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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Veto March 24

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Kiefer went from zero to hero, stunning the house with his HOH victory. The captain’s big win signaled calm waters for the Sunsetters, but it meant rough seas for the Oddballs. To strengthen his position, Kiefer’s plan was to break up one of the house’s dynamic duos. Then the Showtime duo tried to make peace but Kiefer stood his ground. Meanwhile, Kiefer’s crew had another target in mind. At the nomination ceremony, Captain Kiefer stayed the course and put up Kyle and Rohan as his target.


We pick up at the nomination ceremony on Day 21, and Victoria thanks Kiefer and everyone hugs. Kiefer says Kyle and Rohan are two fo the biggest threats in the game and to his alliance. He hopes they can keep noms the same and get rid of an enemy to his alliance.


Rohan says he didn’t appreciate Kiefer’s speech because he preaches respect but he doesn’t give it. Kyle says it’s unfortunate for Kiefer to play like that when people have been lying to his face, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Rohan and Kyle are in the ballpit and Kyle says what a tool. Rohan says he respects everyone, but after that not as much. Rohan says Kiefer is playing an emotional game and not his head. Six people just voted to keep him and three voted him out and he protected those three. Rohan says not one of those three care about him and he’s expendable to them.


Jedson says it may look weird that Kiefer protected them, but they’ve been in an alliance since week one and he’s loyal to the soil. He celebrates in the HOH room with Jedson and Tychon. Kiefer says they have to win HOH next week because they were coming for Ty but now they’ll be coming for him. He says that was for Latoya. They think Rohan is more likely to win POV.


Rohan is in the ballpit and he can hear Kiefer, Jed, Ty, and Beth and they are laughing. Victoria says the oddballs are in trouble this week and she has to manage her relationships very carefully. Victoria joins Rohan and she says she thought it would be her and Rohan thought so too. Rohan says he’s glad he didn’t get backdoored. Rohan would like to see Beth on the block and he says she’s annoying and super fake.


Tera says these people are disgusting. She says someone chopped up veggies and then left it on the counter in the heat. She’s glad she’s not going to eat it. Tina says they don’t wrap up the lunchmeat and Tera says they don’t wrap up anything. She found half a crust of bread in the jelly. They talk about the dishwasher and people leaving dishes in the sink.


Beth and Ty are talking and Ty says he was trying to get Austin on the block because she’s a dangerous player. She’s a comp beast, she’s smart, and she’s on the other side of the house. Ty tells Beth that he thinks Austin should be a target and Beth says she’s scary. Ty says they never turned on their own alliance and they never will.


Rohan and Kyle are talking about Kiefer. Kyle says one of them can still win POV and as long as they don’t put Breydon or Austin up, then they could both still be here. Kyle says they just have to go out and win POV and stay.


Austin is doing Kyle’s hair and Breydon joins. Breydon says it’s obvious Kyle has feelings for Austin and she might have some back. He can see it, can we see it? Just look at them. Kyle is laying his head on Austin’s lap and Breydon says he can see this turning into a showmance.


It’s time to pick players for the veto comp! He wants some Sunsetters playing so nominations can stay the same so he can relax in his HOH room until eviction. Kiefer draws Beth. Rohan draws Jedson. Rohan says he suspects he’s the main target. Kyle draws Austin. Austin says she’s playing in the POV again, but it would be nice to take Kyle off the block.


Rohan says this POV pick did not go well with him and he needs to talk to people to give himself the best shot at winning. Rohan says Jed would put himself in a corner if he won and put a target on his back. Rohan is trying to convince him it’s in his best interest not to win. Jed says he won’t throw a veto, not for them. He’s just going to play along and let them believe what they want to believe.


Rohan goes to talk to Breydon and Austin and he says 5 to 3 and 2 of them get picked. Rohan says this would have been an easy comp for Austin to throw to them, but with Jed and Beth she can’t. If one of them wins, then someone else will go up and they want to make sure it’s someone they have a chance against.


Rohan goes to talk to Kiefer and he says being on the block is part of the game and he doesn’t hold it against anyone. Kiefer says it’s not horrible news if one of them comes down. Kiefer doesn’t want to toss out names for who might be a replacement and Rohan says he doesn’t want to say names either. Kiefer says he and Kyle are very likely to win veto. Kiefer wishes him luck and he says anything can happen.


We see a whack a mole style table and Jedson says they are moles in the wild wild west. On Ty’s go, they each have to get their ball from one of the end of the table to the other to the mole hill. But they have to avoid obstacles because if their ball falls they have to start over. But it’s not that easy! They have to transfer the balls by blowing on them. The first HG to get ten balls in their mole hill will win POV!


Beth says the competition is so ridiculous. Kiefer is watching and says there is definitely a learning curve. Beth says this is bonkers! It’s messed up! Kyle says this comp is extremely important because his ride or die is on the block with him. He needs to win to ensure safety. Kyle’s ball is stuck on the edge of his mole hole and he says are you kidding me?!? It finally falls and Kyle has his first ball in.


