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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Fifth Eviction and HOH

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Arisa says it was a week for the books in the BB Canada house and tonight either Austin or Breydon will be sent packing. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Spicy V rocked the HOH comp and earned the incredible power of invisibility the house was rocked to it’s very foundations. And while everyone tried in vain to uncover the HOH’s identity, at the noms ceremony Victoria stealthily put up her two former allies. For the Sunsetters it meant a miraculous escape from the block.


Meanwhile, the besties set the stage for the Ro Show to save the day and in a heavy duty POV competition, Rohan engineered another towering POV victory. With the veto in play, Victoria tried to prevent Rohan from using while protecting her own invisibility in the process. The decision whether to save his ally weighed heavily on his head, but at the veto ceremony he followed his head and not his heart. Austin and Breydon were abandoned on the block. Which bestie will be the next HG evicted and who will be the new HOH in tonight’s live showdown.


Arisa welcomes us and she says this week was no joke inside the house. For the first time ever, Canada had an invisible HOH and it made everyone paranoid. She says tonight we’ll see the next HOH, we have news about a double eviction and the jury.


We pick up after the POV ceremony on day 30 and Austin is disappointed that Rohan didn’t use the POV. She’s now locked in sitting next to her best friend and working with someone and have someone go back on their word is frustrating. Breydon says this is a horrible week. He’s on the block with is bestie and they have a HOH creating paranoia and they are haunted.


Victoria says Austin said in her speech that people are lying and going back on their word and she doesn’t understand why she would do that when she’s on the block. She’s dancing and celebrating that she’s happy that POV didn’t get used. She looks at the camera and says when I shoot, I don’t miss.


Rohan says this was the hardest thing he had to do and he couldn’t put his neck out on the line because it would have angered many people in the house and he had to do what’s best for his game. He came into this house that thought he would be a cutthroat person, but he didn’t’ expect the emotional toll it would have on him. He genuinely wants to see people go far in the game. Tina and Tera are consoling Rohan. He says if you had asked day one if he’d be so emotional he’d have said no, you’re crazy.


Breydon says immediately after the ceremony, Victoria was gone and he’s concerned there might be bad blood between them and he needs her vote to stay. Victoria says people are telling her what he and Austin have said about her and she says she could have been a number for them. She says she tried to help Austin but she screwed her and she doesn’t appreciate it. Tina and Tera come in and they offer a hug. She says she doesn’t know what Austin has running through her mind.


Austin and Breydon are in the room with Tera and Tera apologizes to them and Breydon tells her what Victoria said and Austin says they haven’t said anything about Victoria. Tera says she’s sorry for the position they are in and Breydon says it’s not her fault.


Kiefer, Jed, Ty, and Beth are celebrating. Beth says her, Ty, and Jed are going into another week. She doesn’t know why someone didn’t take a shot at those three. Beth believes Victoria is the HOH and that means the Sunsetters have the votes to evict who they want.


Austin wants to talk to Victoria and Victoria says she’s calmed down and she’s feeling less spicy. Austin doesn’t think Victoria is the invisible HOH but she needs to smooth things out her. Austin says it’s brutal to be up by an invisible HOH and they can’t look the person in the face who put them there. She says if she did stay, she’d be savage. Victoria says someone is really savage and Austin says someone is going to send her home when she’s on slop.


We head back in to see another task from Big Brother and this one got messy on so many levels. We see Beth called to the DR and she reads. She has a secret mission. She has to collect all her fellow have’s and make a spaghetti dinner but they have to make the kitchen super messy for the have-nots to clean up.


Beth spills some spaghetti sauce and she “drops” a meatball on the ground and steps on. A food fight has begun and they are slinging spaghetti sauce at each other and they are laughing. Beth dumps some down Ty’s shorts. They begin to argue who has to clean it. Austin has sauce all over her hair and clothes and she’s angry.


Victoria says they made a mess with her favorite food and she says this better be a joke. She’s not even kidding. Ty is throwing some noodles around. Victoria and Kiefer are talking and they don’t want to help clean it up. The haves are saying they are too full to move and Kiefer says it smells good though. Victoria says if she helps clean can she eat off the floor.


Kiefer has to go to the SR and reads a card that the have-nots have to clean up and do laundry. They start cleaning and Victoria says this is so rude. Breydon says not only is the kitchen destroyed, and then the people who didn’t participate in the food fight have to clean it up. Tera says they destroyed the kitchen and the have-nots did an awesome job of cleaning it.


Beth reads that since the have-nots did such a great job of cleaning up, they will be served an Italian feast served to them by the haves and they are also off slop for the rest of the week. Austin says her clothes and hair are clean, the kitchen is clean, and she absolutely earned this. Kiefer says the haves should be waiting on them hand and foot. They went through it today and this is a little slice of heaven.


