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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars - Remembrance Episode

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Previously on Big Brother All-Stars, Enzo became King of the House and he kept his boy Cody off the block. With the hamster wheels in motion toward the end, Cody claimed the final Veto of the season. With the solve vote to evict, Cody canceled Christmas. Now, with the Final 3 set, Nicole, Cody and Enzo look back at the All-Star season. Witness the laughs, emotion and triumphs you haven't seen. The road to crowning the winner begins tonight, right now on Big Brother!

We made it to the end, Enzo cheers as Cody claps after Christmas exits the Big Brother house. Nicole thanks Cody for saving her. Cody tells us he had to stick to where his Final 2s were since the first day of the game, with Nicole and Enzo. I did not come here to fall short winning this time. It is an an accomplishment to get to the Final 3 of an All-Star season, but I know my job is not done.

Nicole tells Enzo and Cody it was perfect how everything happened after the Triple Eviction, we've controlled every single comp win. OMGosh, Nicole gushes in the DR, Cody saved me and Final 3! I'm so excited? I'm here with 2 awesome players, I need to win one of the first two HoHs then the final HoH so I can choose who I'm sitting next to. Then I need to convince the jury I deserve to win again. I mean, I can do it, right?

I got 3rd place, Enzo tells Cody and Nicole, that's what she said, Congrats, you got third place(Enzo quotes Christmas's eviction speech). Enzo tells us it's bitter sweet, not my ideal Final 3, because I doesn't know where Nicole's head is at. She's not taking me over Cody. I have 2 more comps I have to win. Last time I was just happy to make the Final 3. It's not enough this time, just not enough. Enzo jokes to Christmas, it's 4th place for you. No, I'm a good sport, he retracts.

The HG come down from a ILD in the HoH room to find a catered meal on the DT, with flowers, salad, champagne and surf'n'turf. Wow, they say, what do we have? Lobster, Fillet Mignon, potato (with sour cream) and broccoli. Cody pops the cork on the champagne and it rockets across the room. Mazel Tov, Enzo says. They toast the Final 3. Congrats, Enzo says, well deserved, yo. We've all been here before. We have, Cody agrees. We know what we're doing, Nicole smiles.

What an incredible journey it's been Cody says, I'm super excited we're all here. I was scared you were going to cut me for a second, Nicole says to Cody. So scared you almost peed in your pants, teases Enzo. Flashback, Nicole wants to prank Cody and talks him into taking some tissue into the WC and tuck it into his pants then come out as if he bought TP out of the WC. Nicole can't keep a straight face waiting, and falls apart laughing when Cody sees Enzo's TP tail. She's going to pee in her pants, Cody says, and she literally does pee in her pants. Thank god none of us were close to her, Cody says, remembering. 

Did that scare you guys, Nicole asks? That didn't but I was scared quite a bit in this house, by you (Nicole), Dani, Christmas... You and Dani had a huge scare war, remembers Nicole. It made it fun, Enzo says. Flashback to when Dani hid under the pillows in the Showmance Lounge and Da'Vonne lured Cody in for the scare. That was the ultimate betrayal, Cody says. Dani gets Cody again coming out of the DR. Nicole scares Enzo in the SR, hiding in a cabinet. Cody scares Dani in the Comic BR, but when Cody and Nicole try to surprise Christmas in the HNR, she gets the drop on them. Cody scares Dani in the BPR and Memphis coming out of the KBR. Dead, Memphis says.

The pranks and scaring make the experience so much better, Nicole tells Cody and Enzo over their dinner. For Enzo, the funniest was when Nicole made Janelle a HN. It was intense, Cody agrees. Flashback to when Nicole picks Janelle to be a Have Not and says it's because she's been talking about her all week. The HG are speechless that Nicole said that out loud and Janelle doesn't buy it was an accidental utterance. Nicole plays a snake game, Janelle tells us, but if she doesn't like confrontation, I do. Awkward!

Wait a minute, Cody says as Enzo chomps down on a hunk of steak, I thought you were Vegan? I am Vegan, Enzo says, sometimes. I'm a hibred. Everything you're eating right now is not Vegan, Cody informs him. Enzo says he would feel bad not joining in with them. Oh we don't feel bad, Cody jokes. Flashback to Day 40, Enzo announces to Dani, Tyler and Kevin he's Vegan now and feels so much better. Tyler didn't think he'd convince Enzo to go Vegan. Dark chocolate is not Vegan. Chickens are not Vegan. Eggs are not vegan. It comes from a Chicken, he is informed. Which came first, the ground or the chicken, asks Dani. Enzo confesses that being Vegan is hard, just to get close to the people in the house. Call me the Scheman Vegan, he says in the DR. For a meal, he plans to boil Tofu with salt. Salt comes from the ground. Salt of the Earth, Tyler agrees. Enzo confesses to us he's been cheating, but they don't know that. In the KT, Enzo says instead of I am Legend, I am Vegan.

