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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Second Eviction and HOH

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Arisa says it was a wild week inside the house and we’re just moments away from finding out if Rohan or Josh will be evicted and we have some HUGE news about the teams! Arisa welcomes us and says Austin was the queen of the castle and there is a lot coming up tonight including the next HOH comp.


We pick up after the veto ceremony on day 10. Austin says she put up Rohan because she doesn’t want to make big waves this week. It’s super early in the game and everyone wants Josh gone. Josh says Rohan is allegedly a pawn, but Austin showed her true colors and he has no problem ruining her game.


Rohan says the HG don’t know what he’s capable of and he doesn’t have a care in the world because he feels safe. Latoya says this couldn’t be better for the Sunsetters because none of them are on the block and they can stick to their plan and send Josh home this week. Josh is a wildcard and it’s time for him to go.


Rohan is working closely with Kyle and Tina and Tera and he thinks he has their votes and Victoria and Kiefer and he’s pretty sure Latoya is 100% on his side. We see Latoya tell him she won’t vote him out and he doesn’t have to campaign to her. Rohan thinks Latoya is loyal, but he’s seen her getting close with Jed and Ty and that could be a problem. Kyle says they need to lay low and Josh comes in and they break apart.


Josh is talking to himself and he wishes he had someone he could ask their opinion. He’s playing this game alone and it’s pretty obvious he’s the outcast. He needs to start planting some seeds. He’s the only one with a target on his back and if he stays he’ll go after Austin. He thinks that’s where he has to start. He wants to create some chaos and be spooky and scary.


Victoria has lost a slipper in the ballpit and we see her digging for it. She’s looking for it and wonders what to do. She starts shifting balls around and she finds it and celebrates and says never give up!


Jed, Ty, Beth, Kyle, Victoria, and Tera are in the hot tub. Jed knows Ty and Beth are vibing but he wants to shoot his shot. He says never have I ever kissed anyone in the Big Brother house and he kisses Beth. Beth likes both but she’s more into Ty. And she thinks both of the guys can take her further in the game.


Arisa says Josh and Rohan are on the block. It’s back to back weeks for Josh. Can he cause enough chaos to save himself again? But first, former BB HG have some advice for the new HG.


We hear a tone and they see a message in the backyard on the tiktok screen. We see Mitch from season 4 and his game advice is that if his game gets exposed by a twist, he wants them to get creative and never give up without a fight, even if it means they have to get feisty.


Tera says they have some BBCan all-stars and former iconic players including Sindy with an S, Anthony from season 7 and he tells them they have to be ready to cut their closest allies. Victoria loves Anthony and we see the clip of him cutting Adam.


We then see Adam from season 7 and Beth is his biggest fan. Adam says he would be searching everywhere because BB could be hiding power somewhere. It could be somewhere right this second just waiting for them to find it. Kiefer says the advice is making him think about the game and how every decision could impact the game from here out.


We’re on Day 11 and the Sunsetters are meeting to discuss who they want to evict. Jed says Josh being evicted isn’t a done deal. Latoya says it’s a done deal. Latoya says she gave her word to Rohan and Kiefer says Rohan and Kyle are very close and they could be taking a shot at a sunsetter if they win HOH. Latoya really wants Josh out and Beth is worried about her relationship with Austin. Latoya says she thought they were all on the same page and Kiefer says Latoya, Jed, and Ty are the three biggest targets right now.


Latoya is talking to Tina and she says the conversation she had with the others isn’t sitting right with her. She’s close with Tina and she’s levelheaded so maybe they need to figure things out. Tina says she’s good with the alliance, but she doesn’t like her vote being dictated and she feels like she’s at the bottom of the six and that doesn’t feel good to her. Tina says if we’re playing as six, then we need to work together as a six. And if they go this way, then the six will be exposed. Latoya says that could make the others bond together and create their own alliance. Latoya doesn’t like Josh staying another week and she just wants to stick to the plan.


Arisa welcomes us back and we head back inside to get some more intel on how the vote might play out. Josh says the game is supposed to be played in teams, but he’s on his own. He wants to get paranoia out there and he’s going to use Jed’s ego against him to stir up stuff. Jed and Beth are outside and Josh wants to talk to Jed alone.


Beth leaves and Josh asks Jed what his goal is. He asks Jed if he thinks he could be Josh in a final two and Jed says yeah. Josh asks if he could win against Rohan and Jed says yeah. Josh says Rohan is playing a very good social game. Jed says Rohan has never said his name, but Josh has. Josh says he’s living with a target on his back and Austin is his target if he stays. He says he took the blame all last week, but he wasn’t the only one saying there was a boys alliance. Jed thanks him for the chat and he says Josh spilled a lot of tea and he needs to air what he said to the rest of the house.


