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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 6 Berlin, Germany


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Leg 6 begins in Paris, France and Riley and Maddison will travel by train to Berlin as the first team to leave. They think they are doing a good job of reading the clues, but they need to pay attention to the details. Hung and Chee are out second and they want to continue to race hard and not make big mistakes. They talk about working with their alliance and they hope to continue to work with them.


Leo and Alana are out in third and they hope Kaylynn and Haley are still in it. Will and James are out in fourth and they want to improve their driving abilities. Gary and DeAngelo are out fifth and they are talking about how well the alliance has worked so far. Eswar and Aparna are out sixth and they talk about how hard this competition is. All the teams are at the train station and they are waiting to see who the seventh team is.


Kaylynn and Haley are out in seventh and last place and they talk about how hard it has been to drive and they hope they don’t have to do any more driving. They show up at the station and Leo and Alana rush to meet them. Hung and Chee are dumbfounded how Kaylynn and Haley are still in. All teams are on the same train heading to Berlin and Kaylynn and Haley hope this leg is theirs.


The teams have arrived in Berlin and they are running to get a taxi to the Eastside Gallery. The Eastside Gallery is part of the Berlin Wall. The teams talk about the history of the Berlin Wall and how amazing it is to be there. The teams are running beside the wall looking for the clue. Will and James have found the suitcase and all the other teams rush to it.


Teams will now drive themselves around in a Trabant to Teledisko. The Trabant is a piece of German history that was made until the wall came down. The teams are all trying to figure out how to drive the cars. Riley and Maddison say a normal stick shift is easy, but the Trabant is different. They wonder how Kaylynn and Haley will drive it.


Kaylynn and Haley are confused as they look at the car. Teledisko is a new trend and this is where the teams will get their next clue. Gary and DeAngelo arrive first and they have to fit in a tiny room with their own disco ball, strobe lights, and music and they have to dance until the music stops, for three minutes.


Riley and Maddison arrive with Hung and Chee right behind. Gary and DeAngelo get a picture with their clue. They will drive to the next stop where there is a yield where they can use their hourglasses. Riley and Maddison fit inside with Hung and Chee. Will and James are waiting outside. They get to go in alone and Riley and Maddison and Hung and Chee have their clue.


Leo and Alana and Eswar and Aparna are lost and can’t find their way to the teledisko. Kaylynn and Haley are struggling to drive and they keep stalling. They finally get going. Will and James are done and they get out to get their photo and their clue. Riley and Maddison don’t know how to go in reverse so they push. Riley and Maddison, Hung and Chee, and Will and James are all going to follow each other. Will and James are struggling with their Trabant and they get left behind.


Will and James think the clutch is out so they get out to ask for directions. They either have to fix the clutch, or they have to run. They trained for the race so they decide to run. Gary and DeAngelo see the clue box and they see the yield and don’t yield anyone.


Who wants to feel the wind in their hair? They will have to unscramble some letters they see on a facedown rappel in order to get their next clue. The word they have to come up with is sauerkraut. DeAngelo is going to do it and he has to climb fifteen flights of years. Hung is going to do it for their team and Maddison is going to do it for their team. DeAngelo is out for his first attempt. The letters light up and he starts his walk down the building.


DeAngelo has made it to the bottom and he didn’t know he had to look for letters to unscramble a word so he has to go again. Eswar and Aparna ask for directions to teledisko. Kaylynn and Haley also look for the teledisko. Will and James are running up to the roadblock. DeAngelo and Hung agree to work together with the letters and Hung promises not to leave without DeAngelo. Maddison arrives at the bottom and he also did not see the letters on his way down and he has to go again.


Hung is ready to make her attempt and she sees the letters while she’s being hooked up and she starts to unscramble them. Chee is telling Hung to calm down as she’s rappelling down the wall. Chee reaches the bottom and she has the word correct and they get their clue.


Detour: Belt it Out or Belch it Out. They will either learn a German song for belt it out, or they will have to do some yoga poses for belch it out. DeAngelo reaches the bottom and Hung has waited for them and she helps him with the word and they decide to wait for Maddison as well.


Leo and Alana have done the teledisko and Eswar and Aparna are right behind at the teledisko too. DeAngelo helps Maddison and they decide to help Will and James as well. DeAngelo and Gary head out with Hung and Chee and they see one taxi and Gary and DeAngelo take it and Hung doesn’t think that’s ok.


