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Big Brother Canada 9 - HOH and Nominations - March 15, 2021

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Big Brother Canada 9 - Monday March 15, 2021

BBCAN9:  Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Kiefer upset the apple cart and picked up the veto win, HOH Austin played it safe and named Rohan the pawn next to Josh.  At first, Austin’s plan was backed 100% by the Sunsetters, then the flip flopping began with Captain Kiefer supporting the flop.  Meanwhile the lone wolf (Josh) fanned the flames of paranoia, which triggered a five-alarm house meeting.  Then, Josh stoked even more uncertainty with the Sunsetters, but on eviction night, the house backed off from controversy and a unanimous vote sent the lone wolf back to the wild.  Tonight, with the teams disbanded, who will rise and who will fall?  Which HG will seize a pivotal HOH?  Can the house survive the fallout from Josh’s eviction?  It’s everyone for themselves on Big Brother Canada!


BBCAN9:  We pick up after the live eviction.  Latoya tells us that Josh is gone and they are all still reeling from how it went down.  The vote was unanimous but the house was far from unanimous.  It was a crazy night in the BBCAN house.  Latoya tried to flip the vote because she felt it was better not to keep Rohan in the game.  Jedson agrees and they make a plan to approach others. Latoya tells us that they don’t want to expose the sunsetters and they want to maintain relationships outside the alliance, so they can’t all vote to evict Ro.


BBCAN9:  Latoya tells us she just needed a few more votes.  She approaches Tina, Vic, and Tera and tells them “we’re doing the flip, are you on board or not?”  Rohan is aware of conversations happening and is getting nervous.  Fifteen minutes before the eviction, Rohan tells us it was chaos with people talking to people they shouldn’t be talking to. We see Austin telling Beth that she needs Beth to vote Josh out or she can’t trust her.  Rohan tells us that nearly every HG had give him their word they would vote Josh out, but it seemed it was going out the window.


BBCAN9:  Rohan tells us that he wasn’t surprised they were trying to flip, but he needed to make sure that didn’t happen.   Ten minutes until the live eviction.  It was an absolute scramble for votes to flip.  Victoria is holding out.  She doesn’t think it’s the time.  At five minutes to go, the flip failed.  Kiefer tells us the Sunsetters are at risk of being exposed and he needs to throw the scent off their trail.  Kiefer tells Kyle that Victoria is playing both sides of the house.  Not strictly true, but she is in the middle and it’s a useful deflection away from bigger targets in his alliance.  We see Josh’s eviction again.


BBCAN9:  Victoria tells Kyle and Austin that she is the reason Ro stayed.  Kyle tells Victoria that Kiefer told him that Victoria is the one that tried to flip it.  Victoria tells us that she can’t believe Kiefer would say this about her.  This is why she doesn’t trust people.  She is the one that stopped the flip!  They couldn’t do it without her.  It was Latoya that did all of it.  Rohan joins and she tells him that she is the reason it was a unanimous vote to evict Josh.  Victoria is pissed.  How could they be trying to pin this on her.  It’s sketchy.  She is motivated to win HOH to make sure she is safe this week.


BBCAN9:  Arisa tells us it’s time for the HOH competition.  As outgoing HOH, Austin will not compete. Here’s how it works:  Two at a time, HGs will face off and be shown an image of a dream scenario.  Arisa will then read a statement and the HGs must decide if true or false.  The first to buzz in will answer.  If correct, their opponent is eliminated and they will choose the next pair to battle. The last person standing will be the new HOH.  They will also win a lottery gift card thanks to OLG and Lottery Max.  Kiefer and Tychon were randomly selected to be up first. 


BBCAN9:  The first dream scenario features Latoya.  Kiefer tells us that they just got through a very hairy eviction.  He tried to play the middle of the house this week and got burned.  If he doesn’t win, he could be on the block this week. True or False, the umbrellas on Latoya’s private island are slanted in the same direction.  The answer is True.  Tychon is eliminated and Kiefer picks Tera and Breydon to face off.  Kiefer tells us he picked them because they are “middle-of-the-housers” and neither are in his alliance.


BBCAN9:  Tera tells us these pictures are only up for five seconds and it’s very hard to concentrate.  True or False.  In Tina’s scenario, she was holding a set of keys.  Tera gets it right and Breydon is eliminated. Tera picks Jed and Beth.  Tera tells us that this competition forces you to show your cards.  You have to say names and it’s clear there is a big divide in the house.


