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Season Recap of The Blinds, The Battles and The Knockouts


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Previously on The Voice, Hosted by Carson Daly, Gwen Stefani joined finance Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend as the coaches for the 19th season of The Voice, with appropriate physical distancing and health safety protocols in place, including the return of the live audience Zoom wall. 

In the Blinds, Team Kelly got its start with Joseph Soul, Eli Zamora and Marisa Corvo. Team Gwen landed Lauren Frihauf and Payge Turner, while Team John began with Tamara Jade (4-chair turn) and John Holiday and Team Blake began with Ian Flanigan and Jim Ranger.

The Blinds continued with Team Gwen adding Liam St. John and Kiari Mhoon, while Team Blake added Tayrn Papa and Fay Moffett. Team John was joined by Cami Clune and Sid Kingsley, and Team Kelly added Madeline Consoer and Ryan Gallagher.

As the Blinds continued, Team John landed Rio Sourma, Casme and Olivia Reyes, while Team Blake nabbed Jus Jon, Ben Allen, Sam Stacy and Payton Lamar. Kelsie Watts, DeSz (4 chair turn) and Tanner Gomes joined Team Kelly, while Ryan Berg, Carter Rubin, Larriah Jackson and Van Andrew joined Team Gwen.

The Blinds came to an end with Skylar Alyvia Mayton and Emmalee rounding out Team Kelly, Lain Roy and Tori Miller completing Team Gwen, John Sullivan and Worth The Wait (trio, 4-chair turn) completing Team Blake. Team John scored Julia Cooper, Bailey Rae and James Pyle.

In the Battles, Team Blake's Worth The Wait, Jus Jon, Jim Ranger, Ian Flanigan, Ben Allan all advanced to the next round. Blake also saved Taryn Papa and stole James Pyle from Team John. 

For Team Gwen's Battles, Payge Turner, Chloe Hogan, Carter Rubin, Van Andrew and Ryan Berg all advanced. Gwen also saved and stole Joseph Soul from Team Kelly.

Continuing the Battles, Team John's Tamara Jade, Bailey Rae, John Holiday, Casme and Cami Clune all moved on to the Knockouts. 

Rounding out the Battles, John saved Julia Cooper and stole Lauren Frihauf from Team Gwen. For Team Kelly, Madeline Consoer, DeSz, Tanner Gomes, Marisa Corvo and Kelsie Watts all won, while Ryan Gallagher was saved and Sid Kingsley was stolen from Team John.

Moving on to the Knockouts, Team John's Casme lost to Tamara Jade, Lauren Frihauf lost to Bailey Rae and Cami Clune lost to John Holiday but was stolen by Kelly. For Team Gwen, Payge Turner beat Ryan Berg, Joseph Soul beat Van Andrew and Carter Rubin beat Chloe Hogan, who was then stolen by Team John. 

For Team Blake, Worth The Wait knocked out Ben Allen, who was subsequently stolen by Team Gwen, Jim Ranger knocked out Jus Jon, and Ian Flanigan knocked out James Pyle. And lastly, Team Kelly's DeSz took out Sid Kingley who was then stolen by Team Blake (making him the only 3-coach artist this season), Madeline Consoer beat out Kelsie Wats and Tanner Gomes knocked out Marisa Corvo. 

Which brings us to the 4-Way Knockout by the 4 artists saved in the Battles: Ryan Gallagher (Team Kelly), Larriah Jackson (Team Gwen), Julia Cooper (Team Legend) and Taryn Papa (Team Blake). Only one of these four will move on to the Live Shows. 

First up in the 4-way Knockout is Taryn Papa, singing Cry (Faith Hill). She opens soft and sultry, moving into a mid-octave for the chorus and delicately turning on the power, pouring emotion into her vocals, then turning on the power vocals for the climax.

Next up in the 4-way Knockout is Julia Cooper, singing Wish You Were Gay (Billie Eilish). Light and airy, her vocal is full nuance and naked melody and a jazzy, breezy vibe, the control over her voice amazing with trilly runs and a bouncy, laid back sentimentality. 

Next up in the 4-way Knockout is Larriah Jackson, singing One And Only (Adele). Strong and confident from the very first note, her vocal ebbs and flows from power to softness, cutting through the air with an intensity and mastery of her stage. 

Closing out the 4-way Knockout is Ryan Gallagher, singing Time To Say Goodbye (Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman). His operatic voice and song choice stands out in the competition, perhaps the most talented vocal delivering a pretty even performance that sneaks up on you with its intensity and passion. 

Blake calls on country music fans for Taryn Papa. John calls on all Blake's country fans to vote for Julia Cooper. Gwen begs America to give her girl Larriah Jackson a shot. Kelly says Ryan stands out among all the artists. Voting is now open through 7am ET, if you're not already voted out, then vote early and often for your favorite Voice!

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