Kaylynn and Haley have reached the teledisko and they complete it. Will and James get their word complete. Eswar and Aparna arrive and Aparna wants to do it. Leo and Alana arrive and they don’t want to yield Kaylynn and Haley. Leo is going to do the roadblock. Hung and Chee are struggling to get a taxi.


Hung and Chee are still looking for a taxi and Hung says Gary and DeAngelo don’t help the alliance or even bring it up unless it’s convenient for them. Aparna is making her way down the building and she is finding the letters. Hung and Chee have finally found a taxi.


Gary and DeAngelo have arrived at Beer Yoga. They will have to learn a series of four poses and then they will go down and preform them. Beer Salutation is the first pose and they have to memorize the poses and they sip beer while they are posing.


Pose two is Beer Chair and then Beer Boat is three. The fourth pose is Beer Dancer. Gary and DeAngelo are confused and they have to do it again. Aparna has the letters but can’t unscramble them and she has to go again. Leo has the letters and he’s struggling to get the word. He has to go again. Leo and Aparna are talking about the letters and trying to figure out the word. Kaylynn and Haley have arrived and Haley is going to do it. Leo says sauerkraut and Aparna tells him to guess it and he is correct. They got the word without having to go down again.


Haley asks Leo for help and he tells her to look for clues and doesn’t help her much. She says she won’t help them again. Leo says it was hard not to help Haley, but he didn’t want to be in a race with her. Riley and Maddison and Hung and Chee arrive at Beer Yoga. Gary and DeAngelo make their first attempt and they forget to take a sip of beer and they fail and have to try again.


Will and James are doing Belt it Out and they change into costumes after they arrive. They go to learn the song and they realize it’s in German and they are having trouble with the pronunciation. Haley is harnessed up to rappel and she is freaking out. She sees the letters and she gets to the bottom and she realizes she has to unscramble the letters and not just memorize them.


Gary and DeAngelo are on attempt number two. They have the first pose done, then the second and third, and they complete the fourth pose and they get their next clue. They are now going to race to the pit stop at Neukolln. Riley and Maddison are in for their first attempt and they make a few mistakes and they have to try again.


Hung and Chee are in for their first attempt and they got it correct and they get their clue Eswar and Aparna and Leo and Alana are doing Belt it Out. Will and James are making their first attempt at Belt it Out. They had cue cards, but they go fast and they fail and will have to try again.


Haley is on her second attempt and she has no idea what word she is supposed to figure out and she goes back up to try again. Riley and Maddison are up for their second attempt at leading Beer Yoga. They completed the task and they get their clue.


Will and James are making their second attempt at Belt it Out and they get it right and they get their clue. DeAngelo and Gary are looking for the mat and they see Phil and they are team number one! They have won $7500 each. Gary says they finally got their first place finish. Gary says they got a little help, the alliance helped.


Haley has rappelled again and she is still struggling to figure out the word. She doesn’t know what to do and Kaylynn goes to comfort her. Haley says she just doesn’t know what to do because she can’t figure out the word.


Haley says she has the letters in her head. She goes up to rappel again. Riley and Maddison hit the mat and they are team number two. Hung and Chee took a wrong turn but they hit the mat in third. Phil tells Hung and Chee the difference between first and third was $15000.


Will and James hit the mat in fourth place in their chicken costumes. Haley has her letters and Kaylynn advises her to ask people to help her unscramble the word. She goes and asks for help and someone asks if it’s a German or US word and Haley doesn’t know and the woman says she thinks it’s a German word and she thinks it’s sauerkraut and Haley thanks her and she is correct and gets the clue.


Eswar and Aparna are on an attempt at Belt it Out and they get their clue and they leave and wish Leo and Alana good luck. Leo and Alana are on their second attempt. Kaylynn and Haley arrive at Belt it Out and they change into their costumes and start learning the song. Leo and Alana have finished their attempt and they are correct. Kaylynn and Haley complete their attempt and they are off.


Eswar and Aparna are team number five and Leo and Alana are on the mat too and they are team number six. Kaylynn and Haley know they are the last team. They hit the mat and Phil says it’s fashionable to arrive late, but this is ridiculous. Their luck hasn’t run out and it’s another non-elimination leg and they are still in the race!

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