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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 4 Asuncion, Paraguay


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Leg 4 begins in Amazon River, Brazil and the teams are at the pitstop. Leo and Alana say if they get a chance to yield Will and James they will to give them a taste of their own medicine. Will and James are the first to depart at 11:11 PM and they are flying to Asuncion, Paraguay where they will travel to a café. They talk about the alliance they made with four teams, Hung and Chee, Riley and Maddison, Gary and DeAngelo, and Eswar and Aparna.


Will and James are checking out some computers with internet to do some research. Kaylynn and Haley are off next and they are going to do what they have to in order to win. Gary and DeAngelo are hoping for some physical challenges coming up. Michelle and Victoria think Paraguay is in Africa, but they can’t remember. Leo and Alana are hoping to all be on the same flight. Will and James have printed off maps for their alliance members and they don’t want Kaylynn and Haley to know.


The teams have landed in Asuncion and they are off scrambling for taxis. Michelle and Victoria’s taxi driver doesn’t know where the café is and neither does Will and James driver. Will and James switch taxis. Leo and Alana are hoping Will and James struggle today.


Eswar and Aparna say what they are seeing reminds them of when they go to India. Riley and Maddison and Eswar and Aparna are the first to arrive. Who is feeling instrumental? This road block requires team to repurpose items from a landfill to build a cello. Eswar and Riley are doing the roadblock. Leo and Alana arrive and Leo is going to do it.


DeAngelo and Gary and Hung and Chee have arrived. Teams have a sample cello to use as a demo for their build. DeAngelo has decided to do the roadblock. Will and James have arrived. Kaylynn and Haley feel like they are lost and their driver says the street they are on is closed. Michelle and Victoria also seem to be lost.


Kaylynn are concerned because their driver has stopped and left them in the car while she goes to a house for directions. Michelle and Victoria have finally arrived. Chee is helping James and DeAngelo and Maddison is helping also where they can. Michelle is doing the roadblock for their team.


DeAngelo is the first to act for a check and it is perfecto. He goes down the street to deliver the cello and he listens to the orchestra play and he says the kids are amazing! They get their clue and they are travelling to the next stop and they are supposed to have their hourglass ready. Kaylynn and Haley have arrived at the roadblock.


Maddison is doing the roadblock and he is struggling and he asks Chee for some help. Gary and DeAngelo have found the yield and they decide not to yield anyone. Teams must prepare a local beverage and carry it as refreshment for the rest of the leg. They quickly finish and they are now ready for a detour.


Stack your Melons, which they did in season 20, or Use your Melon, which they also did in season 20 and neither are easy. Kaylynn is doing the roadblock for their team. James is asking for a check and he is done. James runs to make his delivery and they are off.


DeAngelo and Gary are looking for the watermelons and they have found them and they begin stacking. Will and James choose not to yield anyone and they are making the drink. They say they watched the episode they did these tasks and they practiced balancing bottles on their head.


Maddison asks for a check and he’s done something wrong. Chee and Michelle are still working on their instrument. Chee has checked his instrument for a third time and helps Maddison and then leaves to make his delivery since he’s correct. Leo thinks he might have it and he does. Maddison is still working and Riley is concerned. Maddison is having a hard time with the strings.


DeAngelo and Gary are still working on stacking the watermelons. Will and James are doing Use your Melon and they have arrived to begin and they are watching a demo of the steps they have to make. Hung and Chee are not yielding anyone and they make their drink. They finish and they are going to do Use your Melon.


Eswar is still working on his instrument. Maddison has finished his cello and he makes his delivery. Michelle gets her cello checked and she’s done and makes her delivery. Aparna is a little concerned because they arrived even with first and now they are fighting not to be last. Eswar is struggling with the strings.


Eswar has been at the road block for 2 hours and 9 minutes and Kaylynn has been there for an hour and 22 minutes. Leo and Alana choose not to yield anyone and they are going to Use their Melons. Hung and Chee have arrived and they go to the practice area. Leo and Alana have arrived at the practice area. Chee is slowly getting the hang of this but he’s helping Hung find her balance point. Riley and Maddison choose not to yield anyone and they are going to Stack their Melons. Michelle and Victoria don’t yield anyone and they are going to Use their Melons.


Hung is having trouble balancing the bottle on her head. Michelle and Victoria have arrived and Hung and Chee have decided to switch detours. Will and James make their first attempt and they drop their bottle. Kaylynn is getting frustrated but she’s not going to give up. Gary and DeAngelo have a good size stack of melons and they drop some. Riley and Maddison have arrived and Hung and Chee get there too.


Gary and DeAngelo drop some more of their melons and have to re-stack. Will and James are on their second attempt and Will drops his bottle. Leo and Alana are making their first attempt and Leo drops his bottle. Will and James are now on their third attempt. Will and James have successfully completed their detour and they jump around and celebrate and they are racing to their next pit stop at Plaza Italia.


Eswar is taking his cello for a check and he has completed it and he makes his delivery. Will and James hit the mat in first place and they have won $5000 each. James says they are surprising themselves and maybe some other teams.


Hung is asking Chee to communicate with her more. Gary and DeAngelo drop some melons and DeAngelo asks if he wants to go to the bottles and Gary says no. Leo and Alana and Michelle and Victoria both make their third attempts. Leo and Alana drop their bottles, but Michelle and Victoria have completed the detour. Eswar and Aparna decide to Use their Melons. Michelle and Victoria hit the mat in second place.


Leo and Alana are on their fifth attempt and they complete the detour. Eswar and Aparna arrive as Leo and Alana are leaving. Kaylynn is still working on the strings on the cello and she just wants tog et it done. Gary and DeAngelo drop some more melons. Riley and Maddison are done with their pyramid and they ask for a check and they are complete.


Leo and Alana hit the mat in third place. Riley and Maddison hit the mat in fourth place and Leo and Alana are on the mat with them. Kaylynn is asking for a check on her cello and she has it. Eswar and Aparna are making their first attempt and he drops the bottle. Eswar drops on the second attempt as well, but they complete the detour on the third attempt. Hung and Chee are finishing their melons and Gary and DeAngelo drop some again. Hung and Chee have completed their detour.


Eswar and Aparna hit the mat in fifth place and they can’t believe it. Hung and Chee have hit the mat in sixth place. Chee says his lack of communication is hurting them. Gary and DeAngelo are hitting the 3 hour and 7 minute mark on stacking their melons. Kaylynn and Haley are going to Use their Melons and they are hoping someone else is stuck at the detour.


Gary and DeAngelo hit 3 hours and 46 minutes and they are hot and frustrated. Kaylynn and Haley are making their first attempt but they drop and have to try again. Gary and DeAngelo are at 3 hours and 47 minutes and ask for a check and DeAngelo says he’s done. They are complete.


Kaylynn and Haley are on their third attempt and they have completed their detour. Both teams are now racing to the finish and Gary and DeAngelo are pretty sure they are last. Kaylynn and Haley are hoping for some luck. Both teams are looking for Phil. Gary and DeAngelo hit the mat in seventh place and DeAngelo say he knows it’s over with them and The Amazing Race was awesome. They can’t believe they aren’t in last.


Gary says somehow they came in seventh place. Kaylynn and Haley hit the mat in last place and Phil tells them it’s a non-elimination leg. They will face a speedbump in the next leg. They are racing for their dad and being in gives them hope and they want to make them proud.

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