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The Voice Season 20-Blind Auditions 5


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The coaches come in and take their chairs as we meet our first artist of the night. Savanna Woods is from Stanwood, WA. She was born into a musical family and she’s been singing her entire life. She takes the stage and performs Zombie by The Cranberries. Nick hits his button as she hits the first chorus. Kelly hits at the very end. Savanna is a 2-hair turn!


Savanna introduces herself and Nick says this is so exciting. He just realizes Kelly turned and he has to fight for Savanna. Nick says her tone is incredible and her contrast in vocals was very impressive. He feels she has something to say and he would be fortunate to work with her. Kelly says she did wait but there was a reason for that. She was curious about how she’d sound after the rasp and she sounded beautiful. Kelly says she thinks Savanna is so cool.


John asks Savanna who she picks as her coach. She’s ready to decide. For her coach…she picks Kelly!


Next, we meet Rachel Mac from Romeo, MI. She started getting into music because of her dad. She’s close with her mom, but her dad raised her and her sisters. She loves Blake Shelton. She’s going to sing Let Him Fly by Patty Griffin. Nick is the first to hit his button and turn. Rachel is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Nick!


Rachel introduces herself and she freaks out when Blake’s chair turns because she loves him. She had to make a presentation in fifth grade about something they loved and her presentation was about Blake Shelton. Blake says he’ll keep his eye on her. John says she has a strong vibrato but it might need to be turned down just a bit. Kelly says Rachel is ahead of the game with an amazing tone. Nick says he could tell she sang in theater and he thinks they can work together and work on some of the things the other coaches mentioned.


Almond&Olive are the next duo. They are not a couple and they met and clicked after college. They are from Chicago, IL. They are going to sing Wildflowers by Tom Petty. She is going to play banjo and he is going to play guitar. They do not get a chair turn. Kelly says they are so cute and meet Natalie and Ollie. She says she sometimes couldn’t hear Ollie, but she thinks they would make an interesting album. Blake says they were more of a performance to see, but they had to listen.


Next we meet Lindsay Joan from San Diego, CA. She did theater because her mom told her all the popstars started out there. She was in Kinky Boots. She’s going to sing Nightmare by Halsey. Nick and Blake hit their buttons back to back. Lindsay is a 2-chair turn!


Lindsay introduces herself and Kelly thinks this is the perfect place for her and she says she should have turned around. John says the lower notes she seemed unsteady and it made him hesitate and it was probably the nerves. Blake says he loves when people react like she did to make it on The Voice. He’s instantly knew Lindsay was nervous and she did something incredible in the chorus and she has charisma and she’ll be unstoppable. Nick says for her voice there are so many things they could with song selection.


John says what are you going to do Lindsay? Who do you pick as your coach? She says they made this very difficult. The team she is joining is…Team Nick!


Our next artist is Rio Doyle and she’s from Adrian,MI. She is very close with her mother and sang with her growing up. She has chosen the song When We Were Young by Adele. John hits his button very early. Rio is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team John!


Rio introduces herself and Nick says her voice is really impressive, but he felt she lost pitch just a bit and John is a great coach for that. Kelly says her tone was really cool, but sometimes she swallowed the words and she couldn’t understand. John says none of them could tell she was 16 and he’s so excited he gets to work with her.


We meet Jordan Matthew Young from Austin, TX. He grew up helping to build houses with his family. He joined a band and that’s what got him into music. He takes the stage and sings I’m No Stranger to the Rain by Keith Whitley. Blake hits his button over halfway through. Kelly follows shortly after. Nick hits his button at the end. Jordan is a 3-chair turn.


Jordan introduces himself and Blake says he started a little shaky and it was a completely different performance after a quarter of the way through. He says it was a solid performance and he’d love to be his coach. Kelly says she loved his vibe and she likes that he sounded like old school country. Nick says he loved the performance and he would love to go on a journey with him.


