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The Voice Season 20-Blind Auditions 4


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The judges take their chairs and we meet our first artist Connor Christian from Gallipolis, OH. As long as he remembered he had a guitar in his hand. He takes the stage and performs Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr. Blake hits his button to be the first to turn. John is playing air guitar and Nick hits his button and Kelly hits at the last minute. Connor is a 3-chair turn.


Kelly says Christian had a blues bar kind of vibe and his tone was cool. Blake says he’s pumped right now. He says people come up and sing rock and some just come up and rock. He had complete control of the stage and the band was invested and he’s blown away at his talent. Nick says he loved his performance and he doesn’t have anyone like Christian on his team. He’d love to coach him. Kelly says Christian should do some Black Keys.


Nick says Connor, let’s do this. John says who do you pick as your coach? Blake is pointing and says come on Connor. Connor says he’s going to have to go with…Blake!


Next up is Kaitlyn Myers from Schwenksville, PA. She enjoys Motown and she has performed at Carnegie Hall with her choir. She takes the stage and sings If You Really Love Me by Stevie Wonder. Kaitlyn does not get a chair to turn. Kelly says she had a killer cool vibe, but it sounded wild at points. Nick says there is a factor of seeing her and she’s incredibly unique. John says that was a bold choice and they’d be lucky to have her come back and see them again.


Next we meet Bradley Sinclair and he’s from Nashville, TN. He got into singing when he was 12 and in the last year he worked for Apple. He just moved to Nashville a month ago, but with the pandemic he hasn’t been able to perform a lot. He takes the stage and sings Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. Kelly hits her button and is the first to turn. Nick hits his button and Bradley is a 2-chair turn!


Blake enjoyed Bradley’s performance. Nick loves James Arthur’s music and when Bradley was being himself it felt really good. He thinks he has amazing foundation to build on. John says his range is serious and hearing him do that with skill was amazing. Kelly says she’s not a Jonas brother, but she’s cool enough to be named in a Jonas brother song, and she thinks he’d be really great on her team.


Kelly says hey Bradley, who do you pick as your coach? Bradley says this is crazy, he’s going with…Nick!


Next we have a blind audition for us. They are going to sing She Used to Be Mine by Sara Bareilles. Kelly hits her button finally and we see Gihanna Zoe. Nick hits his button also and Gihanna is a 2-chair turn! She’s from Redlands, CA.


John thought Gihanna’s performance was strong at the end but started out shaky. Kelly says she turned way quicker than Nick did. Kelly says the beginning was pitchy and she thinks there a strategy to this and she thinks they would work well together. Nick says that was a great performance and it’s super intense. He’d focus his time working on Gihanna’s nerves and he’d love to have her on his team.


John says Gihanna, who do you pick as your coach? She says she loves them both so much. She chooses…Team Kelly!


Next we meet JD Casper from Austin, TX. He joined the navy after high school and his dad got him a fold up guitar that he slept with on the ship. It was a lifeline for him. He’s going to play multiple instruments and he hopes his audition makes him stand out. He sings How to Save a Life by The Fray. Kelly hits her button and JD is a 1-chair turn and will join Team Kelly!


JD introduces himself and Nick congratulates him. He says it was a cool performance and they don’t have anyone like him on The Voice. Blake says if he expects to make it, he will have to step it up. Singing and playing three instruments at the same time just won’t cut it. Kelly says she loves that song and she loves The Fray and she thought he did a good job of making it his own. She says this is a cool thing for her and she’s going to push him.


The final artist of the night is Deion Warren from Conway, NC. He’s going to sing Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. John hits his button with Kelly right behind. Nick hits his button and Deion is a 3-chair turn!


Deion introduces himself and Blake says he didn’t hit his button because he made a promise to one of his artist’s that he’d keep the lane clear for him. John asks who some of his artistic influences are and Deion says he was a preacher’s kid and he’s now a probation officer. Nick says he would love to be his coach and he thinks they can go all the way to the finale.


John says he loved the song choice Deion made and he thinks it takes skill to pull off making a song his own and he showed all of that. John says Deion doesn’t need a lot of coaching. Kelly says it felt like he was the perfect messenger for that song and she would love to take him to the finale.


Blake asks Deion who he chooses as his coach. Deion says he chooses…Team John!

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