The not-so-Vegan Enzo is chewing on his lobster tail and Nicole says this is really good. Nice to not have to cook for a change, Cody agrees. Because that can get pretty dangerous, Enzo recalls. Flashback to David cooking home made French Fries out of regular and sweet potato. After cutting the fries just right, the oil boils over and the stove lights on fire, setting off the alarm. The HG get the fire extinguisher and Memphis sprays out the grease fire. So, Cody observes, no French Fries. 

Cody says if that fire had gotten out of control, I would have carried both of you to safety. That's what I do with my friends. It's crazy how you can bond with people and create a lifelong friendship, he says, just for being in here for 3 months. You make a lot of friends in the BB House, Enzo says. Look at Janelle and Kaysar, they met 15 years ago. Flashback to Day 6 with Janelle asking Kaysar if he could have imagined spending his 40th birthday with her and she's 40 as well, and we're playing another All-Star season, and we each have a bunch of kids and are married. I would nave never ever ever imagined, Kaysar says.

Janelle and I were an unlikely friendship formed over a chess game, Kaysar tells us, as the flashback flashes back to BB6. Maybe the twist, he tells her, is put two normal people in the house with a bunch of freaks. Flash back to the reunion at the start of the season. She and I understand each other, he tells us, there's something amazing about being able to be back in the BB game with Janelle, it's pretty special. They are on the upper lounge and Janelle says she's so tired. What's wrong, he asks. I'm 40, she replies pithily. We're always drawn to each other, Janelle says in DR, we just picked up where we left off in the last All-Stars. Kaysar has been my ride-or-die in Season 6, Season 7 and now Season 22. Is that what number where's on?  

More scenes of best friends just laughing and having fun hanging out together. Kaysar needles Janelle about losing her accent. It used to be thicker, he says, why did it have to go away? Seeing Janelle again after all these years, Kaysar tells us, during such uncertain times reminded me that these are the relationships that matter most and puts things in perspective. We need to value our families, value our friends. In the KBR, Janelle says we're the most unlikely pair. I know, Kaysar says. In the most unlikely situation, Janelle says. I say that all the time, Kaysar says. People try to understand us, Janelle says. They never will, Kaysar says. 

There's something amazing about being able to play this game one last time, Kaysar says in the DR, with a friend. I never expected this could happen again. Flashback to Janelle hugging Kaysar before walking out the door of the BB House for what they expect will be the last time. Flashback to Kaysar's eviction in BB6, hugging Janelle goodbye. Flashback to Season 7 All-Stars when Kaysar was evicted first. What Up, Kaysar, Janelle cheers, giving him a goodbye embrace. Flash forward to Janelle's eviction in Season 22 as it is his turn to say goodbye. 

Back to the remembrance dinner, Nicole says you learn so much being in the house with all these different people. I learned how to use a bidet, Enzo recalls. I learned what "ripe" means, Cody says. What DOES ripe mean, Nicole asks? Flashback to Day 25 when Nicole brings in ripe avocado into the KT. What does that mean, Cody asks. Ripe, asks Tyler? That's good, Cody says, right? I know what ripe means, Cody insists, but not exactly. When you say the bananas are ripe... So you don't know what "ripe" means, Tyler jokes. I know the context, Cody says. But not what it is, Tyler needles. Not exactly. 

He's gone his whole life, Tyler says in the DR, 29 years, does he eat green bananas? My answer was right, Cody says in the KT, you're just trying to make me like I don't know. So he doesn't know, Tyler concludes as Nicole and Dani. In the DR, Cody says ripe is ripe, so it's right and good to eat. Ripe is good. But, "ripe" means it could be... I don't know what "ripe" means. I don't know the exact definition. Back in the present, Cody explains that "ripe" is right, and it's ready, right ready, ready to be eaten. Nicole looks on amused as Cody continues to struggle with "ripe".

