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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 5 Paris, France


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Leg five begins in Asuncion, Paraguay and they are off to fly to Paris, France. Will and James are departing first and they will find their first clue 30 miles outside of the city. Michelle and Victoria are departing second and they have been enjoying spending time together so far.


Leo and Alana are the third to depart and Alana has been to Paris before. Riley and Maddison are out in fourth and they are excited about self-driving and they think they’ll be driving a stick shift. Eswar and Aparna are out fifth and they are hoping to get a good flight.


The first flight is arriving at 7:50 AM and the second flight is 15 minutes behind. Kaylynn and Haley are on the second flight and they are hoping to play catch up and get through their speed bump quickly.


The first flight arrives and Will and James, Michelle and Victoria, Riley and Maddison, and Leo and Alana find their cars and they are manuals. Will and James are struggling to get moving and Michelle and Victoria are honking at them and Leo and Alana are behind them as well and they are frustrated.


Riley and Maddison say there is probably one team that can’t drive a stick. Leo gets out and says he’ll get their car to the stop sign. Leo moves the car and gets Michelle and Victoria and himself and Alana out of the parking lot. Leo says he hopes it gets them eliminated. Will is getting frustrated and he’s not sure what to do.


Will and James finally figure out they were in third gear instead of first and they get moving. The second flight has arrived and they are off. Kaylynn and Haley struggle just a bit and they are off as well.


Riley and Maddison are at the road block. Who has an eye for art? They have to match a person depicted in a painting to a real life person who has showed up for a party. They’ll need to make a note of the artist’s name to get their clue. Riley is going to do the road block for their team.


Riley says he enters and everyone is wearing a bunch of different costumes and he sees the paintings and it’s a lot to look through. He says there is so much art it’s crazy and he started stressing a little bit. Michelle and Victoria pass Leo and Alana but they go a different direction and they say they had stopped for directions but only wrote down basic directions.


Riley finds a man with facial hair and he goes back to look at the painting. He takes the man to the curator with the artists name and he is correct. Next, they are going to Cream of the Crop and they must whip some cream and fill four pies. They have to travel on foot.


Leo and Alana have arrived and Alana is doing the road block. Kaylynn and Haley are jerking to stops and struggling to get going. Michelle and Victoria have new directions. Gary and DeAngelo are lost and they stop for directions. Riley and Maddison go and get dressed in chef gear and they each have to make two pies. They are getting tired from whipping the cream by hand.


Alana finds a man with a collar and a ring that she thinks is distinct but she doesn’t see the man in the room. Leo is saying he hopes Will and James are still on the ram trying to figure out their car and they show up. Alana has found her man and takes him to the curator and she gets her clue.


Riley and Maddison get the approval on one of the bowls of cream and Leo and Alana show up. Alana wants to smash the pies in everyone’s faces when they are done. James is doing the road block and he thinks he has found a woman that matches a painting and he takes her to the curator and he is incorrect. Hung and Chee have arrived.


James has found a man that he believes to match a painting and he takes him to the curator and he is correct this time. Hung sees a man that she believes looks like Jesus and she hopes to find that man and she does and she is correct. Eswar and Aparna and Michelle and Victoria have arrived and Aparna and Victoria are doing the road block. Kaylynn and Haley are still searching for Chantilly and they are lost and they have a speed bump and they are concerned.


Kaylynn and Haley were the last to leave and they couldn’t follow anyone so they are on their own. Riley and Maddison have filled their pies and they have to deliver them. They go into a tent and they get smacked with pies and they don’t want to drop their pies. Teams must now make their way back to the city to get their next clue.


Riley and Maddison tell Will and James and Hung and Chee that when they go for their delivery they will get pies thrown at them. They say they are in an alliance with them and they genuinely like them. Gary and DeAngelo are in the alliance but not as tight with them.


Aparna thinks she has a correct person and she is incorrect. Victoria makes her first guess and she is correct. Aparna makes her second guess and she is incorrect. Gary and DeAngelo have arrived in Chantilly. Michelle and Victoria are going to whip the cream. Leo and Alana enter the tent and they get smacked with pies and they make their delivery.


Will and James go to make their delivery and they are successful. Hung and Chee are in next and Hung’s chef’s hat falls over her face and she can’t see. They manage to make their delivery. Michelle and Victoria enter the tent and they make their delivery.


