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Big Brother Canada Season -Veto March 17

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With Josh and Rohan up for eviction. Lotoya made a last ditch play to get Ro out the Do. But when the flip flopped, the truth came out. At the HOH competition, the HG took an eye detector last and spicy V kept her eye on the HOH prize and the battle lines were drawn…The Sunsetters vs the rest of the house. With noms looming, Kiefer was racked with guilt. Meanwhile, the Sunsetters campaign to Victoria went into overdrive, but Victoria slammed the breaks on their steam. And at the ceremony, spicy V brought the heat with Kiefer the pawn and Latoya public enemy number one.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 14. Victoria says she put Kiefer on the block because he has thrown her name out but her real target is Latoya. She’s a great social player and she doesn’t talk to Victoria. She needs her gone this week. Tina says the Sunsetters seemed to have been running the house, but now not so much.


Latoya thinks Victoria nominating her was a stupid move. Why would you put someone on the block who wasn’t targeting her? She just made an enemy of the sunsetters and she doesn’t even know it. Kiefer says he feels horrible because he doesn’t want to campaign against Latoya, but he threw out Vic’s name and now he has to take the heat.


Rohan walks into the room where Kiefer and Latoya are laughing and they tell him he missed the joke and after he leaves Latoya kicks at the door. Rohan says Kiefer is being extremely shady and he’s been caught. He tells Kyle and Austin there is going to miss the fireworks. Rohan is feeling a bit paranoid because there are people trying to flip the game and today Tina told him and Kyle that there’s a rumor that the guys are going after the girls. Rohan says they are loose cannons and he thinks they might call a house meeting.


Kyle says all week he and Rohan have been hearing people spouting off lies about them and maybe they need to put their foot down and put a stop to that. Kiefer is in the storage room and Kyle and Rohan come in and Tina is also in there with Tera and Kyle and Rohan confront Kiefer about what he said in the room when Rohan walked in. Kiefer says he and Latoya were having a personal conversation. Kyle says he’s sick of hearing his name thrown around and Kiefer says Kyle is getting aggressive. Rohan says he hasn’t done anything to anyone to make them distrust him. Latoya says what we’re not going to do right now is gang up on one person. She’s been hearing her name in other’s mouths and Kyle is manipulating and lying in the game.


Rohan wants to know where the rumor came from that he is going after the girls and Latoya says some girls have told them that. Rohan says he’s sick of hearing the rumors that aren’t true. Latoya says this conversation is over because she doesn’t like him and he and Kyle are liars. She says all they’ve done is turned people against each other. She heads upstairs and Rohan is downstairs.


Tina and Tera are upset that just happened. Tera says ever since they found out about the failed flipped vote it brought the outcasts together, and now Kyle and Rohan are bringing negative attention to themselves. Tina says she’s been drifting away from The Sunsetters because it started to feel like less of an alliance and more like a couple of people dictating the game. Tera is frustrated that the explosion happened.


Rohan says he doesn’t regret trying to get answers out of Kiefer, but he thinks there was a better way to do it. He says he’s been on slop and that’s why he did that. Rohan is talking to Kiefer and he wants to know why Kiefer was going to flip on him and Kiefer says he’s playing his own game and he’s done with Rohan and if that makes him mad, then that’s too bad. He says there is nothing they can do to salvage their game relationship.


Kyle wants to talk to Latoya and they hug. He says he thinks they both did stuff they regret and Latoya says she doesn’t regret anything because she didn’t like what she saw. Kyle apologizes for the way they approached it. Latoya isn’t going to apologize because she doesn’t feel she did anything wrong and they hug it out.


The Oddballs are downstairs and they are everyone in the house except Jedson, Tychon, Beth, Latoya, and Kiefer and they want to show Canada they can do this. Tina is feeling pulled in every which way and she is laughing about it with Tera. She says part of her hopes she doesn’t get picked to play in the veto. She just wants to sit on the sidelines for a second, even if it means no airtime for the show.


It’s time to pick players for Power of Veto Competition! Victoria doesn’t want Jed or Ty to play because if they win, they might take Latoya down and ruin her plan. Victoria draws Tychon. Latoya gets HG choice and she selects Jedson. Latoya says Jed is a no brainer because he’s a Sunsetter and he’s fit. Kiefer draws Austin. Austin says she’s happy she’s representing the Oddballs, but she feels a lot of pressure.


Jed, Ty, Latoya, and Kiefer are all in the bedroom celebrating. Latoya thinks it’s best for one of them to win. They say they’ll pull Latoya off but they want to protect themselves. Kiefer heads out so people don’t get suspicious. Jed and Ty are excited. Victoria wishes them both luck and hugs them and says she can’t wait to see what the comp is. She tells Rohan that was the worst case scenario. She goes into the HOH room and she says she never thought she’d have to put up a replacement nominee and now it’s possible.


We see a crossword puzzle for the veto competition. Tera is hosting and each HG has their own crossword puzzle with 100 tiles that are either letters or blank squares. If they place a tile in the wrong spot, the only way to fix it is to release all the tiles they’ve placed so far and start over. The first one to place all their tiles correctly will win the POV!


Ty expected this to be a fitness comp but now he doesn’t know. Kiefer says this comp is so important and he needs to win to take himself off. Breydon says Austin is so smart and he thinks she’ll bring this home for the Oddballs and be someone you have to lookout for.