Tera, Rohan, Jed, Latoya, and Beth are outside and Austin joins and Jed tells her what Josh said. Austin says if Jed was my target why isn’t he on the block. Jed decides to call a house meeting. Austin is fuming. Victoria tells Josh to get ready and he says for what? Everyone is in the LR and Jed says he’s a straight shooter and he wants to know who has been throwing his name out. Tera raises her hand and says she threw his name out as a pawn and Josh says he mentioned Austin should go after a bigger target.


Josh says he doesn’t know Pretty Boys 2.0 is a thing and he says Austin was in there and she denies it. She says she’s never talked game to him because no one believes anything she says. She says Josh just talks endless lies. Austin says if we’re so close why are you on the block? Josh says because I’m the easy target. Austin says if I thought the Pretty Boys was a thing why isn’t one of them on the block? Josh says Austin said they didn’t have the numbers.


Rohan says this is great for his game because Josh is just digging himself a bigger hole. The house meeting breaks up and we’re on Day 12. Josh says he caused chaos and to plant seeds and now he has to start the real campaign to stay. Josh joins Tina and Tera and he’s ready to make his pitch and Latoya comes in and he says he’s only pitching to them three and Ty, Jed, and Kiefer. He says their names are out of his mouth and he wouldn’t go after them and he’s an easy target still. Tera says his campaign isn’t terrible. Latoya is impressed. Latoya thinks there is some truth to what Josh is saying. Maybe it is in her best interest to vote out Rohan. Josh leaves and they discuss that it’s an interesting pitch.


It’s time to check-in with the HG. Arisa says it’s time for the vote! Josh says if everyone is playing the game they say they are playing, then it makes sense to have someone like him who has a target on his back in the house. He’d like to see the bloodbath that’s about to unfold. Rohan says this is the most diverse cast and the best looking cast and he’s developed good relationships with each of them and he tells them to vote with their head and get him off the block.


It’s time to vote!

Kyle votes to evict Josh.

Breydon votes to evict Josh.

Kiefer sadly votes to evict Josh.

Beth votes to evict Josh.

Victoria votes to evict Josh.

Tera sadly votes to evict Josh.

Tina votes to evict Josh.

Tychon votes to evict Josh.

Latoya votes to evict Josh.

Jedson votes to evict Josh.

By a unanimous vote, Josh has been evicted from the BBCan house. No one gives Josh a hug they clap and he waves. Josh says blew up the house…don’t hate me!


Arisa welcomes us back and she’s going to talk to Josh. Arisa asks how this happened? He went out swinging, what does he think will happen? Josh says the house is very divided and no one is saying a name and now that he’s gone, they have to say names.


Arisa says Josh came up with the ingenious plan to start chaos, why didn’t it work? Josh says that’s a great question, but he thinks there is a large group of people in the house and he couldn’t get seven to work together and 2 people might be preventing that from happening. He says Kiefer that Tera and Rohan prevented that.


Arisa asks Josh about playing alone? Josh says he didn’t plan on playing alone and he had to pivot after a meltdown and emotions took over very early on. And then he blew up his own game and he had to pivot to a different strategy as a target. Arisa says he’s an original. They’ve never had another like him.


Austin says Josh it’s been a wild week and it didn’t work out him blowing up her game. Beth says she knows he tried to flip the vote and she tells him about the Sunsetters. Tera says Josh has been pegged as the villain and at his core he maybe have been one of the most honest people in the house and she will miss him.


Arisa says earlier she says she had big news and it’s time to let the know about the teams. Arisa says as of right now there are no more teams and she let’s the HG know. It’s every HG for themselves and she wishes them luck. Coming up will be the next HOH challenge and the HG will be dreaming big for this one.


Arisa says to win this one, everyone will need to dream big! It’s time for the next HOH. They brought in a special guest from OLG to help coach them. We meet Max and this challenge is based on dream scenarios. There’s a big prize on the line too! 2 at a time they’ll face off and be shown a dream scenario. Then Arisa will read a statement and they will have to decide if it’s true or false. First one to ring in gets to answer. If they are correct, they’ll stay in the game and pick the next 2 HG to go against each other and their opponent is eliminated.


True or False: Both umbrellas on Latoya’s private island are leaning the same direction. Tychon answers false and is incorrect. Kiefer selects Tera and Breydon to go next.


True or False: In Tina’s scenario she was holding a set of keys. Tera hits true and she’s correct and Breydon is eliminated. Jed and Beth are the next two to face off.


True or False: Tychon, Kiefer, and Josh were all racing cars with odd numbers written on their sides. Jed rings in false and he is correct. He selects Tera and Victoria to face off next.


True or False: In Rohan’s scenario, the lemon half was on the same plate as the lobster. Tera rings in false and she is incorrect. Victoria selects Kiefer and Rohan.


We’ll find out Monday who wins HOH and who will be nominated for eviction!

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