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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Week 12 Part I HOH

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The last time they played, Nicole won, Cody came in 2nd and Enzo finished 3rd. How will it play out this season? The final push to take home the half million dollar grand prize begins tonight. Welcome to Big Brother All-Stars!


Previously on Big Brother All-Stars, with the final PoV on the line, the hamsters watched Cody claim victory. Since the jump, Nicole had a F2 deal with Cody, as did Enzo. So with Cody having the solve vote to evict, Christmas's game was Feliz Navidad. With only Enzo, Cody and NIcole left, Part I of the Final 3-Part HoH comp will be played tonight. Who will advance and be one step closer to the half million dollar grand prize?


Plus, Keesha, Nicole, Janelle, Kaysar and Bayleigh are back to debate the Final 3. This is the last stop before Finale Night. It all happens right now on Big Brother!


Good evening, I'm JCM and welcome to Big Brother All-Stars. It's Day 83 inside the Big Brother house and for nearly 3 months, Enzo, Cody and Nicole have played nearly perfect games on their journey to win Big Brother All-Stars. Tonight, the first 5 evicted HG return to discuss the Final 3. Then, Part I of the Final 3-part HoH comp plays out. Whoever wins will automatically advance to Part II live on Finale Night this Wednesday.


But first, all three Finalists made it to Finale night when they last played the game, and amazingly, they have all done it once again. 10 years ago, Enzo came in 3rd. Did he do enough this season to take home the win and the half million dollar prize?


Enzo in DR: Coming into an All-Star season of Big Brother, I knew my social skills was going to be my biggest asset. <clips of Enzo being social> Moving into the house on Day 1, I made a tight bond with my Jersey boy, Cody. The two of us became The Root of this house. <clip of Enzo forming The Root alliance> Because of my flawless social game, I was in multiple alliances, including the Slick Six <clip of the Slick Six> and both versions of The Wise Guys <clips of The Wise Guys I & II>.


Everybody trusted me <clips of Enzo being picked for HG Choice> and people who I was aligned with were telling me about their other alliances <clip of Enzo learning about other alliances>. Even though I was not a part of the big alliance that steamrolled through the season, I might as well have been in The Committee since most of them protected me week after week <clips of Enzo being protected>.


It was all about telling people what they wanted to hear <Clips of Enzo telling others what they wanted to hear>. A lot of people thought they had me in their back pocket, but my true loyalty was to The Root. I think saving Nicole in the Triple Eviction definitely help secure my path to the Final 3. But could this come back to bite me? That is the question I ask myself everyday.


Even though I had a lot of good relationships <clips of Enzo winning comps>, I didn't want no one calling me a floater, so I made sure to win some comps too. Early on in the game, I used my first ever HoH to get out a BB Legend <clips of Kaysar being nominated and evicted>. Winning my second HoH in Week 11 was critical for me. It secured me to go to the Final 3.


We're down to the end, and nobody has targeted me; I have not sniffed the block once all season. At this point, it's everybody for themselves, man, so my only remaining alliance is my kids. <clip of Enzo talking to the photo of his kids about winning the last 2 competitions>. When I left, I told my kids that I was going to win this game and bring back the money for them, so that's what I'm going to do. No matter what I have to do.


Last time I played BB12, I got clipped at 3rd place <clip of Enzo being evicted>. but I'm not letting that happen again. Right now I'm focused on winning this Final HoH so I can assure my spot in the F2. I'm going to win this thing for Gia and Nico. That's my squad.


Coming up, why Cody thinks he deserves to be crowned the winner of Big Brother All-Stars. Plus, the first 5 All-Stars to leave the game weigh in with their opinions on the Final 3. Then it's Part I of the Final HoH competition. Who will win and advance to Part III live on Finale Night? Find out tonight. Stay with us.


