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The Voice Season 20-Blind Auditions 6


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Carson welcomes us the final night of blind auditions. Nick, Blake, Kelly, and John take their seats for the first audition. We meet Denisha Dalton and she’s from Warwick, NY. She formed girl groups in middle school and high school. She’ll be singing Pillowtalk by Zayn and she takes the stage. Blake is the first one in right as she begins the chorus and John and Kelly are just a little behind. Denisha is a 3-chair turn!


Denisha introduces herself and Kelly says she loved how sultry her tone was and her rasp and watching her perform was another experience. She doesn’t have anyone like her on her team and she would fill out her team. Blake says he has one spot on his team and she would cap off an incredible season for him. He loved the break in her voice.


Nick says he was just so picky and he thought a few moments Denisha got a little shaky but she has three magnificent options. John felt before he turned around that she was fearless. He felt she was authentically her and she had style and her smile was infectious and he would love for her to be the last person on her team.


Nick says Denisha who do you pick as your coach? Denisha says this is a tough one. She thinks she’s going to go with…John!


John’s team consists of: Christine Cain, Victor Solomon, Carolina Rial, Pia Renee, Ciana Pelekai, Durrell Anthony, Deion Warren, Rio Doyle, Zania Alake, and Denisha Dalton. Do you have a favorite? Does John have the winner of The Voice?


Our next artist is Awari and he’s from Virginia Beach, VA. He started singing when he was 6. He joined the air force when he was 30 and he was a boom operator and he left the military to focus on his kids. He takes the stage and performs Weak by SWV. Kelly has her hand on the button and she hesitates. John starts to nod his head and Kelly hits her button. Nick hits his button a little after. Awari is a 2-chair turn.


Awari introduces himself and Blake says it was a great performance and it was a great time. Nick says that was phenomenal and he’s thinking about all the fun stuff they can do with some classics. He’d like to make a lot of noise with him. John says that was right up his alley, it was his high school years, but his team is full so he couldn’t turn. Kelly says she hit her button first and she loved his runs and emotional and he wasn’t trying too hard.


John tells Awari he has to make a decision and Kelly says she has a cool jacket and Awari says Nick do you have jackets? Nick shows him the Nick’s notes and Awari says jackets or book? He feels like…Nick!


Nick’s teams is full and his artists are: Dana Monique, Devan Blake Jones, Raine Stern, Zae Romeo, Andrew Marshall, Jose Figueroa Jr., Bradley Sinclair, Rachel Mac, Lindsay Joan, and Awari. Do you have a favorite from Team Nick? Did Nick build a dominant team? Let us know!


Charlotte Boyer is next and she’s from Rock Island, IL. She does local gigs at restaurants, festivals, and events. She likes that the coaches won’t be able to see her and how timid she is, and she hopes they hear the artistry in her voice. She takes the stage and has chosen to sing Love is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse. Charlotte does not get a chair turn.


Charlotte introduces herself and John says he thinks she has a lovely voice and tone but it was almost a little too stylized. Kelly says if she sang another song and put herself on it it would be better. Blake loved her voice but he didn’t turn because that style was so far out of his lane. Nick says after a year and growing she can come back and might get a different result.


Our next artist is blind for us too. They sing She Will be Loved by Maroon 5. Kelly hits her button and we get our first look at Keegan Ferrell. Blake hits his button towards the end. Keegan is a 2-chair turn! Keegan introduces himself and he’s from Fort Wayne, IN.


Keegan plays the keyboard and John says his team was full and that’s why he didn’t turn. He’s from a family of six and he was adopted from China. His mom made him take piano lessons and he’s glad she did. Blake says he is buddies with the guy who sang that song. Blake says he has a great voice, it’s so smooth, and there’s no one line him on his team. Kelly says she knows, loves, and breathes pop music and she turned light years before Blake.


Nick says Keegan, who do you pick as your coach? Keegan says he appreciates all the feedback and it’s a tough decision, but he has to go with…Team Blake!


Blake teams is now full! Blake’s artists are: Cam Anthony, Pete Mroz, Aaron Konzelman, Ethan Lively, Emma Caroline, Avery Roberson, Connor Christian, Jordan Matthew Young, Savanna Chestnut, and Keegan Ferrell. Who is your favorite artist? Did Blake turn for this year’s The Voice winner?


Only one spot on one team. Kelly is listening closely to find the perfect artist to complete her team. We meet Conner Snow from Maui, HI. He’s grown up around music and he started playing ukulele at 12. For Conner’s performance, he has chosen the song This City by Sam Fischer. Kelly listens and is singing along but she does not turn. Nick says there were some interesting moments and he could tell he was nervous. Kelly says he has beautiful range but there was hesitancy. John says it didn’t all click today perfectly and Blake tells him to come back and do it again.


Next we meet Ainae from Washington, DC. She was born into music and her mother worked in music marketing and grandmother had a jazz club and her dad is a songwriter and he had a studio in his basement. She takes the stage and sings Best Part by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R. Kelly hits her button and Ainae will be joining Kelly and completing her team!


Ainae introduces herself and Nick says her voice has unique qualities especially in her upper register. John says he was regretting that his team was full and he loved her voice and it was a lot of fun. Kelly is excited and her voice is ethereal and she is a competitor. Kelly says she’s super special and the final person on the show and she will look fabulous in Kelly’s jacket.


Kelly’s team is full! Kelly’s team that she built is: Kenzie Wheeler, Corey Ward, Gean Garcia, Ryleigh Modig, Halley Greg, Gihanna Zoe, JD Casper, Savanna Woods, Anna Grace, and Ainae! Do you have a favorite? Did Kelly find the winner of The Voice?

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