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The Voice Season 20-Battle Rounds 2


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Carson greets and Kelsea has stepped in for Kelly for the battle rounds. Team Blake’s first pairing of tonight is Cam Anthony vs Emma Carolina. They come in and they greet Blake and he introduces Dan+Shay. They are going to perform 10,000 Hours by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber. Blake says Cam could be a big star and Emma has a unique blend to her voice. Dan+Shay say they have goosebumps and it was amazing.


Cam and Emma step in the ring for their battle. Nick says that was very nice and Blake did good coaching. He says Emma has a pure, beautiful tone and Cam has a real stage presence. He’d go with Cam, but he thinks Emma was phenomenal. John says Emma’s tone was lovely and Cam seemed to sing with passion and fire and conviction and he doesn’t think Blake could go wrong either way. Kelsea says Emma’s tone is her magic power and she needs to own it more and Cam is so confident and it’s beautiful to see him perform.


Blake says Emma is an incredible vocalist and she doesn’t seem confident. He says Cam’s singing is unbelievable and he looks like he was born to be on stage. Blake says the winner of this battle is…Cam!


Emma thanks Blake for seeing something in her and the journey has been incredible. She leaves the stage and Blake hits his button to save Emma at the last second. He says he was trying to scare some stage presence into her.


Kelly is with Luis Fonsi ready for Kelly’s first pairing of the night, Halley Gregg vs Gihanna Zoe and they were given the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Luis says Halley has an old school vibe and Gihanna has so much control. Kelly says Halley has this incredible gift of a voice. Kelly says Gihanna’s dynamics are gorgeous.


Halley and Gihanna are ready for their performance. Blake says Halley’s voice is different and it’s a cool voice and Gihanna’s voice is older than 17. Nick says Halley has a wonderful energy and she has the makings of a great singer and Gihanna shined in this performance even more than the first time he heard her sing. Nick would go with Gihanna. John says Halley’s unique voice is a super power and Gihanna was wow and she’s fantastic.


Kelsea says Kelly told her a lot of stuff. She grew up listening to female power singers and she knew that’s not what her voice does and Halley is quirky. Kelsea says Gihanna is a technically perfect singer and Kelly just wanted her to let go and she thinks she did. She says they are both incredibly talented. Kelsea has to select a winner and the winner of this battle…is Gihanna!


John’s first pairing of the night is Durrell Anthony vs Zania Alake and they were given the song Emotions, the Destiny’s Child version. Brandy is John’s advisor and she greets Durrell and Zania. Brandy says Durrell’s falsetto is unstoppable and Zania’s voice is very powerful and a buttery tone. John advises them to think about what they are singing so they can express what they are feeling.


Durrell and Zania step up for their battle. Kelsea says that song was so beautiful and she’s blown away. Blake says they are with the right coach in this moment. He says they sounded great and he thought Durrell did a great job singing in that register and Zania has the IT factor. He’d go with Zania. Nick thought the song choice was brilliant. Nick says Zania has a natural charisma, and Durrell was so effortless with his falsetto. He thought Durrell won the battle.


John says Durrell’s falsetto is his favorite part of his voice and Zania has poise and grace and she delivered once again on the stage and they are both wonderful. John says the winner of this battle is…Zania!


Durrell thanks John for the opportunity and he will forever be grateful.


The next battle is from Team Blake and he has paired Jordan Matthew Young vs Keegan Ferrell and they were given the song Calling All Angels by Train. Dan+Shay talk about Jordan’s cool tone and Blake says Keegan’s voice is thoughtful. Dan+Shay loves Keegan’s tone and they think his voice is super smooth.


Jordan and Keegan are ready for their performance. Nick says Keegan has grown quite a bit from the blinds and he wants to see him enjoy this more and Jordan is just cool and he has grit that he’s envious of. He thinks Jordan has a shot to make it to the end. John found them so compelling. He says Jordan’s vibe is like a star, but he thinks Keegan’s voice was flawless and he truly enjoyed listening to him sing. He’d pick Keegan. Kelsea says Jordan looked so comfortable and she loved that and he’s went through that discovery period of what his vibe is and Keegan’s high note was surprising and she feels like he’s hungry. Kelsea would go with Jordan.


Blake says they sounded incredible together and they put in the work. Blake says they both had incredible performances and that’s all he could ask for as a coach. Blake says the winner of this battle is…Jordan!


Keegan says the first time he came out and Blake says he’d be honored to coach him and he was Keegan’s guy and he’s glad he picked him. Nick slaps his button and Keegan has been stolen and will be joining team Nick!


Nick’s first pairing of the night is Zae Romeo vs Lindsay Joan and they were given the song Rewrite the Stars by Zac Efron and Zendaya. Darren Criss is Nick’s advisor and he says they are fantastic individually. Darren says Zae needs to connect with his partner and Darren advises Lindsay to tap into the actress part of the verses.


Zae and Lindsay step into the ring for their battle. John says both of them have expansive ranges and he says this is a tough one and he’s not sure who he should pick. Kelsea says it was a really interesting song pick and Lindsay killed it and Zae held his own. She’d say Zae. Blake loved Zae’s tone it’s a cool sound and Lindsay shocked him and he’d pick Lindsay.


Nick says this performance should be a learning opportunity and this journey has been incredible and he’s honored to have gotten the chance to coach them. Nick says he has to go with a gut feeling here. The winner of this battle is…Zae!


As the battle rounds continued, John’s pairing of Ciana Pelekai vs Denisha Dalton were given the song you broke me first by Tate McRae. John says they both were great but the winner of the battle was Ciana Pelekai.


The final battle pairing of the night is from Team Kelly, Corey Ward vs Savanna Woods and they were given the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Luis says Savanna has a raspy thing that drove him nuts and she knows how to use her instrument down to the T. Luis says he could see Corey being a frontman for a band. He just has it.


Corey and Savanna are ready for their battle. Blake says someone was pitchy in the middle but Savanna was a big surprise and she has so much power and range. Blake says Corey has a weathered sound and an incredible tone and pitch. Blake says Savanna shocked him. Nick says he’s at a loss. He says if Savanna made a record he’d want it and Corey has risen to the occasion in such a big way. He felt like there was an emotional source and he needs to keep tapping into it. John says they both seemed to love being up there and it’s uplifting to see performers project love. He’d lean a bit more toward Corey because it has edge and urgency.


Kelsea says this is one of her favorite songs and she covered this with Halsey and it’s hard to make this song their own. She says Savanna was an artist and made the song was her. Kelsea isn’t sure if Corey is a country singer or a songwriter and that’s really cool. Kelsea says there is so much potential and growth so the winner of this battle is…Corey!


Savanna thanks them all and especially Kelly and they helped her hone in her artistry more. Kelsea is texting and she smacks her button just in time to save Savanna.

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