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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Premiere

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Today a new journey begins as a group of Canadians lights a path filled with color to this forgotten place. What was left will be re-discovered and made into a new world with new heroes. We can’t go back and change the beginning but there’s still a chance to change the ending.


And now our host Arisa Cox! There will be things happening we’ve never seen. The strictest possible protocols have been put in place to protect the cast and the crew. Time to get the season underway. The house may look similar in some ways, but things are very different this year.


It’s time for a new crew of Canadians to turn the page and write their own ending to this story. The house has been empty and nature has claimed what once belong to heroes and villains. New HG will lift the veil of darkness and the most epic twist in BB history, team vs team. 14 HG with two teams in a historic clash for power. Each team will have to fight together, work together, and live together.


Tonight, the battle lines will be drawn until one day it will be every competitor for themselves while we wait for the first BB Canada champion in 2 years! It’s time for the sequel. The captains will be chosen by Canadians and the results are in. The two HG have no idea about any of this but they’re about to find out.


Canada voted for the two team captains and we see Keifer and Tina. Keifer is a radio host and Tina is a graphic designer. Keifer is from British Colombia and Tina is from Newfoundland. Arisa brings them out and welcomes them and she reiterates they’ve been in isolation for two weeks and they’ve been tested multiple times. She is going to hit them with a major twist and she explains the two teams and tells them they are the team captains. She tells them to follow the arrows and wishes them luck and sends them in!


Kiefer and Tina hug and they note it’s empty, like last season but it’s grown over with weeds. They head downstairs and wonder what team captain means. They talk about how quiet it is. They find the arrows and they are in a colorful room with some chairs. Arisa welcomes them to the games room. They’ll get to see the other HG arrive but not hear them. They will chose their teams based on first impressions.


Arisa lets them take that in and we meet the next HG. Tychon, Beth, Kyle, and Julie. Beth is from Alberta and she’s a social worker and Big Brother is her calling. She grew up on a farm but she lives in the city. Julie and she’s from British Colombia and she’s an influencer. She is transgender and has transitioned to a woman. Tychon is from Quebec and he’s a grandma’s boy. He’s close to the women in his life. He’s an urban planner. Kyle is from Alberta and he’s unemployed. He lives with his parents and he’s going to be the fun guy in the house.


Beth, Julie, Tychon, and Kyle are on the stage and Arisa welcomes them and sends them into the house. Kiefer and Tina watch them on the TV as they enter. Kyle notes they are the first ones in. Introductions begin and Kiefer asks if they are all models and Tina says they are a good looking bunch. They new HG are right outside the games room and they realize all the rooms are locked. Tina and Kiefer wonder how they will fit in with these people.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time to meet the next group of HG. We see Latoya, Jedson, Austin, and Josh. Latoya is a police officer from Ontario. She thinks her job will benefit her in the house. Jed is from Ontario and he’s a personal trainer and he recently got into professional modeling. Austin and she’s from Ontario and she’s a realtor and a model. She has a crazy memory. Josh is from British Colombia and he’s a lonewolf.


Arisa welcomes Latoya, Jedson, Austin, and Josh to the stage and she wishes them luck and sends them in. Kiefer and Tina watch and introductions and hugs begin again. Its time to meet the final group.


We meet Breydon, Victoria, Rohan, and Tera. Breydon is a student and he says he’s a petty witch and spiteful. Victoria is from Ontario and she’s a youth advocate and she’s bubbly and over the top. Tera and she’s from Ontario and a spin instructor and a mom of two. She’s loud and energetic and she’s very determined. She plans on winning HOH a couple of times. Rohan is from Ontario and he’s a strategic partnerships manager. He thinks he’ll be a puppetmaster and get people to do what he wants.


Breydon, Victoria, Rohan, and Tera are on stage with Arisa and she sends them in after wishing them luck. Introductions begin again and hugs start. Kiefer suggests guys vs girls and Tina says no. Not going to happen. All 14 HG are inside and the captains are spying in secret. When we come back everyone will learn the twist and the captains will do a good, old-fashioned school yard pick.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time to fill in the HG about the twist. Arisa welcomes them to season 9 and she says they are wasting zero time in getting to the first twist and it’s one for the history books. She tells them they are starting the season with teams. It’s time to find out who Canada voted for as captains and Kiefer and Tina join everyone in the living room. Tina is the captain of Team Destiny and Kiefer is the captain of Team Defender.


Arisa says they’ll chose teams based on first impressions. They do a coin flip to see who gets first pick and it’s Team Destiny. There’s no HOH or veto competition week 1, but there is a team safety challenge. Both captains are safe for the week as is everyone on the winning team. But the losing team will all be up for eviction. For the next few weeks, they’ll compete with their teams and live in the same bedrooms and Arisa sends them to check out the bedrooms.


Team Destiny is Tina, Tychon, Beth, Austin, Kyle, Victoria, and Tera. Team Defender is Kiefer, Latoya, Julie, Josh, Jedson, Rohan, and Breydon.


Breydon was chosen last for a team and he thinks they are underestimating him. It’s time for the first challenge. They need to hold up a bucket filled with sludge and when they drop their bucket, they are eliminated. The winning team will be safe for the week and the captains will not compete. And there is no POV this week.


The challenge begins and Victoria is struggling but she says she’s playing it up and she’s fine. Arisa hopes they know they should expect the unexpected and things are about to get more tricky. The captains can add sludge to an opposing team members bucket and make the challenge that much harder. When they see a light they can select who they want. Jedson gets hit by the first few from Team Destiny. Kiefer is giving sludge to all of them and make them all hurt.


Beth is the first to drop and then Josh. Julie drops a bit later and then Kyle. Jedson’s bucket is almost full and he’s holding it down. Tychon has a full bucket as well. Jedson’s dripping sweat and his hands are shaking.


Tychon gets more sludge and Jedson is starting to feel it and he finally let’s go. Tychon is working and he loses his bucket too. Latoya is now out and Austin is out also. It’s down to Rohan and Breydon vs Victoria. Breydon is struggling and he drops. It’s down to Rohan vs Victoria. It’s been 1 hour and 29 minutes and Victoria keeps pulling her bucket up. Rohan is doing the same and is bent and they are eyeing each other. Rohan finally loses his bucket and Victoria is left with Team Destiny winning the challenge.


Kiefer says losing this competition means they are losing a teammate and it’s a horrible feeling even though he is safe. Arisa wants to let them in on a couple of things. Tina will only vote in the event of a tie. Everyone in the house will vote, even the nominees. The winning team gets a giant feast as a reward. Team Defender will have slop, but it’s for one night only for now. Welcome to Big Brother Canada!

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