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Big Brother Canada Season 9 - S09E03 HoH Competetion & Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, After a year of darkness there was new life in the house! Then, Big Brother dropped a sledge hammer...dividing the HGs into teams. One by one, team Defender lost it's grip on safety, and thinks to spicy V, team Destiny was sitting pretty.

With all six teammates on the block, Team Defender started tossing targets...at each other! Then, Josh's slip-up sent Julie on a collision course with LaToya. Once the dust settled, Josh conveniently escaped the line of fire.

At the eviction ceremony, Big Brother put the defenders on the defensive, but LaToya laid down the law. Then, in the first eviction of the season, an 11-2 vote took out Julie Vu and the rest of Team Defender were off the hook.

Tonight, will Team Defender continue their downward spiral? Can Team Desitny go back-to-back in the HoH competition? It's total team turmoil on Big Brother Canada!

We see a recap of Julie's eviction. Julie leaves noting that a Queen cannot play with a bunch of commoners. LaToya tells us that Julie was her target because she couldn't keep things to herself... and LaToya got her way.

Austin tells us that she would have rather kept Julie rather than Josh, but she thought it was in her best interest to stick with Team Destiny.

Josh tells us he is still here to fight another day. He did not expect Julie to throw him under the bus just before the eviction. He isn't sure where he stands with people. He is going to lay low this week, and it's crucial for his team to win this week!

Josh tells us he is still here to fight another day. He did not expect Julie to throw him under the bus just before the eviction. He isn't sure where he stands with people. He is going to lay low this week, and it's crucial for his team to win this week!

The horn sounds and the HGs add a third ball. Tina tells us she is coming off a week of safety and she's the oldest person. She needs to be safe this week. Tychon tells us he is struggling but knows he needs to step up. Tychon is eliminated and Beth urges him to walk lightly as he leaves.

Each HGs places a ball on their arrow, holding the bow steady to keep the ball balanced. Kiefer tells us that the first HoH win is so important. They just had to evict one of their own and they need a week off.

Josh tells us this wasn't a good week for him and he really just wants to get the target off his back! He wants one nice day in the BB house where he doesn't have to worry!

The horn sounds and HGs add another ball to their arrow. Jedson tells us this competition is tough. If you move an inch, the balls move far apart, and if you drop one you are eliminated! Austin agrees, noting how heavy the balls are. Kiefer is eliminated and Jed notes that this competition takes a lot of focus.

Josh loses focus and is eliminated, followed quickly by Rohan.. LaToya notes that her team is not looking so good. Three out very quickly. Not a good way to start.

Kyle drops and so does Victoria. Rohan tells us that he looks over at Team Destiny with five players versus three on Team Defender. He needs his teammates to hang in there, but it's not looking good.

The horn sounds and the HGs add a third ball. Tina tells us she is coming off a week of safety and she's the oldest person. She needs to be safe this week. Tychon tells us he is struggling but knows he needs to step up. Tychon is eliminated and Beth urges him to walk lightly as he leaves.

Another horn sounds and the remaining HGs add a fourth ball. Austin tells us her focus is razor sharp. and is not moving an inch. If Team Destiny loses, they are all in trouble and that is a risk she is NOT willing to take. Tina and Tera drop, leaving Beth, Austin on Team Destiny versus LaToya and Breydon on Team Defender. Austin tells us it's anyone's game.

Beth and Breydon both drop. LaToya and Austin are now facing off for their respective teams. LaToya tells Austin she is safe, and Austin says the same to LaToya. LaToya tells us that even though she thinks she can win, the best thing is to cut a deal with Austin. Austin tells us that she hopes LaToya drops, because Austin really needs safety this week.

Kiefer comments to Austin from the sidelines, Irritated, Beth tells us this is not the competition to break someone's focus, especially when you are the first one out (as Kiefer was).

Kiefer tells us that Austin winning could be his worst-case scenario because he hasn't talked game with her. LaToya baubles and drops, Austin is the HoH! Austin celebrates, shouting in the DR that she is the first HoH of the season. LaToya tells us she hopes that Austin honours their deal.