I was not the only dumb one, Cody protests, trying to deflect an unripe situation, there were other dumb people in this house. Enzo and Nicole just laugh at him. Right, Cody asks, there were other dumb people in the house. Maybe, Nicole finally offers. You could be right, Enzo mollifies. Flashback to Day 61, Tyler and Christmas are enjoying the morning sun in the BY when Tyler spots a squirrel staying very still. It looks like a little statue, Christmas says. It is a statue, Tyler says. Christmas argues it's a real squirrel. I perfect pose, she says, I've never seen a squirrel sit so still, like a statue. Tyler just looks at her and at the squirrel. It's a statue, he says, he'll be there all day. Christmas says no way. They walk over and she finally realizes she got played by a squirrel.

I've always loved and will miss about the BB House, Nicole says, is being able to go into the DR and request things. One beer among 6 people, Enzo complains, we don't always get what we ask for. A montage of HG requesting things in the DR from heat to air freshener, turning the hot tub on, ant killer, the hot tub, real Parmesan cheese, hit pepper jam or jelly, the hot tub, a 12-pack, more beer, turning on the hot tub, bubbles for bubble bath, hair clippers, SPF30 lip burn, nose hair trimmer, eyebrow comb, foam rollers (or injury prevention and recovery), microwavable body wax, peanut butter & jelly socks, and a bunny "to keep us company." 

I love this house, Enzo says back at the rememory dinner, there's some great people up there (on the Memory Wall), great All-Stars. A really nice group of people, Nicole agrees. Cody says Da'Vonne was one of the better personalities in the house and Nicole and Enzo agree. Gold, Cody says. Nicole says Kaysar has the kindest eyes. Cody loved Ian. Nicole can't wait for them to be BFFs outside the house. Enzo says he'll be friends with Ian for a long time. 

Flashback to Day 3 when Ian says he's going to try to limit the hammock this season because it make live feeders angry before. It is a good soothing thing for him. Enzo can't believe people complained about that. It's not my identity, Ian explains, that he's on the spectrum. Nicole A, Enzo, Nicole F and Kevin had no clue. He's not ashamed but when he searched his name after his season, the 4th entry said "Ian Terry Autism". He says he leads a super normal life. In the DR, he says it's uncomfortable talking about it, but he didn't have any idea he was autistic until after BB14. 

It took a while to accept it, but it is not his identity, he tells us, I'm more than just a label. Kevin says he can be a huge inspiration for other kids. Nicole A says that's why it's important to talk about it. Having worked at a preschool, she tells us, she's seen misconceptions and biases and wants people to know it's not a limitation, it doesn't have to hold you back. Ian is the epitome of being capable. He won his season and here he is again, an All-Star. He's amazing. Kevin appreciates his sharing. It's hard, Ian concedes, really hard.

Back at dinner, Cody says the thing about living with so many people in BB is you have so many deep and meaningful conversations that have nothing to do with the game. You let people in, Enzo says. Flashback to Da'Vonne and Kaysar talking about the Abraham religions that share one God, and the struggle of Living While Black. You don't want to humanize the people you've been taught to hate, Kaysar says, you take away their right to have their own story, you write their narrative. We're just tired, Da'Vonne says, we wrote letters and they couldn't read. We made speeches, they were deaf. Who else has to die? 

Da'Vonne says Breonna Taylor was shot asleep in her bed. When she sees a cop behind her in the car, she gets nervous, not because she's done anything wrong but because she's a Black woman. It's terrifying and people don't understand that. Even with this game, she has the added layer that she's a Black woman, playing with people who won't relate to her, to adapt an environment where nobody else looks like her. It's hard. 

Kaysar tells us that conversations like these are a big part of why he came back. He couldn't just sit by and watch the world burn, he couldn't look at his son and wonder what would happen to him if he didn't do anything. Kaysar tells Da'Vonne there's a reason he got a call (to be on All-Stars) after all these years and he has to be courageous enough to answer that call. Same, says Da'Vonne, nodding her head. This is important, Kaysar says.

Back at dinner, Cody remembers some crazy punishments, starting with he Big Daddy himself, he says looking at Enzo. Thirteen All-Star babies, Enzo recalls. Flashback to Christmas's baby All-Star punishment, Janelle's All-Star mascot costume, Ian's Dirk Space Jammer performances and Nicole's Slopitard. It's a punishment for everyone, Janelle tells us of Ian's space opera. What am I doing with my life, Ian asks after a Dirk death scene in the BY. Christmas's birth control isn't working as BB delivers more baby All-Stars. Christmas and Enzo wonder how they can afford all 13 kids. Bayleigh says Meow Meow needs to get spayed and neutered. Nicole says it is hard living inside her Slopitard box as she tries to squeeze through the HNR doggy door.

