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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 10 Manila, Philippines


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Leg 10 starts in Siem Reap, Cambodia and we see Riley and Maddison as the first team to leave to head to Manila, Philippines. Riley and Maddison say they got a strange clue to find a marked Jeep to take them to Phil. Usually they don’t see him until the pit stop, but they are seeing him at the pit start. Will and James leave next and they like their little alliance and they hope Gary and DeAngelo have a falling out and get eliminated, but all that matters is getting themselves to the final three.


Hung and Chee leave in third and they are doing this to be role models for their daughters. They say it would be a huge sense of satisfaction to make the final leg.  Gary and DeAngelo are the last to leave nearly two hours after Riley and Maddison. They say winning is in their nature and it’s what they were taught to do growing up. They don’t want participation trophies, they want to win. The alliance is at the airport and they hope there is a dance challenge that Gary and DeAngelo can’t do. All teams meet at the airport.


The teams meet Phil and he tells them there are no road blocks and no detours. All challenges will be done as a team and it’s a City Sprint. Lapu Lapu Circle is where they have met Phil and it will also be the pitstop. He tells them to race to Jeepnee’s and they’ll have their clue on what to do next. He also tells them to think hard about helping another team during this leg.


They are looking for someone who will hand them their next clue. There is a lot of traffic and they don’t have to get out just reach out for their clue. The teams see him and Riley and Maddison get the clue the first and they will now head to the mall of Asia. DeAngelo and Gary are in second place and Hung and Chee are having a hard time getting their clue and they have to circle back around.


Will and James say the traffic is a nightmare and it’s the luck of the draw. They have a hard time getting their clue and they have to circle around again. They are frustrated because they have to go back to the intersection and fight all the traffic again.  


Will and James are frustrated because they had their hand out and Hung and Chee are now behind Will and James. They are asking their driver to go slow and they get it this time. Hung and Chee get to the intersection and they are in fourth place. Riley and Maddison have found their next clue and they have to run a race at a fast pace and they have to wear some high heel pumps.


Riley and Maddison are putting on their high heels and they will run a marked course. Gary and DeAngelo are looking for the clue. Riley and Maddison are off and they decide to run on their toes. They have to run a dash. Gary and DeAngelo put their heels on and they say this is a new one for them. DeAngelo says he’s going to have fun.


Riley and Maddison pass Gary and DeAngelo on their way back. Will and James arrive and they say they never thought they would see Gary and DeAngelo run in heels. Hung and Chee have arrived. Riley and Maddison are the first to finish and they get their next clue and they will go to a market district and they have to search through lions to find one with a clue in their mouth.


Will and James put their heels on. Will has some heels but his are six inches and these were only two so like kitten heels. Hung and Chee have arrived as well and they put their heels on. The teams all finish the race in the same order and they are all off to the lions. Riley and Maddison are struggling to find the lions and Hung and Chee’s driver took them to the wrong place. Gary and DeAngelo are looking for the lions and they find one and they are now in first.


Riley and Maddison are still looking for their clue. Will and James are looking for the lions and they find one and are now in second. Hung and Chee are running around and they can’t find any lions. Riley and Maddison finally find a lion and their clue and they are now in third place. Hung and Chee are still lost and disagreeing on what to do.


Hung and Chee ask some officers for help and they are told there are no lions in that area. They know they are behind. Gary and DeAngelo arrive at the next destination and they have to prepare feed for some horses that are attached to a carriage. They have to collect ingredients and mix the feed. Gary and DeAngelo collect their bucket and they get their first ingredient and have to find the other two. Will and James have arrived and they have their bucket and their first ingredient.


Gary and DeAngelo walk right past their second ingredient and walk around it and then head off. Hung and Chee have finally found a lion and there is no clue so they have to keep looking. They find a second clue and they have to head off to the Central Post Office. Will and James have found their second ingredient. Gary and DeAngelo realize they missed the second ingredient. Will and James find the last ingredient. Riley and Maddison have arrived.


Riley and Maddison have found their first ingredient. Will and James are mixing their feed and they are feeding their horse. Riley and Maddison have their second ingredient. Will and James are now in first place and they have to travel on foot to the next destination. Riley and Maddison have mixed their ingredients and they are now in second. Gary and DeAngelo mix theirs and they are in third now.