The first time Cody played BB, he won second place and was criticized for being loyal to Derrick. Cody says he knew it was important to win the first HOH out of the gate. That win gave him a lot of powerful, meaningful relationships in the house. He had three final twos by day two. He wasn’t working just small deals, he was also part of The Committee, that included Tyler, Dani, Christmas, and Nicole. Because of that, they were able to take out who they wanted to each week.


He still gave 100% in every single competition even though his alliance was running the game. He’s won seven competitions this seasons which is way more than anyone else in the house. But the work didn’t just stop there. For him, playing BB was a full time job and he made sure his relationships were strong with everyone and he had a good social game. He even went through conversations he didn’t want to be part of.


Winning this game means you can’t always play nice so he had to take shots at some of his most dangerous allies, and we see him nominate Tyler and Christmas and evict Memphis. Despite the fact that he was a huge threat and had a ton of power in the game, he didn’t touch the block once this season and he was in the final four. His game was in jeopardy in the final four because of Christmas had won veto she would have taken him out. Nothing was going to get in the way of him winning so he fought for that veto.


There is no way anyone can say he got there by accident. He’s been playing this game 24/7 for almost 92 days. Now all his focus is on winning the final HOH so he can decide who he wants to take to the end. Last time to Derrick and his loyalty to his ride or die cost him the prize. This time there is no way anyone is getting in the way to him winning the money. He’s going to take who he’s confident he can beat because he’s not going to lose again.


Nicole says coming back in for a third time as a former winner she knew she would be on everyone’s radar right away. So to protect herself she needed to surround herself with strong players to stay off the block. On day one she made a final two with Cody because they played together on BB16. She also made a final two with Ian because he was also a former winner and she didn’t want all eyes on her.


Dani and Nicole had a very close relationship and they worked together in this game and pretty early on they both joined The Committee. She positioned herself to work with strong players so she had a giant shield to protect her. She let her allies take her shots for her. She knew Janelle had to go because she was gunning for her and she didn’t stop pushing until she was out the door. We see Tyler nominate Janelle and Kaysar and then we see her eviction.


Nicole says even with The Committee behind her, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. In week 6, her closest ally Dani nominated another one of her closest allies, Ian. She was doing a really good job keeping a low profile, but that went out the window during the triple eviction. Even though she was a former winner and a bigger target than David, her relationships she built kept her in the house. But she didn’t stay safe for long. She laid low to look weak and that made Dani the bigger target.


With two of her closest allies gone, she knew she had to kick it into high gear and won HOH week ten and swept the week by winning veto and got rid of the creator of The Committee himself. And because she was so close with Cody, she was able to survive against Christmas. She knows people think Paul was robbed, but she deserved that win and she is one of the best players of all time. She entered the house with one goal…to be the first person to win BB twice.


Keesha, Janelle, Nicole Anthony, Kaysar, and Bayleigh are back to discuss the final three. And the first part of the HOH will play out. And don’t forget to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest.


We have the first five evicted on video chat. Nicole A says they look good and Keesha says the best pre-jury ever. Janelle asks if any of them are surprised to see Cody, Nicole, and Enzo are the final three and no one is surprised. Kaysar asks the biggest mistakes the final three made. Janelle says Cody has his hand in too many cookie jars and that could be a bitter jury issue. Kaysar says Cody was creating layers for himself and everyone did his dirty work for him and sometimes that blows up in your face.


Bayleigh says Nicole hasn’t made any big game moves and she rode Cody’s coattails. Nicole says it was almost commendable that she was able to play that she wasn’t a threat and when she needed to step it up she did. Kaysar says it’s hard to win a game floating to the end when you’re against people who’ve won competitions.


Bayleigh asks who they thought had the best overall strategy. Keesha says Cody hands down. She says he’s a good game player. Kaysar says winning that first HOH set the tone for the rest of the game. Nicole says if Enzo or Nicole cut Cody, then she thinks they can win. Kaysar thinks Enzo has played a good game. Bayleigh says he wasn’t in The Committee and never touched the block and that’s huge. Nicole says the alliance taking out their own over Enzo was incredible. Keesha says Enzo was the most likeable. Janelle says if the jury thinks like they are, Enzo could win because he’s so likeable. Bayleigh thinks if it’s Enzo and Cody, the win could be up in the air.


