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July 6/7 Live Feed Updates

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Danielle seems to be working with Mike and Will. Danielle has gone into the room and is talking to Mike, who is in bed. He is telling her that it looks like it is going to be okay. She says she isn't campaigning, because she doesn't know what will happen with veto. He says yes, but everyone seems to realize that they have to get Ali out, because she will "burrow into the game" and you could get Danielle out "any week." He is saying that is what he told them. She says okay.

In between talking about the game, they talk about the beds--whether they had mics on their headboards in her season, and she says she was in a cot, and he says he was in chill town. Erika keeps coming around talking about turning on a light. Mike quickly whispers to Danielle about what James told him. Danielle chuckles and says that is funny. Danielle: Did you see season 4? Why do you think she is in bed? Why do you think she didn't drink any alcohol?

Daniells says that Alison is a major player. Mike says he needs to talk to Jase. Danielle says ok.

On the red couch, F1. Nakomis, George and Jase are talking about their seasons. Nakomis says that she hasn't watched the DVD. She says that her mom wanted her to have a party and watch them. She talks about how she was introduced to Cowboy on the show. George says he lived his--he doesn't want to redo it by watching the DVD. George says that they sent him a box with 68 VHS tapes of the footage. Jase and Nakomis think that is cool, that they did that. Jase says it would have been nice if BB had given them an official packet, but it would end up on ebay.

George: You know where Holly's would have for sure gone.

Jase: Well, guys, I'm going. It's been a pleasure.

Jase goes to bed.

Danielle, Erika and Diane are in the bathroom, and Danielle and Erika are showering. Diane is wondering if she should take off her bikini. Erika says she didn't wear her bikini in her season, and she isn't going to now. Diane says surely it is safe, and Erika says that is what she thought, too, until she saw a picture on the internet. There was a camera by the shower. Diane says she thinks they fixed it, and they agree. (Note: Along the wall in the bathroom, there are two rows of rubber ducks. There is a top row of red ducks, and a bottom row of white ones. ) Erika gets out of the shower, and I think she is wearing the very same hooded white sweatsuit thing she had during her first BB season (with capri legs).

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12:35: Danielle says she's going to bed because she has a comp tomorrow. Will, James and Howie give a big "Oh" because she said it in a serious tone.

Camera switched to HOH room where Janelle and Erica were whispering about something but because the sound lagged the feed couldn't let us hear was.

Camera switched back to the kitchen, where Howie, Kaysar and Will are melting M&Ms in the microwave. George walks in and they all begin sharing the melted M&Ms.

Howie's playing parrot with Will which seems to be a reoccurring theme. The boys start snapping on one another with the penultimate being "it'll be like a Veto on James".

Will's now starting to speak like Howie by grunting and stating things without thinking when the girls come around a corner or down from the HOH room. He's now busting on himself about this fact. It appears that Howie and Will are echoing one another which is odd to say the least.

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James telling Boogie(?) that the microphones are so sensitive that they picked up him spanking the monkey. He then says that the food is the same as last year except it's not expired.

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Marcellas, Janelle, and Erica are talking strategy. They are trying to decide if Danielle or Allison should go. They say George is a wild card, and Erica's Spidey sense is going off with Will. Janelle says that Danielle tried to clobber Marcellas the first night and it cut to fish.

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1 a.m. HOH room

Janelle, Erika and Marcellas are definitely together. They are all in the HOH room, talking. They think that George is dangerous, because he isn't as stupid as he seems. Marc. says that several times, George has brought up various conversations that Marc. has had with him, and he remembers everything. They think they need to get rid of George soon.

Janelle says that Jase thinks that Danielle is leaving, and she asks them how they would feel if Alison leaves. Marcellas says that up until today, he was torn, but then Alison point blank asked him who he would vote for, and he said that he thought he would keep her. But then he looks back on it, and he thinks she should go, instead. Marcellas thinks that James has something going with Danielle. Janelle says that James came up to the room and said that Danielle had to go. Marcellas asks if maybe that was because James was afraid that James would be on the block, so he was trying to save himself. Janelle thinks James is telling the truth. Marcellas thinks that James is jockeying to get Danielle on the block, and then later on he can campaign to keep her. Janelle thinks that James campaigned for Danielle to leave, though. Marcellas thinks that when James is definitely safe (after veto) then James will campaign to keep Danielle, if she is still on the block.

Erika says a couple of times that she thinks Alison should leave. Marcellas says that Alison is really working out this year and her body is great. Marcellas asks if it is possible to get James out, and keep both Danielle and Alison? Both girls yell at him, "Are you crazy??" Marcellas laughs and they say Danielle and Alison are close, and even though they sold each other out, they are still together.

