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The Voice Season 20-Blind Auditions 2


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It’s night 2 of the blind auditions and the judges take their chairs. We kick off the night with a blind audition for the audience too. Blake is the first to turn and he has used his block against Nick. Nick turns a moment later. We get our first look at Gean Garcia and he has performed All I Want by Kodaline. Kelly hits her button at the end and she is stunned. Gean is from Texas, but he was born in New York City. Gean is a 3-chair turn.


Gean toured with his dad and he’s from McAllen, TX. He loves Spanish music but he likes a wide variety of genres. Nick says he’s having a tough time because he thought they were going to play nice but he was blocked by Blake. Blake lies about blocking Nick and Kelly asks Gean if he wants to be on a liar’s team. Nick says Kelly is the obvious choice for Gean. John says he has interesting voice and he’s excited to see what he does. Kelly loved Gean so much because he moved her. Blake says if he was the guy who blocked Nick it’s because he was passionate about his voice. He thinks Gean’s voice is something people can connect to and he wants him on his team.


Gean is deciding who’s team he wants to be on. Gean says so, I choose team Kelly!


Next up is Aaron Konzelman and he’s from Waco, TX. He takes the stage and performs Ordinary World by Duran Duran. John and Blake hits their buttons at nearly the same time. Aaron is a 2-chair turn.


Blake says they don’t get a lot of artists like Aaron on the show and he guesses he performs a lot. Blake thinks he and Aaron have way more in common musically than him and John. John says it was the combination of being raspy and angelic and he felt the joy from his performance. He’d love to work with an artist like him. Blake says he’s the only coach that doesn’t live in Hollywood because he doesn’t want to lose sight of his roots.


Kelly says Aaron, who do you pick as your coach? Aaron says he’s going to go with…team Blake!


The next artist is Carolina Rial and she’s from Ridgefield, NJ. She’s a first generation American and she’s going to perform Stay With My by Sam Smith. John and Nick hit their buttons back to back. Carolina is a 2-chair turn.


Nick says Carolina has the kind of voice this show is about. He and John say hi to her mom who is in the back. John says what a tour deforce that performance was. Her control was insane and she breathed new life into that song and he would love to work with her. Kelly says she has a beautiful gift but maybe not so many riffs.


Kelly says alright Carolina, who do you pick as your coach? She says this is hard because she loves them both. She picks…Team John!


Next we meet Ethan Lively and he’s from Coalfield, TN. He works at a dog groomers and he also works on a farm. He’s going to sing You Look So Good In Love by George Strait. The coaches listen intently. Blake finally hits his button. Ethan is a 1-chair turn and he will join Team Blake!


Nick asks when he discovered his voice and Ethan says he’s been singing since he was three years old. John says Ethan is in the place where he needs to be. Blake says he’s a little embarrassed that he’s the only one that turned around because of the lack of country knowledge from the other coaches. He thinks Ethan has an interesting voice.


Next up is Yellsmiles from Hamburg NJ. Her first time singing in public was when she was seven. She sings Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus. She does not get a chair turn. John felt the edge and coolness but it was hard for him to narrow in on what her voice sounded like. Nick says he thinks she’ll turn this no into a yes and he’s excited for her.


Now we meet the final artist of the night and he is Zae Romeo and he’s from McKinney, TX. He and his siblings were adopted from the foster care system and he’s going to perform Falling by Harry Styles. Kelly hits her button with Blake right behind. Nick hits his a moment later. John continues to listen and finally hits his button. Zae is a 4-chair turn.


Blake says Zae has a unique voice and it was as tender as he wanted to be. John says his performance had interesting twists and turns and the piercing notes were different from the lower notes. He has a beautiful gift and an artistic flair.


Nick says that was spiritual and asks Zae if he listens to Labryinth and he does. Nick says that was vulnerable and he’d love to him to come to team Nick. Kelly says it was emotional and there were a few parts that were shaky and his high notes were so pretty. Kelly loved his voice and she turned first and she thinks she can win with him. Nick says he hasn’t won the show and he thinks he could get there with Zae.


Nick says Zae has a tough choice, but who does he pick as his coach? Zae says well, um, it’s a hard decision, but he chooses…Nick!

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