BBCAN9:  True or False?  Ty, Kiefer and Josh were all racing cars with odd numbers. The answer is false and Beth is eliminated.  Jedson picks Tera and Vic to face off. Victoria tells us that minutes before the HOH comp, she finds out Kiefer said she was the one trying to flip the house, when she was the one trying to stop the flip.  She has a fire under her butt and has to win this comp.  True or False?  In Rohan’s dream scenario, the lemon half was on the same plate as the Lobster.  True.  Tera gets it wrong and is eliminated. Victoria picks Kiefer and Rohan to face off


BBCAN9:  Rohan tells us that even though he just came off the block and it was very close to being a flipped vote, he’s thinking that it will show his cards when he picks the next HGS to face off, so he is going to pick the wrong answer.   In Tera’s dream, there were the same number of polar bears as penguins.  True or False? Rohan picks true and is eliminated.  Kiefer picks Vic and Tina.


BBCAN9:  True or False? The Sailboat docked in front of Breydon’s lake house was named “The Force”.  The answer is False…Tina is eliminated and Victoria picks Kiefer and Kyle.  Kiefer tells us that he can tell he’s a definite target because this is not his first time getting picked.  It has him nervouse.  True or False, in Kyle’s downtown penthouse, there were a total of 9 bills hovering in the air.  Kyle is eliminated.  There were 8.  Kiefer picks Vic and Jed to face off.  Latoya tells us that she has no idea why no one is picking her right now, but she’ll take it!


BBCAN9:  True or False?  During her shopping spree, Victoria is wearing a ring on both of her hands. Jed locks in “True” but the answer is false.  Jed is eliminated.   The last two HGs are Kiefer and Latoya.  Kiefer tells us that if he can win this, he can keep his alliance safe and that would be HUGE. True or False?  While working out in his upscale home gym, Jedson wore pink wrist bands.  Kiefer locks in the correct answer of False and Latoya is eliminated.  They are down to the final two HGs in the competition:  Kiefer and Victoria.


BBCAN9:  Kiefer and Victoria wish each other luck, and Rohan tells us that if Vic wins, they could solidify something and do something on the other side.  Kiefer and Victoria promise not to put each other up, but Victoria tells us that Kiefer threw her name out there with the biggest lie…”yeah sure, Kiefer,” she says sarcastically. “Deal.  Sounds good.”


BBCAN9:  Kyle tells us that today has been such a whirlwind.  He just exposed Kiefer’s game to Victoria, so he really needs Victoria to win this.  True or False.  On her private jet, Beth was using a laptop with a triangle shape on its back.  Victoria answers False and is correct.  Kiefer is eliminated and Victoria is the new HOH!!!!!


BBCAN9:  In the DR, Victoria is elated!  “Oh my God!  I am this week’s HOH!! Are you kidding me?”  Kiefer tells us that Spicy V for the W and he feels horrible.  He feels like he’s gonna be on the block!  Victoria also wins an OLG gift card. She does a celebratory dance.  Austin tells Victoria that her first task as HOH will be naming four have-nots. Austin volunteers and Victoria asks if there are any more volunteers. She ends up picking Rohan, Kyle, and Breydon as well as Austin.  She’s sorry!!


BBCAN9:  HGs stream back into the house and are congratulating Victoria.  Victoria tells us she has been playing both sides of the house.  She’s been the fun party girl hanging out with everybody.  Things are about to get spicy…grab a tall glass of milk, Canada.  In the BR, Victoria celebrates, talking to the camera.  Kyle and Rohan come in to join her and she tells them both they are safe.  


BBCAN9:  Victoria and Breydon talk in the WA. Breydon is safe.  Victoria tells us that over the last while she’s gotten close with Breydon and Austin and they’ve made it official.  They call themselves the Bossy Glossies.  The power is in the Gloss.  Austin joins them in the WA and they do the motion for their alliance…putting on lip gloss.


BBCAN9:  Kyle joins Kiefer in the LR and Kiefer asks if he wants to chat a minute.  Kyle says he has nothing to say.  Kiefer is incredulous…”Nothing?”  Kiefer tells us that he was trying to work with Kyle and Rohan.   He got caught in a lie and he’s trying to save face.  Major damage control in progress right now!  Kiefer tries to tell him that he voted to keep Ro and that he only told Kyle about Vic because they told him she was the swing vote.  Kyle laughs and points out that Kiefer was part of the swing.  Kiefer played them. 


BBCAN9:  Rohan tells Kiefer that he has reasons not to Kiefer.  He needs Kiefer to be 100% with him. Kyle and Ro continue to grill Kiefer and he keeps saying he is just playing the game.  They don’t trust him. 


