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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 9 Siem Reap, Cambodia


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Leg 9 begins in Hyderabad, India with Riley and Maddison being the first team to leave heading to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Riley and Maddison think there could be a huge double U-turn on this leg. Will and James depart 17 minutes after Riley and Maddison and they are on the same page to get Gary and DeAngelo out of the race.


Gary and DeAngelo depart 16 minutes after Will and James and Hung and Chee leave 28 minutes after them. They are excited to carry the Travelocity roaming gnome. Eswar and Aparna leave 26 minutes after Hung and Chee. They are the only team left that hasn’t won a leg and they say it’s every man for themselves at this point.


The teams have landed in Siem Reap, Cambodia and they are grabbing taxis. They are travelling to a market and looking for marked tuk-tuks and they will get their gnomes. Teams will have to help a local driver assemble their tuk-tuk and then travel to the pier for their next clue. They get a basket of goods for donation that they must take with them.


Riley and Maddison, Will and James, and Hung and Chee have found the tuk-tuks and they head out. Gary and DeAngelo and Eswar and Aparna are still looking. They finally find them and head out. Riley and Maddison get their clue at the pier next and they must travel by boat and they will deliver their basket of donations to a monk for their next clue.


Riley and Maddison rehearsed what they needed to do in the temple a couple of times. Their boat stalls and Hung and Chee and Will and James pass them and Will and James say Gary and DeAngelo are right behind. Riley and Maddison don’t want to lose the race because of a broken boat.


Riley and Maddison’s driver is working on the boat and they say this is out of their control. Their driver gets the boat going and they head out again. Hung and Chee are the first to arrive at the and they can only enter one at a time and they have to do things in a sequence.


Detour: Fish is where teams have to roll in a net and then gather at least 30 lbs of fish. Farm is where teams have to replicate a Cambodian garden and plant seeds found in the gnome’s satchel.


Hung and Chee wanted to fish but their driver took them to the garden so they decide to do that. Riley and Maddison arrive ahead of Gary and DeAngelo and Eswar and Aparna and they have to wait behind Will and James. Will and James get their clue and they want to farm.


Riley and Maddison, Gary and DeAngelo, and Eswar and Aparna all give their offerings. Will and James arrive at the garden and get started. Riley and Maddison arrive at fish and they are starting to pull their net and they have to pull 3,280 feet of net. Gary and DeAngelo arrive at fish too. Riley and Maddison say this is a big leg and there could be a U-turn ahead with the plan to U-turn Gary and DeAngelo. Eswar and Aparna arrive at the fish.


Will and James and Hung and Chee are working on their plants. Riley and Maddison are about halfway done and Eswar and Aparna are about a third of the way done. Gary and DeAngelo are happy with their choice of detour. Will and James think the other teams all did fish and they are hoping they can be the first two teams to the detour with Hung and Chee.


Gary and DeAngelo say this is an impressive thing to do every day. Eswar and Aparna are hoping the other detour is much longer. Riley and Maddison finished with their net and they have to weight their fish. Gary and DeAngelo have finished their net as well and they are weighing their fish. Riley and Maddison finish and they get their clue and it’s a double U-turn ahead.


Gary and DeAngelo are out right behind Riley and Maddison. Riley and Maddison say they can’t U-turn Gary or DeAngelo because they are right behind them and that would be stupid so they decide to target Eswar and Aparna. Gary and DeAngelo arrive first and they U-turn Eswar and Aparna and they will travel to the pier and head to a handicraft. Riley and Maddison U-turn Gary and DeAngelo to burn the spot so Eswar and Aparna can’t U-turn Hung and Chee or Will and James.


Eswar and Aparna arrive and they are very upset. They realize what has been done and they will be the only team U-turned. They say they got screwed over and this could be game over for them.


#TAR32 Eswar and Aparna arrive and they say they could have U-turned someone at the other detour and it shows they are athletes and they don’t have brains. Hung and Chee have finished their garden and they plant their seeds from the satchel on the gnome. They tell Will and James about those seeds. They realize the U-turn is ahead and they hurry out. They see the U-turn and continue on. Will and James finish their garden and they are right behind.