Will and James have arrived and there is a band playing while they read their clue. They have to listen to a band play a medley of songs they’ve heard during the race and identify four songs on four different legs and find four instrument cases with four flags representing the country they heard them. They will hear the songs in a certain order, but they must present them in the order of the legs to get their next clue.


Riley and Maddison have arrived and they ask if anyone has seen Hung or Chee and they know they’re ahead of Gary and DeAngelo. Gary and DeAngelo have arrived. They are thinking about all the places they heard music. Will and James say there were some songs they knew and some they didn’t and it made it challenging. Gary and DeAngelo don’t remembering hearing the songs.


Will and James have four cases and present them but only one is correct. Riley and Maddison make an attempt and they have one correct as well. Gary and DeAngelo say they have to line them up in the order they play them. Hung and Chee arrive to make their feed and they have their ingredients collected.


Riley and Maddison recap the challenge and they think they have to put them in the order they played them. Will and James try again and reorganize them and they have two correct this time. Gary and DeAngelo ask if they want to work together and Will and James say no. Riley and Maddison attempt it again and they still have three wrong.


Gary and DeAngelo make an attempt and they have one incorrect. Hung and Chee arrive. Riley and Maddison make an attempt and all four are wrong and they are frustrated. Gary and DeAngelo want to work with Hung and Chee but they say they haven’t heard the medley yet. Gary and DeAngelo make another attempt and they have three wrong.


Will and James are desperate and they try again and have two wrong. They don’t think anyone is going to get this. We see different attempts from the teams and they keep getting it wrong and they are all frustrated. Riley and Maddison say worst game ever.


Will and James are making another attempt and they are wrong and they say this is unreal. They want to go to Hung and Chee and they are getting frustrated. Riley and Maddison and Hung and Chee start comparing notes. They realized they had to work together because this was so hard. Will and James say all they have to do is work together and make the final three and not share information with Gary and DeAngelo.


Riley and Maddison are unsure about a couple and they are going down a list with Will and James and Hung and Chee until they get the right combination. Gary and DeAngelo realize the other teams are working together and they say the alliance is over. Gary and DeAngelo realize they need to get out of here and they have one wrong on their next attempt.


Riley and Maddison have gone through the entire list and they are confused. They say this is so defeating. All teams are now just trying stuff and they say they might be here until dark. They are so confused. Will and James read their clue again and they realize they have to put them in the order they heard the songs on the race, not the order the band is playing them. Hung and Chee have also realized this and they sharea with Riley and Maddison.


Riley and Maddison set their guess and they have it and they get their clue. They have to make their way back to Phil. Gary and DeAngelo realize Riley and Maddison told the others and they say once they get it they are done. Will and James get theirs done and they are in second. Hung and Chee finish in third. Gary and DeAngelo realize what happened and they decide to take the penalty because they won’t get it. Gary and DeAngelo say only one team can win and they can’t work together after this.


Riley and Maddison hit the mat in first place and they will be one of the three teams to race for a million dollars. They say they are peaking right now and they think they will win. They have won the last three legs and they are confident. Phil points out they helped another team and they say Hung helped them so they had to.


Will and James arrive at the mat in second place and they think they are a great team and they are so excited to do this together. Hung and Chee hit the mat in third place and the other two teams make a tunnel with their arms for them to run under and they celebrate together and hug. Hung and Chee say it’s mind-blowingly unreal. Hung and Chee say they chose those two teams because they felt they were trustworthy and good people. Phil tells them they are going home to the state to New Orleans and they are getting upgrade. Phil says he wonders how this will work out when they are racing against each other and they say may the best team win.


Phil points out there is one team missing and Will and James say thank God. Gary and DeAngelo have waited out their penalty and they head to the mat where Phil greets them and they have been eliminated. He asks if they had any regrets and they say yes. DeAngelo says the bad outweighed the good and he’ll never do it again. DeAngelo says he could have paid for this himself and not had to race. Gary says he had fun and will remember it fondly.

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