BBCAN9:  Kyle tells us that it’s unbelievable that Victoria won this HOH and he an Rohan are safe. Kiefer is on the couch talking to Latoya and saying they should have got rid of Ro.  Latoya agrees.  Kiefer tells Latoya about the deal just before the final question in the HOH comp and that they will see.  They agree that they are in trouble.


BBCAN9:  Tychon joins Latoya and Kiefer.  They realize they should have just voted as an alliance.  The six need to stay together.  Kiefer says the line has been drawn and “they know.”  Latoya explains to Tychon that as long as only one member is up, they will always have the numbers.  She wishes Kiefer had won HOH. 


BBCAN9:  Victoria comes out and asks who wants to see her HOH room.  It’s high energy as she rushes into the HOH room and everyone streams in after her.  She is shouting and looking at all her pictures and a stuffed toy.  She takes a deep breath, passes a hand over her face and says “and SCENE!” as she sits down calmly with her letter.  It’s from her brother. 


BBCAN9:  Vicky talon.  Okay, fine, “Spicy V”….Victoria shouts “YES!”  Victoria tells us that hearing from her oldest brother Max is super emotional.  They didn’t get to grow up together so any opportunity to make their relationship stronger just means the world to her.  The letter continues…” I’m so thrilled and proud that you are getting a chance to live this dream.  Everything you’ve been visualizing about our reactions is probably true. We’ve watched every second!  Trust me!”  Victoria hollers and everyone applauds. The letter finishes “I love you and I’m proud of you.  Keep doing your thing. I have no doubt you’re playing your perfect game.  You were born for this. Max.”  Everyone celebrates with Victoria.  She is in awe and declares she will be re-reading the letter then times a night!


BBCAN9:  Beth talks to Victoria in the HOHR as if she has her back.  Beth tells Victoria to make sure her eyes aren’t closed and plants the seed that Kyle and Rohan are playing her.  They are only talking to her now that she is HOH.  Beth cautions her to watch who she is telling things to.  Vic tells her she appreciates the info.  Victoria tells us she is taking in the information she is being told, but she is not going to trust it all.  She wants the HGs to underestimate her…that’s why she is playing up her fun party-girl persona, but she has plans and wants to make big moves.


BBCAN9:  Kiefer tells Tina and Tera that his only play is to go to Vic and tell her to put him on the block.  He said her name and he is going to ‘fess up.  He went to Kyle to build trust with him, but Kyle went to Vic. If he doesn’t get put on the block, he is going to feel bad.  He doesn’t want anyone else to take that heat.  He said he wouldn’t throw innocent people under the bus and he wouldn’t swear on his children’s lives.  He broke his first rule and he doesn’t want to play like that.  He doesn’t want his kids to see him doing that.  And it might be a good play for him.  Tina suggests he sleep on it.  Kiefer says it’s his best play for his conscience.


BBCAN9:  Tera tells us she can feel Kiefer’s turmoil right now.  As a parent, you don’t want to let your kids down.  This game is not easy and she can see in his face that he’s struggling.  Kiefer tells Tina this game is hard, and she replies that it’s hard when the morals kick in.  They note that they know the source of this problem (Latoya).  Kiefer is emotional and has to remind himself that life is good.


BBCAN9:  Latoya checks in with Vic to confirm that she’s good and Vic tells her that her name has come up.  Latoya says that doesn’t change how she is going to be.  She isn’t there to kiss Victoria’s ass.  Victoria tells us that this pitch sucks.  Does Latoya not know that Vic is HOH this week?  Telling Vic that she doesn’t want to kiss up to her is not a good idea.


BBCAN9:  Latoya tries to go back to a previous conversation and Victoria points out that she never got back to her.  Latoya tries to affirm she is not going after other strong females.  Victoria tells her that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do.  She has told everyone they are safe.  She tells her about Kiefer’s deal during the HOH comp.   Victoria tells us that she is playing dumb, but she is setting a trap by telling Latoya she will talk to Breydon.  She wants to see who Latoya passes that info onto.  It will tell Victoria who Latoya is really working with.  Latoya admonishes Victoria for not keeping promises and tells her to make game moves instead of emotional moves.


BBCAN9:  Latoya tells Beth, Tychon and Jed that it’s between her and Breydon.  That Vic is basing it on who talked about her…that Vic was hurt they never got back to her about making an alliance.  Latoya says Vic is not even her target.  Beth suggest that Tychon and Jed can influence her.  They decide to suggest Vic nominate Tera.  Jedson tells us to avoid Latoya being on the block so he is hoping that since he and Victoria have gotten along since day 1, he will listen to her. 


