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July 6/7 Live Feed Updates

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Kaysar just lost to Erika in pool.

Kaysar: Oh, and I was playing such a good game, too.

Erika: You were. And then you lost.

Kaysar jokes that she shouldn't tell that he lost to her.

Kaysar: The first thing I'm gonna do when I get out of here is I'm going to go to Miami.

Erika: You are? What's in Miami?

Kaysar says he just feels it is the place to be. He asks if she has been there, and she says yes, but her heart is in California. Kaysar says he doesn't want to live in Miami, but he wants to go there.

Kaysar just scratched his nose, and then says that the people watching will think he is picking his nose. Erika says to the camera that he is not picking. She thinks no one is watching them anyway, but Kaysar points out the camera watching them. Erika jokes that she and Kaysar are the quietest two in the house, and they are so interesting. They say that the pool table is slanted and it is not their fault they are playing poorly. Erika says she is going to make a shot and "take one for the team."

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9:54pm bbt - Q1 - fire

Q2 - Erika and kaysar playing pool outside - kinda flirty

Q3 & 4 - hot tubbers Janelle, Kaysar, Danielle and Chicken George playing a movie game they made up...something about naming a movie and then having to tell who the lead actor and actress were. A little hard to hear what they are saying as their volume seems low and you can hear Kaysar and Erika talking over the others on Q4

Q3 - same volume problem

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Kaysar and Erika moved to conversation of Live Feeds. How strange it is to have people watching. Now that they know we are watching. That if he scratches his nose people think he is picking it.

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Erika & Kaysar talking about the live feed viewers. Erika says during her season she wasn't conscious of it, but now they realzie they're on. Kaysar makes an xample and says "If I do this, it looks like I'm picking my nose. but i'm not.. see?" then Erika says "EVERYONE (live feed viewers) KAYSAR WAS NOT PICKING HIS NOSE." they're really aware of the feeds it seems...

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9:57 pm - Kaysar and Erika playing pool

Kaysar: Like if i do this, they will think i'm picking my nose oh my gosh, but im not.

Erika: Kaysar is not picking his nose, he was just scratching.

Kaysar: Scratching

Erika: I don't think we have anyone on us

Kaysar: Right there

Erika: Oh.

Kaysar: Of course we're popular.

Erika: They are like the two quiet ones, they are like, never have erika and kaysar together, they are the two quietiest people..

Kaysar: I know.. ha

Kaysar: I'm going to go get a glass of milk, and come back, maybe something will happen. Maybe then you'll actually make a ball in or something, i dunno.

Erika: its not us its the pool table

kaysar: the pool table is slanted. we tried to put cardboard boxes... see, its so slanted that she keeps scratching people.. theres nothing you can do. its so slanted sometimes i can make something in, makes my game better.

erika: okay, im just going to break it up, sacrificing for the team

kaysar: do what you gotta do, you'll get 4 in

*heh, nothing interesting*

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Marcellas and Danielle are laughing very hard in the hot tub, talking about when Sheryl Crow played for them. BB played their favorite songs that day, and they threw in some Sheryl Crow, and Marcellas and Danielle were horrified and wondered who had that bad taste, and thought it must be Lori or someone. Then, Sheryl Crow ended up playing for them, and after that, they were "addicted" to her music.

George got out the hot tub at this point. Danielle and Janelle are drinking red wine, and Marcellas is drinking coke.

Danielle says that BB could have brought out Weird Al at that point, and they would have been deliriously happy. Daneille says that Sheryl was petrified of them, because she started to sit down and they pounced on her, desperate to talk to someone else.

Janelle and Danielle and Marcellas just thanked America for voting them in the house.

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Lots of conversation going on all around (I mean Danielle, Janelle, & Marcellas in the HT but unfortunately the Kaysar/Erika boring sound feed is so loud I can't make out what the others are saying because they sound like background noise)

Kaysar tells Erika that after BB6 he went to his Mosque & everyone there told him he was going to be the next Omar Sharif :huh:

Erika asks Kaysar-so who do we want out James or Will?

