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July 6/7 Live Feed Updates

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Howie and Will doing weights in the backyard. Will wants to take 10 punds off Howie in the next ten weeks

ALL FOUR feeds on Howie and Will. <_<

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James, Kayser, Erika in the kitchen, James is slicing tomatoes it seems, and Erika is saying she doesnt have a butt anymore..

Howie and Will are out in the yard working out.

Allison was just called to the DR

Seems George is in the kitchen as well, about to do something with potatos..

James: Kayser, did you ever win a veto?

Kayser: No, they kept giving them to you...

Feed cut to Jase, Howie, Danielle and Will in the backyard.. Danielle says its like the "pen" people sitting around watching people work out..

Jase and Will say the the BB6'ers are still so bitter about their season, because they have not had time to decompress

<the hosueguests keep breaking into song so the feeds keep going to FOTH>

Will said he would give shout outs, but all his freinds are too nerdy to be watching or checking the net. Boogie says give a shout out to T-Diddy..

Not sure about why, but Danielle keeps talking about Rosebud, and making every one say "Rosebud" she just had Boogie say rosebud, and then said he caught Howieitis...

Danielle says she can still smell stuff from the challange

Feeds now switch to Jani and Nak playing chess and whispering

Jani and Nak are whispering, Nak seems surprised and says Alison is freaking her out, the Alison used her name in her "scheming".. saying who all was gonna vote for her. Jani said Ali's plan was bold, but with it being the first week it was TOO bold. Jani said that the reason Dani and Ali were put up, was becasue they were the only two to approach Jase and Jani...

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nak teling janie this season is going to be a lot of mind games...

nak says when 2 people are talking she'll walk over and they'll be talking about summer camp. says that people are good at changing the subject or shes going nuts

nak says she'll probably vote allison out if everything stays the same

j: dani will do whatever to keep herself in. i tohught i was friends with her.

n: that could be a good thing... allison is all my way my way and dani is like hey stay in the house another wk.. what can i do for ya..

janie: dani plays it off better...deff.

n: im sitll mad about my name being used

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<missed some convo..kiddos woke up>

Nak does not like that Ali put words into her mouth, Jani asked Nak who she thinks she is gonna vote for, and Nak said she doesnt know. She feels more of a bond for Dani than Ali. Nak asked Jani if she watched BB4 and what type of player Ali is. Jani said she was a younger player.

Nak: that left a really bitter taste in my mouth ( abou ali using her name) This season is gonna be a lot of bullshit...

Jani says she was totally in the dark about the whole, jase not agreeing in order to get Jani on the block.. Nak is now wondering about innicent convo, and could it be used against her.

Nak says she really doenst feel she had anything in commen with the houseguests..

Jani: So you woudl prob vote Ali out?

Nak: If everythign stays the same probably, I cant see either helpign or hurting me..

jani: you have to do what is best for you in the game...

Nak says Dani is nicer that ALi by far. Nak cant foget about Ali saying she had Nak's vote, when she didnt.. Jani says possibly Diane used her name saying that since they are friends, then it was in that context.

Nak: Its liek fuct up

Jani: Its liek the first week...gawd

Jani says to be honest, they were thinking of puttign Goerge up since no one really knows him..

Nak: wow this is gonna be a really rough road...

Alison said Dani put her up to everything.. but Jani doesnt know if thats true...

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Diane is talking with ALi.. saying James has said he is going to vote for who ever will keep him in the game..

ALi: do you think they are going to keep Dani?

Diane: I dont know..

Ali: I have four I need to work on, Will, Boogie,George and James.. Did Jani say she def wanted me to go?

Diane: no.. she hasnet.. but you could see it in her eyes.. I think its cause you havent wanted to be all buddy buddy with her..

Diane says Jani has rugburn on her back so at least she got laid before she came in... <giggles>

Maci walks in and the girls switch to talk of religeon

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I just turned on the feeds to Nike FlipFlop after Dani and Jase are joking about endorsements on the show.

Diane and Boogie in hammock.

Boogie says Dani could never go in the background but Ali could bury herself in the background and you might never get her out of the game. Dani you can expect her to go up but Ali is more social. She could work her way into the girls.

Di: Look - Ali talks too much. In the beginning someone said that everyone agreed Jase and Jam should stay on the block. It stemmed from Dani saying it to Chicken George and him to Ali and Ali to everyone in the house.

Boogie: I talked to James and he will flip on "the group" in a minute.

Di: He & Howie were fighting this morning.

Boogie: At some point, Me, You, Erika and Jase (or James couldn't make it out), have to come together

Howie interrupts

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7:47 BB time

Janelle and Kaysar playing chess. Kaysar is trying to get a quick update on their allies.

Kaysar asks what she thinks about James so far, how he is carrying himself in the game. She says that he is doing okay. Kaysar says he feels that James is almost trying to be too funny, or too loud. Janelle says "Whatever."

Kaysar says that Nakomis seems to be just playing as herself, and she doesn't care what others think or say, so it wouldn't do any good to approach her.

Kaysar asks if they have any other allies. Janelle is whispering or hesitant to talk--they are up in the balcony where the chess set is located. There are bench-like chairs surrounding it this year, so that you can't be seen on the floor.

Kaysar says "If they are going for BB6, do you think they would go for Howie or James, or us?" and Janelle says probably James and Janelle.