Arisa welcomes us back and after Austin or Breydon is evicted they’ll be down to 9 HG and a double eviction is on the horizon. We head back inside and Jed tells Kiefer that Ty called him to the kitchen while he and Beth head outside. Kiefer asks Ty what he wanted and Ty didn’t call him. Ty says maybe Jed and Beth wanted to kiss in the rain.


Victoria heads to talk to Tera and Tina. Tera says because they have an invisible HOH, they can’t figure out who has a vote and who doesn’t. Victoria says she’s not sure who she’s vote for. Victoria says even though she doesn’t have a vote, the HG don’t know that and she doesn’t want to be left out. Kiefer joins and Tera is saying Austin is a threat, but that’s what Beth wants and maybe they shouldn’t do what they want.


Breydon is talking to Tera and Tina and he says he’s noticed they might be closer to Austin than him, but he still wants to be loyal to the oddballs. Tera says Beth is very confident that she has him in her pocket. Breydon says if he won HOH, he’d put the boys up. He says it’s not too early to be taking shots and the longer they wait it will be harder to get them out. Tera likes this pitch. She’s been dying to work with him so let’s get this done.


Beth is talking to Austin and Austin says if she ends up staying she thinks it will come to a point where they need each other. Beth says she feels like she’s setting herself up for failure with the boys and Austin agrees. Beth says she’s expendable. Austin says she has a rocky relationship with Beth and it’s ironic she needs her vote. Beth says if Rohan, Tina, Tera, and Beth voted to keep Austin, and with an invisible HOH no one knows who’s voting and no one would suspect her of going against the boys. Beth says they could do this. Could Beth imagine the speech at the end if they pulled this off.


Beth says she had a good conversation with Austin and she made some good points but she’s not sure if she’s ready to go against Ty and Jed yet. That would be crazy. She goes to think and she says she needs to start playing this game for herself. She says if she kept Austin it would be a dirty move. She says she has a lot of power right now in this week’s vote.


Arisa welcomes us back and the week of invisible powers is about to be over. She heads inside to greet the HG. Breydon says HG, let’s talk about it. The last month has been a dream. He has more fight and he’s not ready to go home and he’s glad he met Austin. Austin says she’s here to play the game boldly and the invisible HOH took a dirty shot in the dark and she’s sure what goes around will come around. She says Breydon means so much to her and he is stuck with her for life.


It’s time to vote!

Kiefer votes to evict Austin.

Jedson votes to evict Austin.

Victoria enters and Arisa says hey invisible HOH, but she doesn’t get a vote this week.

Tychon votes to evict Austin.

Beth votes to evict Austin.

Tera sadly votes to evict the beautiful, and super talented Austin.

Tina votes to evict Austin.

Rohan votes to evict Austin.

By a unanimous vote, Austin has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Gives hugs and gets her bag from Breydon and heads upstairs.


Arisa says Austin got really fired up this last bit in the house. Was it too little too late? She says yes, but this twist fired her up and she gave it her all. Arisa asks how she dealt with Rohan not using the veto. Austin says she wasn’t shocked but she had hoped. Arisa asks how Breydon will do without her and she says he won’t have a target and she hopes he adapts and she’s rooting for him.


Beth says Austin came to her a little too late and she tells her about the Sunsetters. Rohan says she should be so proud and she deserved better than she got. Breydon says there is no one in the game that gets him like she does and she is a star and trust and believe he’ll be getting revenge. Victoria says this is Big Brother not find your best and she tells Austin was the invisible HOH and she had to put them up because she didn’t know where her head was at.


Arisa welcomes us back and she says it’s time to find the next visible HOH! They had an all night reveal of the HG featured in a BB Calendar. Jedson says Big Brother doesn’t do anything by accident so he’s really paying attention. We see the next call at 12:52 AM, then 1:47 AM. Beth says the screen is full of random dates and events. Next is 2:17. Tera says she’s been woken up all night and she’s exhausted. Kiefer is exhausted and tired and he’s hoping he can remember everything he saw and heard.


Time for the HOH competition! Arisa says the HG will be asked questions about the calendar they saw throughout the night. Arisa says the answer to each question will be either A or B and if they answer a question wrong they will be eliminated. Last one standing wins HOH!


According to the BB calendar when is someone’s birthday? The answer is A and they all are correct.


On what day of the week in July was the slop pie bakeoff? The answer is A and Victoria and Tera are eliminated.


True or false, in the image for April, the umbrella Rohan was holding had stripes. The answer is B and they are all correct.


In the calendar how many total HG were wearing sunglasses? The answer is B and the only people left are Jedson, Beth, and Breydon.


True or False, July and August were written in the same font. The answer is B and Breydon has been eliminated.


What HG’s birthday was missing from the calendar? The answer is A and they are both correct.


Tie breaker: The answer will be a number. How many days in the calendar had no events on them? Beth answers 323 and Jedson answers 63. The answer is 336 which means Beth is the new HOH!

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