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The Voice - Season 19 - The Live Playoffs Begin


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This The Voice! Welcome to the Playoffs and we are live! Say hello to Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, the great John Legend, and the cowboy, Blake Shelton! The Top 17 will perform tonight and tomorrow night, we will cut 8 artists, with the final spot determined by the Instant Save.

Before we get to the music, let's look back at last week's 4-Way Knockout featuring Ryan Gallagher (Team Kelly), Larriah Jackson (Team Gwen), Julia Cooper (Team Legend) and Taryn Papa (Team Blake). Ryan Gallagher had to exit the competition, so the the Knockout has become a 3-way.

The artist winning this Knockout and moving on to the Top 17 is...   Taryn Papa from Team Blake! Team Blake will have a 5-artist advantage in the Live Rounds.

Team Kelly's artists include Cami lune, Madeline Consoer, DeSz and Tanner Gomes. 

We open with DeSz with What's Love Got To Do With It (Tina Turner). The performance is more about personality & performance than energy, but her vocal brings a business-like confidence, delivering power only at the end. This was more about control than letting loose.

John calls her an assassin, every move and run so calculated, intentional, soulful, musical. Kelly says you're everything Texas women love about Texas woman, fun, sexy, seductive, serious, and the voice of a broken angel. 

Next from Team Kelly is Madeline Consoer, singing What If I Never Get Over You (Lady Antebellum). The performance gets of to a slow start and maintains a leisurely pace, her voice feeling just a bit pitchy but still delivering emotional power vocals with aplomb. 

Blake says that's your second country song, and dang it, you are really good. Kelly says she's been country since the Blinds. You turned a duet into a solo and how your voice opens up is so beautiful, you kicked your own but to get here tonight.

Text from Team Kelly is Tanner Gomes with Loving On You (Luke Combs) as we continue country night on The Voice. His voice personifies country, gently rolling up and down through the music in a pleasant rocking sensation. His voice is solid reflecting the fun he's having.

Kelly tells Tanner you make me miss honky tonk and hanging out with humans, you have great instincts and have a great time when singing, having so much fun and that's a great thing to give people.

The final Team Kelly artist is Cami Clune with Never Tear Us Apart (INXS). She opens with a dramatic, dynamic vocal that is decidedly not country. She commands the stage and voice rings out with power, mystery, pain and a killer note at the end.

Kelly tells Cami that she is cool, sexy and thrilling to watch, like a one woman show, like Annie Lennox forces you to come to her. 

We continue next with Team Gwen's Ben Allen, Carter Rubin, Joseph Soul and Payge Turner.

We kick off Team Gwen with Payge Turner with It's Going To Be Me (NSYNC). Lightly strumming a powder blue guitar, she delivers a moody vocal, not moving around still working the moves, her voice hinting at much more but never straying from her center line, even at the end.

Carson says Payge's performance was like a James Bond-like opening song. Gwen says her outfit, her vocal, her vibe made it her own but still familiar, didn't go too far, so you and so cool.

Next for Team Gwen singing There Goes My Life (Kenny Chesney) is Ben Allen. His deep voice resonates over a light piano accompaniment, his quirky accent giving his vocal extra dimension and body, his performance quiet and soulful, but a little sleepy.

Gwen says she is lucky she had the chance to steal him from finance Blake, it was beautiful, perfectly in tune, a distinct style in your voice. 

Team Gwen continues with Joseph Soul, singing How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees). His voice is soft and welcoming, soulful and a bit soft jazzy, his vocal and performance casual and comfortable, with falsetto runs hinting at but never reaching for the high note.

Gwen tells Joseph that he showed a side no one has seen yet, everything you know about yourself you delivered with confidence. 

We close out Team Gwen with Carter Rubin, singing Hero (Mariah Carey). The vocal that comes out of this cherubic young man is solid, clear, filling the room with dynamics and emotion, his voice solid and mature despite the years still ahead. Fantastic yet so much more potential.

Gwen says Carter just turned 15 and it is so fun to watch him shine, you are not only good but mind-blowing good, so inspiring.

Next we turn to Team Blake, featuring Ian Flanigan, Sid Kingsley, Taryn Papa, Jim Ranger and Worth The Wait. 

First up for Team Blake is Jim Ranger, singing Rumor (Lee Brice). He delivers a solid country vocal performance, not flashy but not plain, his voice solid and well-rounded, but I'm not sure if it would stand out if I heard it on the radio.

Blake tells Jim he tries to not get too excited this early in the competition but this dude is unbelievably talented, you belong on the stage, you belong in the finale in 2 weeks.

Next for Team Blake is Worth The Wait, singing Love Is Alive (The Judds). The trio opens with a solo that demonstrates the ladies sound better when harmonizing. Fortunately most of the performance is feeds into their strengths, but I was expecting better, more energy.

Blake tells Worth The Wait that the Lives are where you start figuring out who will step up and you just stepped up, best performance of yours this season.

Next for Team Blake is Ian Flanigan, singing Make You Feel My Love (Billy Joel). His voice has a unique country flavor to it, soft and gentle yet strong and manly. His light sandpaper power vocal provides additional seasoning, adding to the honesty of his performance.

All four coaches give him a standing ovation. John says that was stunning. Blake says the show is called The Voice and when have you ever heard a voice like that? Recognize it and reward it!

