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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 11 Final Leg New Orleans, Louisiana


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The final leg begins in Manila, Philippines and the teams are racing to New Orleans back in the U.S. Riley and Maddison are the first to depart at 6 am. When the teams arrive in New Orleans they must go to the French Quarter. Riley and Maddison say they started a little shaky but they are peaking right now and it feels good to see their alliance work out. They feel prepared because they have grown.


Will and James depart three minutes after Riley and Maddison and they say they could use the money and they want to win. Hung and Chee leave a few minutes later and Hung says the race has shown her just how much she loves Chee and he says she’s a loyal person and they see no reason they can’t win. Will and James say they are going to win and there’s no question about it.


The teams have landed in New Orleans and they are out to grab taxis. They are going to Louis Armstrong park. Hung and Chee say it’s good to be back on American soil. Chee says it’s no longer about survival or advancing, it’s about winning. Riley and Maddison realize they are in third but they aren’t panicking yet.


Will and James arrive first and they get their clue and they will join the party on Bourbon Street and they have to catch beads and collect 50 red and 50 gold necklaces to get their next clue. Hung and Chee arrive next and they read their clue. Will and James have been to New Orleans before so they know where they are going. Riley and Maddison are hoping to make up time but their driver didn’t take them to the right place and then they end up lost.


Will and James arrive first at the party and they say this is fun and they begin to catching beads. Hung and Chee arrive and they join in to catch beads as well and they say this is awesome and Hung loves it. Riley and Maddison are trying to get directions to the park and they are still struggling.


Riley and Maddison finally find the park and their clue and they know they have to make up time. They finally arrive and they see the crowd and they yell at the crowd what they need. Hung and Chee have 50 but they aren’t correct. They bead sizes have to match also so they can’t use skinny ones, only big beads. Will and James think they are doing it wrong and they realize they just need the big ones too.


Will and James think they have it and they do and they get their next clue. Roadblock: Who will be left holding the baby? Teams will have to dig through cakes to find tiny babies that have been baked in. They have to put on a washboard and play with a band on the way to the café. James says Will loves cakes and the roadblock involves king cakes.


Hung and Chee think they have their beads and they do and they head off. Will and James arrive at Café Beignet. Will has to search for the baby and he’s had king cake every year of his life and he knows what the baby looks like. Hung and Chee are on the way and Chee is trying to coax the band into moving a bit faster. Riley and Maddison have their beads and they are off.


James hears another band coming and it’s Hung and Chee arriving and Chee is going to do the roadblock. They bring in two extra racks of cakes for Will and Chee. Riley and Maddison arrive and Will has found the baby. The teams now have to eat half a dozen of beignets. Chee is getting nervous he might have missed the baby. Will is struggling to eat the beignets. James’s stomach hurts and Will says well they’re going to be there awhile and he’s trying not to get sick.


Will is trying hard and James is telling him he needs to finish the beignet and Will says he can’t finish what’s in his mouth. Chee has his last cake but he’s missed the baby and has to go through them again. Will finishes and they get their clue and they have to travel by taxi to the New Orleans Convention center to find their net clue. Hung sees the baby on the top of the table and she whispers to Maddison. She says she can’t help and she’s frustrated.


Riley is struggling to find his baby too but he’s encouraging Chee. Will and James find their clue and they have a roadblock. Who wants to take a swing? James must do the roadblock and they will climb under a bridge then climb out onto a beam and leap out to grab a clue 200 ft above the Mississippi River. James says his heights his thing and with it being dark, he’s afraid.


Chee feels he was rushing and that’s why he missed the baby. Riley is still looking for his baby and he’s missed it also. Chee has finally found his baby and he turns it in and he and Hung start on the beignets. Riley just seen the size of the baby and he’s worried he’s missed it as well. James is on the bridge and begins his task. Hung and Chee finish their beignets and they are off.


James is so nervous and Will tells him he can do it. James is freaking out and Will tells him not to look down but to look at the clue. Riley and Maddison are still at the Café and Maddison says it doesn’t look good for them.


James makes his jump and he gets his clue. He says he did that. How cool? But he says he’d never do it again. He says they have to rappel off a bridge and then roll a ball to Mardi Gras World. Hung and Chee are on their way to the next clue and their driver tells them his friend is waiting on another team and they realize it’s Riley and Maddison. Will and James are rappelling and they get down and they find their ball and they say it’s huge.


Hung and Chee arrive at the clue and they head to the bridge. Hung doesn’t like heights either and she’s just hoping to get this done. She’s concerned she’ll drop the clue because she has short arms. Chee is hoping she can grab it and she makes her jump and she got it.


Maddison is encouraging Riley and he finds the baby. They eat their beignets and they head back out. Will and James have arrived at Mardi Gras World and they find their clue. They have to search the warehouse to find a chest containing puzzle pieces that they’ll use to attach to their ball and make a globe. They start searching and they find their chest and they head back to their ball. They decide to put them in order on the ground. They practiced geography before coming on the race.


Hung and Chee are now rappelling down the bridge and Riley and Maddison have their next clue and Maddison has to do the roadblock. Will and James are ready to start working on their puzzle. They hope to get out before another team shows up. Riley and Maddison have their clue at the bridge jump and they are ready to keep going.


Will and James say they are almost done and they read the clue one more time and they have to place the ball upright on a mardi gras float. They ask for a check and the owner is looking it over and the map is correct but the assembly needs work. Hung and Chee are rolling their ball and they are at the warehouse now. Riley and Maddison are rapelling and they see the giant ball on the ground.


Will and James reassemble their puzzle and they think it looks better and put it back on the float and ask for a check. They have it and they get their clue and they are to race to the finish line which is the Superdome. They can travel by taxi. Hung and Chee arrive and they are off to find their puzzle pieces. Chee passes the trunk but Hung sees it and they also put their puzzle pieces on the floor first. Riley and Maddison are off with their ball.


Will and James are off to the Superdome and they say their families will be so proud. They arrive and run in together and Will and James have travelled through 11 countries and 17 cities and they have won one million dollars and The Amazing Race! James says he’s a superfan and he’s been watching since he was 11 and he’s applied multiple times and he thanks Will for being his partner and patient with him. Will says James is special and he’s the kindest person and he knows The Amazing Race has been James’s dream but Will’s dream is to spend the rest of his life with him. Will proposes to James and he says yes.


Riley and Maddison arrive and are putting their puzzle together. Hung and Chee have their map done but their assembly needs some work too. When they pull it down a lot of the pieces fell off. Riley and Maddison are close to finishing their puzzle. We’re back at the finish line and Hung and Chee run in and they are the second team to arrive and the runner-ups. Hung says the race was the honeymoon they never had and they got to do things they wouldn’t have been able to do. Chee says the race made them closer.


Riley and Maddison arrive and they placed third. They picked up things on the race they will take back to their volleyball crews. Their profession didn’t help them on the race, but things they learned may help in their profession. Phil tells them they are all part of Amazing Race history because they have now raced over one million miles.

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