BBCAN9:  Austin and Breydon talk about Beth trying to solidify with them.  Austin told Beth she wanted to hear, but she doesn’t trust Beth.  Beth told Austin that Vic said Breydon’s name.


BBCAN9:  Victoria tells us that she chose to bring Breydon on her Wendy’s date because they are working together and she put him on slop.  They gush over the Wendy’s menu and make their choices.  Victoria heads down to get the food.  She sees a message from her boyfriend Matt and best friend Pat.  They happen to be brothers.  They give her messages of encouragement, referring to “MVP”.  Victoria explains that MVP stands for Matt, Victoria, Pat.  She’s freaking out.  She loves them so much!  She’s doing this for them!  MVP Baby!


BBCAN9:  Victoria brings the food back to the HOHR and she tells Breydon about her video and how awesome it was.  Breydon tells us that this is a nice little feast but he needs to get down to business and have the hot tea.  “Girl, you won’t believe what’s happened!”  Breydon tells Victoria that they can’t trust Beth.  Beth warned Breydon that Victoria is putting her name out.  Victoria tells us that the trap she set with Latoya worked perfectly.  It came back to her and now she knows who Latoya is working with.  Latoya cannot be trusted. 


BBCAN9:  Jed and Tychon talk to Victoria in the HOHR.  They make their pitch not to put Latoya up, even as a pawn.  Tychon points out that it’s like saying its okay if that person goes home.  Victoria say that Latoya’s kind of messed her up.  She asks if they are close with Latoya and they say they are as close with her as they are with Vic.  Vic says Latoya doesn’t talk game with her.  They counter by saying Latoya does not have Vic on her radar and they don’t think she should ruffle Latoya’s feathers.

BBCAN9:  Victoria tells us Jed and Ty that this is a nightmare.  She tells us that during the flip Latoya was very committed to making the flip happen no matter how many times Vic said no.  Latoya is a threat in this game and Vic wants her HOH to be meaningful.  Jed and Ty affirm their support of Victoria and suggest that she nominate Tera.  They hug it out and the guys leave.


BBCAN9:  Kiefer is up next.  He comes in to the HOHR and tells her she has to put him up.  Kiefer tells us that he is pitching himself to Spicy V to be up on the block.  He genuinely feels bad about what transpired.  He knows it isn’t a great game move, but for him as a person, this is how he wants to play his game to clear his conscience. He’s definitely rolling the dice here.  He explains to Victoria what happened and says it will look sketchy if she doesn’t put him up.  He tells her he feels horrible about what happened.  Vic asks him to trust her.  She is a Big Brother super fan and she is done with the flip-flopping and she is cutting the head off the snake. She has a target and it isn’t him.  She tells Kiefer he is safe and that “she” is gone. He says ‘okay”


BBCAN9:  The lights glow red in the BBCAN house as Victoria descends the stairs and joins the assembled HGs in the LR.  Victoria tells us that from the first hour of her HOH, she knew what she was doing with her nominations.  People think she’s here to party, but she’s here to play the game. She has a mission, a target that she needs to get out.   She doesn’t want her HOH to be a waste.  Let the games begin!!


BBCAN9:  Victoria addresses the HGs, stating that as HOH it’s her duty to nominate two HGs for eviction.  Her first nominee is Kiefer.  Kiefer takes his place.  Her second nominee is Latoya.   Latoya moves to sit next to Kiefer. Victoria tells Kiefer she chose him because he used her name in a lie to further his relationship with another HG.  She can’t have that happening.  Victoria tells Latoya that she chose her because she believes Latoya played a small role in all the flip-flopping that’s going on in the house. Victoria tells them it’s important to keep her name out of their mouths.  She tells them “Good luck in the POV.  Stay real, because things are about to get spicy.  This nomination ceremony is complete.”


BBCAN9:  Latoya tells us that even though there are two Sunsetters on the block right now, they are down but not out.  They’re ready to fight for this.  Working under pressure is what she does best, so “Let’s go!”  Kiefer tells us that being put on the block is a horrible feeling.  He’s stressed and doesn’t know how much he has in the tank, but he’s gonna fight to stay.  That’s all there is to it, but it’s hard.  It’s really hard.


BBCAN9:  Who will win the Power of Veto?  Will Kiefer or Latoya fight their way off the block?  Find out Wednesday night, 7PM Eastern!


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