomping zone. Katy says the solo had a couple things that didn't bullseye but you took the risk - take the duet energy to the next level. Luke says it's fun watching you grow, your personality is infectious and your talent will catch up. Lionel says you handled standing next to that powerhouse; believe in yourself, you've got the goods.

Next we have 19yr old Mary Jo Young, singing Castle On The Hill (Ed Sheeran). Up tempo and joyous, her vocal is unique and interesting, strong and confident, as if this is just another stop on a summer-long tour. Singing Foolish Games with Jewel for her duet, she holds her own against a master class performance, initially showing vocal deference but building into her own moment with a cute giggle at the end. Luke says he's proud she is putting together a star quality thing, doing her own thing in her own style. Lionel says you're young, fresh and representing your generation, you stepped into this moment in your life. Katy says you have gotten so pro, you're legitimately becoming an artist in front of our very eyes.

Next up is 24yr old Chayce Beckham, singing Afterglow (Ed Sheeran) and playing his acoustic, his natural gruf vocal provides texture and gravitas to an honest and absorbing performance. Paired Drive (Incubis) with Brandon Boyd for his duet, he accompanies Brandon with his guitar but, playing nice with the harmonized chorus, but never taking the bull buy the horns as you just knew in your bones he could. Lionel says you have a magical, identifiable voice but we're out here - look at us, engage us, make the performance total. Katy says you have the authenticity and musicianship of Alejandro, wherever you want to go, you can go. Luke says you have this naturally cool thing, like Springsteen cool, then now that we know you can kick it up like on the duet, we're expecting it.

Next to perform is 22yr old Colin Jamieson, singing Locked Out Of Heaven (Bruno Mars). Pumping some fun into his performance with his energy and funky vocal, he is having so much fun along with this electric guitar. He is joined by AI Alumnus Tori Kelly for his duet, singing Hollow, the two vocal stylings fit like a glove, Colin adjusting his voice to sync perfectly with Tori's, enjoying the experience to its fullest. Katy says he looks like he plays 300 shows a year. Luke says your fun in the moment is infectious. Lionel says you might know the secret, to treat the stage like your living room and we're just the guests. Never get tangled up with a mic stand - attitude will take you everywhere.

Next up is 17yr old Liahona Olayan, singing Just Friends (Audrey Mika). Bringing the attitude, her vocal feels a little out of breath and the length of the performance didn't give her enough time to get her groove on. For her duet with PJ Morton, they are singing Say So (featuring JoJo). Proving she can do a duet, she shows a softer side of her voice, with some sweet little runs, a touch of tenderness, rising to the chorus with Morton. Luke says she is so talented, a radio ready voice, the duet had harmonies in and out for days. Lionel says you have come so far from that shy little person, your phrases, your note placement, the interaction and karate kick, you are on your way to something huge. Katy says I like seeing you lean in a little to hair and make-up. You are the complete package.

Our youngest competitor this season is 15yr Ava August, singing drivers license (Olivia Rodrigo). With a voice beyond her age, her vocal is quiet and sincere, weary and worldly. Paired with Josh Groban for the duet, they are singing Both Sides, Now (Joni Mitchell). She matches Groban note for note in seasoned elegance and emotional honesty and angelic purity. This was not perfect, but it was perfection. Lionel says you are singing far beyond your age, you will be terrifying once you get your own drivers' license. Katy says you are an old soul, doing it right this time, acing that test of life, becoming the queen. Luke says it was like watching Judy Garland, picking the biggest song in the world and speaking your age, and your delivery keeps us right in your hands.

Next is 16yr old Caleb Kennedy, singing Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers Band). He was playing an acoustic, but his performance was electrifying, bringing southern rock to the Idol stage infused with a solid rough rider vocal. For his duet with Jason Aldean, they are singing Fly Over States. Deferring to Jason's guitar, Caleb is singing this duet solo but he needed not be nervous as he more than held his own with a full vocal that showed the old man how it's done. Katy says you you are so country, you'll get the AMs and the FMs and the mainstream because you are so authentic yourself. Luke says the most promising thing about you is you sound like you no matter who you do. Lionel says you have been possessed by a very old seasoned country man, and as time goes on, you'll learn how  to control it. 

next up is 22yr old Hunter Metts, singing Chandelier (Sia). Starting a little on the quiet, subtle side, he counts into a powerfully emotional vocal without shooting for the stars. Paired with Jewel for his duet, they are singing Who Will Save Your Soul. With Jewel on the guitar, it is up to hunter to prey on fame but his harmonies with Jewel play second fiddle, though his solos shine. Luke says his beauty is you have an undeniable sounding voice you can always count on - the right sing and everyone will know your voice forever. Lionel says you are a stylist, on a bad day I an hear your voice - you just need the confidence to lean forward. Katy says there's a little fear in your eyes (Jewel says no from offstage), you have a unique voice so don't judge yourself against anyone else.

The final idol tonight is 16yr old Casey Bishop, singing Decode (Paramore). Serious, intense, solid and determined, her voice pierces the air, a tinge of grunge, powerful, emotional, electrifying. Paired with Brandon Boyd from Incubus, they take the Power Pose and sing Wish You Were Here. She matches him note for note, attitude with attitude, confidence with confidence, yet still granting him celebrity deference. Lionel says you are one of the special ones in this group, you are standing on the stage and owning it. Katy says that raw rock, I wanted to see you throw things, make that stage your b*tch, because that's how you are singing, with grit and teeth. Luke says you must listen to Katy and you mist trust her. Thrash it, Katy says. You're not grasping your potential yet, Luke continues, you are world class if you just get the persona and vibe and make it your, what Katy said. Bring Rock Back!

Voting remain open until 6am ET on Tuesday. Only the 8 idols with the most votes will make it through to your Top 16, revealed next Sunday night. Who will it be? Morty wants to know what you think!

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