Riley and Maddison do not yield anyone. Double road block. The other partner has to win three fair games to get their next clue. Maddison is doing it for their team and he goes to get the ticket. He has to put three balls into three mouths and he misses the first three. Riley is frustrated because he plays darts. Maddison has to knock down a stack of cans with three balls. He is successful on the first try and he’s on to the third game.


Maddison has to get a ball into a colored hole to make their horse race. Yellow is slowest, blue is medium speed, and red is fastest. First to finish wins. Maddison loses the first race and has to try again. DeAngelo and Gary have arrived at the art gallery. Gary is going to do it and Aparna says she’s had a tough time. Gary says he loves art and he’s been to the Louvre.


Aparna is on her fifth attempt and she is incorrect. Kaylynn and Haley have arrived but they hit their speed bump. They have to clean riding tack for two horses. They have never done this before and they want to finish it quickly. Gary is finding his first person and he finds a man and he takes him to the curator and he’s correct.


Aparna is more confident about her next guess and it’s her seventh attempt and she is incorrect. Eswar says it might just be some minor details she’s missing. We see her make her tenth attempt and it’s incorrect and she is frustrated.


Aparna is stressed out knowing two teams have passed her and she doesn’t want to let her brother down. We see her 11th, 12th, and 13th attempts and she is incorrect on all of them. Aparna thinks she has her man and she takes him to the curator and makes her 16th attempt and she is correct.


Kaylynn and Haley think they are done and they ask for a check and they are good. Maddison is on his second race and he wins and has to complete the first game by throwing the balls in the mouth of the board. He completes the game and he must hit a bullseye to open a door to get his clue.


They must now travel to the pit stop at Pont Des Arts. Leo and Alana have arrived at the carnival games as Riley and Maddison are leaving. Leo is doing the road block. Hung and Chee have arrived at the road block and Chee is doing it for their team. Gary and DeAngelo are whipping the cream for their pies. Eswar and Aparna are also whipping their cream. No one has seen Kaylynn and Haley yet.


Haley is doing the road block for their team because she has a better eye for detail. Riley and Maddison have arrived at the pit stop and they are team number one and they have won a trip for two to Vietnam. This is their first win and now they know they can do it.


Leo and Chee are doing the horse race. Chee has won and Leo says he’s been there for a few races. Chee says he hasn’t played carnival games as much but Hung says he’s good with hand eye coordination. Leo wins the race and he has completed his games. Michelle and Victoria are asking for directions. Will is doing the roadblock and he wins the horse race and has to do the other two games.


Gary and DeAngelo go to deliver their pies and they get smacked in the face with pies and they say the guys are awful. Eswar and Aparna enter and they get smacked right away and they make their delivery. Kaylynn and Haley say there is still time to catch up. Haley completes the road block and they are off.


Hung and Chee are at the pit stop as team number 2. Will and James have completed their carnival games. Leo and Alana have finished in third place. Michelle and Victoria are still looking for the carnival games and they are lost. They are concerned Eswar and Aparna will beat them.


Eswar and Aparna and Gary and DeAngelo are at the carnival games and each have one game done. They note they still haven’t seen the blondes. Kaylynn and Haley say they haven’t seen anyone in hours and it’s hard to be so far behind. They go to make their pie deliveries and they get their clue.


Will and James are at the pit stop as team number four. Michelle and Victoria still can’t find the carnival games and they are frustrated. Kaylynn and Haley are looking for the carnival games too and still struggling to drive their car.


DeAngelo has finished his carnival games and they are off and Eswar completes his third game. Kaylynn and Haley are lost and Michelle and Victoria are as well and they say this is so stressful and they are freaking out. Kaylynn she’s almost at her breaking point.


Kaylynn and Haley get directions and Michelle and Victoria have stopped for directions as well. DeAngelo and Gary are in fifth place and Eswar and Aparna finish in sixth. Kaylynn and Haley are still looking for the carnival games. Michelle and Victoria are looking too.


Kaylynn and Haley have arrived at the carnival games and Kaylynn has to do it. Haley is pretty sure they are last but they are glad they made it. They haven’t seen a team since they left the airport. Haley says maybe they’ll get saved again. Michelle and Victoria have been in the car for six hours and 30 minutes. Kaylynn and Haley hit the mat in seventh place and they can’t believe it.


Michelle and Victoria realize they are the last ones there and they feel defeated. Michelle is doing the road block and Victoria is trying not to give up. Michelle finishes the games and they hit the mat in eighth place and they have been eliminated from the race. Michelle says they are thankful for everything and this is the closest they’ve ever been in their lives. Victoria says they really are best friends and they weren’t close before.

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