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The Voice Season 20-Blind Auditions 1


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We’re ready for the ten year anniversary of The Voice and we have judges Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Nick Jonas!


We meet Kenzie Wheeler and he’s from Dover, Florida, and he has a mullet and he loves Blake, but he wants a chair turn. He’s going to sing Don’t Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley and he takes the stage for his performance. Kelly blocks Blake and turns quickly. John hits his button not far behind. Nick tries to block Blake but his button doesn’t work and John tells him Blake is already blocked. Nick turns and John tells Blake to just turn and get it over with and Blake hits his button. Kenzie is a four chair turn!


Blake says Kenzie has the triple threat mullet and he’s a unicorn! Blake says Kelly lost her block. Nick says nothing brought him more pleasure than hearing his voice and Blake being blocked. Kelly says she is going to fight for Kenzie. Nick says he’s an obvious choice and Blake endorses him. John says last season he got a country artist and he made it to the lives. Kelly says she has won with two country singers and she used her only block.


John asks Kenzie who he picks as his coach and Kenzie says he picks…Kelly!


The next artist takes the stage and her name is Dana Monique and she performs Freeway of Love by Aretha Franklin. Nick hits his button quickly and John is right behind. Nick and John are on their feet. Dana is a 2 chair turn!


Dana is from Houston, TX and Nick says she had to have been singing for a long time. Nick says that was unbelievable and she has a choice to make. Nick thinks he and her both have a lot to prove and he thinks she is exceptional. John says it was powerful and energetic and she did it beautifully. Kelly says they should have turned but she loses a lot to John. John sings to her and Nick says he hit his button within 20 seconds. John says he was waiting for the climb and Nick says he was in from the jump.


Kelly asks Dana whose team she wants to be on and she says she does have something to prove and she chooses…Nick!



We meet Cam Anthony and he’s from Philadelphia, PA. He grew up in a violent neighborhood, but he sang in church as his escape. He has appeared on The Ellen show and he visited Obama in White House. He’s hoping to get John to turn, but all the coaches are amazing. He has selected the song Lay Me Down by Sam Smith. As he gets to the chorus Nick and John both hit their buttons, but Nick has blocked John. Blake turns a moment later. Kelly is listening with her eyes closed. Cam is a 3-chair turn!


Kelly says Nick stole the chance to work with John from Cam. John says if he gets a chance to steal he will do it. Blake says his voice was so smooth and it was incredible. Blake says he would be honored to have him on his team and he won’t pick anyone else who has a similar style so he’ll have his own lane. Nick says he can tell he has family roots supporting him and they put up his family on the screen and he introduces them. Nick says he thinks Cam has a finale voice and he’d be honored to coach him. Blake says he’s been doing this a long time and keeping a lane open can be valuable.


Kelly says Cam, who do you pick as your coach? Cam thinks a moment and he thinks he’s going to pick… Blake!


Next to the stage is Christine Cain and she’s from Pasadena, CA. This is her fourth performance she’s ever done. She’s going to sing Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles. She was bullied in high school because of her size but her mother encouraged to sing if she wanted to. She takes the stage and John hits his button as she gets to the chorus. Kelly hits her button a moment later. Christine is a 2-chair turn.


John says he loves that song and he was captured by Christine’s tone and he would love to coach her. Kelly thought her whole vibe was so cool. She’d love to have Christine on her team and John says he loves the name Christine, his wife is named Christine.


Blake asks who she picks as her coach and Christine says the coach she is going to choose is…John!


The next artist is Madison Curbelo and she’s from Westfield, MA. She takes the stage and sings Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin while she plays guitar. She does not get a chair turn and John and Kelly say so close. Nick says she was almost there the whole time and he just needed to feel a sense of urgency. Kelly says there is something special about her. Blake says he could tell she was young and she needs a touch more strength.


Next to the stage is Pete Mroz from Nashville, TN and he’s a salesman. He pursued country music when he was 19 and he was in a group. He still plays music but it’s difficult to get to the next level. He steps up and plays guitar and sings Can’t Find My Way Home by Blind Faith. John hits his button. The other coaches listen and Blake hits his button. Pete is a 2-chair turn.


John thinks Pete has a nice energy and he was fully into the music and he liked that. Blake was in the group Pete was in called the Young Riders. Pete says Blake stole his bass player. Blake says he hasn’t seen him in 25 years. John says Pete should get back at Blake and join team Legend. Blake says they could have a blast and he’d love to work with him again.


Kelly says Pete, who do you pick as your coach? Pete says he has to go with the old cowboy and he joins Team Blake!


Our next artist is Devan Blake Jones from Denver, CO. He thinks Nick is one of the coolest guys on the planet. His parents have pushed him to succeed and he’s here for a reason. He has chosen the song Hard Place by H.E.R. Nick hits his button. Devan is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Nick!


Nick greets Devan and Blake congratulates him. Kelly says she loved his performance and she was waiting for one extra level. Nick says the other coaches are insane. He says the top part of his register really spoke to him and he feels like there is so much there and he’s excited to work with him.


Next we have a blind audition for us and they perform Electric Feel by MGMT. The coaches are all dancing in their chairs. John finally hits his button with Blake and Nick right behind, and we finally see Raine Stern and she’s from Madison, WI and she is a 3 chair turn.


Blake says he’s not often speechless and Raine knew how to milk a performance and she’s a rare find. Nick says Raine is one of the most unique performers they’ve seen on the show. John says even without a live audience, Raine was working the audience and they are lucky she brought that energy to the show.


Kelly asks Raine who she picks as her coach and she says it’s a hard decision. She thinks she has to go with…Nick!


Madison Marigold from Santa Clarita, CA and she’s our next artist. She speaks Chinese and she recorded a song in Chinese and got to open for Demi Lovato. She takes the stage and sings If the World Was Ending by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels. The coaches listen closely and Kelly says pretty, but she doesn’t get a chair to turn. Blake says Julia Michaels is so conversational in her writing and that was a lot to bite off. Nick says there were moments where she showed a lot of vocal technique but it never took off. Kelly says she is very talented.


Corey Ward is from Hartsville, SC and he was on last season of The Voice and he didn’t get a chair turn. He’s bene practicing. He has decided to perform the song Dancing On My Own by Robyn. John immediately hits his button with Kelly right behind. Nick is listening and thinking and Blake is watching Nick. Corey is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly says Corey is a passionate performer. Kelly says she is looking for someone to move her and she would love to be his coach. John says his voice made him focus on the passion and emotion and he’d love to guide him to be the best artist he would be. Nick and Blake discuss who Corey should pick.


Blake asks Corey who he picks as his coach. Corey says this is the hardest thing ever. He’s going to go with…Kelly!


Our final artist of the night is Victor Solomon and he’s from Peoria, IL. He’s a representative of the student body at his college. He will be singing Glory by Common and John Legend. Blake hits his button quickly. John hit his button a moment later. Nick finally hits his button just leaving Kelly to listen. Victor is a 3-chair turn.


Blake says Victor has an old man voice. He asks if gospel is his main genre and Victor says it’s a big part. Blake says he had someone on his team who was big in gospel. Kelly tells Blake this song was John’s song. Nick clarifies that it was his Oscar winning song. Nick says he grew up in church as well and that’s what gave him his musical roots. Nick says he’d love to work with Victor. John says when they wrote that song it was meant to evoke the songs their ancestors sang. John says Victor did things he didn’t do and he was better. Victor says he grew up singing John Legend songs. John sings Ordinary People with Victor.


Kelly asks Victor who he picks as his coach. Victor says he wants to shake things up just a little bit, but he’s going to have to go with…John!

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