John asks Jordan who he picks as his coach? Jordan says he appreciates Kelly’s input and it would be between Blake and Nick, but some of the things Blake said resonated with him the most so he’s going with…Team Blake!


Tyler Kohrs is next from Nashville, TN. He was adopted when he was 8 and he grew up on country music. He says the coaches can help him with confidence. He takes the stage and has chosen the song More Hearts than Mine by Ingrid Andress. Tyler does not get a chair turn. Kelly says he had a cool tone but he was pitchy and it was probably nerves. Blake feels like they didn’t get to hear him sing because the nerves overtook the performance. Nick says the tone was really interesting and the fluttering of the notes were tasteful. John says it didn’t all come together perfectly, but keep taking risks.


The next artist is Zania Alake and she’s from Detroit, MI. She’s a banker but she wants to sing. Her mother was a dancer and she grew up in an artistic household. She has been performing with a funk band and recently she’s worked with a band that does hip hop and R&B. She takes the stage and performs Sweet Love by Anita Baker. John is quick to hit his button. Kelly hits her button towards the end. Zania is a 2-chair turn!


Zania introduces herself and Kelly says her voice is classic and she would love to work with her. She thanks her for coming here and showing them how someone should sing that song. John says when he heard the chords he knew. He waited a few lines to make sure she knew how to sing Anita Baker and that was magical and he’d love to help her navigate this competition. Nick says she is phenomenal, but his team is filling up and he’s getting picky.


Nick asks Zania who she picks as her coach? Zania says she’s going to go with…John Legend!


Savanna Chestnut is next and she’s from Americus, KS. She would sing in her grandma and grandpa’s bar. Her grandpa was a local legend and a wild guy. She’s going to sing Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins. Blake hits his button towards the end. Savanna is a 1-chair turn and she will be on Team Blake!


Savanna introduces herself and John says he loved that version and she has a good sense of music and artistry. Kelly says that was beautiful, but a bit linear. Nick says he has limited space on his team and that was really nice but there’s room to grow. Blake says she showed the writer side of her and that was really cool and he’s going to push her. He says she’s very close and ready for this.


The next artist is Nadianicole and she’s from Fort Lauderdale, FL. She’s been able to perform and get her name out, but this is the biggest thing to happen in her family. She performs I Wanna Be Down by Brandy. Nadianicole does not get a chair turn. Nick liked a lot of what she was doing, but there were a few things that felt shaky. He thinks she has a great tone and style. John says she was behind the beat and the song requires her to be more staccato. Kelly says she liked that she changed up the song, but the nerves got in the way of what she was trying to do. Blake heard some pitch things.


#VOICE The final artist of the night is Anna Grace and she’s from Milwaukee, WI. She’s always loved music, but around the age of 13 she was too scared to perform. She had a blood infection and doctor’s told her parents she might not make it through the night and she decided if she made it through this she wouldn’t be afraid anymore. She’s going to perform My Future by Billie Eilish. John, Kelly, and Nick immediately hit their buttons. Blake has his hand on the button but hasn’t pushed yet. Blake takes his hand away but then hits at the end making Anna a 4-chair turn!


Anna introduces herself and John says she sings like someone who loves music. John loves all the nuance she showed and she made some cool choices musically. He’d love to be her coach. Kelly says that song is ethereal and it’s a contemporary song with an old school vibe. Kelly says there were points where pitch was shaky but she thinks it was breath control, but it was so intimate.


Blake thought she did a good job of walking the line of how Billie Eilish does her vocals, but she showed her own range. Blake thinks it’s important to be protected on this show. Nick says she is one of the best voices they’ve heard and he thinks he would be the best coach for her. He says she’s phenomenal and he’d love to coach her.


John says any of them would be lucky to coach her. Who does she pick as her coach? Anna says Blake is doing the thing! She says she’s been thinking about this awhile and she’s going to pick…Kelly!

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