Next for Team Blake is Taryn Papa, singing I Hope You're Happy Now (Carly Pearce, Lee Brice). Her voice is soft and easy flowing, her power vocals strong but controlled, a passionate performance that might have been better without the distracting background vocals.

Coach Blake tells Taryn that she was the artist he thought could handle the 4-Way Knockout and that performance proved it. 

Closing out Team Blake is Sid Kingsley, singing Beyond (Leon Bridges). Playing the keyboards, he doesn't give himself much room to play with the performance but his earnest voice and twangy voice delivering a solid and, at times, close to emotional vocal.

Blake says I cannot understand how Sid ended up on his team after two other coaches. You are that unbelievably talented, an incredible musician and an incredible vocalist, it comes so easy to you. 

Moving on to Team Legend, we say hello to Chloe Hogan, John Holiday, Tamara Jade and Bailey Rae.

Kicking off Team Legend is Tamara Jade, singing Crazy (Gnarls Barkley). This was not vocal performance, this was a concert in glittering hot pink with a Supreme vocal and a voice that rang out with the joy of entertaining. If anything, a little breathy but so worth it.

Ending her performance with a cackle, John tells Tamara she just owned the stage, her voice magnificiently splendid and beautiful, you walk around the stage like you belong there.

Next up is Chloe Hogan, singing About (Billie Eilish). Her voice is clear and scintillating, her vocal a jazzy standard, telling a story of meeting, mating and meaningful connection, or at least the promise of the future. So pretty.

John tells Chloe says she delivered that last 10-20% to make it perfect, tasteful, beautiful.

Next for Team John is Bailey Rae, singing Sweet Music Man (Kenny Rogers). Her voice is full of country twang delivering a ballad with strength and stature, her vocal has a mesmerizing quality that makes your ears perk up for more, her pacing and lilt energizing the stage.

John tells Bailey that song idea came from Kelly but she sounded so perfect, so classic, so much presence and clarity in her voice, she sounded in the moment.

We close Team John and the night with John Holiday, singing Fly Me To The Moon (Count Basie). His voice is unique and unmistakable, his vocal buttery and improbable. The only thing I didn't like was his one low note but this rest of the performance was light and fun.

John tells John that he showed us so much of who he is, jazz, opera, soul, America will vote for you just to see who you are next.

Voting is open now and closes at 7am ET Tuesday morning. Credit to The Voice crew for putting together a live show with 17 performances in the midst of the pandemic. Now get out the vote!

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Due to technical problems, I cannot watch tonight's Playoff Live Results show and provide real time play-by-play coverage, but I will bring you the results as best I can. Some events may be fabricated out of boredom and exasperation, but the results will be real.

Please welcome your coaches, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Ledgend and Gwen Stefani! Last night, all four teams performed live for the first time. Tonight, the Top 17 will get slashed down to your Top 9 as we careen towards the season finale in just 2 weeks.

Let's take a look at last night's performances. For Team Kelly, DeSz sang What's Love Got To Do With It, Madeline Consoer sang What If I Never Get Over You, Tanner Gomes sang Lovin' On You, and Cami Clune sang Never Tear Us Apart. 

The public saved DeSz, and Kelly saved Cami Clune, leaving Madeline Consoer and Tanner Gomes at risk.

For Team Gwen, Payge Turner sang It's Gonna Be Me, Ben Allen sang There Goes My Life, Joseph Soul sang How Deep Is Your Love and Carter Rubin sang Hero. The public voted for Carter Rubin, and Gwen saved Ben Allen, leaving Payge Turner and Joseph Soul at risk.

For Team Blake, Jim Ranger sang Rumor, Worth The Wait sang Love Is Alive, Ian Flanigan sang Make You Feel My Love, Taryn Papa sang I Hope You're Happy Now and Sid Kingsley sang Beyond. 

The public saved Ian Flanigan, while Blake saved Jim Ranger. Worth The Wait, Taryn Papa and Sid Kingsley are at risk.

For Team John, Tamara Jade sang Crazy, Chloe Hogan sang My Future, Bailey Rae sang Sweet Music Man, and John Holiday sang Fly Me To The Moon. The public chose to fly John Holiday to the next round, and John saved Tamara Jade, leaving Chloe Hogan and Bailey Ray at risk.

With 8 artists saved, there are 9 artists remaining for the last spot in next week's live Semi-Final performances. Only Tanner Gomes, Payge Turner, Worth The Wait and Bailey Rae will sing for your Instant Save. Madeline Consoer, Joseph Soul, Taryn Papa, Sid Kingsley and Chloe Hogan have been eliminated by America's vote. 

Facing the Instant Save from Team Kelly is Tanner Gomes, from Team Gwen is Joseph Soul, from Team Blake is Worth The Wait, and from Team John is Bailey Rae. Each will sing for one last chance at your vote. 

Starting off the Wildcard Instant Save, Worth The Wait sang I'm Gonna Love You Through It (Martina McBride). Payge Turner sang Diamonds (Sam Smith). Tanner Gomes sang Pickin' Flowers (Keith Anderson). And Bailey Rae sang Never Again, Again (Lee Ann Womack).

After the Instant Save, America has saved...   From Team John, Bailey Rae!

So your Top 9 performing in next week's Semi-Finals are Cami Clune and DeSz from Team Kelly, Carter Rubin and Ben Allen from Team Gwen, Ian Flanigan from Team Blake, and John Holiday, Tamara Jade & Bailey Rae from Team John.

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