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The Voice Season 20-Blind Auditions 3


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We immediately kick the night off with our first artist Ryleigh Modig and she’s from Spencer, MA. She grew up performing with her dad on stage. She’s going to perform when the party’s over by Billie Eilish. Kelly hits her button first and she stands after she turns. Nick is looking down at Kelly while listening. Nick hits his button finally. Ryleigh is a 2-chair turn!


Nick says that was an excellent song choice and Ryleigh has the kind of tone and voice that speaks to his soul. John says the thing that was so captivating was the power of her bravado and it made everything sound more emotional. Nick thinks there were things that weren’t perfect and he knows how to coach nerves. Kelly says she didn’t come across as nervous, but she seemed to get lost in the song and she can relate to that. Kelly says that should have been a four chair turn and she thinks she’s really cool.


John says Ryleigh has to make a choice and asks who she picks as her coach. She says ok…I’m going to have to go…Team Kelly!


Our next artist is Pia Renee from Chicago, IL. She was in a reggae band in her 20s. Music has always been a part of her life. She can’t wait to see who her style and voice resonates with. She performs Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder. The coaches listen through the first chorus and the judges keep looking at each other. Blake hits his button at the last minute and John immediate follows.


Blake is upset and Pia introduces herself. Blake says that was so good. He says she was singing fast and he couldn’t figure out what was going on. He thinks they have a similar style. He says he has a lot of experience on the show. Nick says that was phenomenal and he likes an unexpected coaching duo. John says America needs to hear someone like her with so much soul and energy. Blake says he’s learned to love Reggae and Ska because of Gwen.


Nick says it’s time to make a decision, who do you pick as your coach? Pia laughs and says she chooses…John!


John points out he’s the only one with a block left. Next we meet Andrew Marshall and he’s from Boxford, MA. Andrew says music got him through his Leukemia diagnosis and he’s now in remission. He’s going to perform Gravity by John Mayer. Nick hits his button pretty quickly. Andrew is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Nick!


Blake says he’s a huge John Mayer fan and he thought about hitting his button and didn’t, but he’s on Team Nick. John says the only challenge for him is the song doesn’t go a lot of places musically and he wants to see what he picks next to show the contours of his voice. Kelly says Andrew has a really great voice. Nick is shocked they didn’t turn their chairs and he’s a perfect addition to his team. Nick presents Andrew with his Nick’s notes.


Emma Caroline is our next artist and she’s from Tuscaloosa, AL. Her dad is a military helicopter pilot. She’s excited because her dad can watch her audition. She takes the stage and has chosen the song Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves. Blake hits his button quickly. Kelly hits her button also. Emma is a 2-chair turn!


Emma introduces herself and Nick says that was a great performance and he felt there were some things that were timid. John says he and Nick were hesitant to turn because Blake turned since he’s the obvious and predictable choice. Kelly says she loves that song and she’d love to have her on her team. Blake says she has more of a mountain sounding voice and she thinks Kacey created a new spot and he thinks Emma can do that too. He would be honored to have her as his coach.


John says who do you pick as your coach? Emma says this is a hard choice…the coach that she chooses…and this is not easy at all…is Blake!


The next artist is James Tutson from Iowa City, IA. He has two kids and he is a late bloomer but he wants to do this. He performs Beyond by Leon Bridges. The judges listen closely but James does not get a chair turn. John says he has a comforting voice but it didn’t come together for him. Blake says the singing felt too laid back and not emphasis on the singing. Kelly says she gets nervous about artists being nervous.


Next is Ciana Pelekai and she’s originally from Hawaii, but now she’s in Las Vegas, NV. There aren’t many opportunities for artists on the island she’s from. She takes the stage and sings Dance Monkey by Tones and I. John hits his button pretty quickly. Nick hits his button a bit later but he is blocked. Ciana will be joining Team John!


Kelly has just seen Nick is blocked and he didn’t realize it. John says he loves how long it took him to realize. Ciana introduces herself and Kelly congratulates her for being on John’s team. Blake says he opted out of this because it’s too funny. Nick says he used a block on John and he retaliated, but he hopes her new coach will make a mistake down the road. John welcomes Ciana to his team. He says she has a cool tone and a good pocket and range. And he had a feeling that Nick would turn and he thought it was the moment to get him back.