Erika: Poor chicken George!

Janelle: The whole house is screwed! He's a loose cannon!

Marcellas says that he doesn't want George close to him, and that he can't talk game with George. He says no one knows what is in George's head, and no one wants to know.

(They were discussing earlier that they need to get George out, because if he makes it near the end, he will end up like Amber from Rob and Amber, in Survivor).

Marcellas says that George will probably get HOH, and then the nightmare will be that Marcellas will get HOH with him.

Marcellas says that he wants to get rid of Danielle because he played with her, and Erika wants to get rid of Alison for the same reason. Erika agrees and says that when Alison digs in, you can't get rid of her. Marcellas says that they have to make sure they all vote alike. Janelle says that if they vote for Alison to leave, they can do it. Marcellas says that James will not vote for Danielle to leave--just watch. Janelle says no--she means they will vote out Alison.

Janelle still thinks James wants Danielle gone, and Marc. wants to know why she thinks this. She says James thinks Danielle is a huge manipulator.

Janelle is worried that James is working with Diane or Alison. Erika says that no matter what they do, they need to not pull a fast one on James, and they need to keep it all out in the open. Marc. says if he plays for veto, he is leaving it. They think everyone is (except for the HOH's and the people on the block). Marc. says they need to make a decision--he doesn't care.

Erika says that they will both be dangerous. Marc. says that Alison showed how dangerous she is in the game. He enjoyed being with Danielle in the hot tub. He says maybe they should keep the one that is more enjoyable to be around, and Erika says that makes Danielle more dangerous, then. He says that when he came into the game, he wanted Danielle to be history. He says the first night Danielle tried to clobber him! (We get FIRE then!!).

Marcellas says that Alison wins stuff, and he'd be glad to get rid of her for that. Yet, he has never seen Danielle step up in a comp. He says that he can't imagine throwing a comp.

Marc. and Erika both say that they will vote with the house, and do whatever Janelle wants. Janelle says that she hopes they win HOH next week. They don't think Janelle will get to compete next week for HOH as she won this week. Janelle says that no one can throw HOH this year, because you will have two of them, and you never know who is after you.

Marc: Which is good, because that sort of eliminates the floater.

Marc. doesn't think there are any floaters there, really. Erika thinks that is because there are no lines drawn in the sand yet.

Marc. says that if he had to say today who would be after him, he would say George and Howie. They are shocked by this.

Marc. doesn't think Nakomis or Diane would be after him, because he hasn't spent time with them. Janelle asks Erika what Nakomis and Diane talk about, and Erika says that they don't talk game around her, so they obviously don't trust her.

I think I'm going to have to go to bed--It's 4:30 here! Goodnight!!

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2:15AMBBT-HOH room

Kaysar, Janelle, Will, Diane, Marcellas, Jase and Howie sitting around. Lots of jokes and jabs. The best comes out when Howie asked Marc. "If you were a man would you hit on Ashlea (BB6)?" Marc without skipping a beat answers the question and then Jase busts back "If he was a man? Is he not?" Everyone busts out laughing and Marc begins to chip on himself for answering as well.

Conversation reverts back to seasons past and impressions of former contestants.


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2:17am bbt - hoh room - will, jase, howie, janelle, kaysar, marcellas and diane all talking about past hgs from other seasons, amongst other things. They mention something about cowboy getting his teeth fixed for free and drew getting free laser eye surgery. Also, Diane mentions that Cowboy's wife called and asked Drew if CB could stay with him when the wrap party happened, and oh, by the way, could drew pay for his airline ticket too. Fire after that .

Howie asks Marcellas what he finds so gross about girls..like what's the grossest thing and Marc. ays taht he's not grossed out by anything in particular that he can think of,,, but that he just couldn't go 'there''

Janelle says that Ivette didnt end up giving a scooter to Maggie, but sold them both instead, and that Ivette hates all the 'nerd herd' now. Ivette and Tush broke up, according to info Beau gave Janelle. right when janie starts to tell the story,....Flames

Howie's still goin on about getting a Janie doll.

2:30 kaysar prays and goes to bed.

hoh room - janie, marcellas, and...jase(?) talking strategy

'night guys...

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2:45A- HOH room

Marcellas and Janelle talking about Erika. Marcellas says that Erika is this season's Amber. Meaning that she'll fly under the radar and allow the bigger players to kick each other out. They've been going on back and forth about this for nearly 10 minutes. Janelle has a watershed moment here stating that she's laid out some of the strategy she's playing. Marcellas says that "Ambers" can't win HOHs. It appears that they think Danielle and George also fall into this "Amber" category.

