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Big Brother Canada Season 9-First Eviction

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Tonight, six teammates are on the block and tonight, one will be sent home. After a year in the dark, the house was ready to get lit. the first two to enter were team captains, Kiefer and Tina. They got a sneak peek at 12 recruits. Then all the HG learn the truth, that someone is always watching.


The cross country captains went big on their first picks and we had Team Defender and Team Destiny. In the first challenge of the season, team safety was on the line and Team Destiny won safety. How will team Defender cope with the devastating loss and which of the historic six HG on the block will be evicted?


Arisa welcomes us and tonight we’ll have our first eviction. But first, let’s look at what happened after last night’s challenge. We see the winning team find out they will get a feast and the losing team gets slop. Breydon says he’s not eating tonight. Kyle says he’s feeling guilty and he’s feeling the weight of the loss. He’s safe but he’s not looking forward to losing a teammate.


Victoria thought she would be the target because she stands out. She’s so excited she won the challenge for their team. Rohan doesn’t know if people look at him as a threat since he was the last one standing for his team. Josh says everyone is trying to hold hands and give hugs, but it won’t last very long. Right now they aren’t playing the game as individuals so they need to get out the weakest link to make their team stronger for next week. It’s a bit of a mind trip.


Breydon thinks people will want to get Jedson out. Julie doesn’t like that they have to figure out who to cut already. She suggests Josh to Breydon. Tychon and Jedson are talking about they could be big targets. Tychon says even though they are on different teams he knows they want to work together right away and they want to recruit Latoya.


Kyle’s team heads down to try their slop. Kyle says he has a weak stomach and Breydon says it smells like fish food. He told himself he wouldn’t eat slop once and here he is night one. Team Destiny gets their feast and they have spaghetti. Jedson says slop isn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Breydon says the slop isn’t for him. He won’t be eating that.


Victoria and Beth are talking and celebrating they are in the house and they are safe. Tina has joined them and they can’t believe they are in the house. Tina thinks they have a good thing going and they imply an alliance.


Latoya, Jedson, and Tychon are talking and Latoya thinks the guys can really help her game and she wants to figure out a target and get through the week. They are trying to figure out the weakest person and they think it’s Julie. Latoya doesn’t think she’ll be loyal or keep her mouth shut and that makes her dangerous. They agree they can’t do too much together.


Arisa says tonight, Team Defender will be down to six. Austin, Julie, and Breydon love to talk game, make-up, and gossip. They are The Dolls. Austin thinks they click and Breydon says they could run the house with no muscle men in the final. They are going to pose in front of the doors.


Team Destiny is having a discussion if they are going to vote together and they think they should for the first time. They want to hear who the other team suggests and they would be shocked if Breydon went home. Tychon thinks Jedson is safe and Beth thinks Rohan would be safe. Tera says there could be a tie, but their captain has the tie breaker which could give them the upper hand.


The HG are playing never have I ever. Josh talks about coming out to his mom and his step-dad. Julie says she has two coming out stories. She came out to them as gay in high school and she was bullied because she was the only gay guy in school. She says she’s here for a purpose and they are here to represent people. She finally learned the term transgender and she worked hard to make money to when she was 19 she started her transition.


Breydon says he also came out in high school. Latoya has a story and she’s bisexual and she doesn’t have an out story because she’s not out, but maybe now she is. She hates that they have to have a coming out story because if you’re straight you don’t have one. Austin feels lucky to be part of this bonding discussion.


Because this is no normal week 1, the HG are here to play. Julie, Breydon, Latoya, Kyle, and Josh are talking about their life and languages. Josh feels his place in the game is turning into a floater. People are starting to click and they will start turning into something. Josh has no clue where his place is in this house. He’s on the losing team and he’s in danger of going home and he’s feeling overwhelmed. He goes to talk to Julie and he tells her he doesn’t want an alpha male season. Josh pitches Rohan as a target. Tychon walks out Josh says he’s watching them. Josh is going to talk to Keifer and Julie will talk to Breydon.


Julie is talking to Latoya, Victoria, Breydon, and Tera and tells them Josh said there was a boys alliance. She recaps their conversation and explains Josh pitched Rohan. Latoya says this is what she was worried about with Julie. She can’t keep her mouth shut and she thinks she’ll stir the pot and that’s who she wants evicted.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s the first eviction show of season 9. Tina and Beth are talking about the eviction. Beth mentions Rohan, but then Josh is running his mouth. Beth says keeping Josh might be good because he’ll be a target.


Josh wants to talk to Julie and he thinks there is a four dude alliance that needs to be nipped in the bud. He wants to work with Julie to disband because he thinks she would get behind it. Josh says it’s been easier to be alone and process the idea that he could be the first person to go home. Julie wants to know who said her name and Josh says initially, Latoya did. Julie wants to know why her name is being tossed out and Josh says because she’s separate from the pack. They hug it out.


Julie says Josh told her Latoya is throwing her name under the bus and she is shook. She needs to get to the bottom of this immediately. She goes to talk to Latoya and tells her what Josh said. Latoya says she’s going to the hot tub and not comment because this is insane. She says she’s exhausted and she doesn’t want to deal with this or entertain any more of this right now. Julie says that’s not how you speak to Julie. Latoya needs to pack her bags and leave. Tera says the team twist has the defender team scrambling and she’s glad she’s safe this week.


Time for the first live eviction of season 9. But the first vote of the season will be the first of it’s kind. Arisa welcomes the HG and she says they are doing things very differently this week. Some questions from the winning team have been anonymously submitted and they are seeking answers.


Breydon’s question is the house has seen him make close connections, does this put a target on his back? He says he doesn’t think so. He thinks it shows he’s willing to get to know people.


Jedson is ask how important it is to have a final two? He thinks it’s important to have a final two at some point, but they don’t know each other yet and making a F2 it too early because you don’t know who you can trust.


How did Rohan feel hearing his name as a possible target? He says it made him feel uneasy and he thinks he made good personal connections and he hopes he can get to know them more going forward.


Did Josh have an agenda when he threw out assumptions of a guys alliance and he says no he had paranoia.


Latoya is asked if she threw out Julie’s name this week and she says she did mention her as an option, but she also mentioned everyone’s name because she was assessing their strengths and weaknesses.


Julie is asked who the weakest player on Team Defender is and she says Josh because he’s an emotional player and he’s wishy washy and throwing everyone under the bus.


Time to vote!

Austin votes to evict the beautiful Julie.

Beth votes to evict Julie.

Breydon sadly casts his vote to evict Julie.

Josh sadly votes to evict Julie.

Julie votes to evict Josh.

Jedson sadly votes to evict Julie

Right now it’s 5 votes to evict Julie and 1 for Josh, but there are still 7 votes to go.


Let’s get the rest of the votes!

Latoya votes to evict Julie.

Victoria votes to evict Josh.

Kyle sadly votes to evict Julie.

Kiefer sadly votes to evict Julie.

Rohan votes to evict Julie.

Tera sadly votes to evict Julie.

Tychon sadly votes to evict Julie.

By a vote of 11-2, Julie has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


Julie gives hugs and tells them to have fun. She heads upstairs and poses and says let’s be real, a queen can’t play a game with a bunch of commoners and she heads out.


Arisa says she wishes they had a huge crowd for Julie. She say she’s shocked and asks what happened. Julie says she is shocked too and she thought she was the weakest in the competition and she was seen as a threat because of her connections.


Arisa asks about her sharing her personal story and she says she’s so grateful and she’s hopeful it inspired a lot of people. Arisa asks what she might have done differently and she says fight harder maybe.

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