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July 6/7 Live Feed Updates

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9:18 pm - Janelle and Nakomis is playing chess upstairs outside the HOH room. Don't know where other people are (probably kitchen) can slightly hear them chatting.

9:21 pm - Will cutting watermelon for people in kitchen

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Hi, Hamster watchers!

Will has suggested that the people in the veto contest chug the beers they have, right before the contest. Then he says that there is no way that James would do that, because he won't be able to establish himself as "veto king."

F1--There is a pool table in the backyard! Right now, Erika is practicing.

James, Will and Mike are talking about how the girls in Florida are hot, etc. Jase, Howie and Nakomis and Diane are hanging out with them. There are nice red couches outside on the patio, and they are sitting there.

F3 and F4 Hot tub with Marcellas, Janelle, George and Danielle. They are playing a game, where they try to guess who the other person is talking about. Danielle and Marcellas seem to be getting along great, laughing and remembering games they played while they were in the house before.

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