Eswar and Aparna arrive at the garden and they thank Gary and DeAngelo. Eswar says he’s taking it as a compliment but it was a dumb decision. Riley and Maddison’s tuk-tuk passes Gary and DeAngelo and they get to the clue.


Roadblock: Who thinks they can fit the mold? They must follow the steps of a local artisan to make a tile and then they will get a key from their gnome to open a chest and find pieces to a slide puzzle and they have to put it together.


DeAngelo glances at the demo and says it’s self explanatory. Riley and Maddison say there aren’t any instructions they just have to watch the guy. Riley also makes an attempt but he has to try again. DeAngelo makes his first attempt but he’s not correct. Gary says they haven’t watched a full demonstration to find out exactly what they are supposed to do.


Hung and Chee arrive and Chee is going to do it for their team. Will and James arrive and Will is going to do it and he’s watching the demonstration. Eswar and Aparna hope they arrive so they can see their faces when they aren’t the ones eliminated. Gary is frustrated with DeAngelo because he won’t watch the demonstration one full time. Riley has to begin again. Teams are struggling how to get the tile off and Chee has to start over.


Eswar and Aparna have completed their garden and they head out. Aparna hopes it’s a really long road block. Will is on his third attempt. Riley thinks he’s missing something and he decides to watch the whole demonstration. Riley missed where you have to grease the sides so the tile comes out easier. Will has caught on to that as well. Riley has completed his tile on the sixth attempt.


Riley has moved on to putting his slide puzzle together. Will has completed the tile on the fourth attempt and he heads to the puzzle. Chee has not figured out what he’s doing wrong. DeAngelo fails again and must try again. Riley and Will are working on their slide puzzles and Riley has it and get his clue.


Teams will race to their pits stop at Angkor Thom. Riley and Maddison head out and Will completes his puzzle. Riley and Maddison and Will and James are both in tuk-tuks heading to the east gate. Chee has messed up again and Hung has confidence he will figure it out. DeAngelo is on his seventh attempt and he still has no clue how to get the tile out.


Riley and Maddison are on foot and Will and James are behind them and the foot race is on. Riley and Maddison hit the mat in first place and they have won a trip for two to Norway. Will and James hit the mat as team number two. James says this was one of his top places to visit and this was a great day.


DeAngelo says he doesn’t care about Eswar and Aparna right now because if he doesn’t finish the tile it doesn’t matter. Aparna says DeAngelo should keep messing up for a few hours because it’s karma. DeAngelo says what happened to sportsmanship? She needs to control her emotions. Aparna says she can’t even look at them right now.


DeAngelo says this tile making is crazy. Aparna says she thought they were smarter than that. Eswar has missed on his first attempt and he has to try again. Chee decides to watch the demonstration again and he realizes he needs to grease his plate. Eswar has noticed the grease too. Chee is on his sixth attempt and he is done and he moves on to the slide puzzle.


Eswar got the colors inverted and has to begin again. DeAngelo goes for another look at the demonstration and he realizes what he’s been doing wrong. Chee finishes his slide puzzle and they head out. Eswar is feeling the pressure. DeAngelo is making his 12th attempt and he pulls the tile off and asks for a check and he has it. DeAngelo moves on to the puzzle.


Hung and Chee hit the mat in third place. DeAngelo is working on his puzzle and he finishes it and he heads out. Eswar has completed his tile on his fourth attempt and he moves on to the puzzle. Gary and DeAngelo are having trouble finding their tuk-tuk. Eswar finishes his puzzle and they head out.


Gary and DeAngelo run into problems in traffic. Eswar and Aparna are on their way and Aparna wants to see the look on Gary and DeAngelo’s face when they come through. Gary and DeAngelo are waiting for a tree to get knocked down and then they head out. Their driver took them to the south gate and they tell the driver to keep going. Gary and DeAngelo hit the mat in fourth place and they are happy but it was closer than they wanted. DeAngelo say Aparna was super spicy, but it’s a race.


Eswar and Aparna hit the mat in fifth place and they have been eliminated. Eswar says his sister was a lot stronger than he expected and Aparna is happy she got to spend this time with her brother. They think their parents will be proud because they did their best and fought until the very end.

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