The next artist takes the stage and it’s a blind audition for us too. They sing At This Moment by Billy Vera & The Beaters. John turns his chair and we see Jose Figueroa Jr from Kissimmee, FL. Nick looks like he’s thinking about turning. He finally hits his button at the end. Jose is a 2-chair turn.


John says he thought that should have been a 40-chair turn. Blake notes his style and Jose says he likes to look his best. Jose is a Zumba instructor and he thinks it would be interesting to teach Blake. John says he likes working with singers who have dynamic and range and hopefully he’ll be joining Team Legend. Kelly felt there were too many runs and John says that’s easy to handle. Blake feels good about not turning around and he was envisioning Jose and Nick doing a duet later in the season. Nick says Jose was unbelievable and he cannot have him pick John Legend. It will break his heart and it can’t happen because he won’t sleep tonight. John says Nick will be just fine no matter what happens.


Blake says Jose, who do you pick as your coach? Jose says they are both incredible. This is a tough decision. The coach he is going to go with is going to have to be…Team Nick!


Halley Greg from Seattle, WA is our next artist. She was a high school science teacher but was a singer/songwriter by night. She resigned in January of 2020 but then the pandemic hit in March. She’s going to sing I’m Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado, but with her own spin. Kelly looks surprised and hits her button very quickly. Halley is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Kelly.


Kelly says this is the most awesome feeling ever. Halley introduces herself and Kelly says she was so excited to turn around because her voice is so pure and intimate and beautiful and the other coaches missed it. She says it reminded her of Annie Lennox. Nick says she used her voice as an expression and he can’t wait to hear more of it. John thought the performance was very poetic and he thought it was beautifully crafted.


Next up is Durell Anthony and he’s from San Diego, CA. He started singing in church with his sister and took piano lessons with nuns. He takes the stage and sits at a piano and performs What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. John hits his button very quickly. Kelly hits her button towards the end. Durell is a 2-chair turn!


Durell introduces himself and John says that was a beautiful rendition of that song and it sounded like his own. He’d love to work with him. Nick thought the performance was great and the song choice was amazing. Kelly says she loved his voice and he was incredible. She says he came across as a songwriter and she’d love to have him on her team. Blake loved his voice.


Durell is told it’s time to pick his coach and he has decided to go with…John!


Next up is Jesse Desorcy and he’s from Burrillville, RI. He was going to join the military but he ended up with vision problems and he’s legally blind. He put a band together and he opened up for Big & Rich. He takes the stage and has chosen the song Dust on the Bottle by David Lee Murphy. Kelly immediately looks at Blake and she sings along. He does not get a chair turn. Kelly tells him there were some pitch issues that she wasn’t sure if it was nerves. Blake says his energy level was through the roof and he was singing sharp a lot and maybe bring the key up next time. Nick says playing with a band would be good for him.


Our next artist is Avery Roberson from Rutherfordton, NC. His grandpa was in a bluegrass band and his father did country and is an inspiration to him. He takes the stage and is going to sing If You’re Reading This by Tim McGraw. John hits his button and Kelly is immediately after. Blake hits a moment later. Nick finally hits his button. Avery is a 4-chair turn!


Avery introduces himself and Kelly says that sounded beautiful and intimate and his tone is incredible. She’s a fan of his and hopes he does well. John says Blake looks so smug. Blake says Kelly grew up on country music and then walked away and all he’s ever done is country. He just celebrated his tenth year as part of the Grand Ole Opry. He still lives in Oklahoma and he’s the only person on the panel to know who sings the song he just sang. And you need a concrete foundation of where country was to know where it was going.


Nick says he’d love to hear from Avery what he’d like to sing and he says he originally started off singing pop and his grandad and his dad are country and that’s where he lives now. Nick says he references songs that’s inspiring to him and some of that is from country and he’s worked with some country artist. John says he knows he’s not the obvious choice but he turned first because he heard a beautiful voice and the tone is rich and subtle. John says he turned because he loves music and he loves coaching great vocalists.


Blake says this is his 20th season. He wants to be able to be on his level and fight for what he wants. Nick says the time has come, who do you pick as your coach? Avery says they are killing him. He would love to work with any of them and they are all amazing, but he has to go with his gut and he chooses…Blake!

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