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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 3 Manaus, Brazil


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We start leg 3 in Bogota Colombia with Hung and Chee being the first to leave. They are all booking their flights to Manaus, Brazil, and once they arrive they’ll find their first clue at the Manaus market. Hung and Chee say everyone will be on the same flight and they talk about the new twist of the yield that gives any team a chance to delay another team by ten or twenty minutes.


DeAngelo and Gary are out next with Riley and Maddison behind. Eswar and Aparna are excited to go to Brazil and Michelle and Victoria and Will and James are out right behind. Will and James are ready to knock someone down the totem pole such as Leo and Alana. They wouldn’t hesitate to use a U-turn on them. Leo and Alana are out next and they learned a lesson to read their clue.


Kaylynn and Haley are out and they want to start running with the big dogs and they owe Leo and Alana a huge favor. Jerry and Frank are the last to leave and their goal is to just beat one team. Teams are checking in at the airport and Will and James are talking with Riley and Maddison and they agree to help each other out when they can. They love Hung and Chee and DeAngelo and Gary and Eswar and Aparna and they want to work together as a core group.


Teams are arriving in Manaus, Brazil and they are rushing for taxis. The race is on and Jerry and Frank say they are going to be doing something crazy. Eswar and Aparna and Riley and Maddison are looking for Box 13 and they find the clue. They have to search the market and find all of the items on their list, 11 items all written in Portuguese.


Riley and Maddison, Gary and DeAngelo, Will and James, and Leo and Alana have their clues. Michelle and Victoria and Jerry and Frank have arrived at the market. Riley and Maddison find someone to help them. Eswar and Aparna have found their first item, and then their second quickly. Michelle and Victoria and Jerry and Frank are struggling to find the correct place.


Hung and Chee have arrived and they have their clue. Jerry and Frank and Michelle and Victoria are at the Port and they go to Boat 13. Riley and Maddison are helping Hung and Chee find their items. They say the market is pure mayhem and they realize they are getting ingredients they think they’ll have to cook. Jerry and Frank see the building and they realize that’s the market.


Jerry and Frank find their clue and Michelle and Victoria are the last to get the clue. Gary and DeAngelo say the box numbers weren’t in order so it was confusing to find items. Kaylynn and Haley have 6 of their 11 items. Eswar and Aparna have 8 items. Riley and Maddison have found where they get some fish along with Eswar and Aparna and they are done and looking for the dock manager.


Will and James are also done and they arrive at the dock manager with Riley and Maddison and Eswar and Aparna. Will and James are travelling deep into the Amazon to the Dessana Village. Will and James read the clue and they have to take their items with them. Riley and Maddison have forgotten their gloves and they have to go back for them. Eswar and Aparna have also forgotten their gloves.


Hung and Chee think they have everything and they are out in second, but they have left their items behind. Leo and Alana are out in third and they leave their items behind as well. Gary and DeAngelo are off and they leave their stuff behind. Will and James thought they had everything but they forgot their machete. Kaylynn and Haley leave and they don’t take their stuff either. Will and James have their machete and they are looking for marked boats.


Hung and Chee get on a ferry and Kaylynn and Haley see them and they realize it’s not the right boat. Leo and Alana had followed along. Will and James are back at their boat and they realize they don’t have their fish. Gary and DeAngelo find the boat and they hear Will and James say they forgot something and they start to think they need to get their stuff. Will and James have found their items and they are off now.


Riley and Maddison have taken off in first place and they have all their items. Will and James are in second and James is getting emotional because of how beautiful it is. Leo and Alana and Kaylynn and Haley have realized they need to bring their stuff and they are packing their stuff up. They have forgotten items and they have to go back. Kaylynn and Haley had put their stuff in the sand and they were lucky to still have it all. Hung and Chee forgot their scarves and Gary and DeAngelo have missing items so they have to go buy them again.


Eswar and Aparna have found the items they are missing, as have Hung and Chee. Jerry and Frank are done. Eswar and Aparna now have everything. Jerry and Frank are missing something and they ask Eswar and Aparna as they are leaving and they have forgotten their machete. Michelle and Victoria are off and they leave their stuff behind. DeAngelo and Gary are bickering as they finish getting their items.


Gary and DeAngelo were going to tell them to get their stuff and they decide not to tell the girls. Jerry and Frank get the rest of their items but they didn’t take their stuff either. Riley and Maddison arrive at the village and the chief uses a blow dart to get their next clue.


Detour: Shelter from Trees requires the team to carry some leaves to a chiefs house and cover their roof. Well Done Please requires teams to use items they bought in the market to prepare a meal. When it meets the standards of the chief, they’ll get their next clue.