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Janie, Marcellas and Danielle are all giggly in the hot tub. George is getting out and was talking briefly to Kaysar and Erika at the pool table - something funny about George's back they were all laughing at.

9:07p-bbt - Kaysar and Erika talking about favorite movies. Erika remembers from watching him on bb6 that he didn't have many "favorites" and she says to him that she remembers that he likes brunettes and he says "I changed my mind, I'm into blondes now"

Erika - so you dont like brunettes anymore

Kaysar - no, I like both blondes and brunettes

Erika tells Kaysar that she and her mother really liked him on the show and that they referred to him as 'Omar Sheriff" (Charife...i dunno). She points out that that's a great compliment and he agrees and claims flattery. They talk about what movies 'Omar' was in. Danielle says that she is starting to feel the wine and may be drunk.

Kaysar - this game started out so good, then you started drinking <laughs>

Danielle - that's the wine

Kaysar - yeah, that's what drinking will do

Danielle asks Kaysar who she should 'go' for. They are talking giggly strategy

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Erika: So, who do we want out? James or Will?

Kaysar: James or Will.

Both laugh

Kaysar: Well, Will has a personality, and James wants to have one and BE Will, so why don't we just knock out the poor man's Will? James!

Erika laughs

Kaysar: I feel like we are all like washed-up super heroes. We've got the chicken and the evil doctor. We've got the Jedi. This is like a nightmare, and I'm here. I don't know who you are. You and I are just the boring..We're the commentators.

Erika: We're the sane one in the insane asylum.

Kaysar: Yeah.

Howie comes ove r and says "Waddup, Kay-SAR?"

And Kaysar halfheartedly says "What up, Howie?"

Marcellas goes to the pool table and says that both Danielle and Janelle have fake boobs, and they are both going on the water slide, and this could end up badly. Kaysar says he thinks he will get on that, too--it looks like too much fun.

Erika: So, who are we voting out? Will, or James?

Marcellas: James has got to go.

Erika: So, we have to vote out James. Let's hope he doesn't get veto.

Marcellas: Then after that, we vote out Kaysar.

Erika: He's right here!

(kinda joking)

I have to add that they are sitting on the couch talking about parties and different types of alcohol. Now we have FIRE because they were talking about specifics. Anyway, poor George is sitting there in a towel and t-shirt, at the end of the couch, and he looks like a fish out of water--completely out of place. He has a sad look on his face, and looks bored.

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Howie just told Will dude you went out on the 1st question. You didn't know there was 9 (? not sure of the # he said) burners on the stove.

Diane just made fun of the people who voted for America's Choice by saying NERD ALERT :o when they were talking about how many times people text & vote.

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10:25bbt - Janie, Howie, Danielle and Jase at the hot tub talking about the different seasons. Kaysar, Marcellas and Erika playing pool. Marcellas and Erika are playing team style against Kaysar.

- Intermittent fire and music (i miss bubbling sounds)

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10:30ish BBT

Danielle, Jase, Janelle, Howie sitting in hot tub reminiscing about their seasons...Danielle is controlling the conversation, Jase says that his season wasn't very fun. (Sounds like he is still bitter)

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Danielle is in the hot tub, with Howie, Janie and Jase sitting around it, talking to each other. Danielle is talking about how much fun she had BB3 and how she remembers the fun stuff. Talking about Roddy and how much she loved them all. She says she loves Chiara and watches the DVD's, and they had so much fun! Jase says that BB 3 was so much fun, and that his season wasn't fun. Danielle says no, with the twins, and with the lines drawn, and that it should be fun. Danielle is talking about when Janie yelled at Beau, and when Howie did the busto thing, and it was just "awesome!" She says that she and her daughter loved it.