Janey: "where do you think jase fits into this"

Marc: "I like Jase"

J "I like him too"

M "It's almost like he has not power. We're killing part of the Mr and Mrs Smith (Jase and Ali?) alliance but Diane's a very strong girl though.."

The conversation continues on to Diane's qualities on how she's tenacious and strong willed. That thought finishes up with Marcellas saying "It's not going to be easy, it's all-stars".

Marcellas asks Janey who she would take to the final two if he, Janelle and Kaysar were the final three and then plays out the scenarios from BB3 and explains how they are similar to that hypothetical situation.

Marcellas is having second thoughts on his statement to Alison about voting for her to stay. Apparently Alison also asked point blank who Nakomis was voting for and Marcellas is starting to think that Alison is going to do this to enough people to survive this round.

Janelle brings up for the third time in this 15 minutes that she hasn't had a real conversation with Kaysar. Additionally she says that the way Kaysar is acting the past few days that she's not all that happy with him and doesn't feel like she's loosing anything by not talking to him.

Marcellas turns out the lights and crawls into the bed and they continue to whisper about who will go of these two and they confirm that even if one vetos themself off that the other original member would automatically be going home. Both Marcellas and Janey have yet to state firmly who they are going to vote for but they seem like they'll be happy with either individual going home. They whisper for a bit longer and talk about how the PoV has changed. No further comments were made. They talk about how Boogey was approached by Alison to play in the PoV comp and how he looked like a deer in headlights.

Alright back to work for me. I'll post anything more that happens over night as it happens.

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3:19 AM BBT- HOH room

Marcellas explains that he has a small crush on Boogey and Janelle agrees that he's very cute. They both love the stories he tells and they agree that his highlights are obvious and crazy. Marcellas complains that since he has all this money he should really be better dressed. Janey doesn't understand that he has money and Marcellas explains that he has several restaurants open and is planning to open two more in Atlanta.

They begin to talk about how Will and Boogey aren't on their hit lists. Marcellas says it's because everyone else has Will and Boogey on their own hit list. They agree that Kaysar seems dead set on getting them out. They review the fact that Will and Howie are at opposite ends of the spectrum and that it's more like "wit vs. nit" and that Howie should stop trying to upstage Will. They continue to talk about how the finals is all about popularity regardless of how one plays.

Janey says her three threats are "Alison, Danielle, Diane." Marcellas says that he understands that and that he's unhappy he's being seen as one of the girls already. Janelle says that he should be happy about it and use that to his advantage. The idea of Will BB6 comes up and that he needs to somehow avoid being played the same way by other people and seems set on making an effort to hang out with Jase tomorrow. Marcellas goes on to say that his biggest goal for this season is not to cry.

3:30 AM BBT -

All cameras have HGs sleeping. Howie's snoring already.

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Ok, Good morning here on the east coast.

Its 7.43 am (4.43 BB time) All the guest are sleeping and not much movement. Jase opened his eyes once and looked around and back to sleep. He is snoring as is Howie. <_<

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Early morning, East Coast, update --

I checked on the house at 3am BB time.

Howie was up, with the jar of Q-tips in hand, slowly wandering through rooms. He appeared to be studying the house, maybe for a potential quiz. He quietly passed through the bedrooms, checking out who was where in the dark.

As to who was where...

Janie and Marcellas were in the HOH room, still awake and chatting about HGs and strategy. <Nothing earthshaking> He did comment that Janelle should consider Diane a strong player - tenacious.

I don't know where Jase was, or how this HOH sleeping combination happened. Marcellas commented that he wouldn't be staying in there again tonight -- and that he would be sure to spend some time with Jase.

By 3:30 the house was quiet.

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OMG I cannot believe how much of figit widgits they are, Jase, Howie, Janelle and Dianne cannot seem to stop moving around. Howie seems to be moving the most under the sheets.

The four in the big bed are tossing for the share of the comforter.

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5:34 BBT- main common room

Cameras 1 & 2 switch to Kaysar performing his morning prayers. All other HGs appear asleep still.

5:36 - Kaysar completes prayers, walks back to bed and lies down.

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7:06 BBT- Bathroom

Diane is awake and checked into the bathroom. (Unfortunately due to a call was unable to follow her actions.) Nakomis also appears to be awake and was taking part in morning ADLs.

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Not much going on at the moment, Nakomis is up. She has walking around the bathroom, putting in contact, sewing pants, showering, getting dressed.

Feed 1 and 2 are of Nakomis in the bathroom

Feed 3 is of the HoH bedroom (Janie and Marcellas)

Feed 4 is of the First bedroom (Boogie, Will, Danielle, George)

No stream from the back bedroom or the red room.

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