Back in their room, Team Destiny celebrates. Victoria tells us that Austin pulled through for them and that Team Destiny is killing it! Safe for another week!

Austin tells us that so much is swirling in her mind right now. Her goal this week is to have some conversations, get some information and make a smart decision for her game moving forward. It feels great to have the power this week and even better to know she got safety for her entire team. They owe her!

Austin and Beth hug in the wash room. Beth tells us that she and Austin have a strong connection, and have a Final Two Alliance. Austin is her ride-or-die. In the wash room, they talk about how Kiefer tried to distract Austin. Austin shares her plan to get info, and will share with Beth.

LaToya and Kiefer chat on the couch. Kiefer says it's worst case for him, and tells us that it's another loss for Team Defender. He feels defeated. Kiefer tells LaToya he expects to see the block. He is resigned to it.

Josh tells Kiefer not to stress out. Kiefer is worried that he doesn't have alliances or numbers. Josh tries to encourage him to relax and Kiefer tells him he needs time alone. Kiefer has a bad feeling about it.

Austin comes out of the DR and asks who wants to see her HoH room. They all storm into the HoH room to look at Austin's pictures. Austin tells us her room is amazing. There is pink everywhere and pictures from home make her realize how much she misses her family and friends.

Breydon, Kyle, Rohan and Tera pile into the HoH bathtub, and then Tychon turns the water on...they all pile out of the tub in a hurry.

Austin reads her letter from her best friend. It says "Hi Favourite Human! We miss you so very much! Congratulations on winning HoH, Miss Peaches, you've worked so hard for this! Enjoy every minute in the house and just know that I'm thinking about you and cheering you on every second of every day! Secure the $100,000 and come back, because I don't want to do life without you.

Austin tells us that family and friends are everything to her. They are a huge part of her life and her support system. They're everything.

The HGs cheer Austin on as she orders from Wendy's. Austin tells us she is looking forward to it... what a treat! Definitely a nice change from her usual routine in the house.

In the game room, Jedson and Victoria plot to scare someone... Kiefer comes in and sits on the couch that Jedson is hiding behind. Jed pops up and scares Kiefer. Beth and Tera come in and Tera is the next victim.

Rohan tells Kyle that he can't read Beth. Rohan tells us that while Beth is very outgoing, smart and friendly, but he doesn't understand where her loyalties lie. Kyle says the same about Austin. Rohan didn't want either of them to win HoH. They speculate that Josh will throw them under the bus and that Josh and Kiefer will see the block.

Austin tells us Beth is her ride-or-die and she is close to Breydon. She runs scenarios by them. They talk about LaToya and how she is close to the guys. Austin is thinking of backdooring  LaToya. She is a competition beast and Austin feels LaToya's loyalty is not with her. She doesn't know who LaToya's target is. They talk about Jed and Ty working together and not trusting them. They might have a Final Three with LaToya.

Austin gathers the HGs to the Living Room and reads a card from BB. BB is about to ask them to make a difficult decision. She calls the two team captains up. She gives each captain an envelope and instructs them to each take their team to the respective team bedrooms and to open the envelopes for further instruction.

The HGs are excited. Kiefer reads "Team Defender, an excruciating food dilemma lies ahead of you..." Tina explains that inside the envelope are two cards... "Steal" and "Share." If both teams select share, the entire house is given PB and J sandwiches and cookies and milk for the entire week. If one team selects Steal and the other selects Share, the team that selects Steal will get a luxurious dinner tonight, groceries for the week, and an advantage in the next Power of Veto.

The team that selected Share will be put on slop. If both teams select Steal, the entire house will be put on slop for the week. So choose wisely. Rohan summarizes in the DR. LaToya says Share is the best option. Kiefer tells us we can take away his bed, put him on the block, but don't take away his food.

In the Team Destiny room, Austin says they Steal either way. She doesn't want them to win PoV. She can't have the other team have an advantage for the PoV. Tina reminds them the other team could select Steal as well. Tera tells us that picking Steal is a great idea because it will weaken the other team.