Danielle says that BB 3 was a summer of a lifetime and she absolutely loved it. She said earlier that it was never about winning or being on t.v. for her--it was about the fun, and she loved it. Danielle says season 4 ended so bad. Danielle says that Season 6 was the first time she actually hated anyone in the house (I think Eric?) because she was so hated, and she knew what it was like so she avoided hating anyone. Danielle says she always goes to the wrap parties because she can completely relate to the other BB people, and they have so much FUN! [Gosh, I wonder if she had fun?]

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Diane: Having a crush on Drew was the worst mistake of my life. I mean, he is nice.

Someone asks her what her type of guy is, and she says all sorts--she has no type.

Alison is being pretty quiet. She is over on the couch next to Nakomis.

Danielle was told by BB to put her mic on (I had hoped they were gone, since they showed the mics hanging from the ceilings).

BB tells Kaysar to check his mic, and James yells "dumba--!" and says that Kaysar's hair covers it up.

Danielle tells Nakomis that she loved it when Nakomis shaved her head into a mohawk and she thought "That's my girl!" when she did it.

BB thanks Kaysar.

Danielle: How come I don't get a thank you when I put my microphone on??!

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Danielle telling Janie, Howie, Jase stories about how she was hated so much in her season & how her & Ivette had talked about being hated (Danielle has a desperate tone while her listeners get a glazed over deer in the headlights look).

Chicken George is sitting & listening intenly to everyone (he is kinda left out)

Someone (MBE Will) says Howie has Jedi armpit (so Howie goes around lifting his pits & letting everyone sniff)

Alison has changed into (the most non-sexy, 10 sizes too large) scrubs

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Q1 & 2 - kaysar and erika playing pool as marcellas watches on. Jase earlier called next game with winner

Q3 & 4 - hot tubbers have joined those on the red couch area - someone said howie smelled (lol).

James, Will, Diane, Janie, Nakomis sitting on the red couch in that order

Chicken George sitting on the ire pit by Danielle

Boogy sitting in the chair facing the others (just gt up and walked off to get something and returned)

Hard to hear on 3 & 4 - Will still talking about needing more liquor and making some deal about only drinking 3 days a week as compromise if they'd just give 'em more. Dianne says she doesn't weigh much and she's feeling her liquor.

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Danielle is now sitting next to Janelle, and talking about Roddy. She says that Roddy was just like Maggie.

Danielle is talking about when Chiara and Roddy were nominated, saying that Chiara told Danielle to vote her out. Danielle told her she was crazy; wasn't she there to play the game?

Erika and Kaysar are still playing pool.

Talk about stalkers. One of the guys says that only the highest quality of stars have stalkers, so thank you (to his). (This might have been Mike or Will). Danielle says she has a stalker! They ask who, and she says her husband, who is watching her right now, and she waves and says hi to him.

In the background, I can hear Kaysar saying that "The only reason is to send the world a message," but I didn't hear what he was talking about before that.

On F4, Alison has gone inside and she is curling her hair. At night. James comes inside and is surprised she is inside already. She says "I don't know about you, but I have a veto competition tomorrow."

James tells Alison that she is "always a gamer!" He says that she's smart to feed Danielle drinks. Alison says she doesn't need to do that--she isn't playing against Danielle right now. James says she is one of the top two players ever, probably. She says not really; she is old school.

James: That's what makes you dangerous.

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Janelle is telling a story & really cozing up to Danielle (??? :blink: )

They are trying to get George drunk. They want him to chug 4 beers in a row but he says it won't touch him because he is immune. Gorge says he needs a bottle (hard liquor) to get drunk.

Alison is in the bathroom (in her 10X too big scrubsuit) curling her hair with a curling iron (at 10:50PM her time??)

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10:50 - Alison is in the bathroom fixing her hair - James walk in and the small talk at the sink. Alison's scrubs really are made for a LARGE man. Alison tells James that she is dangerous 'cause she's old-school. Out by the firepit, Danielle and Janelle are very close and seem to be having a conversation about ...everything. Allison is completely separated from the others - fixing her hair still.

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