Nicole A. says Nicole not only made final three and she laid low, but she survived a triple eviction. Janelle says she isn’t a mastermind. Keesha says she did make final two so whatever her gameplay was, it worked. Bayleigh says that’s respectable. They can’t wait to see what the jury will think.


The HG are in the BY lying on graves with headstones and they are zombies. It’s time for part 1 of the final three part HOH! Everyone is eligible to compete and the winner will automatically advance to part three where the winner of that competition will single handedly decide who will sit with them in the final two.


This competition is simple! The last zombie standing on their disc will win. Get ready to play BB Scary-go-round. Nicole says last time she was taken to final two. This time she wants to win it herself and prove she deserves to be the first two time winner. Cody says he was confident, but now that it’s here he’s nervous. Enzo says The Root is tight and if they can win part 1 and 2, then they are golden. But Cody and Nicole are both good at endurance comps.


The disks start spinning and they are bumped into a house and into and over a moon. The spirits are called far and wide to give the HG a faster ride. Nicole says this competition is hard enough. She’s bumping into a haunted house and being dragged over a moon, and now it’s speeding up?


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…try some witches brew. There is a green slime squirting at them as they spin. Nicole says its gunky and on her face and everything is slippery now. Cody says this is making it much more difficult and his gloves are slipping on the rope and he’s uncomfortable. Enzo says his left ear has goo in it. He feels like he’s getting all trick and no treat. It sucks.


Cody is hanging with his feet off the disk. He hits the haunted house and gets back on the disk. He wants to win this and guarantee his spot. He’s not going to lose to these brain dead zombie’s. If this isn’t scary enough, it’s time to increase the speed. Enzo says he’s getting dizzy and there’s pain everyone. He didn’t come back to BB to get third place. Enzo is taking some hard hits and he’s slipping and he’s down. Enzo has been eliminated and he says it sucks to lose this comp. He’s disappointed. He’s a big cheerleader for Cody and he hopes he pulls it out.


They sense a storm brewing and the rain starts to fall. Nicole says the rain is freezing and it’s making her feet slip and her grip is loosening and it’s taking away some concentration. Cody is a competition beast and it’s down to her and him. She wants this so bad. She has to beat Cody because she wants to be the one to take herself to the end of this game.


Cody says it’s down to him and Nicole, 1 v 1. As much as he trusts Nicole, he doesn’t trust anyone to take him to the final two so he needs to stay on this disk. Their ropes get lowered and he’s getting stuck on the moon even more which makes him bump harder into the haunted house so he needs to hold on for dear life.


Nicole says Cody isn’t avoiding hitting anything. He’s hitting it as hard and as fast as he can. She is leaning back and avoiding the moon almost completely but she’s not going to tell him that. He can figure it out. Cody says the disk is difficult to keep under his feet and he’s using all arm strength and it’s becoming excruciating to hold on to that rope.


Cody hits the haunted house hard again and spins. He’s squatting and hits the moon and he slides to sit on the disk and then off. Cody has been eliminated. Congratulations Nicole! She has automatically advanced to part three. She goes for a dive in some slime. She just won part 1 and she’s so proud of herself and she thinks the boys are shocked. She’s guaranteed a spot in part three. The big question is if she wins part three who will she take to the end?


Enzo and Cody will now face off in part 2. Cody really thought he was going to win part one and he’s disappointed he couldn’t win. It’s a tough pill to swallow but he needs to focus and smoke Enzo. Enzo says he needs to compete against the comp beast and if he doesn’t win he feels like he’s done. He needs to win to keep his fate alive to make final two.

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