Kaysar: Jase is with us, right?

Kaysar: He's a strong player. If anybody finds out that he is with us, they are going to be threatened.

Kaysar whispers, if they can survive the next few weeks, then the game changes each week, so things can change.

BB tells Janie not to obstruct her mic, and everyone gets quiet.

Janelle: I'm not! I mean, where else do you want me to put it? Seriously!

Kaysar and Janelle giggle.

James calls Janelle to dinner, and she says she has already eaten chicken. Kaysar adds: And cookies. And ice cream.

Janelle says she doesn't want to get huge this season, and Kaysar makes fun of her eating and saying she doesn't want to get huge at the same time.

Janelle: Even if we tell people we aren't together, I don't think they will believe us.

Kaysar: Obviously. We're stuck.

Kaysar: We may have had a chance if it was just me, you and Howie.

Janelle: Even if it was just three of us, we would still be a target. That's why, even if we were just with Howie, we would be just as screwed. We just wouldn't have James.

Kaysar: You're right.

Janelle tells Kaysar that Erika and Marcellas are in the middle, kind of.

Kaysar says that he doesn't know what will happen.

Janelle: I think chicken George needs to go.

Kaysar: What?

Janelle: Don't you?

Kaysar: Who would we put up against chicken George? Danielle? You think people are going to vote against chicken George instead of Danielle?


Janelle: I don't know. It's like, I can't win HOH and neither can Jase.

Kaysar: I know.

Janelle: There's three of you.

Kaysar: And then it could be five. That's out of 11. It's almost a 50 percent chance.

Kaysar says he is good at this type of comp.

Janelle starts quizzing him. "What's the average age of everyone here?"

Janelle starts rattling off the ages of everyone.

They start practicing for the comp.

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Kaysar is saying that he feels maybe Jase is lying to them. He says that when he was talking to Jase, his eyes flickered, and he didn't look him in the eye, and he thought Jase was lying or hiding something. Janelle doesn't think he is doing that. Kaysar watched how he played season 5.

Kaysar: Why not? He knows we're a solid alliance, we're not going to turn on one another.

Kaysar says that he thinks it is possible that Jase has thought that he would act like he is joining their alliance to keep safe, but then distance himself from them when things turn.

FIRE from BB

Kaysar: What I'm saying is, so far, so good. But keep your eyes open. You don't want to go trusting someone right away. Trust me, I learned that from last year. I made that mistake.

All of the other HG's are eating and talking around the table, and Kaysar and Janelle are talking at the chess table on the floor.

Kaysar tells Janelle to be very careful, and keep her info very close to her--don't tell things.

Janelle is whispering back, and Kaysar sighs.

Kaysar: I mean, chances are, if we are allied with Jase, we can't keep it a secret. Say over time, I get HOH, James is HOH, Howie is HOH. We aren't gunning for James, and he is a big player. So, we're after Danielle and Dr. Will, and all of sudden, there is Jase.

Kaysar says they will just keep going after the season 6 people.

Kaysar: We have Erika's vote, too, but then we have the same problem with Erika. I mean, no one is going to go after her. People are gunning for us--we're a huge target. And it doesn't help that you got HOH.

Janelle: If we would have lost it--?

Kaysar: That wasn't an option. Remember last year? Look what happened to you. Everyone was gunning for you, but every week is different. Every week, someone screws up somehow.


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Kaysar is worried about the possibility of getting HOH, and then the other person decides not to agree with him about the nominees. He says that it makes you almost think twice about wanting to get HOH!

All four cameras are on Janie and Kaysar. She says she loves it up there at the chess table, because no one can see them.

Now, all of the cameras are out at the hot tub. James suggests that it would be interesting to have a BB of all of season's first two people evicted, because they just "sort of" had a chance.

They start to list the people--Ashlea, The Don, Michael, etc.

Howie just got YELLED AT by BB for singing. BB sounded angry.

Dani says that's the first one, and she didn't think it would be Howie!

Kaysar asks where everyone is, and Howie says outside.

Kaysar asks Howie if he is going out to the hot tub, and he says yes.

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James must have realized that Jani, Howie and Kaysar were alone inside in the kitchen, so he joined them.

Now all four feeds switch to the big bed room.

Diane is telling Ali all about what she was told about how people are voting. She says that "he" said that Ali is better at comps, and Ali says that Dani sure beat her out there today, though.

Diane says that she has to work on "those two" tonight. And George. She says she will have to guarantee them that if she wins HOH, they are not going on the block.

Diane says that Boogie will definitely want the 6 out, because Janelle and Kaysar walk around the house like they own it.

Ali says that "this one" (Erika?) is way more powerful than she lets on, because she walks around the house, just letting the others do everything. They agree they shouldn't tell Boogie about any suspicions that lie that way, yet.

Ali: You know, it sucked, because Janelle was right at home in the garbage. Janelle, you're really good at it, because you're used to living in it and playing in it.

Diane: She was like home, sweet home.

James interrupts and Ali switches into other talk in mid-sentence, like a pro.

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kaysar and howie and janie in kitchen

(no doubt about it they are a team)

janie tells howie to not call her JEDI janie

they quiz each other on bb house stuff

and janie and howie reference the fact that outside the house they would text message each other little pop quiz questions

they didn't talk long and then split

kaysar, james diane and alison in big bed room

talking about security guards going through their things and breaking their make up

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