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The Voice Season 20-Battle Rounds 1


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It’s time for the battle rounds! John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Blake Shelton take their seats. Sitting in for Kelly Clarkson during the battles is Kelsea Ballerini and she is already in her chair and she turns. Blake says this is shocking! Kelly isn’t feeling well and adhering to the strict guidelines regarding COVID.


Kelly brought in Luis Fonsi. He’s been a coach on other countries The Voice and he’s been a mentor as well. Kelly’s first pairing is Gean Garcia vs Ryleigh Modig and they were given the song POV by Ariana Grande. Luis says he’s in awe. He says they are so young and it’s so mature. Luis says he didn’t see this level of artistry coming.


Gean and Ryleigh take the stage for their performance. Blake says if the coach were here, he’d ask why Kelly paired them together. She must not have wanted to deal with this decision. Blake says Gean is very intense and it’s cool and Ryleigh is the kind of artist they need on the show. He’d probably go with Gean. Nick says Ryleigh’s voice is just magical and he’s frustrated they didn’t get to work together and Gean, he taps into something else and you can’t coach that. He says Kelsea has the hardest job out of everyone.


John says he didn’t turn for either Ryleigh or Gean and he’s questioning his decision making. He tells Gean his range is so cool and he needs to open up on the vowels more, and he thinks Ryleigh performed slightly better. Kelsea says Gean had some pitch issues in the beginning but he corrected it and it might have been nerves. She can hear parts of Ryleigh’s story in the way she sings. She calls Kelly and Kelly tells Kelsea she can’t go wrong either way and she doesn’t think either will be going home.


Kelsea says the winner of this battle is…Ryleigh! Kelsea says there is no one on the show like her and that’s why she had to pick her.


Gean is available to steal or save and John immediately hits his button and so does Nick! John says he made a mistake not turning for him in the blinds and he would love to work with him. Nick says he did turn in the blinds and he was blocked by Blake. Nick says he has a lot to prove.


Gean gets to choose his coach and after doing some thinking he thinks he’ll fit best on…Team Legend!


Blake has invited Dan+Shay as his advisors. Blake’s first pairing is Connor Christian vs Aaron Konzelman and they were given the song Ain’t Living Long Like This by Waylon Jennings. Blake tells them to shine and bring some energy. Dan+Shay say they are going to do an awesome job and they are glad they aren’t Blake.


Connor and Aaron step onto the stage for their battle round. Nick says that was a barn burner and he tells Blake well done. Nick says Connor has a rasp that sets him apart and Aaron had some professional qualities and he felt like it was fairly even. John had a fun time listening to the whole thing and he felt like Aaron’s voice was more electric but Connor has a cool voice and he’s more intrigued by Connor.


Blake says he doesn’t know how Aaron manages to do anything else when he’s so good at Connor is a tennis coach and there’s a connection there. Blake says once Connor is in the zone and you could slap him and not get him out of the zone.


Blake says the winner of this battle is…Connor because he knows how much work he put into this. He says it was more in Aaron’s wheelhouse and Connor had to work harder.


Aaron says this whole experience has been amazing to him and he’s going to have a lot more to think about.


Nick brought in Darren Criss as his advisor. Nick’s first pairing is Devan Blake Jones vs Dana Monique and they will be performing Stuck with You by Ariane Grande and Justin Bieber. Darren gives Dana a little advice about the third stuck with you and not getting pitch issues. Darren says everyone has chops and Devan is included that and agrees with Nick that Devan just needs to show his confidence.


Devan and Dana take the stage for their performance. Blake says Devan did a good job of stepping up to the plate, but Dana’s voice is so powerful and complete. He’d pick Dana. John says Devan has so much fire, but there were some accuracy issues. He felt like Dana was on point the whole time. Kelsea says she just enjoyed that performance. She says Dana exudes so much confidence and Devan’s flip to falsetto was like magic. She couldn’t pick between them.


Nick says Dana is really special and there’s something magical about her voice and joy surrounds her. He says Devan worked his butt off and it’s a tough battle and he feels like he mishandled this pairing. He says Devan has a lot to be proud of.


Nick says the winner of this battle is…Dana! Nick says she is a force of nature and she has the kind of voice that he thinks could end up in the finale.


Devan can’t believe Nick was his coach and he learned so much from working with him. Devan heads off and Nick hits his button to save him!


John has brought in Brandy as his advisor. John’s first pairing is Christine Cain vs Pia Renee and they have been given the song Baby by Brandy. Brandy says this is the grown-up version of her song that she performed when she was younger. Brandy says the key to performing this song is to let go and have fun.


Christine and Pia take the stage for their performance. Kelsea says they both look amazing. Pia navigated the stage and she’s meant to be here and Christine got in her head a bit. Blake says Christine is such a good singer and it felt like she was so laid back and Pia would explode with vocal moments that hit the mark. Nick gets the sense that Christine has sung for a long time and she’s crafted her voice perfectly and Pia has a natural thing about her and it set the tone for the performance.


John says with Christine it felt a little less than was needed and Pia rose to the occasion when it was time. For John, the winner of this battle is…Pia!    


Christine thanks John for taking the time out to teach her and coach her.


Nick’s next pairing is Awari vs Jose Figueroa Jr. and they are going to perform You Say by Lauren Daigle. Darren says Awari has an interesting husk to his voice and Jose has a looseness. Darren says he would pay money not to have make the decision between these two.


Awari and Jose take the stage for their battle. John says this is a tough decision. He feels like Jose’s voice is more fluid, but he likes how strong and solid Awari’s voice is. Kelsea says Awari’s tone is crazy and his range his beautiful and Jose’s runs were very impressive. Blake says Awari let’s the rawness of his voice stand out and Jose has crazy runs and he’d go with Jose.


Nick thought the performance was phenomenal and it brought him to church. He says Awari is willing to jump in and cheer on his teammate and that’s admiral and Jose hit his runs with precision and he swung for the fences.


Nick says the winner of this battle is…Jose!


Awari thanks Nick for the time and energy he invested in him and his future. Nick says they both rose to the occasion, but Jose has been doing this a long time.


Blake’s next pairing is Avery Roberson vs Ethan Lively and they are going to sing Just Got Started Lovin’ You by James Otto. Blake says they got their work cut out for them with this song. Dan+Shay say both Avery and Ethan are incredible singers and they have to bring the heat in the battle rounds.


Nick is impressed with both Avery and Ethan. He doesn’t know who he’d pick because they have similar voices. He’d probably go with Avery. John says it felt like an inviting performance and he feels like Ethan has a robust low tone. He thought Ethan did a little better but the song played to his strengths. Kelsea says she enjoyed this performance and she doesn’t know who she’d pick.


Blake says Ethan surprised him and Avery did a great job. He tries to base his decisions on what he just saw happen. The winner of this battle is…Ethan!


Avery thanks Blake for the opportunity and Kelsea hits her steal button. Avery will be joining team Kelly! Kelsea says Kelly told her she had to get him.

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