Jedson has scratched off his clues and he knows he needs to get the word on the bottom and build up. He needs to win to ensure his own safety and take home an ally member and he needs to get Latoya off because she’s been making big moves in the house and he doesn’t want her to go home.


Austin wants to keep noms the same and make sure Latoya is going home this week. Latoya says the only person she’s worried about winning is Austin. She puts a wrong letter in and she has to start all over again. Austin is laying out the words on the floor first. Jed says the others might not think he can do crosswords, but he has an app on his phone and he does it all the time.


Kiefer is making progress on his puzzle, but he realizes his first word is wrong so he has to start over. Tera tells them they have to use every letter in their rack. Latoya is panicking inside, but she needs to pull it together and win. Jed says there are a lot of blanks on the board, but the words are coming to him easily. Austin is trying to figure out how it’s all lining up but it’s not coming to her. Austin is starting to panic because it sounds like Jed is nearly there and he cannot win this.


Victoria says this competition is crazy. She doesn’t know what Austin is doing, but Jed is sounding very confident. She says her week could get more complicated. Kiefer has three words on his board but he can see Jedson is moving quickly and he sees Austin moving fast but he’s not giving up. Jed says the more letters he has on the board makes the last few words easier. He says he has been in trouble the last week but at least with power, they can’t do anything about it. Jed finishes his puzzle and rings in and he has won the POV!


Latoya is so glad because she knows she’s safe and it couldn’t have gone any better. Jed heads upstairs and celebrates and Kiefer joins and hugs him. Victoria says that was worst case scenario. She needs chocolate now. Breydon and Victoria come in to check on Victoria and she says she’s going to tell them if they leave Latoya up it shows they aren’t that close. Victoria says she’s going to make sure Jed knows if he pulls Latoya down she will replace her with Ty or Beth. Austin doesn’t care about Beth because she feels betrayed by her. Vic says she’s going to make him think Ty is the one going up.


Latoya calls everyone to the living room and asks the have-nots to sit in the center of the couch. For one of them, life is about to change for the better. Canada has voted to save one of the have-nots. They will win themselves a meal of their choice which will be delivered right to their door. They will also get to skip the slop for the rest of the week. The have-not Canada has decided to save is…Breydon! Breydon says he could cry. He’s so thankful. He orders his food and runs upstairs to get it.


Jedson wants to find out what Victoria will do if he uses the veto. She tells him to get Ty because she wants to talk with both of them. She knows Jed is going to use the veto to save Latoya but she wants her gone. She doesn’t think Jed will use the veto if Ty is the replacement because Ty is his number one. Jed goes to get Ty and he says Vic is on some sort of power trip and told Beth that if he uses the veto, then he should talk to her.


Victoria tells Ty and Jed that everyone has promised to get Kiefer out and he’s been talking about her. She’s hoping they will keep the nominations the same, but if Latoya comes down then Tychon will go up and she’s worried the house will come for Ty instead of Kiefer. Jed thinks Victoria is coming after them and why would they work with her going forward? Vic says she doesn’t want Latoya to flip anything. Jed says they have to weigh all the options. Jed says he thinks they are done here and the guys leave and Vic celebrates.


Victoria tells Latoya she’s trying keep noms the same and she says she doesn’t trust that Latoya wouldn’t flip anything. Latoya says she won’t flip anything, but she’s hearing rumors that she’s the target? Latoya says she’s never looked at Victoria so why would she ruffle that relationship. Vic says she just feels like she has to have Latoya or Ty next to Kiefer to make sure he goes home. Vic is feeling like she’s playing Big Brother.


Latoya and Kiefer are talking and Latoya says Victoria is disgusting. She wants Jed to use the veto so he doesn’t look like Victoria’s b*tch. She thinks Victoria is just making a threat. Jed says what if she puts up Ty up anyway? Latoya doesn’t think she’ll do that. Kiefer thinks Latoya is the true target, but he also realizes where he is in the Sunsetters. Latoya thinks it’s a jealousy thing and Jed agrees. Ty comes in and he thinks if he’s up he goes home. Jed says it doesn’t make any sense. They decide to draw a line because the game got ugly.


Jed, Ty, and Latoya come in to talk to Victoria and he wants to know how they can trust each other if two of their own are on the block. Victoria says you will know when Latoya doesn’t go home. Latoya says every time she talks Victoria talks over her. Jed says he and Ty have been her closest friends in the house and she says she’s been trying to align with them and they haven’t done anything until she won HOH.


Latoya says if Kyle had won HOH she and Latoya would be on the block and Victoria says but he didn’t win. Jed says so either I leave noms the same, or I use it an Ty goes up? Victoria says I could put Beth up, is that a better choice? Jed so your decision is set in stone? She says yeah and they get a one hour warning. Jed says he came to play his game and not hers and if she thinks they will align her she’s crazy.


Latoya, Jed, and Ty leave and they are talking. Jed doesn’t like the way this is going down. Latoya says she just doesn’t like being told what to do. She says Kyle and Rohan aren’t her targets anymore. Victoria is. Jed says the bottom line is she won. To be continued…


Will Jed use the POV? If he does, who will Victoria name as the replacement nominee? Find out tomorrow!

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