Jedson says no way is he going to throw this comp and he wants to help his boy Kiefer out and win and keep noms the same. Austin says she is struggling and she’s hoping Kiefer honors his word about not nominating her. Beth gets her first ball in and Rohan gets his first ball as well. Rohan is exploring different routes so he can see which is the easiest and which one is the easiest to repeat.


Rohan gets his second ball and he says even though the one side is longer, there are fewer obstacles. Beth gets her second ball and so does Jed. Kyle says his knees are hurting and his mouth is dry and he’s out of breath. This is a tough one. Jedson and Beth both have three balls. Austin can’t get a ball past the midpoint and she’s horrendous at this.


Jedson gets his fourth ball. Kiefer is hoping Jed can pull this out so he doesn’t have to deal with a headache. Rohan gets his fourth and then fifth balls in and is in the lead but Jed gets his fifth ball right behind. Rohan and Jed are both tied at 5 and the competition is on to see who wants it more.


Beth gets her fourth ball and Kyle gets his third. Jedson feels like he’s getting more balls to the end of the board than Rohan is but he keeps overshooting the mole hole and it’s frustrating. Rohan says Kiefer made it clear he was the target and if Jed wins he’ll be walking out the door. Rohan has his eighth ball, and then get his ninth ball and he only needs one more. Jed is going to have to pick up the pace and he just misses the mole hole again. Rohan gets his tenth ball and he has won the POV!


Rohan says put me on the block and put me on the slop and I’m still not going home. He says he just gave him and Kyle a chance to stay. Kyle and Rohan celebrate. Kyle says he’s pumped for Rohan, but not a great situation for him. Kyle says they might need to get the squad to push out Vic. They will have to push to make sure the duos are safe. Breydon and Austin come in and Austin says Victoria is an island and the would make the least amount of people angry. Austin doesn’t think Kiefer will put her up.


Kiefer is talking to Beth, Jed, and Ty about food and Breydon calls everyone to the living room. He asks the have nots to sit in the middle of the couch and for one of them life is about to change for the better. Canada has been voted to be safe from slop for the rest of the week and they get to order dinner to be delivered right to their door. The have-not Canada has decided to save is…Rohan!


Rohan is excited that Canada has voted for him to get a meal because he’s been without food for almost three weeks now. He could not be happier. Victoria says she is jealous and Rohan gets up for a moment and she leans over to smell his food.


Ty and Kiefer are playing chess and Ty wants to get in Kiefer’s ear about Austin. Kiefer says he’s surprised no one has scrambled to him yet. Ty says would he rather put up Vic to be safe or make a big move. Keifer says is that what you want and Ty says you know what I want. Kiefer says Breydon and Austin would be mad at him. Kiefer say they could maybe get Vic’s vote as long as the other three stay loyal to who his target is and Ty tells him never to question that.


Kyle goes to talk to Kiefer and he says he doesn’t hold an emotional grudge and if Kiefer is going to help save him, then he would be indebted to him. Kiefer asks who he should put up and Kyle says someone not in a duo because he’d have three people mad at him.


Victoria goes to check in with Kiefer and she wants to see if they are still good. Kiefer tells her that a lot of people are throwing out her name and he’s going to have to break promises and get blood on his hands. Kiefer tells Vic that Kyle has begged people to go to Kiefer and ask him to put her up. Vic says Austin has thrown his name out to her and he says he doesn’t trust her at all. Vic says she trusts him and she has his back.


Austin goes to talk to Kiefer and she says the vibe in the house and she knows he told her she’d be safe but she’s panicking. Kiefer says he doesn’t think she’d go home and she says but am I going up. Kiefer says it’s a gametime decision. He says people are telling him that she’s in a four person alliance with Kyle, Rohan, and Breydon. Kiefer says he wants to stop that from happening and Kyle would be a bigger target than whoever he put up. Austin says this is absolute BS.


Kiefer says the house is divided and he’s going to have to break some promises. He is talking to Tina and Tera and he’s wearing a red sweatshirt. He says everyone is telling him not to get blood on his hands and he wore red to let them know he’s the butcher. He says they all signed up to do this and they have to play the game.


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Rohan gives Kyle a chance to say why he should use veto on him. Kyle says Rohan is the bromance for him and he let him win veto so he could take himself down. Rohan has decided to use the POV on himself. He had to work hard in that competition to win it and as much as he wishes he had two POV’s he only has one and he has to keep himself safe.


Kiefer steps up and he says this person used me as a pawn on their HOH and it’s time for him to return the favor. Austin, take a seat on the block. Austin says Kiefer told her in the HOH comp that he wouldn’t put her up if he won and look where she is. On the block. Kiefer says if Austin goes home, no skin off his back. Either way someone he wants out goes home. Kyle says it sucks Austin is on the block with him, but he has nothing to lose at this point.

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