Each team has to send a negotiator...Team Defender selects LaToya...she keeps it real so hard. Team Destiny picks Ty as their negotiator. Victoria tells us that Team Destiny agreed to Steal and that Ty needs to sell their lie. Ty tells Team Defender that they should both choose Share while  LaToya tells the same to Team Destiny. Jedson points out to Ty that Team Defender has more to lose by sharing.

Each negotiator reports back to their team. Each team is worried about the other team will double-cross. Tera tells us..."it's just slop" even if both teams Steal.

Breydon tells us that having a PoV advantage on the line is major. The other team better not go back on their word. The HGs are gathering in the living room. Austin calls on the team captains to reveal their selection. On three... Both teams decided to SHARE. Cheers all around and they hug it out!!

Josh tells us if he didn't have to lay low this week, he would 100% have stolen. It looks like they will be singing Kum Ba Yah and eating PB&J for the week.

Ty and Victoria talk about what it's like living in foster care. Victoria tells us she was three when she went into foster care. She bounced around a lot... it wasn't smooth sailing. Through it all, she only had one really caring foster parent. She tells us that she is a strong person and still struggled in foster care. She thinks of kids in care who are not as strong as her and wants to make a change for them.

Austin invites Victoria to share in her Wendy's experience. They order and Austin goes to pick up their order, which is a touchless delivery with a video message from her family, telling her they love and miss her and are proud of her. She is grateful and loves them so much.

She brings the order back to the HoH and tells Victoria about her family's message. Victoria shares about experiences sharing Wendy's with her foster mom.

Beth and Ty talk about how everyone is very game-focussed. Beth tells us that there are some butterflies that are starting...Breydon and LaToya both seem to like Jed... Austin has been flirting with Jed...and Beth flirts with everyone. But if she could choose one person, it would be Ty. He is super easy to talk to and he is big and hunky. Ty tells us that Beth is cute and outgoing. She's cool. They sometimes cuddle... it's nice.

Josh talks to Austin in the HoH room. He tells us his strategy is to give her pros and cons about everyone on Team Defender, so if he's on the block, he's one of two nominees and not her target. He starts with himself... he's super cute, but he admits he had a moment last week. He doesn't want to see LaToya go. Austin agrees. Josh says Ro is a floater... a stronger and smarter competitor than he is letting on. Putting Ro up would not shake up the house. He says the same about Kiefer.

Josh leaves as Kiefer comes into the HoH room. Kiefer asks for a chance to prove his loyalty and says there are bigger targets. Kiefer suggests Josh as a target, and says her best chance for Defender votes is Ro. He doesn't see Josh beating Ro at anything. Austin tells us she has a lot to think about and it's a decision she's not taking lightly.

Rohan talks to Austin. He has talked personally but not much game with her. Now that she's HoH, he needs to approach and make sure he is not on her radar. Rohan doesn't trust Josh. Austin is cool with Rohan and wouldn't want Rohan to be in danger. Rohan tells us that Austin tells him what he wants to hear. He is fairly comfortable at this point, but anything can happen.

The red lights come on and Austin emerges from the HoH room. She tells us with only six nominees to choose from, it really limits her pool, so she needs to make sure she makes the right choice. She feels she has good relationships with half of the Defender team, so that leaves her with just a few options to put up on the block. She is taking into consideration what the house wants, but needs to look out for her game.

Austin comes into the living room and faces the HGs. As HoH, it's her duty to nominate two HGs for eviction. She will select nominees from Team Defender because her team is safe for the week. Her first nominee is Josh. Her second nominee is Kiefer. Josh because he created a lot of chaos in the house in the last week and has thrown a lot of names out. She isn't sure where his loyalties lie. Kiefer because he hasn't spoken game with her until now, and also he was calling her out from the sidelines during the HoH competition. This is game, not personal. She likes and respects them both. She encourages them to fight for PoV. The nomination ceremony is complete.

Josh tells us that being real, he was supposed to go home last week, but he got himself out of that pickle and he's excited to do that again. Kiefer tells us it sucks being on the block but sitting next to Josh is his best case scenario, because Josh has burned a ton of bridges. Kiefer is up, but he's not out. He's ready to fight for PoV and we haven't seen the last of him.

Will Josh or Kiefer win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday night at 7PM  Eastern.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S09E03 was written by App.

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