Riley and Maddison decide to do Shelter from Trees and Will and James arrive second and they decide to do Well Done Please. Will and James are watching how to make the meal. They have to make three things and they say they cook every day together. Gary and DeAngelo see Michelle and Victoria about to pass them and they yell and ask if they brought their items. Michelle and Victoria turn around.


Riley and Maddison have arrived at the chief’s house and they are counting the leaves and they start covering the house. Michelle and Victoria pass and Jerry and Frank and they yell at them but Jerry and Frank can’t hear them and they don’t realize they forgot their items. They think Michelle and Victoria are already done with the next task.


Kaylynn and Haley and Hung and Chee are doing Well Done Please. Eswar and Aparna are doing Shelter from Trees. Gary and DeAngelo tell Leo and Alana that Michelle and Victoria forgot their stuff and had to go back. Jerry and Frank have just realized they need their items and Gary and DeAngelo tell them they need their items. They have to turn around and go all the way back.


Jerry and Frank are telling their driver they have to go back to get their bag and they turn around. Leo and Alana are going to do Well Done Please and Gary and DeAngelo are going to do Shelter from Trees. Kaylynn and Haley say they chose cooking over building because they aren’t good builders. Gary and DeAngelo are arguing over whether they are building a wall or roof for the chief.


Riley and Maddison notice Gary and DeAngelo are doing things wrong and they decide to help them since they are in an alliance. Will and James think they are done and they get their clue. They have a double U-Turn coming up and they immediately head out. Eswar and Aparna thought they would be good at building, but it’s harder than they thought. Will and James arrive at the double U-turn and they decide to U-turn Leo and Alana and get their next clue. They will now go down river to the Pit Stop at Barco Correa Filho where they’ll stay the night except the eliminated team.


Hung and Chee head out and tell them there’s a U-Turn ahead and Leo and Alana think they are fine because they’ve been nice to everyone. Will and James hit the mat and they are team number one and they have won a trip for two to Bali. They are getting more confident and they think they’ll be unstoppable. Hung and Chee see that Leo and Alana are U-turned and they decide not to U-turn anyone. Riley and Maddison are asking for a check and they missed something on the center row.


Hung and Chee are on the mat and they are team number two. Jerry and Frank get all their items and they are heading back. Kaylynn and Haley are finished cooking and they get their next clue and see there is a double U-turn. Riley and Maddison ask for a check again and they are done this time.


Kaylynn and Haley are shocked Leo and Alana are U-Turned and they knew they owed them a favor for helping them the previous leg so they U-Turned Jerry and Frank. Riley and Maddison see the U-Turn teams and they head out. Eswar and Aparna are talking about the race being a chance for them to hang out and get to like each other again.


Gary and DeAngelo ask for a check and they are done. Kaylynn and Haley hit the mat in third place. Michelle and Victoria are enjoying the cooking challenge, but they are bickering with each other. Leo and Alana think they are done and they get their clue. Gary and DeAngelo see the U-turn as Leo and Alana run up and they realize they’ve been U-turned. Leo says either they are threatened by them or they are stupid. They realize Kaylynn and Haley made a brilliant strategic move to help them.


Riley and Maddison hit the mat in fourth place and Gary and DeAngelo are team number five. Michelle and Victoria have finished their cooking and Jerry and Frank have arrived and decide to cook. Michelle and Victoria are glad they aren’t U-turned but they miss picking up the clue. Eswar and Aparna ask for a check and they are done. Michelle and Victoria are hot and running down the beach and they are getting dizzy. Eswar and Aparna get their clue.


Leo and Alana think they are done and ask for a check and they have their leaves facing the wrong way. They have to take everything apart and start again and Alana says she is broken inside. She’s sad and angry and she doesn’t want this to be the end.


Leo and Alana are redoing their hut and Leo is trying to keep Alana calm. She’s crying and she’s so tired. Jerry and Frank are cooking and working well together. Michelle and Victoria still haven’t found the clue and they realize it was in the basket next to the U-turn. Eswar and Aparna hit the mat in sixth place. Michelle and Victoria arrive in seventh place.


Jerry and Frank are done with the cooking and they realize they are U-turned and they head to build. Leo and Alana ask for a check and they are done. Jerry and Frank arrive at the hut. Leo and Alana hit the mat in eighth and she can’t wait to see Will and James because she’s had a terrible day. She says they aren’t an easy team to knock out and the other teams should be intimidated by them.


Jerry and Frank are building and they are getting emotional that they are doing it together. The finish and hit the mat in last place and they have been eliminated. They finished because there is no quit. They came and did the best they could and they had the best partner in the world. They say they have to make every experience a winning experience and they wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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