But the HG who had the most brutal punishment was Bayleigh. But she handled it like a champ, Nicole recalls. Those laps were a lot, Cody agrees. She killed it, Enzo confirms. Flashback to Bayleigh's Tri-Athlete punishment in which she had to ride 500 laps in the BY in 12 hours or forfeit the opportunity to be picked in the next Veto comp. It seems like you're peddling a lot and not going very far, Nicole observes helpfully. Enzo is tired after 5 laps just watching her. After 200 laps, they are all blurring together, but she's not going to show any weakness. 

At 485 laps, one of the pedals breaks on the tricycle. She continues on with one foot. The other HG line up to cheer her last 10 laps. She got 4 left, Da'Vonne cheers, she's got 3 left... Everyone is cheering, she's got 2 left, she's got one left, she's got none left! I did it, Bayleigh exclaims, triumphant.

After dinner, the Final 3 are sitting in the LR. Cody says it's going to be weird getting out of here and just not playing BB anymore. A couple more days, Enzo says, it's all over. I'm going to miss a lot about this house, Nicole says emphatically, but I'm not going to miss crying in the DR. Cody says maybe once. Women like a guy who can cry, Enzo assures him. They do, Cody wonders. Yes, Enzo says. Nicole laughs. Flashback to DR moments by the HG, leading into emotional meltdowns and cry fests. I just can't control myself, Christmas says, sobbing. 

Kaysar can't even find words through the tears. Nicole and Da'Vonne need a box of tissues. It's just really hard being here, sobs Christmas. Ian just banks his fits as he fights the tears, the same tears which stream freely down David's face. I'm dying right now, dude, says Tyler. I told him I wouldn't... Kevin says as he does. It feels good to know people have your back, David says tearfully. Bayleigh simply hides behind the DR chair. There's just no fixing it, Nicole cries in her Sloppies box, though what it is she does not say. I suck so bad at competitions this year, Dani cries, it's so embarrassing. This is the hardest thing I've ever done, a paint-covered Kevin sobs. I will never give them the satisfaction, Janelle says, of letting them see me hurt or upset. 

It was so amazing to just play this game again, Enzo says, and then with you guys who I really bonded with from the beginning, and I just enjoyed your company and now we're in the Final 3, which is crazy. It was nice to get to know everybody, Cody agrees, I feel like we're all winners. We're all winners at this point, Nicole says. Except I'm going to win first place, Cody boasts, but we're all winners at heart. Well, she's the actual winner, Cody says, pointing at Nicole, she's won before. That doesn't count, Cody says dismissively, that's in the past. I would like to win this time, Enzo says politely. Nicole just laughs: OMG, quit crap talking and cheers. 

The Final 3 lift their Champagne flutes again for a toast. Here's to me winning, Cody sneaks in. OMG, Nicole says, exasperated. Good luck, guys, Enzo says. Good luck, Cody returns. Whose your bets on, Nicole asks as they return to the KT? I'm definitely the underdog, Enzo says. 

Walking out as the winner of Big Brother 18 was so amazing, I can't even put it into words, Nicole tells us, and I'm craving that feeling again. I could make BB history by being the first ever 2-time winner and it's so exciting and I'm really proud of myself and only a couple more steps to go. 

The last I played Big Brother, Cody says, I brought my Day One Ride-Or-Die to the Final 2 and lost 7-2. This time, I want the jury to see me as someone that was making moves happen, not someone else's sidekick, and this go-around, I deserve the money.

I am in the Final 3 again, Enzo says, but I need to win this thing, man, I want to feel confetti, I want to cry, I want to scream my dad's name, I want to scream my dad's name when I win this thing! That's what I want to do. I want to scream my dad's name. Pop Dukes. Look at me, I'm a different person, I'm crying right now. I'm different, yo. I want to win this thing, I want to win this thing bad. 

Who will win Part I of the final 3-part HoH competition? Find out Monday at 8pm/7CT on Big Brother All-Stars!


The final shot as we look in on the Final 3 is neighbor Dr. Will Kirby on his balcony wearing nothing but blue slippers and a blue underwear briefs, holding a cup of Big Brother Java and stretching the morning awake.

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